Talking Back To The Night

Steve Winwood

Talking Back To The Night

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  1. ValerieVer letra 4:03


    letra de Valerie

    So wild, standing there, with her hands in her hair

    I can't help remember just where she touched me

    There's still no face here in her place

    So cool, she was like jazz on a summer's day

    Music, high and sweet, then she just blew away

    Now she can't be that warm with the wind in her arms

    Valerie, call on me-call on me, Valerie

    Come and see me-I'm the same boy I used to be

    Love songs fill the night, but they don't tell it all

    Not how lovers cry out just like they're dying

    Her cries hang there in time somewhere

    Someday, some good wind may blow her back to me

    Some night I may hear her like she used to be

    No it can't be that warm with the wind in her arms

    So cool, she was like jazz on a summer's day

    Music, high and sweet, then she just blew away

    Don't tell me you're warm with the wind in your arms

  2. Big Girls Walk AwayVer letra 3:50


    letra de Big Girls Walk Away

    You hold your broken heart out

    And you say it just won't stop hurting

    Like there's something I can do

    The rule is so plain

    Party girl play like it's laying

    Pack it up-hear what I'm saying

    The party's over-better walk away

    Turn the page-look, and listen

    Somewhere music plays

    Planes leave every day

    Big girls walk away

    You want to play with princes

    On a million dollar holiday

    But you never met their mothers

    You just go so high

    Party girl just keep the earrings

    Nothing else is worth a damned thing

    Just save the party for another day

    You know this old world is wide

    And you're to catch another ride

    You just go till you come out the other side

  3. And I GoVer letra 4:10


    letra de And I Go

    My girl white in a yellow light

    Looks so good

    And it takes me

    Love so bright she can love all night

    Shows me all she knows

    Painter paint the scene

    Hold us in a dream

    Feel what it means

    When she takes me

    Oh, she plays her part

    Holds me in her hearts

    Knows from the start

    She can take me

    And she takes me

    And I go

    When I'm bound in the London ground

    Play this song

    It'll take you

    Say her love was a velvet glove

    Held my life through

    See us in the morning sun

    How the colors run

  4. While There's A Candle Burning 3:08
  5. Still In The GameVer letra 4:48


    letra de Still In The Game

    Here's to gamblers

    Who hold to the game

    Through the hard times

    They don't lose their aim

    And they hope for time on their side

    And they keep a ticket to ride

    They keep watching for signs in the land

    They keep watching for signs in the land

    And they stand there watching the sky

    And they stand there ready to fly

    Here's to never letting go

    Though sometimes it does get lonely

    I still walk out in the morning light

    Just to see what is there

    I hear music in silent nights

    Searching I find a reason to care

    One heart moving still the same

    Still in the game

    Here's to lovers who reach for it all

    Never matching the rise with the fall

    And they just can't leave it alone

    And they want it all till it's gone

    Here's to players who can't leave their song

    And it haunts them

    Their night is so long

    'Cause there's music there in their mind

    From a world they're trying to find

    Here's to never letting go

    Though sometimes it does get lonely

  6. It Was HappinessVer letra 4:58


    letra de It Was Happiness

    We had the stars-they kept shining

    Where they led us we followed

    Two for love-wandering

    I look back-here's what I see

    We were outside-there was Paris-it was raining

    And we felt everything

    In a crowded street in London-happiness

    And we were so alive

    And your soul was a wide and deep blue sea

    I would drown, and you'd rescue me

    And we lived our life like a story

    Clear to the ending

    It was happiness-so clear-happiness

    Happiness-no tears-happiness

    Can't keep time from its running

    Soon the best times are over

    Photographs-hold me

    And I see how good we were

    There was that day out in Carmel, California

    With no clothes in the sun

    In a crowded street in London-happiness

    And then it all goes by

    So I drink to the past and what still will be

    One day I'll be a memory

    But I lived my life like a story

    Too bad there's an ending

  7. Help Me AngelVer letra 5:04


    letra de Help Me Angel

    Help me angel

    Plant my feet a little higher

    Help me angel

    I've been too close to the fire

    Help me angel

    Make my dream a little brighter

    Help me angel

    Help me turn on all the lights

    You've seen all the sights

    You've lived through all the nights

    You've got something I have to know

    'Cause I've still got far to go

    Help me angel

    'Cause it's so dark everywhere

    Help me angel

    Find the magic in the air

    When sun's going down

    And light leaving town

    Something's shining deep in your eyes

    Sunday morning, endless sunrise

    You've got what I have to find

    In the sunshine in your mind

  8. Talking Back To The NightVer letra 5:42


    letra de Talking Back To The Night

    High above the heat of a summer New York street

    An out-of-work musician plays a solo saxophone

    He's a preacher and a teacher

    And he stands up all alone

    Stranded in the dark of a vision in the park

    A poet in his madness tries to find another line

    And he's losing and he's using

    And he says he's doing fine

    And they look from such a height

    That somehow it's all right

    They're talking back to the night

    It's all that they can do

    Talking back to the night

    It's how they make it through

    If you listen you can hear them

    Their voices draw you near them

    They're talking back to the night for you

    Something seems to take every dime the man can make

    His dream is getting smaller and he wonders where to turn

    And he's trying hard to make it

    And he's trying not to burn

    Woman never minds, pulls the shade and draws the blinds

    She takes him in the darkness where the loneliest can feed

    She gives him all she has to

    And it's no more than he needs

  9. There's A River 4:38

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