Álbum Woodface de Crowded House - Canciones


Listado de canciones del álbum Woodface

  1. Chocolate Cake 4:02
  2. It's Only Natural 3:32
    Músicos invitados: Tchad Blake (Recorded By [Recorded At Ocean Way Studios), Tchad Blake (Los Angeles), Tchad Blake (By])
  3. Fall at Your Feet 3:18
  4. Tall Trees 2:19
  5. Weather With You 3:44
  6. Whispers and Moans 3:39
  7. Four Seasons in One Day 2:50
  8. There Goes God 3:50
    Músicos invitados: Vince Parsonage (Viola), Peter Bucknell (Violin)
  9. Fame Is 2:23
  10. All I Ask 3:55
    Músicos invitados: Jorge Calandrelli (Arranged By [Strings Arranged]), Jorge Calandrelli (Conductor [Strings Conducted]), Sharon Finn (Backing Vocals)
  11. As Sure as I Am 2:53
    Músicos invitados: David Hidalgo (Accordion)
  12. Italian Plastic 3:39
    Composición: Paul Hester (2)
  13. She Goes On 3:15
  14. How Will You Go 4:45

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