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One Step Beyond

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  1. One Step Beyond...
  2. My GirlVer letra


    letra de My Girl

    My girl's mad at me

    I didn't wanna see the film tonight

    I found it hard to say

    She thought I'd had enough of her

    Why can't she see

    She's lovely to me?

    But I like to stay in

    And watch t.v. on my own

    Every now and then

    My girl's mad at me

    Been on the telephone for an hour

    We hardly said a word

    I tried and tried but I could not be heard

    Why can't I explain?

    Why do I feel this pain?

    'Cause everything I say

    She doesn't understand

    She doesn't realise

    She takes it all the wrong way

    My girl's mad at me

    We argued just the other night

    I thought we'd got it straight

    We talked and talked until it was light

    I thought we'd agreed

    I thought we'd talked it out

    Now when I try to speak

    She says that I don't care

    She says I'm unaware

    And now she says I'm weak

  3. Night Boat to CairoVer letra


    letra de Night Boat to Cairo

    It's just gone noon

    Half past monsoon

    On the banks of the river Nile

    Here comes the boat

    Only half-afloat

    Oarsman grins a toothless smile

    Only just one more

    To this desolate shore

    Last boat along the river Nile

    Doesn't seem to care

    No more wind in his hair

    As he reaches his last half mile

    The oar snaps in his hand

    Before he reaches dry land

    But the sound doesn't deafen his smile

    Just pokes at wet sand

    With an oar in his hand

    Floats off down the river Nile

    Floats off down the river Nile

    (All aboard, night boat to Cairo!)

    (Night boat to Cairo!)

  4. Believe MeVer letra


    letra de Believe Me

    Everything that I tell you, girl, every word that you hear

    Every little whisper, let me make myself clear

    There ain't no lies to deceive you, I love you too much for that

    Every word that I say is true, you can believe me on that

    My friends tell me jealous lies

    Now I'm getting my goodbyes

    Life without you, my dear

    Was dull, as dull as can be

    I ask you, my love, why not take me now

    Not to leave me in misery


    If you take in all they say,

    I guess I'll be on my way

    Please, my darling, it's not true

    I don't know this girl called Sue

    Sue's a name I have not heard

    I lost my girl from that one word

    Will she come back, I just don't know

    And I'm takin' a heavy blow, oh

    I've got myself together

    I can't go on in this cold weather

    Christmas comes but once a year

    It's a time of love and cheer

    Your friends tell you jealous lies

    Now I'm getting my goodbyes

    No no no no, no no no no

    No no no no, no no no no

  5. Land of Hope and Glory
  6. The PrinceVer letra


    letra de The Prince

    Buster, he sold the heat

    With a rock-steady beat

    An earthquake is erupting

    But not in Orange street

    A ghost-dance is preparing

    You got to help us with your feet

    If you're not in the mood to dance

    Step back, grab yourself a seat

    This may not be uptown Jamaica

    But we promise you a treat

    Buster bowl me over with your bogus dance

    Shuffle me off my feet

    Even though I'll keep on runnin'

    I'll never get to Orange street

    So I'll say there's nothin' left to say

    For the man who set the beat

    So I'll leave it up to you out there

    To get him back on his feet

    Buster bowl me over with your bogus dance

    Shuffle me off my feet

    Even though I'll keep on runnin'

    I'll never get to Orange street

    Bring back the

    Who is the

    We want the

    Bring back the Prince...aahh!

  7. Tarzan's Nuts
  8. In the Middle of the NightVer letra


    letra de In the Middle of the Night

    Nice man George, newsagent on the corner,

    Not very rich, but never any poorer,

    Jaunty old George, a happy sixty-three,

    Not very tall, but healthier than me.

    He whistles timeless tunes as he saunters down the street,

    Springs in his legs and elastic in his feet.

    But in the middle of the night,

    He steals through your garden,

    Gives your hosiery a fright,

    And doesn't say pardon.

    As soft as a breeze,

    With an arm full of underwear,

    On his hands and knees,

    Dreams about the knicker scare.

    Hello there George, newsagent on the corner,

    How's the old car, yes the climate's getting warmer,

    Chatty old George as you get your morning paper,

    Read about the knicker thief, underwear taker.

    Bids you 'Good day', as you wander out the door,

    Never closes early, always cleans the floor.

    But when darkness hits the town,

    And there's washing on your line,

    Get your knickers down,

    Before the dreaded sign.

    When the clock strikes eight,

    And you're snuggled up in bed,

    He'll be at the garden gate,

    Filling underwear with dread.

    Nice man George, newsagent on the corner,

    He was closed today, maybe gone to mow the lawn,

    I had to go further down the road to get me current bun,

    Hello - Isn't that George on page one?

    No it couldn't be, but yes it is,

    Difficult to see from these photofits.

    But they are after him,

    Of that you can be sure,

    They've called him on the phone,

    They've knocked on his door.

    A-But he's gone away,

    Gone to stay with some mates,

    He got the papers early,

    And saw his own face.

  9. Bed and Breakfast ManVer letra


    letra de Bed and Breakfast Man

    Well there's a man I know

    At least I used to years ago

    I didn't really mind

    He used to come 'round all the time

    Of course he had to be fed

    I had to give him a bed

    He used to kip on my sofa

    They used to call him a loafer

    I've heard he's changed

    A lot since then

    But some of his ways

    He just can't mend

    Told the other day

    That he'd offered to pay

    He didn't like his dad

    He earned all he ever had

    He didn't have no shame

    He was a master at his game

    He never showed his hand

    He was the bed and breakfast man

    He was, he was the bed and breakfast man...

  10. Razor Blade AlleyVer letra


    letra de Razor Blade Alley

    Oooh I didn't talk too much in fact not at lot

    Oh but to ask her the price I was to be no fool

    Money's no time to waste or to shoot up the wall

    You got the know how the place teacher take me to your school

    She lead the way from the alley back to her house

    Must not be seen going in must not be seen coming out

    She said I looked mighty but thin she told me

    "I'm gonna give you a second helping"

    Ooh Razor Blade Alley I've been there

    Razor Blade Alley neither of us cared

    It was the prime time but the wrong place

    It was my first time I hope my last taste

    I'm just too shy to check in but this pain of pissing razors is cutting in

    Mmm felt like a knight without shining armour on

    At the time she thought she was in a dream

    Floating up on cloud nine now I awake

    She is nowhere but the razor cuts deeper everywhere

  11. Swan Lake
  12. Rockin' in a Flat
  13. Mummy's Boy
  14. Chipmunks Are Go!Ver letra


    letra de Chipmunks Are Go!

    One two three four one two three four

    We're the chipmunks hear us roar

    We're the chipmunks hear us roar

    Sound off chipmunks-sound off chipmunks

    One two three four one two three four

    One two three four one two three four

    One two three four

    Did you have a good time tonight boys?-Yep we sure did!

    Do you think the time is right boys?-Yep we sure do!

    Sound off chipmunks-Sound off chipmunks

    One two three four one two three four

    One two three four one two three four

    One two three four

    Chipmunks are go!

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