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  1. HurricaneVer letra 8:33


    letra de Hurricane

    Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night
    Enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall.
    She sees the bartender in a pool of blood,
    Cries out, "My God, they killed them all!"
    Here comes the story of the Hurricane,
    The man the authorities came to blame
    For somethin' that he never done.
    Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been
    The champion of the world.
    Three bodies lyin' there does Patty see
    And another man named Bello, movin' around mysteriously.
    "I didn't do it," he says, and he throws up his hands
    "I was only robbin' the register, I hope you understand.
    I saw them leavin'," he says, and he stops
    "One of us had better call up the cops."
    And so Patty calls the cops
    And they arrive on the scene with their red lights flashin'
    In the hot New Jersey night.
    Meanwhile, far away in another part of town
    Rubin Carter and a couple of friends are drivin' around.
    Number one contender for the middleweight crown
    Had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down
    When a cop pulled him over to the side of the road
    Just like the time before and the time before that.
    In Paterson that's just the way things go.
    If you're black you might as well not show up on the street
    'Less you want to draw the heat.
    Alfred Bello had a partner and he had a rap for the cops.
    Him and Arthur Dexter Bradley were just out prowlin' around
    He said, "I saw two men runnin' out, they looked like middleweights
    They jumped into a white car with out-of-state plates."
    And Miss Patty Valentine just nodded her head.
    Cop said, "Wait a minute, boys, this one's not dead"
    So they took him to the infirmary
    And though this man could hardly see
    They told him that he could identify the guilty men.
    Four in the mornin' and they haul Rubin in,
    Take him to the hospital and they bring him upstairs.
    The wounded man looks up through his one dyin' eye
    Says, "Wha'd you bring him in here for? He ain't the guy!"
    Yes, here's the story of the Hurricane,
    The man the authorities came to blame
    For somethin' that he never done.
    Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been
    The champion of the world.
    Four months later, the ghettos are in flame,
    Rubin's in South America, fightin' for his name
    While Arthur Dexter Bradley's still in the robbery game
    And the cops are puttin' the screws to him, lookin' for somebody to blame.
    "Remember that murder that happened in a bar?"
    "Remember you said you saw the getaway car?"
    "You think you'd like to play ball with the law?"
    "Think it might-a been that fighter that you saw runnin' that night?"
    "Don't forget that you are white."
    Arthur Dexter Bradley said, "I'm really not sure."
    Cops said, "A poor boy like you could use a break
    We got you for the motel job and we're talkin' to your friend Bello
    Now you don't wanta have to go back to jail, be a nice fellow.
    You'll be doin' society a favor.
    That sonofabitch is brave and gettin' braver.
    We want to put his ass in stir
    We want to pin this triple murder on him
    He ain't no Gentleman Jim."
    Rubin could take a man out with just one punch
    But he never did like to talk about it all that much.
    It's my work, he'd say, and I do it for pay
    And when it's over I'd just as soon go on my way
    Up to some paradise
    Where the trout streams flow and the air is nice
    And ride a horse along a trail.
    But then they took him to the jailhouse
    Where they trialed a man into a mouse.
    All of Rubin's cards were marked in advance
    The trial was a pig-circus, he never had a chance.
    The judge made Rubin's witnesses drunkards from the slums
    To the white folks who watched he was a revolutionary bum
    And to the black folks he was just a crazy nigger.
    No one doubted that he pulled the trigger.
    And though they could not produce the gun,
    The D.A. said he was the one who did the deed
    And the all-white jury agreed.
    Rubin Carter was falsely tried.
    The crime was murder "one," guess who testified?
    Bello and Bradley and they both baldly lied
    And the newspapers, they all went along for the ride.
    How can the life of such a man
    Be in the palm of some fool's hand?
    To see him obviously framed
    Couldn't help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
    Where justice is a game.
    Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties
    Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise
    While Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell
    An innocent man in a living hell.
    That's the story of the Hurricane,
    But it won't be over till they clear his name
    And give him back the time he's done.
    Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been
    The champion of the world.

    Músicos invitados: Luther Rix (Congas)
  2. IsisVer letra 6:58


    letra de Isis

    I married Isis on the fifth day of May
    But I could not hold on to her very long
    So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away
    For the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong.
    I came to a high place of darkness and light
    The dividing line ran through the center of town
    I hitched up my pony to a post on the right
    Went in to a laundry to wash my clothes down.
    A man in the corner approached me for a match
    I knew right away he was not ordinary
    He said "Are you looking for something easy to catch ?"
    I said "I got no money". He said "That ain't necessary".
    We set out that night for the cold in the North
    I gave him my blanket he gave me his word
    I said "Where are we going ?" He said "We'd be back by the fourth"
    I said "That's the best new that I've ever heard".
    I was thinking about turquoise I was thinking about gold
    I was thinking about diamonds and the world's biggest necklace
    As we rode through the canyons through the devilish cold
    I was thinking about Isis how she thought I was so reckless.
    How she told me that one day we meet up again
    And things would be different the next time we wed
    If I only could hang on and just be her friend
    I still can't remember all the best things she said.
    We came to the pyramids all embedded in ice
    He said "There's a body I'm trying to find
    If I carry it out it'll bring a good prize"
    It was then that I knew what he had on his mind.
    The wind it was howling and the snow was outrageous
    We chopped through the night and we chopped through the dawn
    When he died I was hoping that it wasn't contagious
    But I made up my mind that I had to go on.
    I broke into the tomb but the casket was empty
    There was no jewels no nothing I felt I'd been had
    When I saw that my partner was just being friendly
    When I took up his offer I must-a been mad.
    I picked up his body and I dragged him inside
    Threw him down in the hole and I put back the cover
    I said a quick prayer and I felt satisfied
    Then I rode back to find Isis just to tell her I love her.
    She was there in the meadow where the creek used to rise
    Blinded by sleep and in need of a bed
    I came in from the East with the sun in my eyes
    I cursed her one time then I rode on ahead.
    She said "Where ya been ?" I said "No place special ?"
    She said "You look different" I said "Well I guess"
    She said "You been gone" I said "That's only natural"
    She said "You gonna stay ?" I said "If you want me to, Yeah ".
    Isis oh Isis you mystical child
    What drives me to you is what drives me insane
    I still can remember the way that you smiled
    On the fifth day of May in the drizzling rain.

    Músicos invitados: Bob Dylan (Piano)
  3. Mozambique 3:00
  4. One More Cup Of Coffee 3:43
  5. Oh, Sister 4:05
  6. Joey 11:05
  7. Romance in Durango 5:50
  8. Black Diamond BayVer letra 7:30


    letra de Black Diamond Bay

    Up on the white veranda
    She wears a necktie and a Panama hat.
    Her passport shows a face
    From another time and place
    She looks nothing like that.
    And all the remnants of her recent past
    Are scattered in the wild wind.
    She walks across the marble floor
    Where a voice from the gambling room is callin' her to come on in.
    She smiles, walks the other way
    As the last ship sails and the moon fades away
    From Black Diamond Bay.
    As the morning light breaks open, the Greek comes down
    And he asks for a rope and a pen that will write.
    "Pardon, monsieur," the desk clerk says,
    Carefully removes his fez,
    "Am I hearing you right?"
    And as the yellow fog is lifting
    The Greek is quickly heading for the second floor.
    She passes him on the spiral staircase
    Thinking he's the Soviet Ambassador,
    She starts to speak, but he walks away
    As the storm clouds rise and the palm branches sway
    On Black Diamond Bay.
    A soldier sits beneath the fan
    Doing business with a tiny man who sells him a ring.
    Lightning strikes, the lights blow out.
    The desk clerk wakes and begins to shout,
    "Can you see anything?"
    Then the Greek appears on the second floor
    In his bare feet with a rope around his neck,
    While a loser in the gambling room lights up a candle,
    Says, "Open up another deck."
    But the dealer says, "Attendez-vous, s'il vous plait,''
    As the rain beats down and the cranes fly away
    From Black Diamond Bay.
    The desk clerk heard the woman laugh
    As he looked around the aftermath and the soldier got tough.
    He tried to grab the woman's hand,
    Said, "Here's a ring, it cost a grand."
    She said, "That ain't enough."
    Then she ran upstairs to pack her bags
    While a horse-drawn taxi waited at the curb.
    She passed the door that the Greek had locked,
    Where a handwritten sign read, "Do Not Disturb."
    She knocked upon it anyway
    As the sun went down and the music did play
    On Black Diamond Bay.
    "I've got to talk to someone quick!"
    But the Greek said, "Go away," and he kicked the chair to the floor.
    He hung there from the chandelier.
    She cried, "Help, there's danger near
    Please open up the door!"
    Then the volcano erupted
    And the lava flowed down from the mountain high above.
    The soldier and the tiny man were crouched in the corner
    Thinking of forbidden love.
    But the desk clerk said, "It happens every day,"
    As the stars fell down and the fields burned away
    On Black Diamond Bay.
    As the island slowly sank
    The loser finally broke the bank in the gambling room.
    The dealer said, "It's too late now.
    You can take your money, but I don't know how
    You'll spend it in the tomb."
    The tiny man bit the soldier's ear
    As the floor caved in and the boiler in the basement blew,
    While she's out on the balcony, where a stranger tells her,
    "My darling, je vous aime beaucoup."
    She sheds a tear and then begins to pray
    As the fire burns on and the smoke drifts away
    From Black Diamond Bay.
    I was sitting home alone one night in L.A.,
    Watching old Cronkite on the seven o'clock news.
    It seems there was an earthquake that
    Left nothing but a Panama hat
    And a pair of old Greek shoes.
    Didn't seem like much was happening,
    So I turned it off and went to grab another beer.
    Seems like every time you turn around
    There's another hard-luck story that you're gonna hear
    And there's really nothing anyone can say
    And I never did plan to go anyway
    To Black Diamond Bay.

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