Business as Usual

Men at Work

Álbum: Business as Usual

Listado de canciones del álbum Business as Usual

  1. Who Can It Be Now? 3:20
  2. I Can See It in Your Eyes 3:26
    Letras: Colin Hay
  3. Down Under 3:39
    Letras: Colin Hay
  4. Underground 3:04
    Letras: Colin Hay
  5. Helpless Automaton 3:18
    Letras: Greg Ham
  6. People Just Love to Play With Words 3:33
    Letras: Ron Strykert
  7. Be Good Johnny 3:33
    Letras: Colin Hay
  8. Touching the Untouchables 3:47
    Letras: Colin Hay, Ron Strykert
  9. Catch a Star 3:28
    Letras: Colin Hay
  10. Down by the Sea 6:48
    Letras: Colin Hay

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