Time on Earth

Crowded House

Álbum: Time on Earth

Listado de canciones del álbum Time on Earth

  1. Nobody Wants To 4:10
  2. Don't Stop Now 3:54
  3. She Called Up 2:53
    Músicos invitados: Matt Sherrod (2) (Backing Vocals)
  4. Say That Again 5:21
  5. Pour le Monde 5:10
    Músicos invitados: Richard Watkins (French Horn)
  6. Even a Child 3:57
    Composición: Johnny MarrMúsicos invitados: Johnny Marr (Acoustic Guitar [12 String]), Sonny Marr (Backing Vocals)
  7. Heaven That I'm Making 3:56
    Músicos invitados: Isaac McNeill (Horns), Joseph Lindsay (Horns), Scott Towers (Horns), Ethan Johns (Sitar)
  8. A Sigh 3:17
    Músicos invitados: Don McGlashan (Backing Vocals), Jay Joyce (Guitar [Atmosphere])
  9. Silent House 5:52
    Composición: Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Natalie MainesMúsicos invitados: Ethan Johns (Guitar [Fuzz]), Ethan Johns (Hurdy Gurdy)
  10. English Trees 3:43
    Músicos invitados: Sharon Finn (Backing Vocals), Don McGlashan (Euphonium), Eddie Rayner (Harmonium)
  11. Walked Her Way Down 4:17
    Músicos invitados: Elroy Finn (Guitar), Ethan Johns (Guitar)
  12. Transit Lounge 4:25
    Músicos invitados: Beth Rowley (Vocals [Ethereal])
  13. You Are the One to Make Me Cry 3:43
    Músicos invitados: Riki Gooch (Bass Drum [Marching]), Riki Gooch (Cymbal)
  14. People Are Like Suns 3:52
    Músicos invitados: Joey Waronker (Drums), Ryan Freeland (Engineer), Neil Baldock (Engineer [Assistant])

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