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  1. Super Disco Breakin' 2:07
  2. The MoveVer letra 3:35


    letra de The Move

    It's times like this when I just can't stop
    Can't wind your body without the body rock
    Got schemes schematics blue prints on file
    You gotta have dreams to make it all worthwhile
    So as I take my time and realign
    I wonder what it is I hope to find
    I don't mean to brag I don't mean to boast
    But I'm intercontinental when I eat french toast
    Adrock with the New Addition Edition
    Gettin on down for the year 2000
    A slight distraction can get you paid
    And when it comes to that type shit I paved the way

    BBoys to the early morn
    BGirls be rockin on and on
    BGirls to the break of dawn
    BBoys be rockin on and on

    Dogs love me cause I'm crazy sniffable
    I bet you never knew I got the ill peripheral
    In your home I'm cloned I'm on your headphones
    I love it when you spazz out all alone
    Cause I'm that fool that broke the key
    I'm unlockable so don't check me
    Got weight on my shoulders and things on my mind
    The sky is falling and I'm falling behind
    So I synthesize sounds as I patch my brain
    Insane mind games move quick like flames
    So now I wonder how sometimes you never know
    Who be rockin y'all in stereo in stereo in stereo in stereo

    No time like the present to work shit out
    That's what I'm going on and on and on about
    Not fakin just makin beats in the dungeon
    Keep that shit funky cause the odor is pungent
    No shame in my game just par for the path
    I try to hone my craft because at hands the task
    But I find I'm not playing with a full deck
    I'm up to my neck like Toulouse Lautrec
    All I wanna know is when is checkout time
    So I could be in heaven with the rhythm rock rhyme
    And when I'm with my man Shadi rock at the gates
    We'll be rockin rhythms over disco breaks

    BBoys to the early morn
    BGirls be rockin on and on
    BGirls to the break of dawn
    BBoys be rockin on and on

  3. Remote ControlVer letra 2:58


    letra de Remote Control

    Things get hectic quick
    From the satellite dish to your joy stick
    It's the night of the living cable box
    Wires coming up from around the block
    Remote control to change the station
    But that won't change your situation
    Have you seen what I mean
    I'm the little gnome that's in your dreams
    So I say this rhyme built by design
    To take you beyond space and time
    Said who is the man making diamonds out of coal
    The man pushing buttons on remote control

    Until your back's up against the wall
    You never know yourself that much at all
    So you've got to share your love with a friend
    That's all that you've got left in the end
    Living in this city of pure confusion
    People mislead by their own illusion
    All this action, no satisfaction
    We're all linked together like a chain reaction
    Play or fold, love is bold
    What is the future that will unfold?
    Some like it hot, others like it cold
    But we all want to hold the remote control
    Things get hectic quick
    All of the sudden I'm in the thick
    Too much drama all around
    Distractions booming in sensuround
    Like a rainy day's Earth won't sit still
    Sliding on down a hill
    Sometimes life seems to stall
    So never be ungrateful y'all
    So I got a little something for your pay per view
    Like Don King I've got the crazy hair do
    We've got cameras on Mars on space patrol
    Controlled on Earth by remote control

  4. Song For The ManVer letra 3:13


    letra de Song For The Man

    What makes you feel
    And why you gotta be
    Like you got the right
    To look her up and down
    What makes this world
    So sick and evil
    I know you don't know

    What makes you feel
    Like you got miracle whip appeal
    Who made you the judge an jury
    Ain't you never heard of privacy
    What makes this world
    So sick and evil
    You figure it out

  5. Just A TestVer letra 2:12


    letra de Just A Test

    Like a flag at half mast as frames click fast
    Not a thing will last as past is past
    Like stacks of thoughts that got played and worn
    Used over and over till they were tired and torn
    Like a broken clock that can't tell time
    Like a thick ass book that's filled with wack rhymes
    Like a scorching blaze that burned the sand
    Like a band that planned and planned and planned
    And flew down like a raven in the dark of night
    And snatched up the worm helpless to fight
    And brought it back to the nest singing microphone check
    One two one two this is just a test

    Like sand in one hand You can't hold for long
    Like scheming on a plan that goes all wrong
    Like fudge and caramel they're not the same
    And it's a shame all you talk is game
    You act like a diamond waiting to be set
    In a gold ring, as if, I bet
    As time goes by in this give and take
    As long as I learn I will make mistakes
    What do I want? What do I need?
    Why do I want it? What's in it for me?
    It's the imagery of technology
    Is what you get is what you see
    Don't worry your mind
    When you give it your best
    One two one two this is just a test

  6. Body Movin' 3:03
  7. IntergalacticVer letra 3:51


    letra de Intergalactic

    Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic AnotherDimension
    Don't you tell me to smile
    You stick around I'll make it worth your while
    Got numbers beyond what you can dial
    Maybe it's because I'm so versatile
    Style profile I said
    It always brings me back when I hear Ooh Child
    From the Hudson River out to the Nile
    I rock from manhatten to the miracle mile
    If you battle me I will revile
    People always say my style is wild
    You've got gall you've got guile
    To step to me I'm a rapophile
    If you want to battle you're in denial
    Coming from Uranus to check my style
    Go ahead put my rhymes on trial
    Cast you off into exile

    Intergalactic planetary
    Planetary intergalactic

    Jazz and Awol that's our team
    Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene
    When it comes to beats well I'm a fiend
    I like my sugar with coffee and cream
    Got to keep it going keep it going full steam
    Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean
    On the tough guy style I'm not too keen
    To try to change the world I will plot and scheme
    Mario C likes to keep it clean
    Gonna shine like a sunbeam
    Keep on rapping cause that's my dream
    Got an A from Moe Dee for sticking to themes
    When it comes to envy y'all is green
    Jealous of the rhyme and the rhyme routine
    Another dimension new galaxy
    Intergalactic planetary

    Intergalactic planetary
    Planetary intergalactic

    From the family tree of old school hip hop
    Kick off your shoes and relax your socks
    The rhymes will spread just like a pox
    Cause the music is live like an electric shock
    I am known to do the Wop
    Also known for the Flintstone Flop
    Tammy D getting biz on the crop
    Beastie Boys known to let the beat drop
    When I wrote graffiti my name was Slop
    If my rap's soup my beats is stock
    Step from the tables as I start to chop
    I'm a lumber jack DJ Adrock
    If you try to knock me you'll get mocked
    I'll stir fry you in my wok
    Your knees'll start shaking and your fingers pop
    Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock

    Intergalactic planetary
    Planetary intergalactic
    Another dimension do i

  8. Sneakin' Out The Hospital 2:45
  9. Putting Shame In Your GameVer letra 3:37


    letra de Putting Shame In Your Game

    Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spot
    Puttin all kinds of shame in the game you got
    We keep the party movin to the broad day light
    g.e.t.l.i.v.e. alright
    Transhypnotic robotic can't stop it
    No limits to this style you know you can't lock it
    First you mock it, rock it and then you stock it
    But I've got the styles that are always in the pocket
    Like a bird floating down on a New York breeze
    Every thought in the mind is a planted seed
    So watch the mind or the thoughts will stack
    Before you know it they're boomeranging on back
    I'm the king of boogle there is none higher
    I get 11 points off the word quagmire
    Fools can't see me and that's how it is
    And that's how I like it cause that's my biz
    Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spot
    Puttin all kinds of shame in the game you got
    We keep the party movin to the broad day light
    g.e.t.l.i.v.e. alright

    Time's an illusion as the moments race by
    Too fast to really grasp though we may try
    Deny, till we die, ooh my my
    These thoughts that mislead and then multiply
    Second by second and minute by minute
    It's like lotto you gotta be in it to win it
    Shakin mind breakin on their own demise
    Lies tax to the max and they'll be feelin those vibes
    So tell me what you need that you have got
    Fiending on power will make your blood clot
    It starts with the greed and then goes all wrong
    That's why we can't all just get along
    We're all connected like a Leggo set
    One equaling one together like a croquette
    Whether we have or have not yet met
    It ain't no thing and it ain't no sweat
    Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spot
    Puttin all kinds of shame in the game you got
    We keep the party movin to the broad day light
    g.e.t.l.i.v.e. alright

    You're caught in a panic and it's rattled your brain
    The selfish ways just can't maintain
    But these are the breaks when you try and come fake
    Don't come with the rhymes that you just half baked
    I'm the Benihana chef on the SP12
    I chop the fuck out the beats left on the shelf
    You be like hello nasty where you been
    It's time you brought the grimy beats out the dungeon
    I jumped outside the house with my Walkman on
    I get so hyped when I hear this song
    It's gonna keep me happy like all day long
    So go and talk shit cause it just makes me strong
    Don't grease my palm with your filthy cash
    Multinationals spreading like a rash
    I might stick around or I might be a fad
    But I won't sell my songs for no TV ad
    Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spot
    Puttin all kinds of shame in the game you got
    We keep the party movin to the broad day light
    g.e.t.l.i.v.e. alright

  10. Flowin' Prose 2:39
  11. And MeVer letra 2:52


    letra de And Me

    Once again I'm all wrapped up in me
    My best friend's my own worst enemy
    Electricity and gravity
    Oh my god now take a look at me
    My life line's run by AT&T
    They got their wires all up in me
    Is push and pull the way it's got to be
    Once again I'm all wrapped up in me and me

  12. 3 MC's And 1 DJ 2:50
  13. The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin') 3:01
  14. Song For JuniorVer letra 3:49


    letra de Song For Junior

    "Thank you very much.."

    I'm hypnotized by you
    I'm hypnotized by you
    By you By you By you By you

    By you By you..

  15. I Don't Know 3:00
  16. The Negotiation Limerick FileVer letra 2:46


    letra de The Negotiation Limerick File

    My DJ's got the cuts and the beats are on
    We're comin with the limericks and we're comin' strong
    And the rhythm's on time to every word and rhyme
    When it comes to keep it real I keep it really wrong
    At the risk of sounding crass I would like to mention
    That I am well aware of your wack intentions
    To usurp my prose you so and so
    It's my primary bone of contention
    I tell you everybody I've had it
    With all these people with static
    I'll go insane if it don't rain
    Sucker MC's are problematic

    I love it when you hit those switches
    A curve ball's what my pitch is
    So here we here we come
    Like dum ditty dum
    I keep all five boroughs in stitches

    The sound sounds sweeter through the echolex
    It'll spin you around and throw you in a hex
    Until you feel no pain inside your brain
    All your worries are soothed by the sound effects

    Read it in the Post and the Daily News
    Listen everybody let's show improve
    Don't let me begin about heroin
    Living six feet deep just ain't the move

    We're giving you soul power
    I like it sweet and sour
    When it comes to rhymes and beat designs
    I'm at the control tower

    Tell me what makes you so afraid
    Of all those people you say you hate
    Just give it one time for your mind

  17. ElectrifyVer letra 2:22


    letra de Electrify

    Words comin forth like water from the tap
    Clap tracks line the spaces places papers people stack
    Back track through the minutes when the thoughts went insane
    I pulled the picture off the cover and blew out the mind games
    People say this is the playlist of the void non-bound
    But I can say this is the plainness of the peace I've found
    It's not the sorrow or the pity that we hope to dismantle
    It's the cast of past dice lighting both ends of the candles
    Scandelescent in the means I have dreamed on the schemes
    Reunited in the times of such picturesque scenes
    Can I get a witness to testify
    Open your eyes realize electrify

    So I plan and I scam and write it off on my taxes
    It's times like these I'll just go with the decisions of themasses
    And to the crowds who've come before with their profit massingways
    To the greed that fucked it up and brought it down to today
    With pain I stand sane and remain holding strong
    Whilst all around me those who clowned me are now drowning by thethrongs
    It's illogical the actions that are typically displayed
    A set back ain't all that much problem to invade
    So I will glow like a lantern on a new moon night
    I'll fight violence with these hands that weren't built tofight
    But like a furnace burning coal my goals are bound to burn inflames
    Whether achieved or dismantled by the agendas displayed
    Can I get a witness to testify?
    Open your eyes realize electrify

  18. Picture ThisVer letra 2:25


    letra de Picture This

    Something on the windowsill
    Caught her eye and held her still
    The cars pass by outside
    Nowhere left to hide

    Picture this now crystal clear
    Nothing left to hold her here
    And creeping up meanwhile
    Traces of a smile
    Eyes open wide to see if I could fly

  19. UniteVer letra 3:31


    letra de Unite

    Goin off the hook like Latrell Spreewell
    I've got the ill technique so you know me fe well
    We be kickin bass all up in your face
    And when it comes to beats well I'm the rhythm ace
    Now if you check my pulse it beats skull snaps
    I keep all my rhymes in my Le Sportsac
    So what if I'm a ham and cheese on rye
    I got to do my thing and that's no lie
    Well ice is cold and fire is hot
    When it comes to competition we've got them locked
    A little shout to Ian and little Zoe
    One can wonder why but can't deny
    If we could work it out it would be so fly
    We'll never know unless we try
    So tell me party people what's your zodiac sign
    Breakdancers of the world unite

    BBoys of the world unite
    I went inside the deli and my man's like what
    I write the songs that make the whole world suck
    I need to break it down every chance I get
    So "Ssshhh we keep it raw on the set"
    Automation circulation
    This is for the people all around the nations
    I got books with hooks and it looks like rain
    Would someone on the Knicks please drive the lane
    Now rhymes are montaquilla on a track by us
    I've got to keep my mind clear so I don't bust
    If you got bad breath then maybe try scope
    And if you wash your ass you best use soap
    People of the world you realize
    We got to get together and harmonize
    I feel I'm comin down with the bugallo flu
    Ravers of the world unite

    We're the scientists of sound
    We're mathematically puttin' it down
    When lightning strikes best grab a ground
    Got to get up to get down

    I've got the terminator style with a touch of the tweak
    Technique 1200's I'm known to freak
    I don't like to fight, I don't carry a piece
    I wear permanent press so I'm always creased
    Mike D with the rump shakin action
    Do it like this for the intergalaction
    I practice asana daily so I'm very flexible
    I'm a Scorpio so you know I'm very sexual
    Shouts to Rach and my brother Matthew
    In money makin it's how we do
    I be smokin roaches in the vestibule
    In the next millennium I'll still be old school (Ron)
    I call em crullers but you know they're called CRAWLERS
    We keep it movin to the broad daylight
    BGirls of the world unite alright
    Keep it on and on

  20. DedicationVer letra 2:32


    letra de Dedication

    "I want to take this minute to introduce you to my people"

    This one is for Sao Paulo
    This one's for Baytown
    To Sac-town, the whole Bay area and all galaxies
    This goes out to, to Albee Square Mall
    This one's for Ondo
    Upper Tasmania
    To all the people in the Dead Sea
    This one's for Newcastle, where venom come from
    This one's for Gloucester, Massachusetts
    New Dehli
    The Takei Brothers
    14th Street

  21. Dr. Lee, PhDVer letra


    letra de Dr. Lee, PhD

    Jungle jungle, Merlin production company
    Black Ark International Branch presents
    Coffin going around Have you seen mister Brown
    Coffin going around going around the town
    Have you seen mister Brown
    Whispering voices whispering voices
    Whispering voices have you seen mister Brown
    They who want to control always lose control
    They who wants everything always lose everything
    Coffin going around Have you seen mister Brown in town
    Have you seen mister Brown
    They who want total control always lose control
    Some always lose their sole for silver and gold
    Silver and gold are by none
    Was in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
    Rise up and walk rise up and walk
    Rise up and walk rise up and walk
    A weepin' time weepin' time and reapin' time
    Weepin' time and creepin' time
    Reap what you sow
    Rockin' comin' from the weepin' mind
    and all that I reap is mine
    So you can not reap what is mine
    Was in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
    Black ganja cigarette
    Kindly weed and ganja marijuana lung's breath
    Rise up and walk rise up and clap
    Rise up and hap rise up and lift up your cap
    Lift up your cap and rise up and hap
    Do the thunder clap great hall of fire on the sky
    And reap your time weep your mind
    Weepin' time reapin' time harvest harvest time
    You reap what you sow I reap what I sow
    Coffin going around have you seen mister Clown
    He used to call himself mister Brown and king sat down
    He no longer miss the town
    He not know that I miss the crown and missed the ground
    What's comin' up from under ground we'll weep in time
    I. N. R. I. Production that takes over France.
    With voo-doo dance and science arts
    Science machine and science dream
    This is a living dream from the Beastly Brothers
    And the Beastly Boys with their beastly toys
    To give you some beastly joys
    So put on your beastly drawers
    And show me a beastly pose.. Ha ha ha ha..

    Músicos invitados: Lee Perry (Vocals)
  22. Instant DeathVer letra 3:22


    letra de Instant Death

    And what do you do when
    Your man kills himself and
    How do I make friends now

    And where is my Mom
    I need to show her that
    She taught me

    And please let me
    Die an instant death

    Venom are from Newcastle.

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