Álbum Hot Fuss de The Killers - Canciones

Hot Fuss

Listado de canciones del álbum Hot Fuss

  1. Jenny was a friend of mine 4:04
  2. Mr. Brighrside
  3. Smile like your meant it
  4. Somebody told me 3:17
  5. All these things that I've done 5:01
    Músicos invitados: The Sweet Inspirations (Choir [Gospel])
  6. Andy, you're a star 3:14
    Músicos invitados: The Sweet Inspirations (Choir [Gospel])
  7. On top 4:18
  8. Change your mind 3:10
  9. Believe me Natalie 5:06
  10. Midnight show 4:02
  11. Everything will be alright 5:45
    Músicos invitados: Corlene Byrd (Recorded By)
  12. Glamorous indie rock & roll

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