The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

Frank Zappa

Disco 1

  1. Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Ver letra
  2. Which One Is It?
  3. Republicans
  4. Do Not Pass Go
  5. Chalk Pie
  6. In-A-Gadda-Stravinsky
  7. That's Not Really Reggae
  8. When No One Was No One
  9. Once Again, Without The Net
  10. Outside Now (Original Solo)
  11. Jim & Tammy's Upper Room
  12. Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio?
  13. That OL' G Minor Thing Again
  14. Hotel Atlanta Incidentals
  15. That's Not Really A Shuffle
  16. Move It Or Park It
  17. Surise Redeemer

Disco 2

  1. Variations On Sinister #3
  2. Orrin Hatch On Skis
  3. But Who Was Fulcanelli?
  4. For Duane
  5. GOA
  6. Winos Do Not march
  7. Swans? What Swans?
  8. Too Ugly To Show Business
  9. Systems Of Edges
  10. Do Not Try This At Home
  11. Things That Look Like Meat
  12. Watermelon In Easter Hay Ver letra
  13. Canadian Customs
  14. Is That All There Is?
  15. It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary

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