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Flavors of entanglement

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  1. Citizen Of The PlanetVer letra 4:22


    letra de Citizen Of The Planet

    I start up in the north
    I grow from a special seed
    I sprinkle it with sensibility
    From French and Hungarian snow
    I linger in the sprouting
    Until my engine's full
    Then I move across the sea
    To European bliss
    To language of poets
    As I cut the cord of home
    I kiss my mother's mother
    Look to the horizon
    Wide eyed, new ground
    Humbled by my new surroundings
    I am a citizen of the planet
    My president is Guan Yin
    My frontier is on an airplane
    My prisons, homes for rehabilitating
    Then I fly back to my rest
    I fly back with my nuclear
    But everything is different
    So I wait
    My yearn for home is broadened
    Patriotism expanded
    By callings from beyond
    So I pack my things
    Nothing precious
    All things sacred
    I am a citizen of the planet
    My laws are all of attraction
    My punishments are consequences
    Separating from source the original sin
    I am a citizen of the planet
    Democracy's kids are sovereign
    Where the teachers are the sages
    And pedestals filled with every parent
    And so the next few years are blurry
    The next decade's a flurry
    Of smells and tastes unknown
    Threads sewn straight through this fabric
    Through fields of every color
    One culture to another
    And I come alive
    And I get giddy
    And I am taken and globally naturalized
    I am a citizen of the planet
    From simple roots through high vision
    I am guarded by the angels
    And my body guides the direction I go in
    I am a citizen of the planet
    My favorite pastime edge stretching
    Begotten with human condition
    These ideals are born from my deepest within

  2. UnderneathVer letra 4:07


    letra de Underneath

    Look at us break our bonds in this kitchen
    Look at us rallying all our defenses
    Look at us waging war in our bedroom
    Look at us jumping ship in our dialogues
    There is no difference in what we're doing in here
    That doesn't show up as bigger symptoms out there
    So why spend all our time in dressing our bandages
    When we've the ultimate key to the cause right here, our underneath
    Look at us form our cliques in our sandbox
    Look at us micro kids with both our hearts blocked
    Look at us turn away from all the rough spots
    Look at dictatorship on my own block
    How I've spun my wheels with carts before my horse
    When shine on the outside springs from the root
    Spotlight on these seeds of simpler reasons
    This core, born into form, starts in our living room

  3. StraitjacketVer letra 3:08


    letra de Straitjacket

    Something so benign for construed as cruelty
    Such a difference between who I am and who you see
    Conclusions you come to of me routinely incorrect
    I don't know who you're talking to with such fucking disrespect
    This shits making me crazy
    The way you nullify what's in my head
    You say one thing do another
    And argue that's not what you did
    Your way's making me mental
    How you filter as skewed interpret
    I swear you won't be happy till
    I am bound in a straitjacket
    Talking with you is like talking to a sieve that can't hear me
    You fight me tooth and nail to disavow what's happening
    Your resistance to a mirror I feel screaming from your body
    One day I'll introduce myself and you'll see you've not yet met me
    Grand dissonance
    The strings of my puppet are cut
    The end of an era
    Your dis-crediting's lost my consent

  4. Versions Of ViolenceVer letra 3:36


    letra de Versions Of Violence

    Coercing or leaving
    Shutting down and punishing
    Running from rooms, defending
    Withholding, justifying
    These versions of violence
    Sometimes subtle sometimes clear
    And the ones that go unnoticed
    Still leave their Mark once disappeared
    Diagnosing, analyzing
    Unsolicited advice
    Explaining and controlling,
    Judging opining and meddling
    This labeling
    This pointing
    This sensitive's unraveling
    This Sting I've been ignoring
    I feel it way down way down

  5. Not As WeVer letra 4:45


    letra de Not As We

    Reborn and shivering
    Spat out on new terrain
    Unsure unconvincing
    This faint and shaky hour
    Day one, day one
    Start over again
    Step one, step one
    I'm barely making sense
    For now I'm faking it
    Till I'm pseudo making it
    From scratch, begin again
    But this time I as I and not as we
    Gun shy and quivering
    Timid without a hand
    Feign brave with steel intent
    Little and hardly here
    Eyes wet toward
    Wide open frayed
    If God's taking bets
    I pray He wants to lose

  6. In Praise Of The Vulnerable ManVer letra 4:07


    letra de In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man

    You are the bravest man I've ever met
    You un-reluctant at treacherous ledge
    You are the sexiest man I've ever been with
    You, never hotter than with armor spent
    When you do what you do to provide
    How you land in the soft as you fortify
    This is in praise of the vulnerable man
    Why won't you lead the rest of your cavalry home
    You, with your eyes mix strength with abandon
    You with your new kind of heroism
    And I bow and I bow down to you
    To the grace that it takes to melt on through
    This is a thank you for letting me in
    Indeed in praise of the vulnerable man
    You are the greatest man I've ever met
    You the stealth setter of new precedents
    And I vow and I vow to be true
    And I vow and I vow to not take advantage
    This is a thank you for letting me in
    Indeed in praise of the vulnerable man

  7. MoratoriumVer letra 5:35


    letra de Moratorium

    I've never been this accountable-less and within
    I've never known focuslessness on any form
    I've never had this lack of ache for dalliance
    To let go and let God in ways I have never even imagined
    I declare a moratorium on things relationship
    I declare a respite from the toils of liaison
    I do need a breather from the flavors of entanglement
    I declare a full time out from all things commitment
    I've never let my grasp soften fingers like this
    I've never been careless other-less like autonomy's twin
    Ah to breathe
    Stop looking outside
    Stop searching in corners of rooms
    Not my business or timing
    I've never known freedom from intertwining
    I start again this time for keeps in my skin I'm residing
    [Chorus: x2]

  8. TorchVer letra 4:50


    letra de Torch

    I miss your smell and your style and your pure abiding way
    Miss your approach to life and your body in my bed
    Miss your take on anything and the music you would play
    Miss cracking up and wrestling and our debriefs at end of day
    These are things that I miss
    These are not times for the weak of heart
    These are the days of raw despondence
    I never dreamed I would have to lay down my torch for you like this
    I miss your neck and your gait and your sharing what you write
    Miss you walking through the front door documentaries in your hand
    Miss traveling our traveling and your fun and charming friends
    Miss our big sure getaways
    And to watch you love my dogs
    One step one prayer I soldier on, simulating moving on
    I miss your warmth and the thought of us bringing up our kids
    And the part of you that walks with your stick-tied handkerchief
    [Chorus: x2]

  9. Giggling Again For No ReasonVer letra 3:48


    letra de Giggling Again For No Reason

    I am driving in my car up highway one
    I left LA without telling anyone
    There were people who needed something from me
    But I am sure they'll get along fine on their own
    Oh this state of ecstasy
    Nothing but road could ever give to me
    This liberty wind in my face
    And I'm giggling again for no reason
    I am dancing with my friends in elation
    We've taken adventures to new levels of fun
    I can feel the bones are smiling in my body
    I can see the meltings of inhibition
    I'm reeling jubilation
    Triumphant in delight
    I am at home in this high five
    And I'm smiling for no reason
    I am sitting at the set of Cali sun
    We've gotten quiet for its' last precious seconds
    I can feel the salt of the sea on my skin
    And we still hear the echoes of abandon

  10. TapesVer letra 4:26


    letra de Tapes

    I am someone easy to leave
    Even easier to forget
    A voice, if inaccurate
    Again, I'm the one they all run from
    Diatribes of clouded sun
    Someone help me find the pause button
    All these tapes in my head swirl around
    Keeping my vibe down
    All these thoughts in my head aren't my own
    Wreaking havoc
    I'm too exhausting to be loved
    A volatile chemical
    Best to quarantine and cut off
    [Chorus: x2]
    I'm a thorn in your sweet side
    You are better off without me
    It'd be best to leave at once

  11. IncompleteVer letra 3:30


    letra de Incomplete

    One day I'll find relief
    I'll be arrived and I'll be a friend to my friends who know how to be friends
    One day I'll be at peace
    I'll be enlightened and I'll be married with children and maybe adopt
    One day I will be healed
    I will gather my wounds forge the end of tragic comedy
    I have been running so sweaty my whole life
    Urgent for a finish line
    And I have been missing the rapture this whole time
    Of being forever incomplete
    One day, my mind will retreat, and I'll know god and I'll be constantly one with her night dusk and day
    One day I'll be secure, like the women I see on their 30th anniversaries
    Ever unfolding
    Ever expanding
    Ever adventurous and torturous
    But never done
    One day, I will speak freely
    I'll be less afraid
    And measured outside of my poems and lyrics and art
    One day I will be faith-filled
    I'll be trusting and spacious authentic and grounded and whole

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