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Into the Unknown

Listado de canciones del álbum Into the Unknown

  1. ...You Give Up
  2. Losing GenerationVer letra


    letra de Losing Generation

    The systems of life hum accordingly
    Every day, every year, every century
    But, everywhere humans go things get worse
    Cant you tell through the smoke in the dirty city
    The jungle was once a tranquil hideaway
    For the kind of trees and the mountains themselves
    But man those things sell a million dollars a pound
    Cut them up, dry them out, good display for the shelves
    Why cant we just leave them alone?

    Who is the animal?
    Who is that dangerous beast?
    Why were the other ones made?
    I know it wasnt just for our feast

    And now theyre down to 250 lone souls
    Theyre a breed of a losing generation it seems
    The killers are ourselves so you know who to blame
    It was man with his plan and his frightening greed
    I dont think well ever leave them alone.

  3. Million DaysVer letra


    letra de Million Days

    When youre sitting alone, frown and groan
    Over your bad day
    When youre laughing with peers
    Forget your years, then be on your way
    But don't forget, all the while
    That youve crossed the social mile
    And a million days is worth one good laugh
    But don't forget, all the while
    That youve crossed the social mile
    And a million days is worth one good laugh.

  4. The DichotomyVer letra


    letra de The Dichotomy

    Hey did you find the pieces your mentor left behind?
    And did you care, did you trade his genius for your dispair?
    Did you walk the line?
    Did you see the mongrels on either side?
    Did greasy finers grasp for pieces of your mind?

  5. Billy Gnosis" "Time and Disregard
  6. Chasing the Wild Goose
  7. It's Only Over When...

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  1. jon: Cojonudo, el unico album completo que me gusta de Bad religion, lo que demuestra que no soy un gran fan precisamente de la banda. Y eso que me gusta el hardcore, pero este album extrañísimo tiene algo que me atrapa, creo que son esos teclados setenteros de Greg Graffin....

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