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The Final Countdown

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  1. The Final CountdownVer letra 5:11


    letra de The Final Countdown

    [Verse 1]
    We're leaving together
    But still it's farewell
    And maybe we'll come back
    To earth, who can tell?
    I guess there is no one to blame
    We're leaving ground (leaving ground)
    Will things ever be the same again?
    It's the final countdown
    The final countdown
    [Verse 2]
    We're heading for Venus (Venus)
    And still we stand tall
    Cause maybe they've seen us
    And welcome us all yeah
    With so many lightyears to go
    And things to be found (to be found)
    I'm sure that we'll all miss her so
    It's the final countdown
    The final countdown
    The final countdown
    (Final countdown). Ohhh oh oh ohhhh
    The final countdown.
    It's the final countdown
    The final countdown
    The final countdown
    (Final countdown)
    Ohhh. It's the final countdown
    We're leaving togetherrrr.
    (The final countdown)
    We'll all miss her so
    It's the final countdown (Final countdown)
    Ohhh. It's. the. final. countdown

  2. Rock The NightVer letra 4:03


    letra de Rock The Night

    I've gone through changes
    I've gone through pain
    But there's not enough reason for me to go insane
    I know the feeling, when it grows
    I'm in a rage up from my head down to my toes.
    You know it ain't easy
    Running out of thrills
    You know it ain't easy
    When you don't know what you want.
    Rock now, rock the night
    'Til early in the morning light
    Rock now, rock the night
    You'd better believe it's right.
    I know my limit
    Just what it takes
    When things ain't good enough
    I just pull the brake
    Sometimes it's easy
    Sometimes so tough
    But just have one thing clear
    I can't get enough.

  3. CarrieVer letra 4:30


    letra de Carrie

    When lights go down, I see no reason
    For you to cry. We've been through this before
    In every time, in every season,
    God knows I've tried
    So please don't ask for more.
    Can't you see it in my eyes
    This might be our last goodbye
    Carrie, Carrie, things they change my friend
    Carrie, Carrie, maybe we'll meet again
    I read your mind, with no intentions
    Of being unkind, I wish I could explain
    It all takes time, a whole lot of patience
    If it's a crime, how come I feel no pain.

  4. Danger On The TrackVer letra 3:45


    letra de Danger On The Track

    I was heading for the mountains
    I had saved so much for you
    And in the town I left behind me
    There was nothing left to do.
    I knew that you were waiting
    For me to share your life
    Cause I told you when I left, that
    When I come back you'll be my wife.
    But someone was waiting
    In the shadows of the night
    Someone was waiting
    It just didn't feel right.
    Danger on the track
    Something told me there were
    Strangers on my back
    And I was so right.
    Maybe I should surrender
    Maybe I should give it up
    But the strength I had inside
    Told me you can never stop.
    The men wanted to break me
    Steal and bring me down
    But I fought for you and later
    They were lying on the ground.

  5. NinjaVer letra 3:46


    letra de Ninja

    Tell me the story, tell me the legend
    Tell me the tales of war
    Tell me just one time,
    What it was like before
    Bring me the feeling, right in that moment
    When a heart for battle cries
    Find me the treasure where the legend lies.
    If I were a noble ancient knight
    I'd stand by jour side to rule and fight
    It will always feel the same
    When I call out your name.
    Ninja survive, in dreams I walk by your side
    Ninja survive, with you there's no need to hide.
    A handful of sayings are more than a reason
    For me to feel this way
    I'd like to be near you
    Maybe for just one day
    So tell me the legend, tell me the story
    Tell me the tales of war
    Tell me just one time
    What it was like before.

  6. CherokeeVer letra 4:13


    letra de Cherokee

    They lived in peace, not long ago
    A mighty Indian tribe
    But the winds of change,
    Made them realize, that the promises were lies.
    The white man's greed, in search of gold
    Made the nation bleed
    They lost their faith
    And now they had to learn
    There was no place to return
    Nowhere they could turn.
    Cherokee - marching on the trail of tears.
    They were driven hard, across the plains
    And walked for many moons
    Cause the winds of change,
    Had made them realize, that the promises were lies.
    So much to bear, all that pain
    Left them in despair
    They lost their faith
    And now they had to learn
    There was no place to return
    Nowhere they could turn.

  7. Time Has ComeVer letra 4:01


    letra de Time Has Come

    Long for the sailor, beneath the skies
    Long for the white dove, no matter where she flies
    Long for the stranger you know so well.
    Pray for the soldier, who's wounded bad
    Pray for the dreamer, he's still so sad
    Pray for the stranger you know so well.
    Cause I'm coming home.
    Now the time has come
    For me to come back home.
    Long for the eagle, on wings so strong
    Long for the hunter, he won't be long
    Long for the stranger you know so well.

  8. Heart Of StoneVer letra 3:46


    letra de Heart Of Stone

    I've told you once and I've told you twice
    Wait for that day, when our love will rise
    To that song that brought our hearts together.
    Even though you're mistreating me
    I know the girl that you used to be
    For me those days were meant to last forever.
    Time after time I'm wondering why
    Am I to be all alone
    Day after day I pray that you'll stay
    Cause you've got a heart of stone.
    I walk the streets like a broken man
    Oh I wish that you would understand
    Even though you're still the one I wait for.
    I guess in love there's no guarantee
    Sometimes it's not what it seems to be
    Even though you're still the one I care for.

  9. On The LooseVer letra 3:08


    letra de On The Loose

    Running out on the streets
    He lives from day to day
    Looking for something to do
    He needs to get away.
    Hoping that maybe one day
    He could be someone
    Praying that maybe someday
    He could be number one.
    In his world of make believe
    He always tends to be
    On the loose, so young, so tough, so wild
    On the loose, again.
    Dreaming, dreaming about
    All the things he'd like to do
    Trying, trying so hard
    To make it all up to you.

  10. Love ChaserVer letra 3:27


    letra de Love Chaser

    Someone's at your door tonight
    Someone wants your love
    Is it real or just imagination
    You decide to wait inside 'til the break of dawn
    In dreams you see yourself seeking affection.
    He'll know just who you are
    He'll know just where you've been
    He'll know just what to do.
    Love chaser - If you look deep in his eyes
    Then you're in for a big surprise
    He can take your breath away
    There's nothing you can do or say.
    You can feel that someone's at your back
    You can hear his pounding heart
    But something tells you not to be afraid
    Cause even in the darkest night
    Someone's at your side
    But when morning comes it all starts to fade away.

  11. The Final Countdown [En Vivo]
  12. Danger On The Track [En Vivo]
  13. Carrie [En Vivo]

7 Comentarios de los usuarios

  1. constanza: este disco de europe es muy bueno , me encanta son lo mejor, europe los felicito.sigan asi porque tienen mucho mas por mostrarnos.te quiero mucho joey tempest, eres el mejor vocalista.sigan así este disco es el mejor.los quiero.de su fans constanza. baya que eran buenos
  2. krlos rock: buenisimos
  3. andres: Europe la mejor banda del mundo este disco es lo más
  4. mario : una obra maestra absoluta que ha pasado a la historia de la musica con mayusculas los diez temas son singles potenciales una maravilla nace la europemania
  5. Jennifer Gonzales Y.: Realmente este disco fue el punto de partida a un viaje espectacular lleno de sorpresas musicales que se adueñaron de toda mi atencion y admiracion por la musica que reliza europe, para mi un grupo maravilloso, gracias boys por seguir juntos en esto, es el mejor regalo para todos sus fans.
  6. Anónimo: Este álbum de europe en mi pais ,cuba fue y es algo muy especial en mi casa ya tengo 49 años y comencé a escuchar música rock a la edad de 10 años escuchando bandas como rolling .the Beatles .led Zeppelin .deep purple entre otras para mi europe es una de las mejores bandas de la historia del hard rock hoy en dia mi gusto por los clásicos no ha cambiado a pesar de que escucho death metal en fin europe me transporta a mi juventud y su sonido sigue siendo espectacular
  7. marian fernanda : son lo mejor del mundo, encantada tengo 18 años y prefiero esta musica en todo los aspectos.

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