Álbum The Ultimate Collection de Level 42 - Canciones

The Ultimate Collection

Disco 1

  1. World Machine [Phunk Investigation Club Mix]
  2. Something About You [Sisa Mix]
  3. I Sleep on My Heart [Remix]
  4. Hot Water [Master Mix]
  5. Chant Has Begun [Power Mix]
  6. Love Games [Remix]
  7. Two Hearts Collide [Remix]
  8. Micro-Kid [Remix]
  9. Children Say [Slap Bass Mix]
  10. Platinum Edition Megamix: Something About You/Lessons in ...

Disco 2

  1. The Sun Goes Down (Livin' It Up) [Extended Version]
  2. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? [Extended Version]
  3. Standing in the Light [Extended Version]
  4. Starchild [Remix Long Version]
  5. Last Chance [Extended Version]
  6. The Chinese Way [Extended Version]
  7. Lessons in Love [Extended Version]
  8. Running in the Family [Extended Version]
  9. Take Care of Yourself [Extended Version]
  10. Take a Look [Extended Mix]
  11. Tracie [Extended Mix]

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