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Now Is the Time

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  1. Real WorldVer letra 4:54


    letra de Real World

    We play the game with determination
    We don't give a dam 'bout our reputation baby
    It's not a game, it's a revelation
    Step inside the real world
    The real world...yeah yeah yeah...the real world...yeah...
    It's been every day now, and it just won't go away now...no
    Life is so intense now, not much common sense now yeah
    And late in the night I turn out my light yeah
    A song in my head, and it says "step inside the real world"
    We play the game with determination
    We don't give a damn 'bout our reputation baby
    It's not a game, it's a revelation
    Just another day in the real world...yeah, the real world
    I can make decisions with no one else believin' me
    I just look inside me 'cause I've got my own voice to guide me
    It came in a dream, a light so extreme yeah
    A voice in my head, and it says "step inside the real world"
    Ya gotta step inside the real world step-in-side-the-real-world
    I woke from the dream, I know what it means yeah
    That voice in my head...It says "you're here inside the real world"
    Step inside the real world, inside the real world, step inside the real world...

  2. An Emotion AwayVer letra 4:10


    letra de An Emotion Away

    I had high expectations
    It's something I could not compromise
    And when I saw you I wasn't ready
    It completely took my heart by surprise
    Who...And when I think of the time I med you
    The situation looked harmless
    It wasn't long before I got confused enough
    And soon I realized that your...
    Love is just an emotion away
    I know it's gonna get to you
    Love will be only a moment away
    A moment away you know it's true
    Lately the way I'm feeling
    It's something I could never have planned
    I knew that one day I'd find a love thing
    Now I'll never stop believing in chance
    I put my heart on a shelf forever
    I never thought I would find you
    I didn't know any better baby
    But then I realized that your...
    Love is crazy love love is crazy and soon you're gonna get some (Ad-lib)

  3. RainVer letra 4:48


    letra de Rain

    It was the night Rod Stewart played
    And we were, were standing in the pouring rain
    If I had known it was the last time I would see you again...
    I would change everything...
    I look through the broken glass I watch the storm go through my mind
    There's so much I had to say I know the words I left behind
    And now I'm caught in a daydream with nowhere to run and hide
    The world rushes by me, it's leaving me here all alone
    (I would change everything, but I can't do anything
    I would give all that I have to know where you are)
    I'll always carry you inside my heart and you
    You'll never know how much I wonder where you are
    I always knew that you would take a part of me away with you
    And I never got to say good-bye
    I look in the mirror now and all I see is yesterday
    At night I hear your voice and it is calling out my name
    And with every hour just hold on to what you can
    They're lost in a moment and fading away in the night
    (I would change everything, but I can't do anything
    I would give all that I have just to know where you are)
    ... and I never..ever... said good-bye...
    That night is just a memory
    But I still feel you standing next to me
    And when I think I hear your voice all I hear is the RAIN...

  4. The Time of Your LifeVer letra 5:41


    letra de The Time of Your Life

    Standing there on a road that leads to anywhere
    Like a child left in the wilderness, standing there penniless
    Wanting to be the best
    Here's a place where life runs at a different pace
    Where love is just convenient, none are obedient
    And we are subservient
    Look at me, I'm a girl that some may preconceive
    Why do they try and generalize, why are they antagonizing me
    But something I can't control that...
    You know I'll never stop 'til I've GOTCHA
    You'll never be quite the same when I ROCK YA
    I'm not the kind of girl that you thought I was
    You'll have a good time 'cause I WANTCHA
    I'm breaking down the walls 'till I have you, feel you
    Show you the time of your life
    Here we are and I wonder how we've come this far
    In a world that does not recognize women are victimized
    What does that symbolize
    Why do I want the things I usually criticize
    It may be self destructiveness, or maybe it's emptiness inside
    But something I can't control that...
    You'll have a good time...
    It's a lonely road, and no one knows the way that I feel
    I'm not giving up now... I'll never try to justify
    They'll never understand, you'll be a happy man
    You'll have the time of your life
    It's something, it's something, it's something that I can't control
    The time of your life...

  5. No ApologiesVer letra 5:57


    letra de No Apologies

    Whenever we talk about sun all I see is the rain
    It's like looking for tears in a ocean
    I'm hearing your words like the wind
    They blow straight through my heart
    Will you ever give in to emotion
    And we hurt the ones that we love the most
    Why we do only heaven knows
    And I don't know why I'm still holding on...holding on
    I reach in my heart to see
    If your love is alive in me
    But now I feel alone
    My feelings turn to stone
    My heart makes no apologies
    When an apology's made it isn't always enough
    To erase all the past in a moment
    Whenever I need you the most
    You always leave me behind
    With a word from your lips I'm alone
    You've been blind not to realize
    All the love that I hold inside
    So tell me why do I keep holding on...holding on
    What I need is your sympathy
    Like a light flowing into me
    But I will never give up holding on...holding on
    ...my heart makes no apologies no no
    My feelings turn to stone... I make no apologies

  6. Can't Deny 4:52
  7. When We Meet AgainVer letra 5:07


    letra de When We Meet Again

    We said good-bye with so much left to say
    We knew inside we'd find another way
    We'll have it all, it's not too late to try
    Maybe you and I could go from here
    Maybe you and I can make it, this time we'll...
    Fall in love when we meet again
    We can finish what we started
    Fall in love if we try again
    And then nothing will keep us apart
    We're not the same as when we first began
    We'll try to change, we'll take another chance
    Maybe you and I could work it out
    Maybe you and I can make it, this time we'll
    I see your face, it's always on my mind
    A time and palace we almost left behind
    This time we'll fall in, this time we'll...

  8. Give What You GotVer letra 5:52


    letra de Give What You Got

    You've got to give it all to baby
    You know I want it all for me
    I wanna get to know you baby
    Is that a possibility
    Hey, you're my man, I'm your woman
    And I'm not too proud to tell you what you do to my head
    I'm not kiddin'
    You've got everythin' that any girl would want, yes you do
    You're just wishin'
    Well it's time you know the truth and that is
    When you are beggin' me for money
    Just got to tell me what you need
    But if you want my lovin' buddy
    You've got to get down on your knees
    You've got to give what you got and take what I'm givin' you baby
    You've got to want what you see and see what I'm givin' away
    Hey, stick with me, I'm your momma
    And you can run to momma every time your skin you knee
    No one ever,
    Could ever take your place, the way you move makes me hot
    Let me tell you,
    You won't be satisfied without me
    You've got to give it all to baby
    You know I want it all for me
    I wanna get to know you baby
    Is that a possibility

  9. (Change Is) Never a Waste ofTime 5:38
  10. Big Bad LoveVer letra 5:13


    letra de Big Bad Love

    I'm having dreams in the night of you baby
    And Sigmund Freud would have thought I was crazy
    I wonder why you've become an obsession
    All I know is that I need to have your big bad love
    Big bad love
    You keep on lovin' and lyin'
    You've turning me into a fool babe
    But I'm not screamin' or cryin'
    There's better things we have to do baby
    It takes a lot for me to truly believe
    That you could love me unconditionally
    And I'm terrified of taking a chance
    If you're not ready to believe in romance
    Who I wonder why I am so unrelentless
    There's nothing that I can do to prevent this
    And the dream I am not apprehensive
    All I know is that I need to have your
    Big bad love
    I need a love with an attitude
    Big bad love
    The only kind that I want from you
    Big bad love
    I need it from you so urgently
    Big bad love need it baby yeah yeah yeah
    I'm not avoidin' your lovin'
    'Cause I can afford to be blue babe
    I keep on pushin' and shovin'
    I can't get enough out of you baby
    I don't believe your blood is bad to the bone
    'Cause then you're different when we're here all alone
    And if you knew the game I wanted to play
    Now would you say the words I want you to say who
    I'm am so relentless I can't prevent this I am not apprehensive
    All I know is that I need to have your big bad love

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