Cucumber Castle

Bee Gees

Cucumber Castle

Listado de canciones del álbum Cucumber Castle

  1. If I Only Had Mind On Something Else 2:35
  2. I.O.I.O. Ver letra 2:58
  3. Then You Left Me Ver letra 3:13
  4. The Lord Ver letra 2:20
  5. I Was The Child Ver letra 3:15
  6. I Lay Down And Die Ver letra 3:36
  7. Sweetheart Ver letra 3:10
  8. Bury Me Down By The River Ver letra 3:26
  9. My Thing Ver letra 2:20
  10. The Chance Of Love Ver letra 2:29
  11. Turning Tide Ver letra 3:11
  12. Don't Forget To Remember 3:28

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  1. : Cucumber castle was recorded at a time when Robin departed leaving The Bee Gees for a period of a year and a half. Nevertheless the record was one of those gems that every Bee Gees follower would surely keep in his heart.

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