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Songs for Polar Bears

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  1. Downhill From HereVer letra 3:23


    letra de Downhill From Here

    You could get arrested for

    getting your kit off in the street

    How many times have I told you

    It's not polite to meet and greet

    We'll get you home and wash you up

    In a bath of cold coffee

    I only do this cause I love you

    And you can make things easier

    Didn't you hear me when I said

    Not to do this anymore

    I've had enough it's got to stop

    Or I will leave you then we'll see

    If you could handle things yourself

    Without me here to scrape you up

    This is the last time I'll warn you

    Don't make me leave you all alone

    It doesn't matter anyway

  2. Starfighter PilotVer letra 3:19


    letra de Starfighter Pilot

    Andrew#s a starfighter pilot

    He can get high in his jet

    Tells me about all his women

    He can get any I'll bet

    Andrew's a starfighter pilot

    He knows all the girls in the world

    He's better than James Kirk ir Tweeky

    I cradle his picture at night

    You know I'll think of you

    Your picture on the wall

    I would raise my drink to you

    But I'll stay sober just for you

    Andrew's a starfighter pilot

    I watch him on TV each day

    I've got all the toys from his programme

    And all of his past shows on tape

  3. The Last Shot Ringing in My Ears 4:25
  4. Absolute GravityVer letra 2:45


    letra de Absolute Gravity

    Her gravity make me feel light-headed

    Small-talk turns to dust in my mouth

    She doesn't know that I'm already

    thinking bout how I'm gonna make her look my way

    But she smiles at herself in mirrors

    A little too often these days

    Maybe I'm unbalanced

    The way she walks, my God she'd get it

    All my friends reckon she is oh so fine

    But the way I talk when I'm speaking near her

    She must think I crawled out of the sea today

  5. Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You FoolVer letra 3:27


    letra de Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool

    Cut my eyes out, dear

    So I can't see your smug grin

    You're right you always win

    Untie my hands now

    I'm game up to a point

    And we're well past bedtime now

    All this time away

    And I'm freezing cold now

    I try hard not to laugh

    As she trips up on the step

    And her look turns me to stone

    I'm closer to the truth

    She hates being on her own

    But fuck her I'm leaving tonight

    Why should I live this way

    When I could be with someone else

    I don't want to hurt her feelings

    But she's a crazy fucked up bitch

  6. MahoganyVer letra 2:46


    letra de Mahogany

    I could help myself to something

    Like a little bit of revelation

    You could be the one to help me help myself

    Maybe if I could see exactly what was in your way I'd move it for you

    Don't always need to do it by yourself

    UI'm not trying to find a way to get into your bed

    I'll just sing for you

    Until you fall asleep, then I will go

    I never understood how you should feel

    You've been left out

    I'd never do that

    It's all in your imagination, dear

  7. NYCVer letra 4:27


    letra de NYC

    Is this on

    I am so too

    I could take you there but I don't know how to get there

  8. Little HideVer letra 2:41


    letra de Little Hide

    I wish I had a penny for

    everytime she gave me those eyes

    Those eyes would cry, take me on the floor

    I've been with her once of twice

    In my dreams it felt so nice

    I'd do exactly what tose eyes told me

    There's never a smile on your face

    Always a gesture of disgrace

    Obviously you're unhappy with my stares that I hold far too long

    Of course I know that it is wrong

    But deep down inside I know you like it

    In my little hide

    Upon the rack I'm stretched and split

    Demeted as I do my bit

    Whatever I could do to make you smile

    I can't wait to get to bed

    Not so I can rest my head

    It means I can dream about you more

  9. Make UpVer letra 2:12


    letra de Make Up

    If I could understand this better

    I might be a little closer to you

    Brushing my face with her hair

    As she pushes past towards the door

    That's a little ticklish but please just don't stop

    She's probably heard this a million times before

    The sweep of her brush is like a gentle lick

    It seems to make her like everything you want

    Cause if you didn't you'd want her soon enough

    That's a little ticklish but please just don't stop

  10. Velocity GirlVer letra 4:37


    letra de Velocity Girl

    Oh velocity girl

    What makes you go so fast

    Is it the speed you're taking

    Since you gave up the drinking

    Oh velocity girl

    I can't keep up with you

    Can't stand to be alone

    Think you should be with me

    Just want to stay here in your arms

    Oh velocity girl

    Try harder to stay put

    Understand me when I say

    Please don't leave today

    Oh velocity girl

    I don't know what I'm thinking

    Since I gave up the drinking

    Please just stay with me

    Just want to stay here in your arms

    Oh velocity girl

    Can I though your hand

    Can I move it here

    Don't you understand?

    Just want to stay here in your arms

    Just want to stay here in your arms

    Just want to stay here in your arms

    Just want to stay here in your arms

  11. Days Without ParacetamolVer letra 3:32


    letra de Days Without Paracetamol

    When summer falls asleep

    And winter plucks your strings

    The colder that you get

    Makes you feel at home

    Build it up, tear it up, throw it out

    If I come round there now

    Would you be pleased to see me

    I wouldn't make much noise

    Just whimper to myself

    Build it up, tear it up, throw it out

    My head hurts more each time

    The drinking strangles me

    Believ in God, like hell

    Believe in hell, by God

  12. Fifteen Minutes OldVer letra 3:08


    letra de Fifteen Minutes Old

    I'm good for inspiration, aren't I?

    You will find

    Well, close the door and I'll go anywhere

    You take me to from this bed onto so much more

    Care for you, I will

    Can I have a picture of you tonight

    Keep it with me always in my mind

    Touch me cause I can't move

    I can barely breathe,

    speechless, breathless

    I can't tell you if I'm here or not

    Running both legs tied together

    Arms in the air

    Care for you, I will

    Can I have a picture of you tonight

    Keep it with me always in my mind

    Care for you, I will

    Care for you ...

  13. Favourite FriendVer letra 2:45


    letra de Favourite Friend

    You're my favourite friend

    And I adore you

    Love you to the end

    No one heard a word you say

    You're my favourite friend

    We rule the world together

    With our secret codes

    And plans we can't remember

    From now on, must be strong

    My favourite friend

    You're my favourite friend

    When I need you

    And when I don't as well

    Of course you miss me being around

    You're my favourite friend

    But I am older now

    I can't pretend

    I can't see you anymore

    From now on, must be strong

    My favourite friend

    My favourite friend

  14. One Hundred Things You Should Have Done in BedVer letra 6:14


    letra de One Hundred Things You Should Have Done in Bed

    I haven't left here yet, but I'm trying

    I'm still tied to the bed

    Can you come here?

    When you come, would you please bring a knife

    And cure me down

    Cause this is larger than life and I'm frightened

    100 things you should have done in bed

    But you never had the chance to try them

    At least the dog has a smile on its face

    I'm drained and I'm dry and I'm sore

    It's not that bad if she could be here all the time

    It would kill me

    I think I've been broken in tow and I can't scream

  15. Market Place 3:50
  16. I Could Stay Away Forever 4:29
  17. Sticky Teenage Twin 2:09
  18. Holy Cow 1:54
  19. When You're Right, You're Right [Darth Vader Bringing in His Washing Mix] 3:30

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