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  1. Root Down (Free Zone Mix)
  2. Root DownVer letra


    letra de Root Down

    Yeah, I kick it root down
    I put my root down
    I kick it root down, I put my root down
    So how we gonna’ kick it?
    Gonna’ kick it root down
    Yeah, how you wanna’ kick it?
    Gonna’ kick it root down
    So how you gonna’ kick it?
    Gonna’ kick it root down
    Gonna’ break it on down, gonna’ kick it root down

    It's not a put down
    I put my foot down
    And then I make some love, I put my root down
    I’m like sweetie pie by the stone alliance
    Everbody knows I'm known for dropping science
    ‘Cause I'm electric like Dick Hyman
    I guess you'd expect to catch the crew rhymin'
    Never let you down with the stereo sound
    So, Mike, get on the mic and turn it out

    We're talking root down, I put my boot down (boot down)
    And if you want to battle me, you're putting loot down (loot down)
    I said it’s root down, it's time to scoot down (scoot down)
    I'm-a step up to the mic in my goose down (goose down)
    Come up representing from the upper west
    Money Making putting me to the test
    Sometimes I feel as though I've been blessed
    Because I'm doing what I want so I never rest (yeah, Mike it, Mike it)

    Well, I'm not coming out goofy like the fruit of the loom guys
    Just strutting like The Meters with the “Look-ka Py Py"
    Cause downtown Brooklyn is where I was born
    But when the snow is fallin’, then I am gone (oh weee)
    You might think that I'm a fanatic
    A phone call from Utah and I'm throwing a panic
    So break it to the root when we kick it on down
    Jimmy Smith is my man, I want to give him a pound

    I kick it root down, I put my root down
    I kick it root down, I put my root down
    So how you wanna kick it?
    Gonna kick it root down
    Cause how we gonna kick it?
    Gonna kick it root down
    So how we gonna kick it?
    Gonna kick it root down
    Gonna break it on down, gonna kick it root down (yeah)

    Well, Adrock (huh)
    Don't stop, come on
    Just get on the mic with the tic and the toc

    I'll fill you to the fuckin' rim like brim
    I'm walking down your block and you say that's him
    There goes the guy with the funky sound
    The Beastie Boys, you know we come to get down
    Because I've got the flow where I grab my dick
    And say “Oh my god, that's the funky shit!
    So I’m-a pass the mic and cause a panic (yeah)
    The original nasal kid is doing damage

    Every morning I took the train to High Street Station
    Doing homework on the train, what a fucked up situation
    On the way back up, hearing battle tapes
    Through the underground, underneath the sky scrapes
    Like Harlem World Battles on the Zulu Beat Show
    It's Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee
    There's one you should know, (yeah)
    Enough of that, I just want to give some respect due
    MCA, grab the mic and ma bell will connect you

    Bob Marley was a prophet for the freedom fight
    "If dancin' prays to the lord then I will feel alright"
    It feels good to play a little music (music)
    Tears running down my face ‘cause I love to do it (love to do it)
    And no one can stop this flow from flowing on
    A flow master of disaster with a sound that's gone (yeah)
    I'll give a little shout out to my dad and mom (yeah)
    For bringing me into this world and so on

    I kick it root down, I put my root down
    I kick it root down, I put my root down
    So how we gonna kick it?
    Gonna kick it root down
    Yeah, how you wanna kick it?
    Gonna kick it root down
    So how we gonna rock it?
    Gonna rock it root down
    Break it on down, gonna kick it root down

    Yeah, that shit's on down

    And that's a record, that's a record cause of Mario
    And that's a record, that's a record cause of Mario
    And that's a record, that's a record to Mario

  3. Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)
  4. Time To Get IllVer letra 1:59


    letra de Time To Get Ill

    I'm not the type of person who likes to waste my time
    And when I'm on the mic I just say my rhymes
    Because I'm out on bail the check is in the mail
    They can sentence me to life but I won't go to jail
    I'm cool calm collected from class I was ejected
    Just me, Mike D., and M.C.A. we're rarely disrespected
    I got all the time that I need to kill
    What's the time? it's time to get ill

    You been fully captivated by that funky ass bass
    Your girlfriend screams when M.C.A.'s in the place
    He stumbles in the room with the Chivas in his hand
    Cold chillin' on the spot at the microphone stand
    I'd have the pedal to the metal if I had a car
    But I'm chiller with the Miller cold coolin' at the bar
    I can drink a quart of Monkey and still stand still
    What's the time? it's time to get ill

    Went outside my house I went down to the deli
    I spent my last dime to refill my fat belly
    I got rhymes galime I got rhymes galilla
    And I got more rhymes than Phillis Diller
    M.C.A. takes a stand man you're in command
    Homeboy, turn it out and don't give a damn
    My name is M.C.A. I've got a license to kill
    What's the time? it's time to get ill

    Riding down the block with my box in my hand
    Today I feel like chillin' just as chill as I can
    Coolin' on the corner with a forty of O.E.
    'Cause me and M.C.A. we're down with Mike D.
    When I run a jam I don't give a damn
    When I'm throwing bass I say, "Thank you ma'am."
    Fuel injected, rhyme connected running things
    I'm the King Adrock and I'm the king of all kings
    I'm looking for a spot things are gettin' hot
    I'm M.C.A., I'm here to stay and you sir, are not
    Oh no, it could not be it's such a sight to see
    It's such a trip you're on my tip so listen to Mike D.
    My work is my play cause I'm playing when I work
    My name's Mike D., as you can see and I can dot the jerk
    M.C.A., Adrock, Mike D. - it's chill
    What's the time? it's time to get ill

  5. Heart Attack ManVer letra 2:08


    letra de Heart Attack Man

    Drink A Six Pack And Then You Play Som Ball
    Walking Down The Stairs And Then He Starts To Fall
    Add On Two Joints And Then He Starts To Sweat
    Two Hundred Seventy Five Punds That You Can't Forget

    Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
    Spend All Your Money On Your Health Insurance Plan
    Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
    Keep On Getting Bigger Because You Know That You Can

    Why Do You Force Yourself On Top Of That Girl
    Laugh With All Your Buddies Because It's A Man's Man's World
    Someday That Shit Will Come Back To You
    You've Been Throwing Your Weight Around And
    Your Shit Is Through

    Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
    Going Nowhere, Got No Master Plan
    Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
    Heart Attack

    Weighs In At Two Seventy Five
    Yeh My Man Is Lucky To Be Alive
    Smokin' And Drinkin' Too
    My Man The Heart Attack Man Is Gonna Be Running Over You
    Got No God Damn Respect
    Had To Put The Big Big Bitch-Ass In Check

    Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
    Lungs Full Of Tar And A Stomach Full Of Spam
    Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
    Time To Change Your Ways Heart Attack Man

    What do we know about partying or anything else?

  6. The MaestroVer letra 3:14


    letra de The Maestro

    Who is the man coming down your block
    It's me you see with the funk in my walk
    'Cause I'm doin' just what I like to
    Today is my day and I'm a get nice too
    You gotta keep movin' and you can't say nothing
    I'm a keep bouncin' and bumpin' and stuffin'
    One thing you ought to know---I am the maestro


    I feel like Rufus Thomas The crown prince of dance
    I'm Mike D and I'm known for romance
    I'm the crazy baldhead with the part on the side
    And I'm riding down the block Like I'm on a water slide
    'Cause it's the type of day I feel like pressing my luck
    'Cause I got nothing to lose 'Cause I don't give a fuck
    See I'm a player I play Don't play to win I play to show
    I am the maestro!

    [Routine, then speech]
    Who is the man.

  7. SabrosaVer letra 2:53


    letra de Sabrosa


  8. Flute LoopVer letra 1:39


    letra de Flute Loop

    Moon Me!

    So, Just Sit Back And Max And Relax
    Off Tracks That I Kick, Come On And Give It Up
    'CauseI Get Funky Like Diaper Rash
    And You Know I'm Mad Spunky And I'm Making Cash
    I've Got Sex Rhymes Like Victoria's Got Secrets
    To All You Porne Peepers Who Are Trying To Peep This
    I'm Like Al Goldstein, I'm All About Screwing
    Lead My Team To Sixty Wins Like My Man Pat Ewing
    Like Getting Shot Out The Barrel Of A Wave
    Like Virgin Pow On The Peaks Of A.K.
    Like A Sound That To The Depths Of The Soul
    Well That's The Feeling That I Make My Goal

    A Little Wine With My Dinner So I'm In The Grape Ape
    I Feel Like A Winner When I Make A Mix Tape
    Because I Get Ill When I'm On The Pause Button
    And I Get My Fill And You Can't Say Nothing
    More Soul On This Train Then Don Cornelious
    Got The Mad Subwoofer Pumping Bass For Your Anus
    Just Getting On The Mic At The Monthly Function
    Wires Hitting Switches Connecting At The Junction
    Perlman's Got Beats And It Ain't No Secret
    Dante Found His Shit But You Know He Freaked It
    And So The Story Goes On And On
    Down In S.D. 50 'till Early Morning

  9. Time For Livin' 1:58
  10. Something's Got To Give 4:58

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