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Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

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  1. Front RowVer letra 4:12


    letra de Front Row

    (I know he's blood but you can still turn him away you
    Don't owe him anything)
    Do you go to the dungeon?
    To find out how to make peace with your days in the dungeon
    Writing a letter to you didn't make me feel any more peaceful than how I felt when we weren't speaking
    Because I didn't cop to what I did
    I can't love you because we're supposed to have professional boundaries.
    I'd like you to be schooled and in awe
    As though you were kissed by god full on the lips
    I'm in the front row
    The front row with popcorn
    I get to see you
    See you, close up
    (I'm too tired to recount the
    Unpleasantries one by one
    Minute I want to banish you
    The next I want to be on
    A deserted island with you along with my three favorite CDs
    Ambivalent yet in your
    Bed we've yet to acknowledge what really happened)
    Slid into the ditch
    I have this overwhelming loss of ambition
    We said let's name thirty good reasons
    Why we shouldn't be together
    I started by saying things like "you smoke" "you live in new jersey"
    You started saying things like "you belong to the world"
    All of which could have been easily refuted
    But the conversation was hypothetical
    I am totally short of breath for you
    Why can't you shut your stuff off
    (and I laughed until my lungs hurt
    I love how you bust my chops
    You don't always feel seen sometimes you feel erasable
    Unfortunately I cannot reciprocate in my current state
    I think we should be careful of how much time we spend together)
    For a while while I'm speaking
    To you know how much you hate to be interrupted, maybe spend some time alone
    Fill up your proverbial cup so that it doesn't always have to be about you
    I've been wanting your undivided attention
    I like the fact that you're nothing like me
    Are you not burdened by the lack of perspective people have of your charmed life seemingly
    (you never meant to be ungrateful
    Nor held up to be whipped or wept for certainly not analyzed
    Prodded at more ways than one
    Apparently you've been misrepresented
    Dealing with the concept of arrows being
    Slung towards your outrageous fortune)
    Hey I'm not mad at you guardian
    I'm mad at myself for spending so much time with you and your Jekyll and Hydeness
    I'm glad I figuratively slapped you on the wrist
    You laughed a wicked laugh and said "come here let me clip your wings!"
    (I know he's blood but you can still turn him away you
    Don't owe him anything)
    "raise the roof" he yelled "yeah raise the roof!" I yelled back
    (unfortunately you needed a health scare to reprioritize.)
    No thanks to the soap box
    Having me rile against them
    Won't make an ounce of difference
    (oh the things I've done for you
    Many a stitch a friend
    A man's been left for you
    Oh the books I've read for you
    The tongues I've bitten for you
    Many a new city for you
    Many a risk taken for you
    Not a single regret)

  2. BabaVer letra 4:28


    letra de Baba

    I've seen them kneel
    With baited breath for the ritual
    I've watched this experience raise
    Them to pseudo higher levels
    I've watched them leave their families
    In pursuit of your nirvana
    I've seen them coming to line up from Switzerland and America
    How long will this take baba
    How long have we been sleeping
    Do you see me hanging on to every word you say
    How soon will I be holy
    How much will this cost guru
    How much longer 'til you completely absolve me
    I've seen them give their drugs up
    In place of makeshift altars
    I've heard them chanting
    Kali kali frantically
    I've heard them rotely repeatly your
    Teaching with elitism
    I've seen them boasting robes and
    Foreign sandalwood beads
    I've seen them overlooking god in
    Their own essence
    I've seen their upward glances
    In hopes of instant salvation
    I've seen their righteousness
    Mixed without loving compassion
    I've watched you smile as
    The student bow to kiss your feet
    Give me strength all knowing one
    How long 'till enlightenment
    How much longer 'til you
    Completely absolve me

  3. Thank UVer letra 4:17


    letra de Thank U

    How 'bout getting off of these antibiotics?
    How 'bout stopping eating when I'm full up?
    How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots?
    How 'bout that ever elusive kudo?

    Thank you, India
    Thank you, terror
    Thank you, disillusionment
    Thank you, frailty
    Thank you, consequence
    Thank you, thank you, silence

    How 'bout me not blaming you for everything?
    How 'bout me enjoying in a moment for once?
    How 'bout how good it feels to finally forgive you?
    How 'bout grieving it all one at a time?

    Thank you, India
    Thank you, terror
    Thank you, disillusionment
    Thank you, frailty
    Thank you, consequence
    Thank you, thank, you silence

    The moment I let go of it was
    The moment I got more than I could handle
    The moment I jumped off of it was
    The moment I touched down

    How 'bout no longer being masochistic?
    How 'bout remembering your divinity?
    How 'bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out?
    How 'bout not equating death with stopping?

    Thank you, India
    Thank you, providence
    Thank you, disillusionment
    Thank you, nothingness
    Thank you, clarity
    Thank you, thank you, silence

  4. Are You Still MadVer letra 4:03


    letra de Are You Still Mad

    Are you still mad I kicked you out of bed?
    Are you still mad I gave you ultimatums?
    Are you still mad I compared you to all
    My forty year old male friends?
    Are you still mad I shared our problems
    With everybody?

    Are you still mad I had emotional affairs?
    Are you still mad I tried to mold you into
    Who I wanted you to be?
    Are you still mad I didn't trust your intentions?

    Of course you are
    Of course you are

    Are you still mad that I flirted wildly?
    Are you still mad I had a tendency to mother you?
    Are you still mad that I had one foot out the door?
    Are you still mad that we slept together
    Even after we had ended it?

    Of course you are
    Of course you are

    Are you still mad I wore
    The pants most of the time?
    Are you still mad that I seemed to focus
    Only on your potential?
    Are you still mad that I threw in the towel?
    Are you still mad that I gave up
    Long before you did?

    Of course you are
    Of course you are

  5. Sympathetic CharacterVer letra 5:11


    letra de Sympathetic Character

    I was afraid you'd hit me if I'd spoken up I was
    Afraid of your physical strength I was afraid
    You'd hit below the belt I was afraid of your
    Sucker punch I was afraid of you reducing me
    I was afraid of your alcohol breath I was afraid
    Of your complete disregard for me I was afraid
    Of your temper I was afraid of handles being
    Flown off of I was afraid of holes being punched
    Into walls I was afraid of your testosterone
    I have as much rage as you have
    I have as much pain as you do
    I've lived as much hell as you have
    And I've kept mine bubbling under for you
    You were my best friend
    You were my lover
    You were my mentor
    You were my brother
    You were my partner
    You were my teacher
    You were my very own sympathetic character
    I was afraid of verbal daggers I was afraid of the
    Calm before the storm I was afraid for my own
    Bones I was afraid of your seduction I was afraid
    Of your coercion I was afraid of your rejection
    I was afraid of your intimidation I was afraid of
    Your punishment I was afraid of your icy silences
    I was afraid of your volume I was afraid of your
    Manipulation I was afraid of your explosions
    I have as much rage as you have
    I have as much pain as you do
    I've lived as much hell as you have
    And I've kept mine bubbling under for you
    You were my keeper
    You were my anchor
    You were my family
    You were my savior
    And therein lay the issue
    And therein lay the problem

  6. That I Would Be GoodVer letra 4:16


    letra de That I Would Be Good

    That I would be good even if I did nothing
    That I would be good even if I got the thumbs down
    That I would be good if I got and stayed sick
    That I would be good even if I gained ten pounds
    That I would be fine even if I went bankrupt
    That I would be good if I lost my hair and my youth
    That I would be great if I was no longer queen
    That I would be grand if I was not all knowing
    That I would be loved even when I numb myself
    That I would be good even when I am overwhelmed
    That I would be loved even when I was fuming
    That I would be good even if I was clingy
    That I would be good even if I lost sanity
    That I would be good
    Whether with or without you

  7. The CouchVer letra 5:23


    letra de The Couch

    You hadn't seen your father in such a long time
    He died in the arms of his lover how dare he
    Your mother never left the house
    She never married anyone else you took it upon yourself to console her
    You reminded her so much of your father
    So you were banished and you wonder why you're so hypersensitive
    And why you can't trust anyone but us
    But then how can I begin to forgive her so many years under bridges with dirty water
    She was foolish and selfish and cowardly if you ask me
    I don't know where to begin in all of my 50 odd years
    I have been silently suffering and adapting perpetuating and enduring
    Who are you younger generation to tell me that I have unresolved problems
    Not many examples of fruits of this type of excruciating labor
    How can you just throw words around like grieve and heal and mourn
    I feel fine we may not have been born as awake as you were
    It was much harder in those days we had paper routes uphill both ways
    We went from school to a job to a wife to instant parenthood
    I walked into his office I felt so self-conscious on the couch
    He was sitting down across from me he was writing down his hypothesis I don't know
    I've got a loving supportive wife who doesn't know how involved she should get
    You say his interjecting was him just calling me on my shit?
    Just the other day my sweet daughter I was driving past 203 I walked up the stars in my minds eyes
    I remember how they would creak loudly
    She was only responsive with a drink he was only responsive by photo
    I was only trying to be the best big brother I could
    I've walked sometimes confused sometimes ready to crack open wide
    Sometimes indignant sometimes raw
    Can you imagine I pay him 75 dollars an hour sometimes
    It feels like highway robbery
    And sometimes it's peanuts
    I wish it could last a couple more hours
    So here we both are battling similar demons (not coincidentally)
    You see in getting beyond knowing it solely intellectually you're not relinquishing your majestry
    You are wise you are warm you are courageous you are big
    And I love you more now than I ever have in my whole life

  8. Can't Not 4:35
  9. URVer letra 3:30


    letra de UR

    Burn the books they've got too many names and psychosis
    All this incriminating evidence would surely haunt me
    If someone broke into my house
    Suits in the living room
    Do you realize guys I was born in 1974
    We've got someone here to explain your publishing
    We know how much you love to be in front of audiences
    Hopeful you are
    School bound you are
    Naive you are
    Driven you are
    Take a trip to new york with your guardian
    And your fake identification
    When they said "is there something anything
    You'd like to know young lady?"
    You said "yes I'd like to know what kind of people
    I'll be dealing with"
    Precocious you are
    Headstrong you are
    Terrified you are
    Ahead of your time you are
    Don't mind our staring but
    We're surprised you're not in a far-gone asylum
    We're surprised you didn't crack up
    Lord knows that we would've
    We would've liked to have been there
    But you keep pushing us away
    Resilient you are
    Big time you are
    Ruthless you are
    Precious you are

  10. I Was HopingVer letra 3:49


    letra de I Was Hoping

    As we were talking outside,
    It was cold,
    We were shivering, yet warmed by the subject matter.
    My wife is in the next room,
    We've been having troubles you know,
    Please don't tell her or anyone,
    But I need to talk to somebody.
    You said, wouldn't it be a shame if I knew how great I was
    Five minutes before I died? Id be filled with such regret
    Before I took my last breath.
    And I said, you're willing to tell me this now, and you're not going to die
    Anytime soon.
    And I said I haven't been eating chicken,
    Or meat,
    Or anything.
    And you said yes, but you've been wearing leather and laughed and said
    Were at the top of the food chain.
    And yes you're still a fine woman,
    And I cringed.
    I was hoping,
    I was hoping we could heal each other.
    I was hoping,
    I was hoping we could be raw together.
    We left the restaurant where the head waiter (in his 60s), said
    good bye, sir. thank you for your business sir. you're successful and
    Established, sir, and we like the frequency with which you dine here sir. and
    Your money.
    And when I walked by, they said thank you too dear.
    I was all pigtails and cords.
    And there was a day when I would've said something like,
    hey dude, I could buy and sell this place, so kiss it.
    I too once thought I was owed something.
    I was hoping,
    I was hoping we could challenge each other.
    I was hoping,
    I was hoping we could crack each other up.
    I too thought that when proved wrong, I lost somehow.
    I too thought life was cruel.
    Its a cycle, really.
    You think I'm withdrawing and guilt tripping you.
    I think you're insensitive and I don't feel heard.
    And I said do you believe we are fundamentally judgmental?
    Fundamentally evil?
    And you said yes.
    And I said do you believe in revenge, in right or wrong, good or bad?
    And you said well, what about the man that I saw handcuffed in the emergency
    Bleeding after beating his kid, and she threw a shoe at his head.
    I think what he did was wrong, and I wouldn't have had a hard time feeling
    Compassion for him.
    I had to watch my tone for fear of having you feel judged.
    I was hoping,
    I was hoping we could dance together.
    I was hoping,
    I was hoping we could be creamy together.

  11. OneVer letra 4:39


    letra de One

    I am the biggest hypocrite
    I've been undeniably jealous
    I have been loud and pretentious
    I have been utterly threatened
    I've gotten candy for my self-interest
    The sexy treadmill capitalist
    Heaven forbid I be criticized
    Heaven forbid I be ignored
    I have abused my power forgive me
    You mean we actually are all one
    One one one one one one one
    I've been out of reach and separatist
    Heaven forbid average (whatever average means)
    I have compensated for my days
    Of powerlessness
    I have abused my so-called power forgive me
    You mean we actually are all one
    One one one one one one one
    Did you just call her amazing?
    Surely we both can't be amazing!
    And give up my hard earned status
    As fabulous freak of nature?
    I have abused my power forgive me
    You mean we actually are all one
    One one one one one one one
    Always looked good on paper
    Sounded good in theory

  12. Would Not ComeVer letra 4:04


    letra de Would Not Come

    If I make a lot of tinsel then people will want to
    If I am hardened no fear of further abandonment
    If I am famous then maybe I'll feel good in this skin
    If I am cultured my words will somehow garner respect
    I would throw a party still
    It would not come
    I would bike run swim and still
    It would not come
    I'd go traveling and still
    It would not come
    I would starve myself and still
    It would not come
    If I am masculine I will be taken more seriously
    If I take a break it would make me irresponsible
    If I'm elusive I will surely be sought after often
    If I need assistance then I must be incapable
    I'd be filthy rich and still
    It would not some
    I would seduce then and still
    It would not come
    I would drink vodka and still
    It would not come
    I'd have an orgasm and still
    It wouldn't come
    If I accumulate knowledge
    I'll be impenetrable
    If I am aloof no one will know
    When they strike a nerve
    If I keep my mouth shut the boat
    Will not have to be rocked
    If I am vulnerable I will be
    Trampled upon
    I would go shopping and still
    It would not come
    I'd leave the country and still
    It would not come
    I would scream and rebel and still
    It would not come
    I would stuff my face and still
    It would not come
    I'd be productive and still it would not come
    I'd be celebrated still it would not come
    I'd be the hero and still it would not come
    I'd renunciate and still it would not come

  13. UnsentVer letra 4:09


    letra de Unsent

    Dear Matthew I like you a lot I realize you're in a relationship
    With someone right now and I respect
    That I would like you to know that if you're ever single
    In the future and you want to come visit me in California
    I would be open to spending time with you and finding
    Out how old you were when you wrote your first song
    Dear Jonathan I liked you too much I used to be attracted to boys
    Who would lie to me and think solely about themselves and you
    Were plenty self-destructive for my taste at the time I used to say
    The more tragic the better the truth is whenever I think of the early 90's
    Your face comes up with a vengeance like it was yesterday
    Dear Terrance I love you muchly you've been nothing
    But open hearted and emotionally available and supportive
    And nurturing and consummately there for me I kept drawing you in
    And pushing you away I remember how beautiful it was to fall asleep
    On your couch and cry in front of you for the first time you
    Were the best platform from which to jump beyond myself what
    Was wrong with me
    Dear Marcus you rocked my world you had a charismatic way
    About you with the women and you got me
    Seriously thinking about spirituality and you wouldn't let me get away
    With kicking my own ass but I could never really feel relaxed and looked out
    For around you though and that stopped us from going any further
    Than we did and it's kinda too bad because we could've had much more fun
    Dear Lou we learned so much I realize we won't be able to talk for some time
    And I understand that as I do you
    The long distance thing was the hardest and we did as well as we could
    We were together during a very tumultuous time
    In our lives I will always have your back and be curious about you
    About your career about your whereabouts

  14. So PureVer letra 2:50


    letra de So Pure

    You from New York you are so relevant
    You reduce me to cosmic tears
    Luminous more so then most anyone
    Unapologetically alive knot in my stomach
    And lump in my throat
    I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
    So pure such an expression
    Supposed former infatuation junkie
    I sink three pointers and you wax poetically
    I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
    So pure such an expression
    Let's grease the wheel over tea
    Let's discuss things in confidence
    Let'd be outspoken let'd be ridiculous
    Let'd solve the world's problems
    I love you when you dance when you freestyle in trance
    So pure such an expression

  15. Joining YouVer letra 4:24


    letra de Joining You

    Dear darling,
    Your mom, my friend
    Left a message on my machine
    She was frantic
    Saying you were talking crazy.
    That you wanted to do away with yourself.
    Guess she thought I would be the perfect resort
    Because we've had this inexplicable connection since our youth
    And yes, they're in shock
    They are panicked
    You and your chronic
    Them and their drama
    You this embarrassment
    Us in the middle of this delusion.
    If we were our bodies,
    If we were our futures,
    If we were our defenses,
    Id be joining you.
    If we were our culture,
    If we were our leaders,
    If we were our denials,
    Id be joining you.
    I remember vividly a day years ago,
    We were camping.
    You knew more than you thought you should know.
    You said I don't want ever to be brainwashed
    And you were mind boggling, you were intense.
    You were uncomfortable in your own skin.
    You were thirsty,
    But mostly you were beautiful.
    If we were our name tags,
    If we were our rejections,
    If we were our outcomes,
    Id be joining you.
    If we were our indignities,
    If we were our successes,
    If we were our emotions,
    Id be joining you.
    You and I, were like four year olds.
    We want to know why, and how come about everything.
    We want to reveal ourselves at will, and speak our minds.
    And never talk small talk and be intuitive,
    And question mightily, and find God my tortured beacon.
    We need to find like-minded companions.
    If we were their condemnations,
    If we were their projections,
    If we were our paranoia's, Id be joining you.
    If we were our incomes,
    If we were our obsessions,
    If we were our afflictions, Id be joining you.
    We need a reflection,
    We need a really good memory.
    Feel free to call me a little more often.

  16. Heart Of The HouseVer letra 3:45


    letra de Heart Of The House

    You are the original template
    You are the original exemplary
    How seen were you actually?
    How revered were you (honestly) at the time?
    Why pleased with your low maintenance?
    You loved us more then we would've loved you back
    Where was your ally your partner in feminine crime?
    Oh mother who'd your buddy?
    Oh mother who'd got your back?
    The heart of the house
    The heart of the house
    All hail the goddess!
    You were "good o!"
    You were "count on 'er 'til four am"
    You saw me run from the house
    In the snow melodramatically
    Oh mother who's your sister
    Oh mother who's your friend?
    The heart of the house
    The heart of the house
    All hail the goddess!
    We left the men we went for a walk in the gateaus
    And talked like women like women to women would
    Woman to woman would "where did you get that from?
    Must've been your father your dad"
    I got it from you I got it from you
    Do you see yourself in my gypsy garage sale ways?
    In my fits of laughter?
    In my Tinkerbell tendencies?
    In my lack of color coordination?

  17. Your CongratulationsVer letra 3:54


    letra de Your Congratulations

    I wouldn't have compromised as much
    So much of myself for fear of
    Having you hating me
    I would've sung so loudly
    It would've cracked myself!
    I became self-conscious
    Of anything exuberant
    I wouldn't have sold myself short
    I wouldn't have kept my eyes
    Glued to the ground
    If I hadn've known my invisibility
    Would not make a difference
    I would've run around screaming proudly
    At the top of my voice
    I wouldn't have said it was in fact luck
    I'm talking idealism here
    I would not have been so self deprecating
    I wouldn't have cowered
    For fear of having my eyes scratched out
    I wouldn't have cut my comfort off
    I wouldn't have feigned needlessness
    I would not have discredited
    Every one of their compliments
    It was your approval I wanted
    Your congratulations

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  1. lukevani: considero q escribe muy bien
  2. edwin: con este album conoci a alanis morissette me trae lindos recuerdos de mi infancia...ahora tengo casi toda su discografia...
  3. : es demasiado bueno
  4. : Para mi gusto su mejor trabajo, que no quita que el resto también me guste.

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