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  1. MusicologyVer letra 4:26


    letra de Musicology

    Heard about the party now
    Just east o' Harlem
    Dougie's gonna b there
    But u got 2 call him

    Even the soldiers
    Need a break sometimes
    Listen 2 the groove ya'll
    Let it unwind ur mind

    No intoxication
    Unless u c what eye c
    Dancin hot n' sweaty
    Right in font of me

    Call it what u like
    I'm gonna call it how it b
    This is just another one
    Of God's gifts

    Keep that party movin
    Just like eye told you
    Kick the old school joint
    4 the true funk soldiers

    Wish eye had a dollar
    4 everytime u say
    Don't u miss the feeling
    Music gave ya
    Back in the day?

    Let's Groove
    Earth, Wind and Fire
    Hot Pants by James
    Sly's gonna take u higher

    Minor keys and drugs
    Don't make a rollerskate jam
    Take ur pick - turntable or a band?

    If it ain't Chuck D
    or Jam Master Jay
    Know what?
    They're losin'
    'Cause we got a PhD in
    Advanced Body Movin'

    Keep the party movin'
    Just like eye told u
    Kick the old school joint
    4 the true funk soldiers

  2. Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance 4:46
  3. A Million DaysVer letra 3:50


    letra de A Million Days

    It's only been a hour since you left me
    But it feels like a million days
    If I had a magic wand I could turn back time
    I'd never let you go away
    I didn't have the heart to say I'm sorry
    Now I haven't got a heart at all
    I could tolerate the pain if I could talk to my best friend
    But you won't even call
    I'm contemplating pulling out my suitcase
    And packing everything I own
    I didn't back then but I do know now
    Wherever you are is home
    I'll crawl on my belly and beg you
    But you're so far away
    You've only been gone for an hour
    But it seems like a million days
    It's only been a hour since you left me
    I wish I had somebody to blame
    But you're the perfect picture of what love should look like
    And I want to be you're frame
    It's only been a hour but it feels like a million days
    A million days
    One hundred thousand million days
    Come home, come home baby
    I can't take this no more
    Well, come home baby oh yeah
    Baby, I know I shouldn't put my faith in heroes
    But I can't see you any other way
    It's only been a hour since you left me girl
    Feels like a million, feels like a million days
    Come home baby

  4. Life O' the Party 4:29
  5. Call My NameVer letra 5:15


    letra de Call My Name

    Call, call my name
    Call it, call my name
    I heard your voice this morning calling out my name
    It had been so long since I heard it that it didn't sound quite the same, no
    But it let me know that my name had never really been spoken before
    Before the day I carried you through the bridal path door
    And ever since that day I haven't wanted anyone but you
    And anybody who really knows me knows the truth
    I just can't stop writing songs about you
    I love you so much
    I just can't wait to get my arms around you
    And feel your touch
    If I don't see you real soon baby girl
    I might go insane
    I know it's only been about 3 hours
    But I love it when you call my name
    I heard a voice on the news saying people want to stop the war
    If they had a love as sweet as you they'd forget what they were fighting for
    What's the matter with the world today?
    The land of the free? Somebody lied
    They can bug my phone and people 'round my home
    They'll only see you and me making love inside
    I've never seen the moon look so lovely as the night I saw it with you
    It let me know I'd never seen the moon before
    So many speak of the moon as though it had no flaws
    But to compare it to a beauty like yours would give one pause
    Nothing about you is false, that's why your love is real
    God forbid if you belonged to another I'd have to steal you
    I'd have to take you from your man
    I might be tempted to break the law round here
    Because your beauty, it gives one pause
    It slows me down

    Músicos invitados: Chance Howard (Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vox]), Kip Blackshire (Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vox]), Stokley Williams (Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vox]), Clare Fischer (Strings [String Samples])
  6. Cinnamon GirlVer letra 3:56


    letra de Cinnamon Girl

    As war drums beat in Babylon
    Cinnamon girl starts to pray
    I've never heard a prayer like this 1
    Never before that day
    Tearful words of love for people she had never met before
    Asking God to grant them mercy in this face of a holy war
    Cinnamon Girl
    Cinnamon Girl of mixed heritage
    Never knew the meaning of color lines
    Nine one one turned that all around
    When she got accused of this crime
    So began the mass illusion, war on terror alibi
    What's the use when the god of confusion keeps on telling the same lie?
    Cinnamon Girl
    Don't cry, don't shed no tears
    1 night won't make us feel
    Cause we know how this movie's ending
    Cinnamon Girl
    As war drums beat in Babylon
    And scorch the blood red sky
    Militants bomb the foreign gun
    Both sides truly die
    Cinnamon girl opens the book she knows will settle all the scores
    Then she prays after the war that there will not be anymore
    Cinnamon Girl

    Músicos invitados: Candy Dulfer (Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vox]), Chance Howard (Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vox]), Rhonda Smith (Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vox])
  7. What Do U Want Me 2 Do?Ver letra 4:15


    letra de What Do U Want Me 2 Do?

    I see U picked me out from the crowd
    Could it be the way I play guitar?
    Master of the soft, not 2 loud
    One day, maybe I will be a star
    I see U picked me out like U want something
    But shame on U, baby, can't U see this ring?

    What do U want me 2 do, girl?
    What do U want me 2 do, babe?
    What do U want me 2 do, girl?
    What do U want me 2 do, babe?

    I got a woman, U got a man
    So we got 2 do what's right
    I said U'd get beheaded in other lands
    If I were in your arms 2night
    Quit tryin' 2 get me under that icy plunder
    Boy, oh boy, what a scare, ooh


    U picked me out of the crowd
    And ooh, just so bold and so proud
    And dressed like U want everybody 2 just say, "Wow!
    Didn't her mama teach her better?"
    Ow, dressed like that, somebody gon' get her

    I see U picked me from the crowd
    Could it be the way I play guitar?
    Master of the soft, not 2 loud
    I don't ever really wanna be where U are, where U are, no

    What do U want me 2 do, girl?
    Tell me, what do U want me 2 do, babe?
    What do U want me 2 do, girl?
    Tell me, tell me, what do U want me 2 do, babe?
    I ain't tryin' 2 do that
    What do U want me 2 do, girl?

  8. The Marrying KindVer letra 2:49


    letra de The Marrying Kind

    If U leave her now
    Ur never gonna 2 c her again - Never
    Now she's gonna need a shoulder 2 cry on
    She's gonna need a friend
    She's gonna need a pillow case - something 2 put those tears on
    And Eye've got some purple satin lacys
    1 second later than the second U gone

    She' gonna miss U at first
    But then she's gonna buy me things
    That's when Eye'm gonna lay her
    'cross my piano stool and sing 2 her

    Honey, Eye tried 2 tell him
    That U were the marrying kind
    A faithful 1-man-woman
    The best he would ever find
    Eye guess he wasn't trying 2 hear that
    So there ain't nothing left 2 say
    Eye tried 2 tell him if U run 2 me
    Eye won't run away

    If U leave her now
    U'll never get another glimpse
    Eye'm going 2 lace her with enough ice to recap the polls
    There might b another solar eclipse
    She's gonna find:
    :bath water hot enough 2 b touched (oh, man. porkchop is hurtin')
    Eye'm gonna put her on the same diet Missy went on
    U know she eat 2 much
    Tonight, she's gonna miss U at first
    But then she'll get used 2 me
    All of the tricks Eye would try
    2 make her take this ring and make love 2 me


    Run away
    Don't run away

  9. If Eye Was the Man in Ur LifeVer letra 3:09


    letra de If Eye Was the Man in Ur Life

    If Eye was the man in your life
    Eye'd make U happy
    Eye'd treat U right
    Eye'd buy U flowers every single day
    Eye'd Give U power
    Eye'd do whatever U say

    Eye heard a rumor that Ur man he said he'd do U wrong
    and Ur so vain Ud think that Ur the 1 behind this song
    Sure U know he got plenty lyrics, yeah, up his sleeve
    and after he got what he want he just go up and leave
    and sunday chocolate on the roof right after his game
    he like the Lakers but the Sixers on when he came
    If he's with another now U best believe the party's crackin
    Ur getting played girl, U better get your mack on
    and do onto others as they do onto U
    U call me on the day that U and him r just 2 through


    was it U that Eye saw outside the liquor store
    waiting on that fool 2 purchase what Ud been dying 4?
    and b4 Eye c U drop a spill Eye have 2 bring U down
    now U got that chocolate barracuda hangin' round
    hangin' round your neck like a cheap gold chain
    he don't deserve 2 say that he ever knew Ur name
    much less he get 2 smell the perfume Eye gave U
    please don't tell me that U all got down
    better do onto others as they do onto U
    U call me on the day that U and him r just 2 through


  10. On the CouchVer letra 3:33


    letra de On the Couch

    Come on baby.. ooh, ooh, ooh
    Don't make me sleep on the couch
    No.. No.. No..
    Love jones is on the TV again, baby
    Ooh, I wanna go down south - yeah

    Come on baby
    Come on baby
    Its so undignified to sleep alone
    O yes it is
    That's what all the people ain't got nobody do
    U know they do
    Talkin' (talkin') on the telephone

    Don't make me crash
    Don't U do it baby
    (Don't U do it, uh-uh)
    Don't make me sleep without ur kiss
    O darlin' without ur kiss (Don't U make me do it)
    Tossin' and a-turnin'
    Every inch of me yearnin'
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Don't u make me
    Suffer for this
    I know, I know, I know, I know that
    We agreed to be married (U know I know)
    Shouldn'ta let me unzip ur dress
    Y'd U do it, baby (Y'd u do it) o yeah
    confess u tease
    unless u please me
    Don't make me sleep on the couch

  11. Dear Mr. ManVer letra 4:14


    letra de Dear Mr. Man

    What's wrong with the world today?
    Things just got to get better
    Sho' ain't what the leaders say
    Maybe we should write a letter
    Dear Mr. Man
    We don't understand
    Why poor people keep struggling
    But you don't lend a helping hand
    Matthew 5:5 say,
    The meek shall inherit the earth
    We wanna be down that way
    But you been tripping since the day of you're birth
    Who said that to kill is a sin
    Then started every single war
    That you're people been in?
    Who said that water
    Is a precious commodity
    Then dropped a big old black oil slick
    In the deep blue sea?
    Who told me, Mr. Man
    That working round the clock
    Would buy me a big house in the 'hood
    With cigarette ads on every block
    Who told me Mr. Man
    That I got a right to moan?
    How 'bout this big ol' hole in the ozone?
    What's wrong with the world today
    Things just got to get better
    Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand
    Maybe we should write a letter
    Listen, ain't no sense in voting
    Same song with a different name
    Might not be in the back of the bus
    But it sho' feel just the same
    Ain't nothin' fair about welfare
    Ain't no assistance in AIDS
    Ain't nothing affirmative about you're actions
    Till the people get paid
    You're thousand years are up
    Now you got to share the land
    Section one, the fourteenth Amendment says:
    No state shall deprive any person
    Of life, liberty, or property
    Without due process of law
    Mr. Man,
    We want to end this letter with 3 words
    "We tired you all!"

    Músicos invitados: Rhonda Smith (Bass), Renato Neto (Keyboards [Rhodes]), Sheila E. (Shaker)
  12. ReflectionVer letra 3:04


    letra de Reflection

    2 sevens together
    Like time, indefinite
    Trying 2 catch the glass
    b4 it falls
    Without a frown
    Can U turn up the stereo?
    Eye wanna play U this old song about love (is it about love?)
    Can Eye do that?

    Did we remember 2 water the plants today?
    Eye 4got 2 look up at the moon because
    Eye was 2 busy, said Eye was 2 busy
    Eye was 2 busy
    Looking at you babe

    Still it's nice 2 know
    That, uh when bodies wear out
    We can get another
    What does that 1 thing have 2 do with the other 1?
    Eye don't know
    Eye was just thinking about my mother

    U know what
    Turn the stereo back down
    Ain't nothing worse than an old worn out love song
    Tell me do you like my hair this way
    Remember all the way back in the day
    When we would compare who's afro was the roundest

    Mirrored tiles above the bed
    Fishing nets and posters all over the wall
    Oh yes, sometimes
    Sometimes Eye just wanna go sit out on the stool
    And uh... play my guitar
    Just watch all... all the cars go by...

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