Álbum When the World Knows Your Name de Deacon Blue - Canciones

When the World Knows Your Name

Listado de canciones del álbum When the World Knows Your Name

  1. Queen of the New Year 3:36
  2. Wages Day 3:10
  3. Real Gone Kid 4:04
  4. Love and Regret 4:48
    Músicos invitados: Mark Feltham (Harmonica)
  5. Circus Lights 4:59
  6. This Changing Light 5:02
  7. Sad Loved Girl 1:12
  8. Fergus Sings the Blues 3:55
    Músicos invitados: James Prime (Arranged By [Brass]), Warne Livesey (Arranged By [Brass]), Dave Bishop (Saxophone [Baritone]), Jamie Talbot (Saxophone [Baritone]), Chris White (Saxophone [Tenor]), Phil Todd (Saxophone [Tenor]), Neil Sidwell (Trombone), Pete Beachill (Trombone), Guy Barker (Trumpet), Simon Gardner (Trumpet)
  9. The World Is Lit By Lightning 4:28
    Mezclas: Warne Livesey
  10. Silhouette 3:19
    Músicos invitados: David Leonard (Recorded By)
  11. One Hundred Things 3:54
  12. Your Constant Heart 4:11
    Músicos invitados: Mark Feltham (Harmonica), Warne Livesey (Sequenced By)
  13. Orphans 3:33
    Músicos invitados: Ricky Ross (Keyboards), Kevin Key (Recorded By), Robin Rankin (Recorded By)

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  1. luiso liverpool: obra maestra y cumbre del grupo

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