Álbum The Abominable Showman de Nick Lowe - Canciones

The Abominable Showman

Listado de canciones del álbum The Abominable Showman

  1. We Want Action
  2. Raging Eyes
  3. Cool Reaction
  4. Time Wounds All Heels
    Músicos invitados: Carlene Carter (Vocals [Harmonies]), Simon Climie (Vocals [Harmonies])
  5. Man of a Fool
  6. Tanque-Rae
    Músicos invitados: Peter Marsh (Backing Vocals)
  7. Wish You Were Here
  8. Chicken and Feathers
  9. Paid the Price
    Músicos invitados: Peter Marsh (Backing Vocals)
  10. Mess Around With Love
  11. Saint Beneath the Paint
  12. How Do You Talk to an Angel?

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