Álbum Pump de Aerosmith - Canciones


Listado de canciones del álbum Pump

  1. Young Lust 4:18
  2. F. I. N. E.
  3. Going Down / Love In An Elevator
  4. Monkey On My BackVer letra 3:57


    letra de Monkey On My Back

    Woah, it's me
    but i've been dyin'
    got to get that monkey
    off my back
    fortune teller look into my eyeballs
    the wrinkles on her face about to crack
    she said, "you best believe it, you ain't goin' nowhere,
    unless you get that monkey off your back"
    well, i make believe the devil made me do it
    i was the evil leader of the pack
    you best believe i had it all and then i blew it
    feedin' that fuckin' monkey on my back
    if you put it in a spoon then i won't do it
    some timbers made my house was just a shack
    and then you draw the line
    when all your friends are dyin'
    you got to get that monkey off your back
    crystal ball is where you chase the dragons
    she said now, "bring me home his head inside a sack"
    but now you're find your crystal balls are draggin'
    got to get that monkey off your back

  5. Water Song / Janie's Got A Gun
  6. Dulcimer Stomp / The Other Side
  7. My GirlVer letra 3:10


    letra de My Girl

    My girl, she breathes hellfire
    and my girl, she feeds my desire
    my girl sadie she's the wind in my sails
    a puss n' boots lady with a cat o' nine tails
    comin' after you honey, feet don't fail me now
    my girl, she's bareback rider
    and my girl, she's lady godiva
    she's a full-time lover no mon ami
    sweeter than honey from a honey bee
    and it all rubs off on little old me-oh-my
    slippin' in and out of love (4x)
    my girl, she smokes barbed wire
    and my girl can't get no higher
    i made it with the lady with the one-track mind
    diamonds in the rough they're so hard to find
    day after day, the same old grind and grind and ...
    my girl (8x)
    my girl

  8. Don't Get Mad, Get Even 4:48
  9. Hoodoo / Voodoo Medicine Man
  10. What It Takes 6:28

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  1. pili: es uno de los mejores discos ke tienen es espectacular .me encanta todas las canciones

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