The Singles Collection 1966-1973

Status Quo - The Singles Collection 1966-1973

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Disco 1

  1. Pictures of Matchstick Men
  2. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe
  3. Black Veils of Melancholy
  4. To Be Free
  5. Ice in the Sun
  6. When My Mind Is Not Llive
  7. Technicolor Dreams
  8. Paradise Flat
  9. Make Me Stay A Little Bit Longer
  10. Auntie Nellie
  11. Are You Growing Tired of My Love
  12. So Ends Another Life
  13. Price of Love
  14. Little Miss Nothing
  15. Down the Dustpipe
  16. Face Without a Soul
  17. In My Chair
  18. Gerdundula (early version)
  19. Tune to the Music
  20. Good Thinking (Batman)
  21. Mean Girl
  22. Everything
  23. Gerdundula
  24. Lakky Lady
  25. Railroad Part 1
  26. Railroad Part 2
  27. I (Who Have Nothing)
  28. Neighbour Neighbour
  29. Hurdy Gurdy Man
  30. Laticia
  31. (We Ain't Got) Nothing Yet
  32. I Want It
  33. Almost But Not Quite There
  34. Wait A Minute
  35. Walking With My Angel
  36. When He Passed By
  37. Spicks and Specks
  38. Neighbour Neightbour
  39. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
  40. Price Of Love
  41. Josie
  42. Tune To The Music
  43. Time To Fly
  44. Nanana
  45. Laughing Machine
  46. So It Is Really Me
  47. Gerdundula
  48. Tune To The Music
  49. There's Something Going On In My Head

Disco 2

  1. I (Who Have Nothing)
  2. Neighbour Neighbour
  3. Hurdy Gurdy Man
  4. Laticia
  5. (We Ain't Got) Nothing Yet
  6. I Want It
  7. Almost But Not Quite There
  8. Wait A Minute
  9. Walking With My Angel
  10. When He Passed By
  11. Spicks and Specks
  12. Neighbour Neighbour (alt. version)
  13. Pictures of Matchstick Men (alt. version)
  14. The Price of Love (alt. version)
  15. Josie (alt. version)
  16. Tune To The Music (instr. version)
  17. Time To Fly (alt. version)
  18. Nanama (alt. version)
  19. Laughing Machine (studio out-take)
  20. So Is It Really Me (alt. version)
  21. Gerdundula (alt. version)
  22. Tune To The Music (backing track version)
  23. There's Something Going On In My Head (alt. version)
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