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Night In The Ruts

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  1. No SurprizeVer letra 4:26


    letra de No Surprize

    Nineteen seventy one
    we all heard the starters gun
    new york is such a pity but at max's kansas city we won
    we all shot the shit at the bar
    with johnny o'toole and his scar
    and then old clive davis said he's surely gonna make us a star
    i'm gonna make you a star
    just the way you are
    but with all his style
    i could see in his eyes
    that we is goin' on trial
    and it was no surprize
    the boys kept kickin' ass
    as usual time will tell
    but some bitch in the choir threw waters on the fires of hell
    she loved to show and tell
    lord she loved to tell
    but with all our style
    you could see in our eyes
    that we is still on trial
    baby it's no surprize, no surprize, no surprize, no surprize
    midnight lady
    situation fetal
    vaccinate your ass with your phonograph needle
    i say lookie here
    friend of mine
    scratch like you need calomine
    flamingo boots
    soles a-creakin'
    still in love and puerto rican too
    ridin' on the wheels of hell
    smokin' up our axle grease
    oh the backstage is rockin' and we're coppin' from the local police
    that's right the local police
    or the justice of peace
    Rock and roll
    junkie whore
    got my foot inside the door
    knock knock, knock knock, knock
    nobody's keepin' score
    bad times go away
    come again some other day
    topaz and sassafraz
    will keep the blues away
    candy store rock and roll
    corporation jelly roll
    play the singles it ain't me
    it's programmed insanity
    you ascap if bmi
    could ever make a mountian fly
    if japanese can boil teas
    then where the fuck's my royalties?

  2. ChiquitaVer letra 4:25


    letra de Chiquita

    Ooh, on the beach at cartegena
    she, salty baby with the name-a
    oh, chiquita
    oh, love chiquita
    she, takes to walkin' in the sunshine
    she, she'll be lovin' till the moon shine
    love chiquita
    oh, love chiquita
    she, got the poppy-eyed desire
    tease, till the boys put out the fire
    love chiquita
    oh, love chiquita
    oh no no, now don't you wake me up i'm dreaming
    no no no, if you shake me i'll be screaming
    love chiquita
    oh love chiquita

  3. Remember (Walking In The Sand)Ver letra 4:05


    letra de Remember (Walking In The Sand)

    Seems like the other day
    my baby went away
    she went away 'cross the sea
    it's been two years or so
    since i saw my baby go
    and then this letter came for me
    It said that we was through
    she found somebody new
    oh, lemme think, lemme think, what shall i do?
    oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no...
    (remember) walking in the sand
    (remember) walking hand in hand
    (remember) the night was so exciting
    (remember) her smile was so inviting
    (remember) then she touched my cheek
    (remember) with her fingertips
    (remember) softly, softly we met with a kiss
    whatever happened to
    that girl that i once knew
    the girl that said she'd be true
    oh, whatever happened to
    that night i gave it to you
    what will you do with it now

    Composición: George
  4. Cheese CakeVer letra 4:16


    letra de Cheese Cake

    I met a babe in a backseat drive-in
    back in the saddle she'd sit
    pulled on the reins just to keep me risin'
    she loved to chomp at the bit
    daddy do it, ooh, just do it
    daddy do it, please let me see
    do it, please just do it daddy
    do it, do it, drivin' me crazy
    she always walks with her eyes down on her bootlace
    she lives to give it away
    she don't believe in the right time or the wrong place
    she's always liable to say
    (cheese cake) looser than her sister
    (cheese cake) mmm, her sugar gets me high
    she knows i can't resist her (cheese cake)
    got my fingers in her pie (cheese cake)
    (cheese cake) sneakin' out the back door
    (cheese cake) rollin' down the lawn
    everybody's kissed her (cheese cake)
    at the crack of dawn (cheese cake)

  5. Three Mile SmileVer letra 3:43


    letra de Three Mile Smile

    Take a walk in the warm new england sun
    ain't no time to look for clues
    you get the point from uncle sam's loaded gun
    who be the hand that light the fuse
    take a look, take a look at my old billy goat
    he used to raise all kinds of hell
    he took a dose of radiation dope
    back in the barn is where he fell, like hell
    lucy, chromosome
    lucy, superdome
    what makes you think you patronizin' my old friends
    after you ride in my car, car
    what you do when your oil's mexican?
    opec boys you went too far, too far
    lucy, papadum
    lucy, sing the song
    ah, dig it up
    ah, live it up
    ah, dig it up
    ah, live it up
    look out

  6. Reefer Head WomanVer letra 4:03


    letra de Reefer Head Woman

    I got a reefer headed woman
    she fell right down from the sky
    i got a reefer headed woman
    she fell right down from the sky
    well, i gots to drink me two fifths of whiskey
    just to get half as high
    when the good lord made that woman
    he sure went to town
    ooh, when the good lord made that woman
    he sure went to town
    well, when he was feelin' high
    ooh, he sure shoulda been feelin' low

  7. Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)Ver letra 3:00


    letra de Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)

    Flatbush boy cruisin' sheepshead bay
    his boardwalk mama just a sniff away
    underground dmt ridin' thunder train
    the coney island whitefish boy is on the run again
    ooh, runnin' with the pack
    ooh, never lookin' back
    ooh, knows just where he's been
    that coney island whitefish boy's been there and back again
    sixteen years with his boardwalk queen
    n' at steeplechase she used to wet his dreams
    she combs her hair, that flaming jewel, streaked with clorox bleach
    coney gettin' down and dirty, snortin' up the beach
    she'd be screamin' coney
    she'd be dreamin' coney
    go get 'em coney
    bone to bone screamin' coney
    she'd be screamin' coney
    get back in town
    get back in town
    get back, get down
    get back in town
    she'd be screamin' coney
    best believin' coney

  8. Think About ItVer letra 3:35


    letra de Think About It

    When will the clouds all blow it away
    when will the good people have a say
    now, i hope you're still around to see the day
    take a while, think about it (3x)
    who can tell what is up or down
    who can believe a king or be the clown *
    then climb your tree, take a look around
    that which is now, will be again
    who can decide, who is insane

    Composición: Jim McCarty, Jimmy Page, Keith Relf
  9. MiaVer letra 4:13


    letra de Mia

    Hush-a-bye my baby soft and new
    ooh her loveliness, gypsy dance in the rain
    hush-a-bye my baby what you do
    ooh, the baby cries, the wind she's a-callin' your name
    where you came from you ain't alone
    live and loved from the old jaw bone
    ahh don't you cry, you're home sweet home
    rock-a-bye sweet lady gypsy blue
    ooh, the nightingale's singin her song in the rain
    hush-a-bye sweet lady soft and new
    ooh don't you cry, the wind she's a-screamin' your name
    come too soon that sunny day
    you give your heart away
    no divorcee, no repouise

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