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  1. On The AirVer letra


    letra de On The Air

    Built in the belly of junk by the river, my cabin stands;

    Made from the trash I dug off the heap with my own bare hands.

    Every night I'm back at the shack, I'm sure no one is there,

    I'm putting the aerial up, so I can go out on the air...

    On the air

    On the air

    On the air

    Every morning I'm out at dawn with the dwarfs and tramps

    For a silent communion lit from above by the sodium lamps.

    Everyone I meet on the street acts as if I wasn't there,

    But they're all going to know who I am, 'cos I can go out on the air.

    [Chorus] (On the air...)

    Leaving the car down the leafy lane,

    Turning out Tarzan for my Jungle Jane.

    Anyone at all, from Captain Zero

    And his band of superheroes standing by on call.

    Oh it's not easy,

    No it's not easy making real friends...

    Don't give me your steak-reared milkboys, milkboys,

    Half alive on empty white noise, white noise,

    I've got power, I'm proud to be loud, my signal goes out clear,

    I want everybody to know that Mozo is here!


    Músicos invitados: Roy Bittan (Keyboards)
  2. Modern LoveVer letra


    letra de Modern Love

    Hey, I'm feeling so dirty, you're looking so clean
    All you can give is a spin in your washing machine
    I fly off to Rome to my prima bella
    She leaves me in the rain with telescopic umbrella
    Ooh the pain - Modern love can be a strain [repeated]

    I trusted my Venus was untouched in her shell
    But the pearls in her oyster were tacky as hell
    For Lady Godiva I came incognito
    But her driver had stolen her red hot magneto
    Ooh the pain - Modern love can be a strain [repeated]

    I don't know why they leave me in the lurch
    To carry on the search
    It's driving me up the wall
    Pity when I have so much passion
    Romance is out of fashion
    Can't handle modern love at all

    So I worship Diana by the light of the moon
    When I pull out my pipe she screams out of tune
    In Paris my heart sinks when I see the Mona Lisa
    She gives me the wink, then she shows me the freezer
    Ooh the pain - Modern love can be a strain [repeat till fade]

  3. IndigoVer letra


    letra de Indigo

    It's too late, this model's out of date

    Got every spare part, but there ain't much heart inside here

    Not like the start, I was good at the art of survival

    I've always tried to keep my troubles deep inside

    Where I can hide them, now I'm open wide

    When it ends, again I'll see my friends

    They'll give me a lift, I've been running adrift, so easy

    Shifting the gear, I've got nothing to fear from a showdown

    I'll go down quiet

    And the kids downstairs making a hell of a din

    I'm all alone, getting a quote for the wages of sin

    Beyond the indigo, indigo

    Where the chilly winds, winds will blow

    My time is running low

    Going to cross the dark, dark river

    Going to see my good life-giver

    Better cover my yellow liver

    All right, I'm giving up the fight

    I didn't know when I'd be a stranger again in my own land

    The days are okay, but oh, how I hate these long nights

    You understand?

    Darling, please just hold my hand

    You feel so warm, in the eye of the storm

    I'm going away, I'm going away, I'm going away

    See you again someday

    Darling, I'm going away

    Feel like I'm going away, this time I'm going away

    Músicos invitados: Tony Levin (Double Bass [String Bass]), Bayete Bittan (Keyboards), Roy Bittan (Keyboards)
  4. Solsbury HillVer letra


    letra de Solsbury Hill

    Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
    I could see the city light
    Wind was blowing, time stood still
    Eagle flew out of the night
    He was something to observe
    Came in close, I heard a voice
    Standing stretching every nerve
    Had to listen had no choice
    I did not believe the information
    (I) just had to trust imagination
    My heart going boom boom boom
    "Son," he said "Grab your things,
    I've come to take you home."

    To keep in silence I resigned
    My friends would think I was a nut
    Turning water into wine
    Open doors would soon be shut
    So I went from day to day
    Tho' my life was in a rut
    "Till I thought of what I'd say
    Which connection I should cut
    I was feeling part of the scenery
    I walked right out of the machinery
    My heart going boom boom boom
    "Hey" he said "Grab your things
    I've come to take you home."
    (Back home.)

    When illusion spin her net
    I'm never where I want to be
    And liberty she pirouette
    When I think that I am free
    Watched by empty silhouettes
    Who close their eyes but still can see
    No one taught them etiquette
    I will show another me
    Today I don't need a replacement
    I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant
    My heart going boom boom boom
    "Hey" I said "You can keep my things,
    they've come to take me home."

  5. PerspectiveVer letra


    letra de Perspective

    I need perspective, 'cos I'm facing the wall.
    I need perspective, 'cos I'm not that tall.
    I need perspective, heard the trumpet call.
    Don't trust my eyes, want to know where things fall.

    I need perspective, party time for the newly wed.
    I need perspective, colors ran as the images bled.
    I need perspective, like confetti on the flower bed.
    Don't trust my eyes, priest crying he's got fire in his head.

    Oh Gaia, if that's your name,
    Treat you like dirt, but I don't want to blame.
    Oh Gaia, the wind heals the fire and blows the ash away.

    I need perspective, sitting in a long, long hall.
    I need perspective, staring at the white, white wall.
    I need perspective, waiting for the phone to call.
    Don't trust my eyes, there's one thing I've got to tell you all.

    I need perspective, to see through red, red skies.
    I need perspective, to carry merchandise.
    I need perspective, I don't trust my eyes.


    I used to be an industrial giant,
    Sitting in a garden full of chemical plants.
    Trying very hard to get you off my mind.
    Acting like any man, taking you for all I can,
    Just the same, the same as all my kind, so blind.

    I need perspective.

    Músicos invitados: Jerry Marotta (Backing Vocals), Peter Gabriel (Backing Vocals), Tim Cappello (Saxophone)
  6. Waiting For The Big OneVer letra


    letra de Waiting For The Big One

    The wine's all drunk and so am I
    Here with the hoi-poloi, don't ask me why
    We're celebratin' anticipatin'; end of the year
    everybody come, everybody here
    - well more or less
    Some already in a mess
    I guess they're waiting for the big one.

    Wonder why I'm cold. How did I get this far?
    Had no money, had no car
    I pray the snow goes, be bad if it settles
    'cos I follow my nose and the dried up rose petals
    - like the man says,
    Sure hope Moses knows his roses
    Or we'll all be waiting for the big one.

    Once I was the credit to my credit card
    spent what I hadn't got, (it) wasn't hard
    No trust in judgement no trust in money
    Someday I'll find myself like a bee finding honey
    But in the meantime
    I'm gonna have me some fun
    Waiting for the big one.

    One too many, where ego I go too
    Looking for the real thing
    It don't come from what I do
    No real communication moves out of my face
    I'm beginning to think I'm just out of place
    Won't get in too deep, I want to get some sleep
    To be ready for the big one
    To be ready for the big one

  7. Animal MagicVer letra


    letra de Animal Magic

    What did you mean when you opened your mouth and let all our secrets out?
    You told him what I was about, my cover was completely blown.
    I tell you darling, I've been watching the war films
    And I've got a few ideas of my own,
    'cos after the film had ended, the call for recruits was shown,

    And I'll be joining the professionals, I want to be a man.
    With all that animal magic I'll do anything you can.
    I'm joining the professionals 'cos I want to be a man,
    Look! I wave my wand, watch the rabbit disappear...
    Join the professionals and learn to fight!

    I bet the two of you still laugh at me for being timid as a lamb;
    That may be the way I look, but it's no longer what I am.
    I've been across to Northern Ireland,
    And I came home with a new kind of charge:
    I learned how to hunt in the night, I learned about camouflage.

    I've been joining the professionals, and now that I'm a man
    With all that animal magic I'll match anything you can.
    I'm joining the professionals, this time I understand,
    Look! I wave my wand, watch the rabbit disappear...
    Join the professionals and learn to fight!

    Músicos invitados: Peter Gabriel (Backing Vocals), Sid McGinnis (Backing Vocals), Bayete Bittan (Keyboards), Peter Gabriel (Synthesizer)
  8. HumdrumVer letra


    letra de Humdrum

    I saw the man at J.F.K

    He took your ticket yesterday

    In the humdrum

    In the humdrum

    I ride tandem with a random

    Things don't run the way I planned them

    In the humdrum

    In the humdrum

    Hey Valentina, do you want me to beg?

    You got me cooking

    I'm a hard boiled egg

    In the humdrum

    Empty my mind

    I find it hard to cope

    Listen to my heart

    Don't need no stethoscope

    It seems to me that television

    She come to cut me a deep incision

    In the humdrum

    In the humdrum

    Empty my mind

    I find it hard to cope

    Listen to my heart

    Don't need no stethoscope

    Out of woman comes the man

    Spend the rest of his life getting back where he can

    As a bow, so a dove

    As below, so above

    From the black hole

    Come the tadpole

    With the dark soul

    In coal she burn, she burn

    As I drove into the sun

    Didn't dare look where I had begun

    Lost among echoes of things not there

    Watching the sound forming shapes in the air

    From the white star

    Came the bright scar

    Our amobea

    My little liebe schoen

  9. D.I.Y.Ver letra


    letra de D.I.Y.

    D.I.Y., D.I.Y., D.I.Y., D.I.Y.
    Don't tell me what I will do, 'cos I won't.
    Don't tell me to believe in you, 'cos I don't.
    Be on your guard, better hostile and hard, don't risk affection;
    Like flesh to the bone in the no-go zone,
    You're still looking for the Resurrection.
    Come up to me with your "What did you say?"
    And I'll tell you, straight in the eye:

    D.I.Y., D.I.Y., [etc.]

    Everyone wants to be what he not, what he not.
    Nobody happy with what he got, what he got.
    You function like a dummy with a new ventriloquist,
    Do you say nothing yourself?
    Hanging like a thriller on the final twist,
    Is it true you're getting stuck on the shelf?
    Come up to me with your "What did you say?"
    And I'll tell you, straight in the eye:

    D.I.Y., D.I.Y., [etc.]

    When things get so big, I don't trust them at all,
    You want some control, you've got to keep it small.

    D.I.Y., D.I.Y., [etc.]

    Músicos invitados: Sid McGinnis (Acoustic Guitar), Tony Levin (Chapman Stick), Bayete Bittan (Keyboards), Sid McGinnis (Mandolin), Peter Gabriel (Piano)
  10. Mother Of ViolenceVer letra


    letra de Mother Of Violence

    Walking the street with her naked feet,
    So full of rhythm but I can't find the beat.
    Snapping her heels, clicking her toes,
    Everybody knows just where she goes.

    Fear, Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
    Making me tense to watch the way she breed.
    Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
    You know self-defense is all you need.
    It's getting hard to breathe,
    It's getting so hard to believe,
    To believe in anything at all.

    Mouth all dry, eyes bloodshot,
    Data stored on a microdot.
    Kicking the cloud with my moccasin shoes,
    TV dinner, TV news.

    Fear, Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
    Don't make any sense to watch the way she breed.
    Fear, she's the mother of Violence,
    Making me tense to watch the way she feed.
    The only way you know she's there
    Is the subtle flavor in the air.
    Getting hard to breathe,
    Getting hard to believe in anything at all
    But Fear.

    Composición: Jill GabrielMúsicos invitados: Sid McGinnis (Acoustic Guitar), Roy Bittan (Keyboards)
  11. SlowburnVer letra


    letra de Slowburn

    We're character actors from the Tower of Babel
    Bewildered, burned out hardly able
    To sit astride the high wire cable
    It's hard to balance, a little unstable.

    Through broken eyes and contact lenses
    (I) Watched you draw your future tenses
    See kisses of flame blow out of your lips
    You're back telling me your Apocalypse.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll be strong
    When the slowburn sunset come along
    You've gotta stay the night
    I gotta think that you might.

    We've tried a handful of bills and a handful of pills
    We've tried making movies from a volume of stills
    (But) the words fell like hailstones,
    bouncing at our feet,
    Covering our feelings with a frozen sheet.

    A chance to move, I take a shot
    I get cold - you get hot
    We look outside, lyin' awake
    See birds breaking surface on a silent lake.

    But don't get me wrong, I'll be strong
    When I'm back on the Isle of Avalon
    Dont get me wrong, I'll be strong
    When the slow burn sunset come along
    You've got to stay the night
    I've got to think that you might.

    Don't try (to) make it easy, it'll cut you down to size
    Darlin' we've got to trust in something
    We're shooting down our skies
    shooting down (shooting down) our skies
    (shooting down our ...)

  12. ExposureVer letra


    letra de Exposure


    Space is what I need, it's what I feed on.


    Out in the open...

    Composición: Robert FrippMúsicos invitados: Robert Fripp (Keyboards [Frippotronics])
  13. Moribund The BurgermeisterVer letra


    letra de Moribund The Burgermeister

    Caught in the chaos in the market square
    I don't know what, I don't know why, but something's wrong down there
    Their bodies twistin' and turnin' in a thousand ways
    The eyes all rollin' round and round into a distant gaze
    Ah, look at that crowd!

    Some are jumping up in the air - say "We're drowning in a torrent of blood!"
    Others going down on their knees, seen a saviour coming out of the mud
    Oh Mother! It's eating out my soul
    Destroying law and order, I'm gonna lose control

    What can I do to stop this plague, spread by sight alone
    Just a glimpse and then a quiver, then they shiver to the bone
    Ah, look at them go!

    Bunderschaft, you are going daft? Better seal off the castle grounds
    "This is Moribund, the Burgermeister, I'm gonna keep this monster down,
    Somebody sent the subversive element; going to chase it out of down."
    No-one will tell what all this is about
    But I will find out.
    (I will find out. I will find out.)

    This thing's really outrageous, I tell you on the level
    It's really so contagious must be the work of the devil
    You better go now, pick up the pipers, tell them to play
    Seems the music keeps them quiet, there is no other way.
    Ah, close the doors!

    "We've tried potions and waxen dolls, but none of us could find any cures,"
    Mother please, is it just a disease, that has them breaking all my laws,
    Check if you can disconnect the effect and I'll go after the cause
    No-one will tell what this is all about
    But I will find out
    I will.

  14. Flotsam And JetsamVer letra


    letra de Flotsam And Jetsam

    Doing nothing, stuck in the mud, just pumping the blood.
    The water level's getting low, something ugly's going to show.

    If only I could touch you, I guess you'd be alarmed.
    If only I could touch you, I don't mean you no harm.

    If only I could touch you, like the wind can touch the sail,
    If only I could touch you, darling, now that words have failed.
    Oh, flotsam still afloat,
    Oh, jetsam thrown out of the boat.

    Oh love, my love, nothing here is what it seems.
    We both know it; Christ, you show it...
    Oh, oh my love.

    Músicos invitados: Tony Levin (Chapman Stick)
  15. Here Comes The FloodVer letra


    letra de Here Comes The Flood

    When the night shows
    the signals grow on radios
    All the strange things
    they come and go, as early warnings
    Stranded starfish have no place to hide
    still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
    There's no point in direction we cannot
    even choose a side.

    I took the old track
    the hollow shoulder, across the waters
    On the tall cliffs
    they were getting older, sons and daughters
    The jaded underworld was riding high
    Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
    and as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain
    was warm and soaked the crowd.

    Lord, here comes the flood
    We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
    If again the seas are silent
    in any still alive
    It'll be those who gave their island to survive
    Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.

    When the flood calls
    You have no home, you have no walls
    In the thunder crash
    You're a thousand minds, within a flash
    Don't be afraid to cry at what you see
    The actors gone, there's only you and me
    And if we break before the dawn, they'll
    use up what we used to be.

    Lord, here comes the flood
    We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
    If again the seas are silent
    in any still alive
    It'll be those who gave their island to survive
    Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.

    [Repeat chorus once]

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