Vanessa Williams


Listado de canciones del álbum Next

  1. Who Were You Thinkin' 'Bout? 4:06
  2. Happiness 4:27
  3. And My Heart Goes 4:23
  4. First Thing On Your Mind 3:57
    Músicos invitados: Sue Ann Carwell (Vocals)
  5. Crazy 'Bout You 4:34
    Músicos invitados: Trey Lorenz (Vocals)
  6. Lost Without You 4:40
  7. Someone Like You 4:53
  8. The Easiest Thing 4:34
    Músicos invitados: Angela Clemmons (Vocals), Sharon Bryant (Vocals)
  9. Surrender 4:55
    Músicos invitados: Cindy Mizelle (Vocals)
  10. Start Again 3:56
    Músicos invitados: R. Kelly (Vocals)
  11. And If I Ever 4:06
  12. Oh How the Years Go By 5:11
    Músicos invitados: Ada Dyer (Vocals), Audrey Wheeler (Vocals), Cindy Mizelle (Vocals)

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