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Axis outtakes

Disco 1

  1. Spanish castle magicVer letra 3:12


    letra de Spanish castle magic

    It's very far away
    It takes about a half and a day to get there
    If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly
    No it's not in Spain
    But all the same you know, it's a groovy name
    And the wind's just right.

    Hang on my darling
    Hang on if you wanna go
    Here it's a really groovy place
    It's uh, just a little bit of uh, said uh, Spanish Castle Magic.

    The clouds are really low
    And they overflow with cotton candy
    And battle grounds red and brown
    But it's all in your mind
    Don't think your time on bad things
    Just float your little mind around
    Look out! Ow!

    Hang on my darling, yeah
    Hang on if you wanna go
    Get on top, really let me groove baby with uh Just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic. Yeah baby,
    Here's some
    Yeah, ok babe, ok
    It's still all in your mind babe


    Hang on my darling, hey
    Hang on, hang on if you wanna go
    And it's happening, oh no, damn hey! That's right baby, listen
    A little bit of Spanish Castle Magic
    Little bit of Spanish Castle Magic
    Hey hey!
    I can't uh, sing this song, no
    Yeah, ok baby
    Get on baby
    It's all in your mind baby
    Little bit of daydream here and there
    Ooh! Yeah!
    Ev'rything's gonna be alright!

    Composición: Noel Redding
  2. Little wingVer letra 3:25


    letra de Little wing

    Well she's walking through the clouds
    With a circus mind
    That's running wild
    Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
    And fairly tales,

    That's all she ever thinks about

    Riding with the wind

    When I'm sad she comes to me
    With a thousand smiles
    She gives to me free

    It's alright, she says
    It's alright
    Take anything you want from me

    Fly on, little wing

    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  3. You've got me floating 2:43
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  4. She's so fine 2:39
    Composición: Noel Redding
  5. Little miss loverVer letra 2:20


    letra de Little miss lover

    Little miss lover,
    Where have you been in this world for so long
    Well, I love A lover that feels like you
    Would you like to tag along?

    Well I really don't need any help little girl
    But I believe you could help me out anyway
    Ah sack it to me
    Would you believe babe I've been looking for A sole
    That feels like you
    For some time

    Excuse me wihile I see
    If the gypsy in me is right
    If you don't mind
    Well he signals me ok
    So I think it's safe to say
    I'm gonna make A play
    Ah yeah
    See me walk towards you baby
    Ah give me some
    Oh get into it

    Hey hey little miss lover
    Well now, there's so much you and me can discover
    And I think we should start, we should start right now, baby
    Hey little miss lover
    Ah little miss lover
    Yeah little miss lover
    Ah baby
    Ah look at me baby
    Litte miss lover
    Hey baby


    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  6. Bold as loveVer letra 3:19


    letra de Bold as love

    Anger he smiles tow'ring shiny metallic purple armour.
    Queen jealousy, envy waits behind him.
    Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground.
    Blue are the life giving waters taking for granted,
    They quietly understand.

    Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready,
    But wonder why the fight is on.
    But they're all, bold as love.
    Yeah, they're all bold as love.
    Yeah, they're all bold as love.
    Just ask the Axis.

    My red is so confident he flashes trophies of war
    And ribbons of euphoria.
    Orange is young, full of daring but very unsteady for the first go 'round.
    My yellow in this case is no so mellow.
    In fact I'm trying to say it's frightened like me.
    And all of these emotions of mine keep holding me
    From giving my life to a rainbow like you.
    But I'm a yeah, I'm bold as love,
    Yeah yeah.

    Well, I'm bold, bold as love.
    Hear me talkin', girl.
    I'm bold as love.
    Just ask the Axis.
    He knows everything. Yeah, yeah.

    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  7. Takin' care of no business 4:05
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  8. South saturn delta 4:55
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  9. Cat talkin' to me 2:37
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  10. The stars that play with laughing sam's dice 4:10
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  11. Takin' care of no business 3:58
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix

Disco 2

  1. Dream 2:04
    Composición: Noel Redding
  2. Dance 1:56
    Composición: Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding
  3. Little one (take 1) 3:27
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  4. Little one (take 2) 3:30
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  5. Driving south 6:07
    Composición: Albert Collins
  6. Jazz Jimi jazz 12:10
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  7. Tax free 4:57
    Composición: Hansson & Karlsson
  8. SomewhereVer letra 3:51


    letra de Somewhere

    Oh uh,
    I see fingers, hands and shades of faces,
    Reachin up and not quite touchin the promised land,
    I hear pleas and prayers and a desperate whisper sayin,
    Hold on please give us a helpin hand,
    Yeah yeah

    Way down in the background,
    I can see frustrated souls of cities burnin,
    And all across the water vapor,
    I see weapons barkin out the stamp of death,
    And up in the clouds I can imagine ufo's jumpin
    Laughin they sayin,
    Those people so uptight, they sure know how to make a

    Back in the saloon my tears mix and mildew with my drink,
    I can't really tell my feet from the stones on the floor,
    But as far as I know, they may even try to wrap me up in
    Cellophane and try and sell me
    Brothers help me, and don't worry about lookin at the
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  9. Cherokee mist 5:08
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix
  10. Three little bears 12:37
    Composición: Jimi Hendrix

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