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  1. Eldorado OvertureVer letra


    letra de Eldorado Overture

    The dreamer, the unwoken fool,
    In dreams, no pain will kiss the brow.
    The love of ages fills the head.
    The days that linger there in prey of
    emptiness, of burned out dreams.
    The minutes calling through the
    The universal dreamer rises up above
    his earthly burden.
    Journey to the dead of night.
    High on a hill in Eldorado.

  2. Can't Get It Out Of My Head
  3. Boy BlueVer letra


    letra de Boy Blue

    Hey Boy Blue, can't you hear all
    the noise.
    It's for you, all the town's waiting
    Let us go, there's a show like you ain't
    seen before.
    Welcome home, where you been all
    these years.
    Look around, all the crowd is in tears.
    It's so good to see you in the streets
    of your town.

    Hey Boy Blue is back.
    Hey Boy Blue is back.
    Hey Boy Blue is back.
    Hey Boy Blue is back.
    Hey Boy Blue is back.
    Hey Boy Blue is back.

    I've see bold knights, dropping
    down like flies.
    I've see kings, rolling in the mire,
    I've seen God, point the finger of
    doom to our foes.
    I have fought in the holiest wars,
    I have smashed, some of the
    holiest jaws.
    I've been jailed, been impaled, and
    been dragged through the world.

    One thing, I have learned through
    these years,
    Is that no man, should be stricken
    with fear.
    It should be that he walks with no
    care in the world.
    So my friends, who are gathered
    Hear this clear, for I'll not further say,
    That no man, shall cause me to take
    up arms again.


  4. Laredo TornadoVer letra


    letra de Laredo Tornado

    Summer days, where did you go,
    You've let me down so bad,
    Clouds fill the sky,
    Gone is the dream
    My happy hunting ground
    Wild buffalo played
    and I never saw a rainy day.
    But it looks like summer days
    ain't coming back.

    March April May, June and July,
    You took me for a fall.
    Big chief he lie.
    Cold wind blows cool, so cold to
    make you die.
    Mountain breeze, ocean bay and I
    never saw a rainy day.
    But it looks like them summer days
    ain't coming back.

    Laredo Tornado,
    Adios amigos.

    What can you do, when your dream
    world is gone.
    And your friends and lovers too.
    West Winter Street under the ground,
    The air that makes you choke,
    Towers of concrete, hellish go-round,
    Were there when I awoke.
    City sky, pouring down with rain
    That can never hope to ease the pain.
    And it looks like summer days ain't
    coming back.

    CHORUS x 2

  5. Poorboy (The Greenwood)
  6. Mister KingdomVer letra


    letra de Mister Kingdom

    Daylight comes to those who live
    But those who die they never see
    The sun come shining throught their window pane
    They pass away.

    Silly girl to be a fool
    You didn?t play the golden rule
    'Cos once you're through with one world
    Theres another waiting there

    Help me such a lonely soul
    In dreams
    To leave behind the world.
    Mr. Kindom help me please
    To find the rainbows end

    Looking from this empty room
    The corridors of endless gloom
    Go crawling through the night
    To meet the dawn that's on its way.

    Oh to sleep, per-chance to dream.
    To live again those joyous scenes.
    The laughter and the follies
    That are locked inside my head.


    I can dream of flying high
    Above the city's cares and never be
    afraid of anyone
    'Cos there ain't no one there

    Chorus: Two Times

  7. Nobody's Child
  8. Illusions In G
  9. EldoradoVer letra


    letra de Eldorado

    Here it comes, another lonely day, playing the game,
    I'll sail away on a voyage of no return to see
    if eternal life is meant to be
    and if I find the key to the eternal dream.

    The painted ladies of the Avalon play in the sun,
    take to the road, to the North there lies the chills of cold,
    to the South there lies the tales untold.
    But in between there lies the place to close your eyes.

    And I will stay, I'll not be back, Eldorado.
    I will be free of the world, Eldorado.

    Say goodbye, the city's heroes sing, bird on the wing
    feel, feel so free through the life upon the rooftop haze,
    all the cheating and the broken days.
    So through it all I see there's nothing left for me.

    So I will stay, I'll not be back, Eldorado.
    I will be free of the world, Eldorado.

    Sitting here on top of everywhere, what do I care.
    Days never end, I know the voyage's end will soon be here,
    no eternal life is here for me.
    And now I found the key to the eternal dream.

    Then I will stay, I'll not be back, Eldorado.
    I will be free of the world, Eldorado.
    Then I will stay.

  10. Eldorado - Finale

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