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Listado de canciones del álbum Priceless

  1. Introlude (The Pricey Bunch) 2:04
  2. SomedayVer letra 3:03


    letra de Someday


    Living Wasn't Easy
    Cuz We Didn't Have Much Money
    But I Knew I Would Make It Someday.
    They Told Me I Was Nothing
    That I'd Never Be Something
    But I Knew I Would Make It Someday

    [Verse 1]

    This Is My Story, I Was A Girl Who
    Came From Nothing & Life In My Surroundings
    Was Bad. But Deep Inside Me
    I Would Pray For God To Guide Me
    Cuz I Knew He'd Give Me Strength For Life
    And All It's Problems Back Then.

    [Verse 2]

    Hand Me Down Clothing
    Empty Shelves Inside The Cupboard
    And Mama Kept Three Jobs To Make Do
    I'd Hear Her Cryin
    But She Never Stopped Between
    3 Girls, Light Bill & The Rent Ya'll
    Livin Wasn't Easy Back Then


    Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh--------[Backgrounds]
    By Faith I Believed One Day I'd
    Sing & Things Would Get Better
    So Don't Give Up No Matter What It Seems

    [Hook 2]

    Livin Wasn't Easy
    Cuz We Didn't Have Much Money
    But I Knew I Would Make It Someday
    No Matter What It's Seeming
    You Gotta Keep On Dreamin
    And You Know That You Can Make It Someday

  3. You Make Me FeelVer letra 3:45


    letra de You Make Me Feel

    I Found A Love So Real
    It Fills My Head Right Down To My Heels
    Never Thought That I'd Ever Feel This Way
    My Love Please Stay

    Move My Clouds And Gave Me The Sun
    There's No Doubt That You Are The One
    Made My World Complete And Now I See How Love
    Should Be--- And I Like

    Like How You Make Me Feel
    The Way You Make Me Feel
    It's Too Good To Be Real

    Happy Days Cuz Now I Have You
    Pain Erased I'm No Longer Blue
    Filled My Empty Space With Love So True
    I Never Knew I'm In Love & I Can't Deny
    Found Someone Who Makes Me Smile
    Butterflies Inside
    This Feels So Right
    You've Changed My Life

    Every Single Part Of Me
    Loves Everything You Do To Me
    Don't Ever Go Away
    Baby Always Stay
    Boy You Know It's True
    I Like The Things You Do

  4. Take It to the HeadVer letra 3:59


    letra de Take It to the Head


    Breathe It In, Breathe It Out
    Flying High Ain't No Doubt
    I Take It To The Head Yo' Love
    On A Ride, In The Clouds
    Feelin Good Won't Come Down
    I Take It To The Head Yo' Love

    [Verse 1]
    Stepped In The Room I Saw You
    Instantly Knew I Had To
    Present My Game & Keep It Cool
    Wanted So Much To Kiss You
    To Let You Know I Miss You
    I Just Laid Back And Let You Move


    Frontin Like You Don't Want Me
    Actin Like You Don't Need Me
    But It's Okay That's Just Your Way
    There's A Physical Attraction
    Cause A Chemical Reaction
    So Come On Boy

    [Verse 2]

    The Time Is Right For Romance
    And I Want You For My Man
    I Know You Want Me For Your Girl
    Baby I Know You're Willing
    So Let's Not Fight The Feeling
    Give It To Me And Rock My World


    Don't Have To Feel You
    Just When I'm Near
    Where Are You At
    Get A Contact
    Got My Head Spinnin
    I'm In A Worldwind Of Your Love
    And It's Got Me All Choked Up

    Featuring: Keith Murray
  5. SisterVer letra 4:09


    letra de Sister


    Sister You Don't Have To Cry
    Everything Will Be Alright
    My Sister You Don't Have To Weep
    Cuz Things Are Getting Better

    [Verse I]

    A Mother Worries About The Son She Raised
    Alone Cuz He Is Fighting With Danger And
    It's Getting Close, But He Won't Listen
    She Prays To God And Asks Him Would You Please
    Protect Him But She Is Not Alone

    [Verse II]

    A Young Girl's Lying About The Weight She's
    Gaining Because She Is Hiding A Baby
    That Her Boyfriend Says He Didn't Father
    He Said He Was In Love But Now He Can't
    Be Bothered But Keep Your Head Up High
    Little Sister

    [Verse III]

    Strugglin, Trying, Working Days And School At
    Night The Bills Are Piling, Patience Low And
    Pressures High And You Can't Take It. You Say
    You'll Just Throw Up Your Hands But You Can Make
    It. Somebody Understands.


    Strong And You're Beautiful
    You Should See, You Should Know
    Strong And You're Beautiful
    Sister, Sister [Repeat]

    Músicos invitados: Faith Evans (Vocals)
  6. AgainVer letra 3:38


    letra de Again

    [Verse I]

    Sorry I Never Meant To Hurt You
    You Know I Really Love You And
    If You Give Me One More Chance I'll
    Prove It To You
    Stop! Cuz I Don't Wanna Hear It
    Please Don't Say Your Same Old Speech
    Another Time. I Think I Have It


    Again---Boy You Lied To Me
    Again---And You're Hurting Me Again
    I've Made Up My Mind And I Won't Take You
    Back This Time
    Again Don't Start Calling Me
    Again No Apologies Again
    I Won't Change My Mind
    I Won't Take You Back This Time.

    [Verse II]

    I'm Sorry; Those Words For You Are Easy.
    You Think That They Appease Me But I Know Now
    They're Just Two Words You Use To Play Me.
    Stop! Cuz I Will Not Believe It. This Time I'm
    Leaving All The Hurt And Pain Behind So
    I Can Just Be Happy Once Again


    Happy Once Again
    This Time I Will Find Someone To Love Me
    And Find Someone To Really Be My Friend
    Happy Once Again
    Never Will I Let Another Hurt Me
    Like You Hurt Me So---Again

    Músicos invitados: Eric Clapton (Guitar)
  7. Priceless (Interlude) 2:00
  8. Strong Man (Jeff In C Minor)Ver letra 4:28


    letra de Strong Man (Jeff In C Minor)

    When I was a baby girl, mama put in me

    You can be anything that you wanna be

    Now, that I'm older and I'm much bolder

    A time or two love has walked out on me

    I don't know why, guess it was the wrong guy

    And he didn't fit into my destiny

    But that's alright and that's okay

    'Cause I got someone who will love me anyway

    Strong man, got me a strong man

    Real man, got me a real man

    Good man, got me a good man

    He's my man, glad that he's my man

    So, listen while I talk about it

    I worked too hard to remind me

    That God gave His best when He created me

    Many lonely nights and many teary eyes

    'Cause how would it be me they refuse to be with

    I don't know why, guess it was the wrong guy

    And he didn't fit in to my destiny

    But I'm alright y'all and that's okay y'all

    'Cause I got a man who loves me any, any, anyway

    Strong man, got me a strong man

    Real man, got me a real man

    Good man, got me a good man

    He's my man, glad that he's my man

    I found someone, he builds me up

    He gives good love

    I found somebody, body

    Who knows my body, body

    He loves this smile of mine

    Strong man, got me a strong man

    Real man, got me a real man

    Good man, got me a good man

    He's my man, glad that he's my man

    Strong man, got me a strong man

    Real man, got me a real man

    Good man, got me a good man

    He's my man, glad that he's my man

  9. How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)Ver letra 3:59


    letra de How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)


    How Does It Feel

    Now That You Know

    You Could've Had Me

    But You Let Me Go

    You're On The Outside

    Of Your Own World

    Cuz Someone Else Married

    Married Your Girl.

    [Verse 1]

    Destiny Said We Were To Be

    But You Tested Fate So

    You Could Run Free.

    Now You Watch In Disbelief

    While Someone Else Is Living Your Life With Me


    Your Wife, Your Kids, Your House, Your Cars

    Your White Picket Fence Around Your Green Acred Lawn

    Was Written Long Before You Were Born

    You Gave It Away, Oh What A Mistake!

    [Verse 2]

    All Along You Wasted Time

    Scared To Settle Down And Make Up Your Mind.

    But Was It Worth It All?

    To Do Your Do?

    To See Him Walking Everyday In Your Shoes!

  10. He ProposedVer letra 5:03


    letra de He Proposed

    [Verse 1]

    It Was Valentines Day February The 14Th

    My Baby Took Me To A Special Place

    Said He Had A Surprise For Me

    He Told Me To Close My Eyes

    So That I Could Not See And When I Opened Them Up

    He Was On One Knee Reachin' For My Hand (That's When)


    He Proposed To Me- He Proposed With A Diamond Ring

    I Started Crying- He Placed It On My Finger And I Said

    Yes- He Proposed To Me- He Proposed With A Diamond

    Ring I Couldn't Believe It I Looked In His Eyes And I

    Said Yes.

    [Verse 11]

    I'll Never Forget That Night- It Was 8:43 Pm To Be


    He Looked In My Eyes And Said-You've Made Me The

    Happiest Man Alive. Soon As I Got Home I Called My

    Mother On The Phone- Said Momma You Won't Believe What Just Happened To Me


    We Will Be Together-This I Know

    We Will Love Forever My Heart Told Me So

    If You Promise To Hold Me Tight And Never Let Me Go

    We'll Be Husband And Wife

    For The Rest Of Our Lives

  11. So SweetVer letra 4:47


    letra de So Sweet

    [Verse I]

    I'm Waiting At The Door

    With Just A Little More Than

    A Birthday Suit And A Smile Just For You.

    See I Been Thinking All Day Boy

    Of Brand New Ways To Say Boy

    This Thing That's On My Mind

    So I'll Just Take My Time And Say


    So Sweet To Me Baby

    It Feels Good To Me Honey

    Heaven Sent My Soulmate For Sure

    Love Was Never Like This Before

    [Verse II]

    Thoughts Of Things You Do

    Keep Me Wanting You More

    Your Tender Kiss

    Lord Knows I Can't Resist

    You're So Much Man

    And I Don't Think You Understand

    That Just One Word From Your Mouth

    And I'll Be Melting In Your Hands


    When You're In My Room

    And I'm Looking At You

    I Wanna Do (I Wanna Do Things)

    So Let's Take Our Time

    Look In My Eyes

    And I'll Come Alive

    You Got My Five Senses

    All Woke Up

    I See Your Passion

    I Feel Your Touch

    I Hear Your Voice

    I Taste Your Love

    I'm Breathing In The Scent Of Us

    [Verse III]

    I'm Waiting At The Door

    Cuz I Want A Little More Love

    You Give To Me

    Cuz Boy It's Mighty Sweet You're So??

  12. Whatcha Gon DoVer letra 3:39


    letra de Whatcha Gon Do


    Whatcha Gon' Do When You Find Out

    That I Been Cheatin' On You,

    And Everything That You Done To Me Boy

    I've Been Doin To You Boy?

    [Verse I]

    You've Had Your Fun

    You've Played Your Game

    But I'm Not Gon' Cry

    Cuz Gone Are Those Days

    You'll Never Know

    You'll Never See

    It's Comin' Back To You

    So Tell Me Whatcha Gon' Do?

    [Verse II]

    And So I Creep Trying To Find

    The Things That I Need

    Body, Soul And Mind

    So Long Stayed True

    But I Need Love Too

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    So Tell Me Whatcha Gonna Do?


    Are You Gonna Wonder Where I've Been

    What I've Done, Who He Is?

    Say Your Prayers, Are You Scared?

    Or Do You Even Care?

    Are We Gonna Try And Work It Out

    Start Again Or Will You Doubt

    We Can Win, Make It New

    So Whatcha Gonna Do??

  13. I Live Here NowVer letra 3:55


    letra de I Live Here Now

    [Verse I]

    She Couldn't Take It Anymore

    So She Got To Steppin' Out The Door

    So Many Years You Beat Her Down

    Now You've Got Another One

    Better Straighten Up

    There's A New Girl In Town


    I Live Here Now

    The Other Woman Had To Leave

    Cuz She Was Trippin'

    Now The Right One Has Your Keys

    I Live Here Now

    And I'll Never Take From You The Things She Took

    That Just Won't Do

    [Verse II]

    So Many Years She Lived For You

    So Many Tears She Cried Them Too (She Wet The Pillow)

    So Many Memories That Won't Erase Yes

    But She's Never Comin' Back

    Don't You Look For Her

    Cuz I've Taken Her Place


    I Can't Be That Woman Who Let You Break Her Down

    I Can't Be That Woman Who Let You Make Her Frown

    Cuz Now I See That I Deserve Better Than You've Given Me

    And More ??; I Deserve More, I Deserve More!

  14. GirlfriendVer letra 3:51


    letra de Girlfriend


    Before The House, Before The Kids

    Before The History And All The Years

    Can We Take It Back Again?

    Can I Be Your Girlfriend?

    Before The Fights, Before The Storms

    Before The Silence, Before This Song

    Can We Take It Back To Then?

    Can I Be Your Girlfriend?

    [Verse I]

    Do You Remember, Remember When Just You And Me Baby

    And Nothing Else Exists?

    Seems Like A Memory From Way Back When

    But If We Were Happy Before

    We Can Be Happy Once Again—If We Would

    Take The Time, Do The Things

    Long Before, Vows And Rings

    [Verse II]

    I Know You Love Me From Deep Within

    Just Look At Our Family And The Life We've Given Them

    But Baby Show Me The Way It Is

    I'm Not Just A Mother Or Your Other

    But A Lover And Your Friend So Can You?


    Flirty Looks And Playful Eyes

    All Night Calls And Long Good Byes

    Sneaking In Because It's Late

    The Way We Were On Our 1St Date

    Butterflies And Sweaty Hands

    Summer Walks And Makin Plans

    If We Had It Once Before

    We Can Get It Back Again Like Before

  15. IfVer letra 4:06


    letra de If

    [Hook I]

    If I Could Love You

    If You Had Came Into My Life Before

    If I Could Turn And Walk Away

    I Would If I Could But I Can't So Please Understand

    [Hook II]

    If I Could Kiss You

    If I Could Hold You In My Arms Awhile

    If I Could Be With You Tonight

    I Would If I Could But I Can't So Please Understand

    [Verse I]

    Baby, Baby, Baby

    I've Been Wondering

    Whatcha Doing Now

    And How Your Life Has Been

    And Now I See You Baby

    Cuz You're Back Again

    And You Wanna Know

    If We Can Kick It Again?

    But So Much Has Changed Now

    I Gotta Man And Some Kids

    I've Got Responsibilities

    So I Can't Just Up And Leave

    But I Wanted You To Know That

    [Verse II]

    It's Our Secret Baby

    Is What You Said To Me

    But There's Too Much At Stake

    My Home, My Family

    The Thought Is Tempting Baby

    But I Won't Be Weak

    Can't Go Out Like That

    Never, No Way, No How Not Me!


    Another Life, Another Space

    Another Time, Another Place

    But Not Right Here And Now

    I Gotta Honor My Sacred Vows

    Passions High, Desire Strong

    It's Feeling Right But This Is Wrong

    And I'm Not That Kinda Girl

    I Gotta Go Home To My World

  16. Back in the DayVer letra 4:44


    letra de Back in the Day


    You Were Just A Boy

    And I Was Just A Girl In Love

    Cabangas Was A Toy

    And The Rubics Cube Made Life Seem Tough

    Truth Or Dare Was A Game

    All Your Crew Would Dress The Same To

    School Each Day

    I Remember When Oh Do You Remember When

    Back In The Day, Back In The Day.

    [Verse I]

    Life Was So Simple Back Then

    Double Dutch And Talking Junk

    Was What We Did

    Hangin Outside With My Friends

    Till The Street Lamp Said

    It's Time To Come In (Sometimes I)


    Long For The Days

    No Work And All Play

    Long For The Times

    Innocently Blind

    [Verse II]

    Life Was So Simple Back Then

    Quarter Water's When We're Thirsty

    Gave The Quench

    We Were So Easy To Please

    Candy Necklaces And Rings

    Were To Us The Finer Things

    [Verse III]

    Life Was So Simple It Seemed

    Rockin Kangols W/Adidas And Lee Jeans

    Nameplates And 4 Finger Rings

    Jelly Sandals For Your Feet

    Mr. Softee Made Life Sweet

    How I Long __


    New Edition Sang To Me

    Ronnie, Bobby, Johnny, Ricky And Mike

    (Don't Forget Ralph)

    That's What I Remember

    Loving You Came Easily

    First Time We Ever Kissed Goodnite

    Do You Remember?

  17. I Still DoVer letra 3:59


    letra de I Still Do

    [Verse I]

    I'm Reading Your "Dear John";

    It Says You're Moving On

    You Need Your Space, You Need Some Time

    And Greener Grass You Seek To Find

    I Saw It From Afar

    I Knew It In My Heart

    The Happiness Had Gone Away

    Pretended We Would Be Ok


    For Every Time You've Made Me Cry

    I Gotta Sit And Wonder Why

    I Love You, I Still Do

    I Need You, I Always Will

    I Want You To Hold Me Tight

    I Need You With Me Tonight

    I Still Do

    [Verse II]

    Why Do I Hold On?

    Why Can't I Be Strong?

    I Know It's Time To Walk Away

    But Still Inside I Hope And Pray

    That You'll Return To Me

    My Eyes Too Blind To See

    That Love Should Never Bring Me Pain

    I Know I Can't Go On This Way


    I Gotta Wipe Away The Tears

    I Gotta Stand And Face My Fears

    I Gotta Love Myself Enough To Make It Better

    The Woman That I Used To Be

    I Know She's Still Inside Of Me

    I'll Find A Way To Breathe Again

    This Won't Be How My Story Ends

  18. You Brought the SunshineVer letra 6:31


    letra de You Brought the Sunshine

    [Verse 1]

    You Made My Day

    You Came My Way

    You Heard Me Everytime I Pray

    [Verse 2]

    You Gave Me Peace

    You Gave Me Grace

    You Put A Smile Upon My Face


    You Brought The Sunshine

    In My Life

    You Are The Lifeline

    Save My Life [Repeat]

    Since That I Have Found Christ

    There Has Been Such A Change In My Life


    I'm A Witness

    That Jesus

    He'll Make A Difference In Your Life


    You Made

    You Made My Day

    You Came

    You Came My Way

    Músicos invitados: The Clark Sisters (Vocals)

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