Álbum R.E.M. Live de R.E.M. - Canciones

R.E.M. Live

Disco 1

  1. I Took Your Name
  2. So Fast, So Numb
  3. Boy In the Well
  4. Cuyahoga
  5. Everybody Hurts
  6. Electron Blue
  7. Bad Day
  8. The Ascent Of Man
  9. The Great Beyond
  10. Leaving New York
  11. Orange Crush
  12. I Wanted To Be Wrong
  13. Final Straw
  14. Imitation Of Life
  15. The One I Love
  16. Walk Unafraid
  17. Losing My Religion

Disco 2

  1. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
  2. DriveVer letra


    letra de Drive


    Smack, crack, bushwhacked
    Tie another one to the racks, baby

    (chorus 1)
    Hey kids, rock and roll
    Nobody tells you where to go, baby

    What if I ride? What if you walk?
    What if you rock around the clock?
    Tick-tock, tick-tock
    What if you did? What if you walk?
    What if you tried to get off, baby?

    (chorus 2)
    Hey kids, where are you?
    Nobody tells you what to do, baby

    (chorus 3)
    Hey kids, shake a leg
    Maybe you're crazy in the head, baby

    (chorus 4)
    Maybe you did, maybe you walked
    Maybe you rocked around the clock
    Tick-tock, tick-tock
    Maybe I ride, maybe you walk
    Maybe I drive to get off, baby

    (repeat chorus 3)

    Ollie, ollie
    Ollie, ollie, ollie
    Ollie, ollie in come free, baby

    (repeat chorus 2)

    Smack, crack, shack-a-lack
    Tie another one to your back, baby

    (repeat chorus 1)

    (repeat chorus 4)

    (repeat chorus 2)

    Hey kids, rock and roll
    Nobody tells you where to go, baby, baby, baby

  3. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
  4. I'm Gonna DJ
  5. Man On the Moon

3 Comentarios de los usuarios

  1. rene: es un grande del rock //losing my religion(la mejor )..
  2. alex: Un discazo, exelente trabajo y uno de los mejores álbumes en vivo de mi colección.
  3. Mirtes: Amo D+ o REM,Muito ótimo...

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