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Let There Be Rock


"Let There Be Rock" es el cuarto álbum de estudio de la banda australiana de hard rock AC/DC y el tercero lanzado a nivel internacional. También fue el último álbum de AC/DC en contar con Mark Evans en el bajo. Fue lanzado originalmente el 21 de marzo de 1977 en Australia bajo el sello Albert Productions. Una edición internacional modificada se publicó posteriormente, el 25 de julio de 1977, por Atlantic Records.

La portada australiana de este ábum de AC/DC muestra los dedos del guitarrista Chris Turner, de la banda australiana Buffalo, acariciando una guitarra. La foto fue tomada por el fotógrafo y colaborador de la revista Playboy Colin Stead, quien recibió en encargo de realizar una foto para la portada del álbum.

Listado de canciones del álbum Let There Be Rock

  1. Go DownVer letra 5:31


    letra de Go Down

    Ruby, Ruby, where you been so long
    Done took to drinkin' whiskey
    Baby since you been gone
    Ain't no one I know do it as good as you
    Lickin' on that lickin' stick the way you do
    You got the lips to make a strong man weak
    And a heathen pray
    Tell you ain't just the way you speak
    You know it's just the way you go down
    Go down, go down, go down, go down
    Go down, go down, go down, go down
    Mary, Mary, you're the one for me
    And the way you hum
    Sting like a bumble bee
    I'll be around to see you 'bout half past ten
    Ain't felt this good
    Since I don't know when
    You got the touch that I need so much
    In your finger tips
    I got the honey that ya love to taste
    On those lovely lips so go down
    Go down, go down, go down, go down
    Go down, go down, go down, go down
    Baby rub it on
    why' know it's sticky and sweet
    And it's been so long
    And no else got a touch like you
    I let you do the things to me
    I let no other woman do
    Feels good, feels good,
    You do it like you should
    I loved you so much
    Make me so glad I'm a man
    Go down, go down, go down, go down
    Go down, go down, go down, go down

  2. Dog Eat DogVer letra 3:34


    letra de Dog Eat Dog

    Well it's a dog eat dog
    Eat cat too
    The French eat frog
    And I eat you
    Businessman, when you make a deal
    Do you know who you can trust?
    Do you sign your life away?
    Do you write your name in dust?
    Hey, hey, hey
    Every dog has his day
    It's a dog eat dog
    Dog eat dog
    "Dog eat dog"
    Read the news
    Someone win
    Someone lose
    Up's above and down's below
    And limbo's in between
    Up you win, down you lose
    It's anybody's game
    And it's a eye for eye
    Tooth for tooth
    It's a lie
    That's the truth
    See a blind man on the street
    Looking for something free
    Hear the kind man ask his friends
    "Hey, what's in it for me?"

  3. Let There Be RockVer letra 6:06


    letra de Let There Be Rock

    In the beginning
    Back in nineteen fifty-five
    Man didn't know about a rock 'n' roll show
    And all that jive
    The white man had the schmaltz
    The black man had the blues
    No one knew what they was gonna do
    But Tchaikovsky had the news
    He said
    "Let there be light", and there was light
    "Let there be sound", and there was sound
    "Let there be drums", and there was drums
    "Let there be guitar", and there was guitar
    "Let there be rock"
    And it came to pass
    That rock 'n' roll was born
    All across the land every rockin' band
    Was blowing up a storm
    The guitar man got famous
    The businessman got rich
    And in every bar there was a super star
    With a seven year itch
    There were fifteen million fingers
    Learning how to play
    And you could hear the fingers picking
    And this is what they had to say
    "Let there be light"
    "Let there be rock"
    One night in a club called 'the shaking hand'
    There was a ninety-two decibel rocking band
    The music was good and the music was loud
    And the singer turned and he said to the crowd -
    "Let there be rock"

  4. Bad Boy BoogieVer letra 4:27


    letra de Bad Boy Boogie

    On the day I was born the rain fell down
    There was trouble brewing in my home town
    It was the seventh day, I was the seventh son
    And it scared the hell out of everyone
    They said stop, I said go
    They said fast, I said slow
    They said yes, I said no
    I do the bad boy boogie
    Being a bad boy ain't that bad
    I've had me more dirty women than most men ever had
    All you women come along with me
    And I'll show you how good a bad boy can be
    I said right and they said left
    I said east and they said west
    I said up and they said down
    I do the bad boy boogie all over town
    I want to tell you no story, tell you no lie
    I was born to love till the day I die
    I just line them up and I knock them down
    And they all came running when the word got round
    (Just keep a running)
    I said up, they said down
    They said straight, I said round
    They said lost, I said found
    I said free and they said bound
    Bad boy boogie

  5. Problem ChildVer letra 5:24


    letra de Problem Child

    I'm hot
    And when I'm not
    I'm cold as ice
    See me comin' [get out of my way]
    Step aside [just step aside]
    Or pay the price
    What I want I take
    What I don't I break
    And I don't want you
    With a flick of my knife
    I can change your life
    There's nothing you can do
    Cause I'm a problem child
    Make my stand
    No man's land
    On my own
    Man in blue
    It's up to you
    The seed is sown
    What I want I stash
    What I don't I smash
    N' you're on my list
    Dead or alive
    Got a .45
    N' I never miss
    Cause I'm a problem child
    Every night
    Street light
    I drink my booze
    Some run
    Some fight
    I win they lose
    What I need I like
    What I don't I fight
    N' I don't like you
    So say bye bye
    While your still alive
    Cause your time is due
    Cause I'm a problem child

  6. OverdoseVer letra 6:09


    letra de Overdose

    I never smoked with no cigarettes
    I never drank much booze
    But I'm only a man, don't you understand
    And a man can sometimes lose
    You gave me something I never had
    Pulled me down with you
    Pulled me up, think I'm in love
    Hope you can pull me through
    I overdosed on you [Repeat: x1]
    Crazy but it's true
    Ain't nothing I can do
    I overdosed on you
    Oh woman you give to me
    More than I can take
    But listen honey, I don't mind
    You're a habit I don't want to break
    Don't want none of that hard stuff
    Don't need it anymore
    I'm in love, and I'm sinking fast
    And I don't need no cure
    I overdosed on you [Repeat: x1]
    Crazy but it's true
    Ain't nothing I can do
    I overdosed on you
    Gee I was happy as a man could be
    To far gone to escape
    Power of love, don't pull me off
    Just write on my grave
    I overdosed on you [Repeat: x1]
    Crazy but it's true
    Ain't nothing I can do
    I overdosed on you

  7. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be 4:14
  8. Whole Lotta RosieVer letra 5:33


    letra de Whole Lotta Rosie

    Want to tell you a story
    'Bout a woman I know
    When it comes to lovin'
    Oh! She steals the show
    She ain't exactly pretty
    She ain't exactly small
    Forty two, thirty nine, fifty six
    You could say she got it all
    Never had a woman
    Never had a woman like you
    Doin' all the things
    Doin' all the things you do
    Ain't no fairy story
    Ain't no skin and bones
    But you got to give it all you got
    Weighin' in at nineteen stone
    Your a whole lotta woman
    A whole lotta woman
    Whole lotta Rosie (Repeat 2)
    And your a whole lotta woman
    Honey you can do it
    Do it to me all night long
    Only one who turn
    Only one who can turn me on
    All through the night time
    And right around the clock
    Ooh, too my surprise
    Rosie never stops.
    She was a whole lotta woman
    Ooh, you're a whole lotta woman
    Whole lotta woman
    Whole lotta Rosie (Repeat)
    Whole lotta woman
    Whole lotta Rosie
    Whole lotta woman (Repeat)

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  1. induccion: este disco sin duda muestra el gran potencial de la banda, sus canciones son potentes, pegajosas y logran vigorizar el vivo espiritu del rock and roll,sin mensionar los sonidos de gutarra que son sin duda espectaculares; por ende es un excelente disco, me gusto mucho....
  2. caca: hell
  3. : Excelente me agrada mucho y son una banda con mucha trayectoria y geniales temas musicales
  4. juan: para mi es mi disco preferido,no quiere decir q sea el mejor de acdc, con mi cancion q nunca me cansare de escuchar let there be rock
  5. marck young: dejence de joder unos de los discos insigneas de acdc
  6. Luis: De los mejores discos de eicidici
  7. Mck: dejense de joder!!!!! ponganles las 5 estrellas, quieren??!!!!!!

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