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  1. Walk out in the train 4:10
  2. Watch out for LucyVer letra 3:24


    letra de Watch out for Lucy

    Now my friend Bill was just a working lad
    And he liked to have his fun.
    He'd like to find a girl and get comfortable
    When his working day was done.

    He would spend all his money on a Friday night,
    Wake up in the morning broke,
    But he had a run in with little Lucy then;
    Believe me that ain't no joke.

    Watch out for Lucy,
    Though she may look frail.
    Say excuse me, Lucy,
    Darling don't you use me;
    I don't want to land in jail.

    She started out working in a cafe,
    Picking money up on the side.
    She was free and easy, everybody's friend,
    But she couldn't be satisfied.

    So now in walks Bill with his cash in his hand,
    His heart upon his sleeve.
    We tried to warn him about her ways,
    We never did succeed.


    Well, the trap was sprung for poor old Bill;
    You should have heard little Lucy sing
    "I want a Cadillac car, a beautiful home,
    And a thousand dollar ring."

    They found our hero in the gutter
    With a diamond ring and a gun.
    He'd done it for the love of Lucy
    And ended up on the run.



    Composición: Eric Clapton
  3. I'll make love to you anytime 3:21
    Composición: J.J. Cale
  4. Roll itVer letra 3:40


    letra de Roll it

    Roll it, rock it, roll it in the socket.
    Roll, roll it, roll, roll it.
    Feel it, can you feel it, all night, all right.
    Oh burn it, rock it, moving in the socket.
    Yeah yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

    Gonna getcha, gonna getcha, here it comes, don't try to run.
    I must love you, gonna sock it, gonna roll it, gonna rock.
    Roll, roll it, roll, roll it.
    Oh lord, rock it, loving in the socket, yeah yeah.

    Composición: Eric Clapton, Marcy Levy
  5. Tell me that you love meVer letra 3:30


    letra de Tell me that you love me

    Tell me that you love me as often as you can
    Let me know that I'm your one and only man
    Give me confirmation with every passing day
    A love as sweet as ours will never fade away

    Catch me when I'm falling, help me when I'm blue
    Don't you realize that I'd do the same for you?
    Find me when I'm lonely, carry me back home
    Treat me gently and my heart will never roam

    Straighten me out, pull me through
    Let me know that I'm still in love with you
    Be my woman, be my friend
    Stick with me until the very end

    Composición: Eric Clapton
  6. If I don't be there by morning 4:35
    Composición: Bob Dylan, Helena Springs
  7. Early in the morningVer letra 5:25


    letra de Early in the morning

    When a girl reach the age of 18
    She begins to think she's grown,
    And hat's the kind of little girl
    You can never find at home.

    Come and see me early in the morning,
    Just about the break of day.
    Want to see me hug my pillow
    Where my baby used to lay?

    One drink of wine,
    Two drinks of gin.
    Pretty young got me
    In the shape I'm in.


    I pass by the juke joint,
    Look through the door.
    She's doing the boogie-woogie
    In the middle of the floor.


    First verse


    Composición: TraditionalArreglos: Eric Clapton
  8. PromisesVer letra 3:01


    letra de Promises

    I don't care if you never come home
    I don't mind if you just keep on rowin' away on a distant sea
    'Cause I don't love you and you don't love me

    You cause a commotion when you come to town
    You give 'em a smile and they melt
    Having lovers and friends is all good and fine
    But I don't like yours and you don't like mine

    La la, la la la la
    La la, la la la la

    I don't care what you do at night
    Oh, and I don't care how you get your delights
    I'm gonna leave you alone
    I'll just let it be
    I don't love you and you don't love me

    I got a problem
    Can you relate?
    I got a woman callin' love hate
    We made a vow we'd always be friends
    How could we know that promises end?

    La la, la la la la
    La la, la la la la

    I tried to love you for years upon years
    You refuse to take me for real
    It's time you saw what I want you to see
    And I'd still love you if you just loved me

    I got a problem
    Can you relate?
    I got a woman callin' love hate
    We made a vow we'd always be friends
    How could we know that promises end?

    La la, la la la la
    La la, la la la la
    La la, la la la la
    La la, la la la la

    Composición: Richard Feldman, Roger Linn
  9. Golden ringVer letra 3:30


    letra de Golden ring

    He gave to you a golden ring;
    It made you happy, it made you sing.
    And I played for you on my guitar;
    It didn't last long, we didn't go far.

    And though the times have changed,
    We're rearranged.
    Will the ties that bind remain the same?

    You came around after a while;
    Everyone said that I made you smile.
    It all went well, and suddenly then
    You heard that he would marry again.


    Well I know that I have been here before;
    I've trod on your wings, I've opened the door.
    If I gave to you a golden ring
    Would I make you happy, would I make you sing?



    Composición: Eric ClaptonMúsicos invitados: Gallagher & Lyle (Backing Vocals)
  10. Tulsa timeVer letra 3:30


    letra de Tulsa time

    Well, I left Oklahoma
    Driving in a Pontiac,
    Just about to lose my mind.
    I was going to Arizona,
    Maybe on to California
    Where people all live so fine.

    My mother calls me lazy,
    My baby says I'm crazy,
    But I'm gonna show them all this time
    'Cause you know I ain't no fool and
    I don't need no more damn schoolin'.
    I was born to just walk the line.

    Living on Tulsa Time.
    Living on Tulsa Time.
    Gonna set my watch back to it
    'Cause you know that I've been through it.
    Living on Tulsa Time.

    So there I was in Hollywood,
    Thinking I was doing good,
    Talking on the telephone line.
    They don't want me in the movies
    And nobody sings my songs;
    My mama says my baby's doing fine.

    So then I started winking,
    Then I started thinking
    That I really had a flash this time.
    That I had no bussiness leaving,
    And nobody would be grieving;
    You see I'm on Tulsa time

    Composición: Danny Flowers

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