Ask a Woman Who Knows

Natalie Cole

Ask a Woman Who Knows

Listado de canciones del álbum Ask a Woman Who Knows

  1. I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do 4:06
  2. Tell Me All About It 4:10
    Músicos invitados: Luis Quintero (Percussion)
  3. Ask a Woman Who Knows 4:14
  4. It's Crazy 2:10
  5. You're Mine, You 4:04
  6. So Many Stars 5:16
    Músicos invitados: Terry Trotter (Piano [Acoustic]), Gary Foster (Saxophone [Alto Solo])
  7. I Told You So 3:52
  8. Soon 3:12
    Músicos invitados: John Clayton (Arranged By [Orchestra]), Jeff Hamilton (Drums), Larry Bunker (Percussion), Larry Bunker (Vibraphone)
  9. I'm Glad There Is You 5:16
    Músicos invitados: Roy Hargrove (Flugelhorn [Solo]), Luis Quintero (Percussion), Alan Broadbent (Piano [Acoustic])
  10. Better Than Anything 3:34
    Músicos invitados: Alan Broadbent (Piano [Acoustic]), Diana Krall (Vocals)
  11. The Music That Makes Me Dance 4:09
  12. Calling You 4:59
    Músicos invitados: Tollak Ollestad (Harmonica [Solo]), Terry Trotter (Piano [Acoustic])
  13. My Baby Just Cares for Me 4:27
    Músicos invitados: Jeff Hamilton (Drums), Gary Foster (Saxophone [Tenor Solo])

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