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  1. GeneratorVer letra 3:21


    letra de Generator

    Like a rock,
    Like a planet,
    Like a fucking atom bomb,
    I'll remain unperturbed by the joy and the madness
    That i encounter everywhere I turn
    I've seen it all along
    In book and magazines
    Like a twitch before dying
    Like a pornographic sea
    There's a flower behind the window
    There's an ugly laughing man
    Like a hummingbird in silence
    Like the blood on the door
    It's the generator
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, like the blood on my door
    Wash me clean and I will run
    Until i reach the shore
    I've known it all along
    Like the bone under my skin
    Like actors in a photograph
    Like paper in the wind
    There's a hammer by the window
    There's a knife on the floor
    Like turbines in darkness
    Like the blood on my door
    It's the generator

  2. Too Much to AskVer letra 2:45


    letra de Too Much to Ask

    A refreshing plunge
    A drink of platable water
    A deep inspiration on a warm summer day
    A safe stroll in the middle of the road community
    A neighbor who in times of need will not turn away
    I ain't no politiciam
    I am a citizen
    And I wonder if I'm living too far out of bounds
    Community protection
    Police that serve without legitimate right to maim
    Global aareness
    Ecological guilt
    Cultural and environmental awakening
    I ain't no optimist
    I try to be a realist
    And I think that we are living too far out of bounds
    Is it too much to ask?
    Could it be the world is shrinking?
    I can see the walls closing in
    No one can take much for granted anymore
    Remote control
    Three cars for every family
    Corruption at the expense of the simple majority
    A violent crash
    A plunder of the third world
    Any wretched ploy that bolsters our economy
    I ain't no blind supporter
    I'm a conscious citizen
    And I know that we are living too far out of bounds
    Is it too much to ask?
    Can we keep the earth from sinking?
    I can see the walls closing in
    No one can take much for granted anymore
    (you better not take it for granted anymore)
    I'm not taking nothing for granted anymore

  3. No DirectionVer letra 3:14


    letra de No Direction

    A sullen figure walks along a dusty road
    His life was holy and he couldn't bear the load
    He left his people and a simple life behind
    He raised his torso and he looked into the sky
    Shouting his questions
    Looking for directions
    "what do I do now?"

    Now a confused school girl stares at the TV tray
    The stresses of maturing compound every day
    She glances up to see her favorite video
    And gets ideas from Madonna's nasty clothes
    In need of affection
    She craves a direction
    Her heroes offer her

    Everyone is looking for something
    And they assume somebody else knows what it is
    No one can live with the decisions of their own
    It seems so they look to someone else
    To tell 'em what to be
    Tell 'em what to wear
    Tell 'em what to say
    Tell 'em how to act and think and compel others compulsively
    Until the world is all like them

    A righteous student came and asked me to reflect
    He judged my lifestyle was politically incorrect
    I don't believe in self important folks who preach
    No Bad Religion song can make your life complete
    Prepare for rejection you'll get no direction from me
    You'll get no direction from me
    You'll get no direction from me

  4. TomorrowVer letra 1:56


    letra de Tomorrow

    Every day we profit so
    Leaning toward the great unknown
    Asking how it pertains to tomorrow
    Aim for places we've not been
    Trample paths that go between
    Yesterdays foundations and tomorrow
    It's the way they say it's got to be
    We spear ahead and forge our destiny
    Who do they represent?
    Who do you belive?
    Make a sound decision for others to heed
    Try to set a faster pace
    Try to build a master race
    One that will make a contribution to tomorrow
    It's the way they say it's got to be
    We put aside our fears and make history
    The clothes are in the dryer and the writing is on the wall
    We're trying everything we can to stop this fall
    Everyday we profit so
    Leaning toward the great unknown

  5. Two Babies in the DarkVer letra 2:25


    letra de Two Babies in the Dark

    There'a light on in the hallway
    So I can't understand
    Why you hide underneath the covers
    There's a baby in your womb
    So don't be scared tonight
    Because Raggedy ann is in the closet picking posies
    Two babies in the dark
    Like diamonds in the sand
    While pap's far away making children's stories
    The little one's inside
    So afraid to be alone
    She's trying to brave until the daddy comes home
    So if you chance to see her
    Please tell her it's alright
    'cause everyone fights the tendency to snap
    Sometimes it's not a matter
    Of being brave and strong
    'cause noises in the house are terrifying
    I'll put you to sleep at night
    Like a foreign movie
    I'll sing you lullabies
    And I'll teach you about everything
    And I'll only ask you one thing
    Please save me

  6. Heaven Is FallingVer letra 2:04


    letra de Heaven Is Falling

    As I walk beneath the valley
    I shall fear no evil
    For thanks to King George and his rainbow cabinet
    Today murder is legal
    God I know that it's wrong
    To kill my brother for what he hasn't done
    And as the planes blacken the sky
    It sounds like heaven is falling
    It sounds like heaven is falling
    You promises me a new day a'dawning
    I've seen a thousand points of light
    Like so many points of hatred, shame and horror
    God I want to be a man
    But I don't want to die with a rifle in my hand
    And as the planes blacken the sky
    It sounds like heaven is falling
    It sounds like heaven is falling
    You promised me a new day a'dawning
    Well nothing here looks new to me
    But a score of mothers' sons
    Caught 'tween the devil and the deep blue sea

  7. Atomic Garden 3:10
  8. The AnswerVer letra 3:21


    letra de The Answer

    Long ago in a dusty village
    Full of hunger, pain and strife
    A man came forth with a vision of truth
    And the way to a better life
    He was convinced he had the answer
    And he complelled people to follow along
    But the hunger never vansihed
    And the man was banished
    And the village dried up and died
    At a time when wise men peered
    Through glass tubes toward the sky
    The heavens changed in predictable ways
    And one man was able to find
    That he had thought he found the answer
    And he was quick to write his revelation
    But as they were scutinized
    In his colleagues eyes
    He soon became a mockery
    Don't tell me the answer
    I've got ideas too
    But if you've got enough naivete
    And you've got conviction
    Then the answer is perfect for you
    An urban sprawl sits choking on it's discharge
    Overwhelmed by industry
    Searching for a modern day savior from another place
    Inclined toward charity
    Everyone's begging for an answer
    Without regard to validity
    The searching never ends
    It goes on and on for eternity

  9. Fertile CrescentVer letra


    letra de Fertile Crescent

    Come and see the brilliant light
    Don't let your emotions mask your sight
    It's the manifestation of a deeper fight
    That affects me and you
    My optimism was running high
    A new world order was on my mind
    But I couldn't belive it when I heard them say
    They're blowing it away
    And the fertile crescent is burning today
    And baby my emotions are too
    The cradle of humanity has led us all astray
    And we're all in this tigether don't you know
    'cause our species has nowhere else to go
    Aggression rears it's ugly head
    Retaliation brings further dread
    The two are linked by unseen threads
    That wind back through time
    I don't agree with the outdated trend
    Nationalism is an evil friend
    But hatred is instilled by invisible lines
    Drawn in our minds
    And the fertile crescent is haunting us today
    And baby our instincts are too
    The ghost of humanity is warning us this way
    And I think we all should need it don't you know
    'cause we've got nowhere else to go

  10. ChimaeraVer letra 2:28


    letra de Chimaera

    You took a time bomb
    And a case of crackers
    And you made a maelstrom of organic debris
    Then you took a work bench
    And a rusty anvil
    And you polished them for everyone to see
    You have created an unhealthy monster
    But you're nowhere but nowhere to be found
    So I guess I'll just cope with my provisions
    From now until the day theu lay me down
    You took a babboon
    And made him perfect
    You took a lion
    And stripped him of his pride
    Then you took a million more varieties
    A scalpel and a sartory
    And you stitched up a horrible surprise
    You have created an unsocial monster
    And you're searched for all over the globe
    And most belive that things would sure be better
    If you'd come down here and tell us what you know
    Who is to blame for this?
    Someone tell me please
    His handiwork is flawed
    And it's there for all to see
    Mutataions, abberations and blatant anomalies
    They multiply and give rise to this... Monstrosrity
    You took the most abundant smallest bits of matter
    And you instilled them with affinity
    And then you stratified accumulations
    Weeded out bad variations
    And blended up your unique recipe
    You have created a powerful monster
    With direction and purpose all it's own
    And if you were here
    Would things be any different?
    Or are you just a mosaic of thoughts alone?

  11. Only EntertainmentVer letra 3:12


    letra de Only Entertainment

    Transfixated on the big blue screen
    Its your window to the outside
    A melancholy dream
    A medium upon which you build reality
    This episodic currency
    That everybody needs
    Somebodies delivery lulls you to sleep
    The man behind the weather map
    The editor in chief
    They control two worlds
    Power and disease
    And you cannot supress you curiosity
    But see it's only entertainment
    Superficial urgency
    Posterboard mentality
    Only entertainemnt
    Tightly constrained
    The buzz that remains
    Is the story of how we run our lives
    Many our the people poor and suffering
    From the lack of coverage
    From the transmission beam
    And if it ever gets there
    You'll be offended too
    'cause you cannot distinguish
    Chicanery from truth
    See it's only entertainment
    A superficial episode
    As life continues to unfold
    Only entertainment
    Controlled and copied
    They've planted the seed
    That sprouts into your picture of the world
    Can't someone protect me (turn away, turn away)
    From this electron beam?
    Hey you, Mr. Fcc
    Have you no advice for me?

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