Álbum Will Of The People de Paul Weller - Canciones

Will Of The People

Listado de canciones del álbum Will Of The People

  1. The Piper
  2. Into The Sea
  3. Big Brass Buttons
  4. Super Lekker Stoned (Richard Fearless Mix)
  5. Saturns Pattern (Straightface / Young Fathers Remix)
  6. Let Me In (Demo)
  7. I Spy
  8. Oranges And Rosewater
  9. Praise If You Wanna
  10. Mother Ethiopia Pt.1
  11. We Got A Lot
  12. I’ll Think Of Something
  13. Devotion
  14. Sun Goes
  15. Alone
  16. Lay Down Your Weary Burden
  17. The Olde Original
  18. Pure Sound
  19. Landslide
  20. Dusk Til Dawn
  21. The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe
  22. Rip The Pages Up (Vocal Version)
  23. How Sweet It Is (To Be With You)
  24. Golden Leaves
  25. Birthday
  26. Serafina
  27. I Work In The Clouds
  28. Portal To The Past
  29. Hopper (White Label Remix)
  30. Cosmic Fringes (Pet Shop Boys Triad Mix)
  31. Alpha

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