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The Ghost of Tom Joad

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  1. The Ghost Of Tom JoadVer letra 4:23


    letra de The Ghost Of Tom Joad

    Men walkin' 'long the railroad tracks
    Goin' someplace there's no goin' back
    Highway patrol choppers comin' up over the ridge

    Hot soup on a campfire under the bridge
    Shelter line stretchin' 'round the corner
    Welcome to the new world order
    Families sleepin' in their cars in the Southwest
    No home no job no peace no rest

    The highway is alive tonight
    But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes
    I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light
    Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad

    He pulls a prayer book out of his sleeping bag
    Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag
    Waitin' for when the last shall be first and the first shall be last
    In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass
    Got a one-way ticket to the promised land
    You got a hole in your belly and gun in your hand
    Sleeping on a pillow of solid rock
    Bathin' in the city aqueduct

    The highway is alive tonight
    Where it's headed everybody knows
    I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light
    Waitin' on the ghost of Tom Joad

    Now Tom said "Mom, wherever there's a cop beatin' a guy
    Wherever a hungry newborn baby cries
    Where there's a fight 'gainst the blood and hatred in the air
    Look for me Mom I'll be there
    Wherever there's somebody fightin' for a place to stand
    Or decent job or a helpin' hand
    Wherever somebody's strugglin' to be free
    Look in their eyes Mom you'll see me."

    Well the highway is alive tonight
    But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes
    I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light
    With the ghost of old Tom Joad

    Músicos invitados: Danny Federici (Keyboards), Marty Rifkin (Steel Guitar [Pedsteel Guitar [Pedal]), Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Harmonica)
  2. Straight TimeVer letra 3:25


    letra de Straight Time

    Got out of prison back in '86 and I found a wife
    Walked the clean and narrow
    Just tryin' to stay out and stay alive
    Got a job at the rendering plant, it ain't gonna make me rich
    In the darkness before dinner comes
    Sometimes I can feel the itch
    I got a cold mind to go tripping 'cross that thin line
    I'm sick of doin' straight time

    My uncle's at the evenin' table, makes his living runnin' hot cars
    Slips me a hundred dollar bill says
    "Charlie you best remember who your friends are."
    Got a cold mind to go tripping 'cross that thin line
    I ain't makin' straight time

    Eight years in it feels like you're gonna die
    But you get used to anything
    Sooner or later it just becomes your life

    Kitchen floor in the evening tossin' my little babies high
    Mary's smiling but she's watching me out of the corner of her eye
    Seems you can't get any more than half free
    I step out onto the front porch and suck the cold air deep inside of me
    Got a cold mind to go tripping 'cross that thin line
    I'm sick of doin' straight time

    In the basement huntin' gun and a hacksaw
    Sip a beer and thirteen inches of barrel drop to the floor

    Come home in the evening, can't get the smell from my hands
    Lay my head down on the pillow
    And go driftin' off into foreign lands

    Músicos invitados: Jim Hanson (Bass), Gary Mallaber (Drums), Gary Mallaber (Percussion), Danny Federici (Keyboards), Marty Rifkin (Steel Guitar [Pedal]), Soozie Tyrell (Violin), Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar)
  3. Highway 29Ver letra 3:39


    letra de Highway 29

    I slipped on her shoe, she was a perfect size 7
    I said "There's no smokin' in the store ma'am"
    She crossed her legs and then
    We made some small talk that's where it should have stopped
    She slipped me her number, I put it in my pocket
    My hand slipped up her skirt, everything slipped my mind
    In that little roadhouse
    On highway 29
    It was a small town bank it was a mess
    Well I had a gun you know the rest
    Money on the floorboards, shirt was covered in blood
    And she was cryin', her and me we headed south
    On highway 29

    In a little desert motel the air was hot and clean
    I slept the sleep of the dead, I didn't dream
    I woke in the morning, washed my face in the sink
    We headed into the Sierra Madres 'cross the border line
    The winter sun shot thru the black trees
    I told myself it was all something in her
    But as we drove I knew it was something in me
    Something that had been comin' for a long time
    And something that was here with me now
    On highway 29

    The road was filled with broken glass and gasoline
    She wasn't sayin' nothin', it was just a dream
    The wind was coming silent thru the windshield
    All I could see was snow, sky and pines
    I closed my eyes and was runnin'
    I was runnin' then I was flyin'

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Keyboards)
  4. YoungstownVer letra 3:52


    letra de Youngstown

    Here in northeast Ohio
    Back in eighteen-o-three
    James and Dan Heaton
    Found the ore that was linin' Yellow Creek
    They built a blast furnace
    Here along the shore
    And they made the cannonballs
    That helped the Union win the war

    Here in Youngstown
    Here in Youngstown
    My sweet Jenny I'm sinkin' down
    Here darlin' in Youngstown

    Well my daddy worked the furnaces
    Kept 'em hotter than hell
    I come home from 'Nam worked my way to scarfer
    A job that'd suit the devil as well
    Taconite coke and limestone
    Fed my children and make my pay
    Them smokestacks reachin' like the arms of God
    Into a beautiful sky of soot and clay

    Here in Youngstown
    Here in Youngstown
    Sweet Jenny I'm sinkin' down
    Here darlin' in Youngstown

    Well my daddy come on the Ohio works
    When he come home from World War Two
    Now the yard's just scrap and rubble
    He said "Them big boys did what Hitler couldn't do."
    These mills they built the tanks and bombs
    That won this country's wars
    We sent our sons to Korea and Vietnam
    Now we're wondering what they were dyin' for

    Here in Youngstown
    Here in Youngstown
    My sweet Jenny I'm sinkin' down
    Here darlin' in Youngstown

    From the Monongahela valley
    To the Mesabi iron range
    To the coal mines of Appalachia
    The story's always the same
    Seven hundred tons of metal a day
    Now sir you tell me the world's changed
    Once I made you rich enough
    Rich enough to forget my name

    And Youngstown
    And Youngstown
    My sweet Jenny I'm sinkin' down
    Here darlin' in Youngstown

    When I die I don't want no part of heaven
    I would not do heaven's work well
    I pray the devil comes and takes me
    To stand in the fiery furnaces of hell

    Músicos invitados: Jim Hanson (Bass), Gary Mallaber (Drums), Gary Mallaber (Percussion), Chuck Plotkin (Keyboards), Marty Rifkin (Steel Guitar [Pedal]), Soozie Tyrell (Violin), Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar)
  5. Sinaloa CowboysVer letra 3:51


    letra de Sinaloa Cowboys

    Miguel came from a small town in northen Mexico
    He came north with his brother Louis to California three years ago
    They crossed at the river levee when Louis was just sixteen
    And found work together in the fields of the San Joaquin

    They left their homes and family
    Their father said "My sons one thing you will learn
    For everything the north gives it exacts a price in return."
    They worked side by side in the orchards
    From morning till the day was through
    Doing the work the hueros wouldn't do.

    Word was out some men in from Sinaloa were looking for some hands
    Well deep in Fresno county there was a deserted chicken ranch
    There in a small tin shack on the edge of a ravine
    Miguel and Louis stood cooking methamphetamine.

    You could spend a year in the orchards
    Or make half as much in one ten-hour shift
    Working for the men from Sinaloa
    But if you slipped the hydriodic acid
    Could burn right through your skin
    They'd leave you spittin' up blood in the desert
    If you breathed those fumes in

    It was early one winter evening as Miguel stood watch outside
    When the shack exploded lighting up the valley night
    Miguel carried Louis' body over his shoulder down a swale
    To the creekside and there in the tall grass Louis Rosales died

    Miguel lifted Louis' body into his truck and then he drove
    To where the morning sunlight fell on a eucalyptus grove
    There in the dirt he dug up ten thousand dollars all that they'd saved
    Kissed his brother's lips and placed him in his grave

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Keyboards)
  6. The LineVer letra 5:14


    letra de The Line

    I got my discharge from Fort Irwin
    Took a place on the San Diego county line
    Felt funny bein' a civilian again
    It'd been some time
    My wife had died a year ago
    I was still tryin' to find my way back whole
    Went to work for the INS on the line
    With the California border patrol

    Bobby Ramirez was a ten-year veteran
    We became friends
    His family was from Guanajuato
    So the job it was different for him
    He said "They risk death in the deserts and mountains
    Pay all they got to the smugglers rings
    We send 'em home and they come right back again
    Carl hunger is a powerful thing."

    Well I was good at doin' what I was told
    Kept my uniform pressed and clean
    At night I chased their shadows
    Through the arroyos and ravines
    Drug runners farmers with their families
    Young women with little children by their sides
    Come night we'd wait out in the canyons
    And try to keep 'em from crossin' the line

    Well the first time that I saw her
    She was in the holdin' pen
    Our eyes met and she looked away
    Then she looked back again
    Her hair was black as coal
    Her eyes reminded me of what I'd lost
    She had a young child cryin' in her arms
    I asked "Senora is there anything I can do ?"

    There's a bar in Tijuana
    Where me and Bobby drink alongside
    The same people we'd sent back the day before
    She said her name was Louisa
    She was from Sonora and had just come north
    We danced and I held her in my arms
    And I knew what I would do
    She said she had some family in Madera county
    If she her child and younger brother could just get through

    At night they come across the levee
    In the searchlight's dusty glow
    We'd rush 'em in our Broncos
    Force 'em back down into the river below
    She climbed into my truck
    She leaned toward me and we kissed
    As we drove her brother's shirt slipped open
    And I saw the tape across his chest

    We were just about on the highway
    When Bobby's jeep come up in the dust on my right
    I pulled over and let my engine run
    And stepped out into his lights
    I felt myself movin'
    My gun restin' 'neath my hand
    We stood there starin' at each other
    As off through the arroyo she ran

    Bobby Ramirez he never said nothin'
    Six months later I left the line
    I drifted to the central valley
    And took what work that I could find
    At night I searched the local bars
    And the migrant towns
    Lookin' for my Louisa
    With the black hair fallin' down

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Keyboards)
  7. Balboa ParkVer letra 3:19


    letra de Balboa Park

    He lay his blanket underneath the freeway
    As the evening sky grew dark
    Took a sniff of toncho from his cocaine
    And headed thru Balboa Park
    Where the men in their Mercedes
    Come nightly to employ
    In the cool San Diego evening
    The services of the border boys
    He grew up near the Zona Norte
    With the hustlers and smugglers he hung out with
    He swallowed their balloons of cocaine
    Brought them across to the 12th streetstrip
    Sleepin' in a shelter
    If the night got to cold
    Runnin' from the migra
    Of the border patrol

    Past the salvage yard 'cross the train tracks
    And in thru the storm drain
    They stretched their blankets out 'neath the freeway
    And each one took a name
    There was X-man and Cochise
    Little Spider his sneakers covered in river mud
    They come north to California
    End up with the poison in their blood

    He did what he had to for the money
    Sometimes he sent home what he could spare
    The rest went to high-top sneakers and toncho
    And jeans like the gavachos wear

    One night the border patrol swept 12th Street
    A big car came fast down the Boulevard
    Spider stood caught in its headlights
    Got hit and went down hard
    As the car sped away
    Spider held his stomach
    Limped to his blanket 'neath the freeway
    Lay there tasting his own blood on his tongue
    Closed his eyes and listened to he cars
    Rushin' by so fast

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Keyboards)
  8. Day Lightning 3:30
    Músicos invitados: Garry Tallent (Bass), Gary Mallaber (Drums), Danny Federici (Keyboards), Soozie Tyrell (Violin), Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar)
  9. The New TimerVer letra 5:45


    letra de The New Timer

    He rode the rails since the Great Depression
    Fifty years out on the skids
    He said "You don't cross nobody
    You'll be all right out here kid."

    Left my family in Pennsylvania
    Searchin' for work I hit the road
    I met Frank in East Texas
    In a freight yard blown through with snow
    From New Mexico to Colorado
    California to the sea
    Frank he showed me the ropes sir
    Just till I could get back on my feet

    I hoed sugar beets outside of Firebaugh
    I picked the peaches from the Marysville trees
    They bunked us in a barn just like animals
    Me and a hundred others just like me

    We split up come the springtime
    I never seen Frank again
    'Cept one rainy night he blew by me on a grainer
    Shouted my name and disappeared in the rain and wind

    They found him shot dead outside of Stockton
    His body lyin' on a muddy hill
    Nothin' taken nothin' stolen
    Somebody killin' just to kill

    Late that summer I was rollin' through the plains of Texas
    A vision passed before my eyes
    A small house sittin' trackside
    With the glow of the savior's beautiful light
    A woman stood cookin' in the kitchen
    Kid sat at a table with his old man
    Now I wonder does my son miss me
    Does he wonder where I am

    Tonight I pick my campsite carefully
    Outside the Sacramento yard
    Gather some wood and light a fire
    In the early winter dark

    Wind whistling cold I pull my coat around me
    Heat some coffee and stare out into the black night
    I lie awake I lie awake sir
    With my machete by my side

    My Jesus your gracious love and mercy
    Tonight I'm sorry could not fill my heart
    Like one good rifle
    And the name of who I ought to kill

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar)
  10. Across The BorderVer letra 5:24


    letra de Across The Border

    Tonight my bag is packed
    Tomorrow I'll walk these tracks
    That will lead me across the border
    Tomorrow my love and I will sleep neath auburn skies
    Somewhere across the border
    Well leave behind my dear
    The pain and sadness we found here
    And well drink from the bravos muddy water
    Where the sky grows grey and wide
    Well meet on the other side
    There across the border
    For you I'll build a house
    High upon a grassy hill
    Somewhere across the border
    Where pain and memory
    Pain and memory have been stilled
    There across the border
    And sweet blossoms fill the air
    Pastures of gold and green
    Roll down into cool clear waters
    And in your arms neath open skies
    Ill kiss the sorrow from your eyes
    There across the border
    Tonight well sing the songs
    Ill dream of you my coraz_n
    And tomorrow my heart will be strong
    And may the saints blessing and grace
    Carry me safely into your arms
    There across the border
    For what are we
    Without hope in our hearts
    That someday well drink from gods blessed waters
    And eat the fruit from the vine
    I know love and fortune will be mine
    Somewhere across the border

    Músicos invitados: Lisa Lowell (Backing Vocals), Patti Scialfa (Backing Vocals), Jennifer Condos (Bass), Gary Mallaber (Drums), Danny Federici (Keyboards), Danny Federici (Accordion), Marty Rifkin (Steel Guitar [Pedal]), Soozie Tyrell (Violin), Soozie Tyrell (Backing Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Harmonica)
  11. Galveston BayVer letra 5:04


    letra de Galveston Bay

    For 15 years Le Bin Son fought side by side with the Americans
    In the mountains and deltas of Vietnam
    In '75 Saigon fell and he left his command
    And brought his family to the promised land
    Seabrook, Texas and the small towns in the Gulf of Mexico
    It was delta country and reminded him of home
    He worked as a machinist, put his money away
    And bought a shrimp boat with his cousin
    And together they harvested Galveston Bay

    In the mornin' 'fore the sun come up
    He'd kiss his sleepin' daughter
    Steer out thru thechannel
    And cast his nets into the water

    Billy Sutter fought with Charlie Company
    In the highlands of Quang Tri
    He was wounded in the battle of Chu Lai
    Shipped home in '68
    There he married and worked the gulf fishing grounds
    In a boat that'd been his father's
    In the morning he'd kiss his sleeping son
    And cast his nets into the water

    Billy sat in front of his tv as the South fell
    And the communists rolled into Saigon
    He and his friends watched as the refugees came
    Settled on the same streets and worked the coast they'd grew up on
    Soon in the bars around the harbor was talk
    Of America for the Americans
    Someone said 'You want 'em out, you got to burn 'em out. '
    And brought in the Texas Klan

    One humid Texas night there were three shadows on the harbor
    Come to burn the Vietnamese into the sea
    In the fire's light shots rang out
    Two Texans lay dead on the ground
    Le stood with a pistol in his hand

    A jury acquitted him in self-defense
    As before the judge he did stand
    But as Le walked down the courthouse steps
    Billy said 'My friend you're a dead man. '

    One late summer night Le stood watch along the waterside
    Billy stood in the shadows
    His K-bar knife in his hand
    And the moon slipped behind the clouds
    Le lit a cigarette, the bay was still as glass
    As he walked by Billy stuck his knife into his pocket
    Took a breath and let him pass

    In the early darkness Billy rose up
    Went into the kitchen for a drink of water
    Kissed his sleeping wife
    Headed into the channel
    And cast his nets into the water
    Of Galveston Bay

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Keyboards)
  12. My Best Was Never Good EnoughVer letra 2:00


    letra de My Best Was Never Good Enough

    "Every cloud has a silver lining, every dog has his day."
    She said "Now don't stay nothin'
    If you don't have something nice to say
    The tough now they get going when the going gets tough."
    But for you my best was never good enough

    "Now don't try for a home run baby
    If you can get the job done with a hit
    Remember a quitter never wins
    And a winner never quits
    The sun don't shine on a sleepin' dog's ass."
    And all the rest of that stuff
    But for you my best was never good enough

    "If God gives you nothin' but lemons then you make some lemonade
    The early bird catches the fuckin' worm, Rome wasn't built in a day
    Now life's like a box of chocolates
    You never know what you're going to get
    Stupid is as stupid does" and all the rest of that shit
    Come on pretty baby call my bluff
    'Cause for you my best was never good enough

    Músicos invitados: Bruce Springsteen (Vocals), Bruce Springsteen (Guitar), Bruce Springsteen (Keyboards)

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