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Never a Dull Moment

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  1. True BlueVer letra 3:28


    letra de True Blue

    (rod stewart / ron wood)
    Never been a millionaire
    and i tell you mama i don't care
    never gonna own a race-horse
    or a fast back mid-engine porsche
    don't think i'll own a private jet
    on the stock exchange i'm no threat
    so won't you help me make up my mind
    don't you think i'd better get myself back home
    Sitting in the moonlight glow
    excuse me if my feelings show
    watching all the trucks roll by
    dreaming up an alibi
    you see, back home i'm considered the fool
    but maybe they're right i don't know
    so can't you help make up my mind
    don't you think i'd better get myself back home
    who cares
    Daddy says he'll buy me car
    to drive just as far as i need
    he wants me back at any expense
    he's got a lot more money than sense
    funny but now that i'm gone
    they all wanna be concerned
    oh please can you make up my mind
    don't you think i'd better get myself back home
    just don't know what to do
    maybe i'll walk, maybe i'll ride, maybe i'll never ever decide
    Get out da way
    i gotta get on home
    i gotta get home as soon as i can

    Músicos invitados: Ian McLagan (Piano)
  2. Lost ParaguayosVer letra 3:58


    letra de Lost Paraguayos

    Darling I hate to tell you but I think I'm catching a cold
    Put another chair on the fire bring the bottle over here
    I feel I'm getting old
    I like your laugh and a hot romance
    And your orn'ry sense of humor
    But if it rains again like it did today
    I'm gonna have to leave a little bit sooner
    Got to get me some South America sun
    Honey don't even ask me if you can come along
    Down at the border you need to be older
    And you sure don't look like my daughter
    Your ridiculous age, start a state outrage
    And I'll end up in a Mexican jail
    Darling please don't cry you know I wouldn't tell you no lie
    Look over there
    Oh my God don't look now
    But it appears to be raining again
    Get upstairs pack my book of prayers
    Honey hurry I'm catching pneumonia
    I gotta move while I'm in the mood
    Or I'll disappear into that wall
    Darling please don't curse
    It really couldn't be any worse
    Say I'm a sun fanatic but it's dark in your attic
    And your cat sleeps on my head
    I know I'm not a football star
    But I want to little better than that
    So I'm much obliged for the pure white ride
    And a cup of tea every morning
    I'll say goodbye, look your man in the eye
    You know I wouldn't tell you no lie
    So after all, I'll see you in the fall
    On a brand new day, brand new way
    Goodbye honey, goodbye honey
    Goodbye honey, it ain't funny
    Goodbye honey, I know it ain't funny

  3. Mama You Been On My MindVer letra 4:26


    letra de Mama You Been On My Mind

    Perhaps it's the color of the sun cut flat
    And coverin' the crossroads I'm standing at
    Or maybe it's the weather or something like that
    But mama you been on my mind
    I do not mean you trouble, don't put me down, don't get upset
    I am not pleadin' or sayin' I can't forget you
    I do not pace the floor, bowed down and bent, but yet
    Mama you been on my mind
    Even tho' my eyes are hazy
    And my thoughts they might be narrow
    Where you been don't bother me, or bring me down with sorrow
    I don't even mind where you be wakin' up tomorrow
    But mama you been on my mind
    I'm not asking you to say words like yes or no
    Please understand me, I've no place I'm calling you to go
    I'm just whisperin' to myself so I can pretend that I don't know
    Mama you been on my mind
    When you wake up in the mornin' baby, look inside your mirror
    You know I won't be next to you, you know I won't be near
    I'd just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear
    As someone who has had you on his mind
    As someone who has had you on his mind
    Mama you been on my mind

    Músicos invitados: Spike Heatley (Bass [Upright]), Gordon Huntley (Guitar [Steel]), Brian (29) (Piano [Chest Piano]), Dick Powell (Violin)
  4. Italian GirlsVer letra 5:01


    letra de Italian Girls

    At the Turin motor show
    I was dreaming of a mobile
    That couldn't be mine not without lyin'
    Was I feeling kind a silly
    When up stepped an unkept filly by the cola machine
    Oh, at stand seventeen
    Well she claimed she was a killer
    And she owned a flood lit villa
    A little out the ways from the main highway
    Oh take me way down yonder
    She was tall, thin and tarty
    And she drove a Maserati
    Faster than sound
    I was heaven bound
    Although I must have looked a creep
    In my army surplus cheap
    Was I being too bold
    Before the night could get old
    No, no, no, no
    She proved me so wrong
    Oh the Italian girls sometimes hold their religious habits
    In front of your eyes, just to get you tied
    Ah but not my little Bella 'cause I did not have to tell her
    I'd rather you go with the morning sun, she made me so tired
    She took me way, way, away down yonder
    'Til I was gone with the morning sun on my back
    Gotta get on back there soon as I can
    Take me there
    And I miss the girl so bad
    She broke my heart
    Gotta get on back there soon as I can
    I miss the girl, I miss the girl, I miss the girl so bad
    I was a lot better off

    Músicos invitados: Pete Sears (Piano), Dick Powell (Violin)
  5. AngelVer letra 4:04


    letra de Angel

    Angel came down from heaven yesterday
    Stayed with me long enough to rescue me
    And she told me a story yesterday
    About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
    Then she spread her wings high over me
    She said she's goin' now, come back tomorrow
    And I said, Fly on my sweet angel
    Fly on through the sky
    Fly on my sweet angel
    Tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side
    Fly away, high away, fly away
    Sure enough this morning came unto me
    Silver wings silhouetted against a child's sunrise
    And my angel she said unto me
    Today's the day for you to rise
    Take my hand, you're gonna be my man, you're gonna rise
    Then she took me high over yonder
    And I said, Fly on my sweet angel
    Fly on through the sky
    Fly on my sweet angel
    Forever I will be by your side
    Fly on my sweet angel
    Fly on through the sky
    Fly on my sweet angel
    Forever I will be by your side
    Fly away, come back another day

    Músicos invitados: Speedy (11) (Congas)
  6. InterludingsVer letra 0:40


    letra de Interludings

    (a. wood)

  7. You Wear It WellVer letra 4:21


    letra de You Wear It Well

    I had nothing to do
    on this hot afternoon
    but to settle down
    and write you a line.
    i've been meaning to phone you,
    but from minnesota,
    hell it's been a very long time,
    you wear it well,
    a little old fashioned
    but that's all right.
    Well i suppose you're thinking i bet he's sinking
    or he wouldn't get in touch with me.
    oh i ain't begging or losing my head.
    i sure do want you to know that you wear it well,
    there ain't a lady in the land so fine.
    Remember those basement parties, your brother's karate,
    the all day rock and roll shows.
    them homesick blues and radical view
    haven't left a mark on you, you wear it well,
    a little out of time, but i don't mind.
    But i ain't forgetting that you were once mine,
    but i blew it without even tryin'.
    now i'm eatin' my heart out,
    tryin' to get a letter through.
    (tryin' to get back to you.)
    Since you've been gone it's hard to carry on.
    i'm gonna write about the birthday gown that i bought in town,
    when you sat down and cried on the stairs.
    you knew it did not cost the earth, but for what it's worth.
    you make me fell a millionaire and you wear it well.
    madame onassis got nothing on you.
    And when my coffee's cold and i'm getting told
    that i gotta get back to work,
    so when the sun goes low and you're home all alone,
    think of me and try not to laugh and i'll wear it well.
    i don't object if you call collect,
    'cos i ain't forgetting that you were once mine.

  8. I'd Rather Go Blind 3:53
    Músicos invitados: Pete Sears (Bass)
  9. Twistin' The Night Away 3:15
    Arreglos: Jimmy Horowitz

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  1. carloseduardo: muy buen disco con the faces y ron wood los hermanos del rock and roll magnifico el maestro para toda la generaciones muy bueno el tema el true blue en 1973 y angel unas joyas eso es genial.

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