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  1. The Holy HourVer letra 4:26


    letra de The Holy Hour

    I kneel and wait in silence
    As one by one the people slip away
    Into the night
    The quiet and empty bodies
    Kiss the ground before they pray
    Kiss the ground
    And slip away

    I sit and listen dreamlessly
    A promise of salvation makes me stay
    Then look at your face
    And feel my heart pushed in
    As all around the children play
    The games they tired of yesterday
    They play
    They play

    I stand and hear my voice
    Cry out
    A wordless scream at ancient power
    It breaks against stone
    I softly leave you crying
    I cannot hold what you devour
    The sacrifice of penance
    In the holy hour

  2. PrimaryVer letra 3:39


    letra de Primary

    The innocence of sleeping children
    Dressed in white
    And slowly dreaming
    Stops all time
    Slow my steps and start to blur
    So many years have filled my heart
    I never thought I'd say those words

    The further we go
    And older we grow
    The more we know ...
    The less we show ...

    The very first time I saw your face
    I thought of a song
    And quickly changed the tune
    The very first time I touched your skin
    I thought of a story
    And rushed to reach the end
    Too soon

    Oh remember
    Don't change

    So the fall came
    Thirteen years
    A shiny ring
    And how I could forget your name
    The air no longer in my throat
    Another perfect lie is choked
    But it always feels the same

    So they close together
    Dressed in red and yellow
    Innocent forever
    Sleeping children in their blue soft rooms
    Still dream

    The further we go
    And older we grow
    The more we know ...

  3. Other VoicesVer letra 4:23


    letra de Other Voices

    Whisper your name in an empty room
    You brush past my skin
    As soft as fur
    Taking hold
    I taste your scent
    Distant noises
    Other voices
    Pounding in my broken head
    Commit the sin
    Commit yourself
    And all the other voices said
    Change your mind
    You're always wrong
    Always wrong

    Come around at christmas
    I really have to see you
    Smile at me slyly
    Another festive compromise
    But I live with desertion
    And eight million people
    Distant noises
    Of other voices
    Pulsing in my swinging arms
    Caress the sound
    So many dead
    And all the other voices sing
    Change your mind
    You're always wrong

  4. All Cats Are GreyVer letra 5:27


    letra de All Cats Are Grey

    I never thought that I would find myself
    In bed amongst the stones
    The columns are all men
    Begging to crush me
    No shapes sail on the dark deep lakes
    And no flags wave me home

    In the caves
    All cats are grey
    In the caves
    The textures coat my skin
    In the death cell
    A single note
    Rings on and on and on

  5. The Funeral PartyVer letra 4:14


    letra de The Funeral Party

    Two pale figures
    Ache in silence
    In the quiet ground
    Side by side
    In age and sadness

    I watched
    And acted wordlessly
    As piece by piece
    You performed your story
    Moving through an unknown past
    Dancing at the funeral party

    Memories of childrens dreams
    Lie lifeless
    Hand in hand with fear and shadows
    Crying at the funeral party

    I heard a song
    And turned away
    As piece by piece
    You performed your story
    Noiselessly across the floor
    Dancing at the funeral party

  6. DoubtVer letra 3:11


    letra de Doubt

    Stop my flight to fight
    And die
    And take a stand to change my life
    So savage with red desperation
    I clench my hands
    You draw your claws
    A hidden rage consumes my heart
    Fuelled by years of wasted time
    I close my eyes
    And tense myself
    And screaming
    Throw myself in fury over the edge
    And into your blood

    Tear at flesh
    And rip at skin
    And smash at doubt
    I have to break you
    Fury drives my vicious blows
    I see you fall but still I strike you
    Again and again
    Your body falls
    The movement is sharp and clear and pure
    And gone
    I stop and kneel beside you
    Drained of everything but pain

    Screaming throw myself in fury
    Over the edge and into your blood

    Kiss you once and see you writhe
    Hold you close and hear you cry
    Kiss your eyes and finish your life
    Kiss your eyes
    Finish your life

    Again and again
    Your body falls
    The movement is sharp and clear and pure
    And gone
    I stop and kneel beside you
    Knowing I'll murder you again tonight

    Knowing I'll murder you again
    Knowing I'll murder you again
    Knowing I'll murder you again
    Knowing I'll murder you again

  7. The Drowning ManVer letra 4:49


    letra de The Drowning Man

    She stands twelve feet above the flood
    She stares
    Across the water

    The loneliness grows and slowly
    Fills her frozen body
    Sliding downwards

    One by one her senses die
    The memories fade
    And leave her eyes
    Still seeing worlds that never were
    And one by one the bright birds leave her ...

    Starting at the violent sound
    She tries to turn
    But final
    Slips and strikes her soft dark head
    The water bows
    Receives her
    And drowns her at its ease
    Drowns her at its ease

    I would have left the world all bleeding
    Could I only help you love
    The fleeting shapes
    So many years ago
    So young and beautiful and brave

    Everything was true
    It couldn't be a story

    I wish it was all true
    I wish it couldn't be a story
    The words all left me
    Breathing like the drowning man

    Oh Fushia
    You leave me
    Breathing like the drowning man
    Breathing like the drowning man

  8. FaithVer letra 6:43


    letra de Faith

    Catch me if I fall
    I'm losing hold
    I can't just carry on this way
    And every time
    I turn away
    Lose another blind game
    The idea of perfection holds me
    Suddenly I see you change
    Everything at once
    The same
    But the mountain never moves

    Rape me like a child
    Christened in blood
    Painted like an unknown saint
    There's nothing left but hope
    Your voice is dead
    And old
    And always empty
    Trust in me through closing years
    Perfect moments wait
    If only we could stay
    Say the right words
    Or cry like the stone white clown
    And stand forever
    Lost forever in a happy crowd

    No one lifts their hands
    No one lifts their eyes
    Justified with empty words
    The party just gets better and better

    I went away alone
    With nothing left
    But faith

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