Álbum Emergency Ward de Nina Simone - Canciones

Emergency Ward

Listado de canciones del álbum Emergency Ward

  1. Medley: My Sweet Lord/Today Is a Killer
  2. PoppiesVer letra


    letra de Poppies

    A child ran through the meadow on a sun drenched summer day

    And then he stopped his play

    And kneeled in a field of poppies.

    A man walked through my ghetto on a humid summer day

    And then he stopped to pay and he dealed in a field of poppies.

    Oh, flower of forgetfulness, just an hour away to the moon

    Take a deep breath if you are reaching for truth

    While you're in the stupor

    The door knocks and death takes another youth.

    Poppies, red poppies..., red poppies...

    A boy I used to know, a boy I used to know who's laughter rang to the skies

    Was a joy to behold

    Then I looked into his eyes, a look so cold, a boy who (rose on (??sorry))

    In a field of poppies

    Poppies, red poppies, red poppies, red poppies..., red poppies...,

    Red poppies...., red poppies..., red poppies..., red poppies...

  3. Isn't It a Pity

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