Shine Like It Does - The Anthology

Inxs - Shine Like It Does - The Anthology

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Disco 1

  1. Simple Simon
  2. We Are The Vegetables
  3. Just Keep Walking
  4. The Loved One
  5. Stay Young
  6. The One Thing
  7. Don't Change
  8. To Look At You (single edit)
  9. Here Come II
  10. Black And White (extended version)
  11. Original Sin
  12. I Send A Message
  13. Burn For You (single remix)
  14. Dancing On The Jetty
  15. This Time
  16. What You Need
  17. Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
  18. Listen Like Thieves
  19. Shine Like It Does
  20. Different World (7" mix)
  21. Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes)

Disco 2

  1. Need You Tonight (single edit)
  2. Devil Inside (Australian single edit)
  3. New Sensation
  4. Never Tear Us Apart
  5. Mystify
  6. Kick
  7. Suicide Blonde (7" mix)
  8. Disappear
  9. Bitter Tears
  10. The Stairs (live)
  11. Heaven Sent
  12. Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP fade)
  13. Taste It
  14. Beautiful Girl (mendelsohn mix)
  15. The Gift
  16. Please (You Got That...with Ray Charles)
  17. The Strangest Party (There Are The Times)
  18. Elegantly Wasted (radio edit)
  19. Let It Ride
  20. Don't Lose Your Head
  21. Searching (leadstation radio edit)
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