Life's Music

Laura Branigan - Life's Music

2008 0
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Disco 1

  1. When
  2. Sad Sad Song
  3. Chicago Girl
  4. On A Wing And A Prayer
  5. Relentless
  6. Change Of Heart
  7. I Love You Best Right Now
  8. Forever In Love
  9. Forever More
  10. This Don't Mean You Stop Crying
  11. My Feet Can Barely Touch TheGround
  12. Silver Dreams
  13. Leave Me Blind
  14. I'm Just Warmin' Up
  15. Fool's Affair
  16. Helpin' Mama Bring The Groceries In
  17. When
  18. Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight
  19. I Love You Best, Right Now
  20. Isn't It Wonderful, Isn't ItMagic--Forever In Love
  21. One, One Two Three--Dead Skunk
  22. Take A Care Of Business Mr. Businessman [Live]
  23. Memories
  24. Make The Best Of A Bad Situation
  25. Keep On Doin It
  26. When I Need You
  27. One More Try, One More Time
  28. Life's Music

Disco 2

  1. The Challenge [Unplugged/Plus A Re-mixed Version]
  2. Ashes In The Wind
  3. Room With A View
  4. In Time
  5. Forever And Ever
  6. I'd Rather Be Dancin'
  7. My Revenge
  8. Me & Bobby McGee [Live]
  9. Don't Cry For Me Argentina [Live]
  10. Coke Is It!
  11. Dr. Pepper Made A Pepper OutOf Me
  12. Hot Night
  13. Sharpshooter
  14. Hollywood Wives
  15. One Day
  16. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
  17. Moonlight On Water [Ext Mix]
  18. Solitaire [Ext Mix]
  19. Never In A Million Years
  20. Love Your Girl [Remix]
  21. It's Been Hard Enough Getting Over You
  22. How CanI Help You Say Goodbye
  23. Dim All The Light [Ehab's Rehab Edit]
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