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Come with Us

Listado de canciones del álbum Come with Us

  1. Come With Us 4:57
    Músicos invitados: Copperman (Written-By [Co-written By]), David Fairstein (Written-By [Co-written By]), Peter Krissen (Written-By [Co-written By]), Tony Rallo (Written-By [Co-written By])
  2. It Began In Afrika 6:16
    Músicos invitados: Shovell (Percussion [Additional Musician]), Jim Ingram (Performer [Sample From 'Drumbeat']), Jim Ingram (Written-By [Co-written By])
  3. Galaxy Bounce 3:27
  4. Star Guitar 6:27
    Músicos invitados: Beverley Skeete (Vocals)
  5. Hoops 6:31
    Músicos invitados: Gary Alexander (Written-By [Co-written By]), Gary Alexander (Performer [Samples From The Association Recording 'Round Again'])
  6. My Elastic Eye 3:41
    Músicos invitados: Bernard Estardy (Written-By [Co-written By]), Bernard Estardy (Performer [Elements Sampled From 'Tic Tac Nocturne'])
  7. The State We're In 6:26
    Músicos invitados: Beth Orton (Vocals)
  8. Denmark 5:07
  9. Pioneer Skies 4:04
    Músicos invitados: Mat Camison (Written-By [Co-written By]), Mat Camison (Performer [Elements Sampled From 'Yellow Train']), Pierre Bachelet (Written-By [Co-written By]), Pierre Bachelet (Performer [Elements Sampled From 'Yellow Train'])
  10. The Test 7:46
    Músicos invitados: Czes?aw Niemen (Performer [Part Of The Improvisation In The Recording 'Pielgrzym']), Richard Ashcroft (Vocals), Czes?aw Niemen (Written-By [Co-written By]), Richard Ashcroft (Written-By [Co-written By])

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