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Foot Loose & Fancy Free

Listado de canciones del álbum Foot Loose & Fancy Free

  1. Hot LegsVer letra 5:06


    letra de Hot Legs

    Who's that knocking on my door
    It's gotta be a quarter to four
    Is it you again coming 'round for more
    Well you can love me tonight if you want
    But in the morning make sure you're gone
    I'm talkin' to you
    Hot legs, wearing me out
    Hot legs, you can scream and shout
    Hot legs, are you still in school
    I love you honey
    Gotta most persuasive tongue
    You promise all kinds of fun
    But what you don't understand
    I'm a working man
    Gonna need a shot of vitamin E
    By the time you're finished with me
    I'm talking to you
    Hot legs, you're an alley cat
    Hot legs, you scratch my back
    Hot legs, bring your mother too
    I love you honey
    Imagine how my daddy felt
    In your jet black suspender belt
    Seventeen years old
    He's touching sixty four
    You got legs right up to your neck
    You're making me a physical wreck
    I'm talking to you
    Hot legs, in your satin shoes
    Hot legs, are you still in school
    Hot legs, you're making me a fool
    I love you honey
    Hot legs, making your mark
    Hot legs, keep my pencil sharp
    Hot legs, keep your hands to yourself
    I love you honey
    Hot legs, you're wearing me out
    Hot legs, you can scream and shout
    Hot legs, you're still in school
    I love you honey

    Composición: Rod Stewart
  2. You're Insane 4:37
    Composición: Phil Chen, Rod StewartMúsicos invitados: Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion), Tommy Vig (Percussion), Phil Kenzie (Saxophone)
  3. You're In My Heart 4:42
    Composición: Rod StewartMúsicos invitados: Fred Tackett (Acoustic Guitar), Nicky Hopkins (Synthesizer [String Synthesizer]), Richard Greene (Violin)
  4. Born LooseVer letra 5:51


    letra de Born Loose

    Ooowe baby don't you count on me
    To be here when the sun goes down
    Cause all those mean old friends of mine are calling
    Calling way down the line
    Somebody send me a one way ticket
    Got to get away from here
    Put me on a jet back to London city
    Gotta get a belly full of beer
    Smile for the camera, please mind your manner
    You've got to keep your image clean
    Clench your fist and don't you take a piss
    Makes you want to slash your wrist
    Stand up, shut up, sit down, throw up
    All I want to do is sing
    Responsibility and fidelity
    Never meant a thing to me
    I was born loose
    Running wild
    Keep your hands off child
    Can't change me now
    I was born loose
    Running wild
    Keep your hands off me baby
    Cause you're too late, too late
    Big bombs are crashin'
    Never stop clashin'
    Wanting every woman in town
    Some tried to train me
    One tried to maim me
    But you can't keep a good man down
    Church bells ringin'
    All the kids singin'
    When we played the last date on the tour
    Janis and Jimi, can't you hear me
    Knockin' on heaven's door
    Born loose
    Was born loose baby
    Slow me down
    You can't slow me down
    I was born loose
    Born loose
    Born loose
    Wrong side of my mama
    Wrong side of my daddy
    Wrong side of the tracks
    I was born loose baby
    I was born loose
    Can't change me now
    Can't change me now
    Cause you're too late now
    Too late now
    Too late now baby
    Too late now
    To change me now
    Never change me now
    Born loose
    Born loose

    Composición: Gary Grainger, Jim Cregan, Rod StewartMúsicos invitados: John Mayall (Blues Harp), Billy Peek (Guitar), Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion)
  5. You Keep Me Hangin' On 8:21
    Composición: Holland-Dozier-HollandMúsicos invitados: Del Newman (Arranged By [Strings])
  6. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right 4:12
    Composición: Carl Hampton, Homer Banks, Raymond JacksonMúsicos invitados: Del Newman (Arranged By [Strings]), Roger Bethelmy (Drums), David Foster (Electric Piano), Steve Cropper (Guitar), Phil Kenzie (Saxophone)
  7. You Got a NerveVer letra 4:48


    letra de You Got a Nerve

    (r. stewart / g. grainger)
    Here you stand with tears in your eyes
    crying into my arms
    pleading with me to take you back
    teasing me with your charms
    But you got a nerve to come round here
    after all you've said and done
    i thought i had seen everything
    obviously i was wrong
    'cause where were you when the sun went down
    skies turned dark and gray
    where were you when the north winds blew
    honey tell me where were you
    I heard you were living down in brazil
    with them high class friends of mine
    i can't believe i was so naive
    did i never once cross your mind
    You told them all i was down and out
    my existence you even denied
    oh what pleasure it gives me now
    to know that you're bleeding inside
    You were my life, you were my breath
    you were every move i ever made
    but recently my opinion's changed
    the joke's on you i'm afraid
    'cause i have a woman so beautiful
    for you i could no longer wait
    please go away you may spoil everything
    your love has turned up too late
    Go away, go away
    please, please go away
    i loved you once
    i don't love you now
    please, please go away

    Composición: Gary Grainger, Rod Stewart
  8. I Was Only JokingVer letra 5:55


    letra de I Was Only Joking

    Ever since I was a kid in school
    I messed around with all the rules
    Apologized, then realized
    I'm not different after all
    Me and the boys thought we had is sussed
    Valentino's all of us
    My dad said we looked ridiculous
    But, boy, we broke some hearts

    In and out of jobs, running free
    Waging war with society
    Dumb, blank faces stared back at me
    But nothing ever changed
    Promises made in the heat of night
    Creepin' home before it got too light
    I wasted all that precious time
    And blamed it on the wine

    I was only joking, my dear
    Looking for a way to hide my fear
    What kind of fool was I?
    I could never win

    Never found a compromise
    Collected lovers like butterflies
    Illusions of that grand first prize
    Are slowly wearin' thin
    Susie, baby, you were good to me
    Giving love unselfishly
    But you took it all too seriously
    I guess it had to end
    I was only joking, my dear
    Looking for a way to hide my fear
    What kind of fool was I?
    I could never win

    Now you ask me if I'm sincere
    That's the question that I always fear
    Verse seven is never clear
    But I'll tell you what you want to hear
    I try to give you all you want
    But giving love is not my strongest point
    If that's the case, it's pointless going on
    I'd rather be alone

    'Cause what I'm doing must be wrong
    Pouring my heart out in a song
    Owning up for prosperity
    For the whole damn world to see
    Quietly now while I turn a page
    Act one is over without costume change
    The principal would like to leave the stage
    The crowd don't understand

    Composición: Gary Grainger, Rod Stewart

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