Modern Talking - Greatest Hits 1984-2002

Modern Talking

Disco 1

  1. You're My Heart You're My Soul
  2. Geronimo's Cadillac
  3. Cheri Cheri Lady Ver letra
  4. Atlantis Is Calling Ver letra
  5. Brother Louie Ver letra
  6. Let's Talk About Love
  7. Jet Airliner Ver letra
  8. You Can Win If You Want [Special Dance Version]
  9. With a Little Kiss
  10. Lady Lai Ver letra
  11. Romantic Warriors Ver letra
  12. In 100 Years Ver letra
  13. Who Will Save the World Ver letra
  14. Diamonds Never Made a Lady Ver letra
  15. Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere Ver letra
  16. Just Like an Angel Ver letra
  17. No. 1 Hit Medley: You're My Heart, You're My Soul/You Can Win If ...

Disco 2

  1. Win the Race Ver letra
  2. Ready for the Victory Ver letra
  3. You Are Not Alone - Modern Talking, Eric Singleton
  4. Sexy Sexy Lover Ver letra
  5. I'm Gonna Be Strong
  6. Don't Take Away My Heart
  7. Brother Louie [New Version]
  8. No Face, No Name, No Number
  9. Last Exit to Brooklyn Ver letra
  10. You're My Heart, You're My Soul [Modern Talking Mix '98]
  11. China in Her Eyes Ver letra
  12. Witchqueen of Eldorado Ver letra
  13. Juliet Ver letra
  14. We Take the Chance Ver letra
  15. Doctor for My Heart Ver letra
  16. Give Me Peace on Earth Ver letra
  17. Space Mix '98: Cheri Cheri Lady/Brother Louie/You Can Win If You Want

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  1. fer: excelente
  2. sandra: en que lugar de buenos aires puedo conseguir el cd cerca de san isidro
  3. jessymarlo: esta muy bueno

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