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  1. SessionVer letra 2:32


    letra de Session

    I don't know when it got this way
    I don't know how long she's gonna stay
    Every week it's the same in her room
    That's why I came
    Here I go, I go again
    Our rendezvous never seem to end
    I know where I'll be, I'll make this confession
    Back in her bed for another goddamn session
    I'll never learn
    God knows I try
    Keep coming back for session
    And I don't know why
    I'll never learn, I'll never see
    Just tell me why these sessions got a hold on me
    Some might say it's a fling
    For all I know it don't mean a thing
    Either way I can't complain
    Ain't no strings
    Guess I got it made
    Here I go, I go again
    Our rendezvous' never seem to end
    I know where I'll be
    I'll make this confession
    Back in her bed for another goddamn session

  2. We Are OneVer letra 3:59


    letra de We Are One

    We are one with ourselves
    We don't give a shit about anyone else
    Well it won't be wrong until our day in the sun is gonna stop
    The walls come tumbling down
    We are one
    We are free
    We are headed for obscurity
    We are one
    We are weak
    We are gonna make ourselves extinct
    Let it go
    We're gonna let it go
    It's real, we are one
    You know it's true
    Don't fuck with us or we'll fuck with you
    It's a mentality that kills the best
    We better stop
    The walls come tumbling down
    We are one and it won't be news
    When we hang ourselves with one collective noose
    Well, it won't be wrong until our day in the sun is gonna stop
    The walls come tumbling down
    The bigger they are
    The harder they fall

  3. Kick Him When He's Down 3:16
  4. Take It Like A ManVer letra 2:55


    letra de Take It Like A Man

    When you won't go along
    Some will feel like you can't find your way
    Heaven knows
    Heaven knows I've seen it all before
    Now don't get me wrong
    I've seen many a life gone astray
    When someone goes
    All your bows won't make it any better so let it go
    Shut up and take it like a man
    You need us to get a life
    For your own good we'll take you by the hand
    'Cause you need a little more
    Maybe no one will say it
    Maybe no one's aware it goes on
    All I know
    All I know it's like going off the deep end
    Could you make a decision?
    Could you think for yourself and go on?
    Everyone knows
    Everyone knows you've got to fit into the mainstream so save your woes
    Close your eyes
    Look away now
    Make believe while you can
    So you'd best go along
    Don't let on if you can't find your way
    Many more
    Many more do it for you
    Because heaven knows
    Heaven knows it's like playing with fire
    Your life's a throw

  5. Get It RightVer letra 3:06


    letra de Get It Right

    I've been told that to get what you want
    You just gotta give what you can
    But I know for what I want it don't come easy as that
    They say, "Look out, boy
    Tomorrow comes and things will look better by then."
    But I'll look out the window
    Then look in the mirror at the same old me again
    Still can't get it right
    And for all I know
    I swear I never will
    Do you think you'd sell your soul
    To just have one thing to turn out right?
    For the thousandth time you turn and find
    That it just makes no difference to try
    Like Holden Caulfield, I tell myself
    There's got to be a better way
    Then I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling
    Dream of brighter days
    No way out
    Same old stuff always drags me down
    No way out
    Never gonna get it

  6. Dirty MagicVer letra 3:48


    letra de Dirty Magic

    In my own simple way
    I think she wants me only
    She said, "Come over right away"
    But she's just not that way
    Her little soul is stolen
    See her put on her brand new face
    Go on and pull the shades
    Razor blades
    You're so tragic
    Go on, I hate you so
    But love you more
    I'm so elastic
    Of all the things you say
    The games you play
    Dirty magic stuff
    I should know better than to think I'd reach inside her
    It's all a cloudy kind of daze
    She's not so sweet today
    She mocks me, I'm no fighter
    It all just seems like such a waste
    It's oversimplified
    It's oversimplified
    It's oversimplified

  7. HypodermicVer letra 3:21


    letra de Hypodermic

    When you're feeling low
    Hypodermic's where you go
    When you're with yourself
    You wish you could be someone else
    Can't you see like you saw anymore
    Can't you feel like you felt before
    Can't you face anything anymore
    When life's a waste
    Run away
    Your life's a waste
    Run away
    Once you get a ride
    Doesn't matter where you lied
    Once you shoot it in
    Doesn't matter who you've been
    You're reaching in but you don't know where to begin
    All your dance and song won't matter when you're gone

  8. Burn It UpVer letra 2:42


    letra de Burn It Up

    I think I'm burning up inside
    I think I'll take a little ride
    I'm gonna light up everything in sight
    I'll drive on by your yard
    And throw a Molotov cocktail at your car
    Then another in the local bar
    They call it an obsession but I think it's kinda bitchen'
    I think it's kinda neat
    Yeah, I'm a pyro
    I want to burn it up
    Yeah, I'm a pyro
    Tonight this 'hood will be a pyre
    I'm gonna set your house on fire
    I'll dance around the pretty flames
    Such a wonderful game
    I want to make a tiki torch
    I'm gonna throw it on your porch
    Then I'm gonna run away
    And come back another day
    So many houses, so little time
    So many reasons, I'm not a crime
    I'd like to set you up
    I'd like to set you up

  9. No HeroVer letra 3:22


    letra de No Hero

    Once you said you'd stick to it until the end
    I guess you lied, they call it suicide
    Now you're gone
    What was so wrong that you couldn't find a way to carry on?
    Second guess
    Did I do my best
    There was a friend I had
    Johnny was a weirdo
    So what did you expect?
    I ain't no fucking hero
    I'm just trying to survive myself
    I should have known you went through it alone
    I wonder why did you even try?
    You could have come to me
    I would have helped you see
    You could have found a way to carry on
    Second guess
    Did I do my best
    There was a friend I had...
    'Johnny's strange behavior was a tip-off,' they say
    But I ain't no fucking savior
    I'm just living day by day
    Little things, little lives hanging 'til the end
    I say it doesn't really mean nothing
    Telling truth, telling lies
    I used to have a friend
    I say it don't really mean nothing
    And I can't let this feeling go
    Let this feeling go
    Let this feeling go

  10. L.A.P.D.Ver letra 2:45


    letra de L.A.P.D.

    When cops are taking care of business I can understand
    But the L.A. story´s gone way out of hand
    Their acts of aggression, they say they´re justified
    But it seems an obsession has started from the inside
    They´re shooting anyone who even tries to run
    They´re shooting little kids with toy guns
    Take it to a jury but they don´t give a damn
    Because the one who tells the truth is always the policeman
    Beat all the niggers
    Beat whoever you see
    Don´t need a reason
    (We´re) L.A.P.D.
    The city of L.A. feels like a prison
    With helicopters overhead and bullets whizzing by
    Martial law ain´t no solution
    Police brutality´s just social pollution
    Beat all the white trash
    Beat whoever you see
    Don´t need a reason
    (We´re) L.A.P.D.
    They say they´re keeping the peace
    But I´m not buying it because a billy club ain´t much of a pacifier
    "Protecting your freedom"
    Now that´s just a lie
    It´s an excuse for power that´s more like an alibi
    Law and order doesn´t really matter
    When you´re the one getting bruised and battered
    You take it to a jury, they´ll throw it in your face
    Because justice in L.A. comes in a can of mace

  11. Nothing From SomethingVer letra 3:00


    letra de Nothing From Something

    Things are coming down on me
    They never seem to let it be
    It seems like everything I say just starts another fight
    The pressure's building up inside
    I gotta let it out tonight
    Shattered glass will cure my ills and make me feel alright
    Gonna break it
    And never stop running
    Making nothing from something
    Making nothing from something
    Cut me for the lion's share
    It's mindless but I don't care
    'Cause no matter what I say
    I'm in a another fight
    Take more shit, I've had enough
    Tonight I'm gonna rip it up
    Broken windows cure my ills and make me feel alright

    Composición: Marvin Fergusen
  12. Forever And A DayVer letra 2:37


    letra de Forever And A Day

    Look at me while I look at you
    Seeing eye to eye we can never do
    You try to tell me what is right
    I may not know a lot but I know one thing
    If you've got the answer
    Then I don't want to know
    If you've got the answer
    Just keep it your own
    I wonder why our world is ablaze
    Sometimes I speak aloud to hear what people have to say
    I try to have an open mind
    But your brain and mouth must not be connected
    If you've got the answer
    Then I don't want to know
    If you've got the answer
    Just leave me alone
    I would be patient but it takes so long
    I don't want all this misinformation
    All the words that you say
    Lean on me while I lean on you
    If we destroy each other
    We might save a life or two
    A little sun, a little shine
    Separates us both by forever and a day
    If you've got a vision
    Then I don't want to see
    If you've got a notion
    Don't waste it on me

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