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500 Degreez

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  1. Fly Talkin´ 1:34
  2. Look At MeVer letra 4:00


    letra de Look At Me

    Bright thing on my hand saying (Look at me)
    I got your girl doing a handstand (Look at me)
    Cop them 28-inch Birdman's (Check out me)
    Y'all dues money to ya
    Bright thing on my hand saying (Look at me)
    I got your girl doing a handstand (Look at me)
    Cop them 28-inch Birdman's (Check out me)
    Big thighs with brown-eyes

    [Verse 1]
    It's Lil Weezy for real
    Only Cash Money Hot Boy that stood still
    I got a good deal
    I'm from a trill hood
    I smoke real good
    Slide on them skinnies in the bike with an ill hood
    Pipes, rally stripes and fog lights
    T-shirt white, three stripes with all ice
    What that boy name
    Birdman junior, huh
    Fool was smile but five is so wild
    I can smoke a green mile
    Got a chrome need a Rolls shined up for you baby
    Bling-blow, I rock a throwback Jordan 23
    Rolling on hot 23's
    Tote a big glock 23
    You're looking at the seventeen ward of New Orleans
    My block living me
    I want you to look hard at some easy money
    Stop playing this is Weezy company


    [Verse 2]
    I'm the son of Cash Money
    The fodd of the squad
    And Baby bout to buy me a house in the sky
    Cuz I'm so fly
    When my feet touch the ground sometimes I gotta ask myself why
    Coupe kinda wide but I move sorta quick
    Looking for my roof where it went
    Mink on the floor big shoes on the bed
    Windows are the tint more wood than a bench
    Working in the hood more green than the Grinch
    Please don't play cuz I'm connected like Sprint
    Ladies on the tray popping up the back-end
    Peppermint leather with a feather in my brim
    It's Lil Weezy
    Sucking on my wrist real breezy
    And this is what I say when you see me
    Look, and leave your broad at home she get took
    Cuz I'm a player hold the game by the book


    [Verse 3]
    Some call me Weezy
    But hoes holla look at Lil Wayne
    In that booger-green lay like should've been Mace
    Sweet, do speak when I should've put trays
    Forget it I'ma slam it on bubba-bubba-blaze
    So move over what you say shortie
    We could do rent pussy
    Normally I wouldn't but beating through the Texas
    And beating went to the A
    Eat with desert fey
    But yeah I'm on my way
    Cuz I know he got that hay
    Hey little mami
    You a ghetto fire tin
    You come to my post on the island
    Come on that chronic
    He-he empty vodka bottles
    I be high he be drunk that my roll model
    I rolls by you with my seat reclining
    When I stop rims don't keep spinning they keep shining
    Money don't stop keep spinning and keep grinding
    Cash Money what you hollering, huh


  3. Way Of LifeVer letra 3:59


    letra de Way Of Life

    [MANNIE FRESH: Talking (Lil' Wayne)]

    Look'a here... (Umm-hmm...)

    This how we gon' do this...

    Hook up the turntables,

    Wolfe, get on the keyboard...

    And we gon' run it, ya heard...




    Cash Money..

    Cash Money..

    Cash Money..

    Cash Money..

    [LIL' WAYNE & BABY: Verse 1]

    [LIL' WAYNE]

    Now let me slide in the Benz with the fished out fins,

    Hit the mall with my girlfriends, dish out ends.

    Cause you know it ain't trickin' if you got it,

    Cop baby girl what she desire, it's chump change mama.

    Marijuana Scholar... Knowin' what I got up in my styrofoam cup?

    That purple stuff. It was givin' to me at birth to stunt.

    So that's why I cop the Bentley with the leather and the fur in the guts.

    [BABY of Big Tymers]

    (Ay, Ay, Ay..)

    Hold on, mami! Them whips on dubs.

    Cadillac truck, twenty-eights, no rubs.

    Slide in the Benz, fins, bubble-eye lens,

    Car show in New York, Ya'll know who wins!

    It's the birdman, daddy, with the Gucci and Prada,

    Slant-back, cut truck. No rims? Can't holla.

    It's that Louie/Fendi on Ostrich streets,

    It's the tailer-made daddy, Mami, do you love me?

    [TQ: Hook (Mannie Fresh)]

    Baby, I'ma a stunna.. (Oh! Oh! Oh!)

    I ain't gon' change it.. (I told ya'll...)

    Don't - you - know,

    It's a way of liffeee... (I told ya'll...)

    Mama, do you want it?

    Cause I'm about to break it, (I told ya'll...)

    Oooh, baby.. Can't stop the stuntin',

    Nooo, nooo... (Bring back that beat...)

    [BABY & LIL' WAYNE: Verse 2]

    [BABY of Big Tymers]

    Pop one, pop two.. Them new Nike shoes,

    Royal blue Jag on them twenty-two's.

    Flip white to green, 500 Degreez,

    In that Cadillac truck on them twenty-three's.

    I'm the boss of the game with the money and fame,

    All these naked women that pop champagne.

    And these marble floors stay high as Rick James,

    If you know my name, then you know my game.

    [LIL' WAYNE]

    It's lil' whodi from the hot block with ser'ous flow,

    Gotta get dough, cause ya'll won't feel me, bro.

    But ya'll don't here me tho...

    Till I'm rollin' down my window and my grill-ie show.

    And you know I'm prolly pumpin' through the hood on the twenty-fo's,

    Word! Rims pokin' out the side of the 'ERV,

    Glock have ya ribs pokin' out the side of ya shirt.

    I'm a seventeenth nigga and I ride for the turf. Whoo!

    [TQ: Hook (Mannie Fresh)]

    Baby, I'ma a stunna.. (I told ya'll...)

    I ain't gon' change it..

    Don't - you - know,

    It's a way of liffeee... (I told ya'll...)

    Mama, do you want it?

    Cause I'm about to break it,

    Oooh, baby.. Can't stop the stuntin',

    Nooo, nooo...

    [LIL' WAYNE & BABY: Verse 3]

    [LIL' WAYNE]


    And my pinky glow... Cause my ring is so...

    Blingy-blingy, yo... Stop blinkin' though...

    We smoke - stinky, stinky dro,

    And we don't cop them ency-wency O's,

    And we don't stop. Nah! We blow, fuck the peo-ple!

    Everywhere we go, we smell like E-yo.

    The birdman my paw, so that make me go...

    "Fllyy like an eagle!" Fo' sheezo!

    [BABY (Lil' Wayne)]

    They think cause I stay at English Turn,

    That Stunna don't have a O - Z to burn, (Light it up!)

    I go in each sto' and ball like a dog,

    Me and my nig's, we ball like a dog.

    Cars on the streets, all on our lawn.

    Ice in my teeths, all on my arm.

    Tat's in my face, my back, and my arm. (What?)

    [LIL' WAYNE]

    Tat's in MY face, my back, and my arm.

    [TQ: Hook]

    Baby, I'ma a stunna..

    I ain't gon' change it..

    Don't - you - know,

    It's a way of liffeee...

    Mama, do you want it?

    Cause I'm about to break it,

    Oooh, baby.. Can't stop the stuntin',

    Nooo, nooo...

    [MANNIE FRESH: Talking]

    Yep!... There it is!.. ya' lil' low-life...

    See, I'm a pro - fessional. You a rookie.

    Fuckin' game so serious...

    I could sell a hooker some pussy...

    Now, that's some serious shit...

    Oh, yea! Bel'ieve that!

    Who we rollin' wit?

    We rollin' wit Cash Money!

    Oh, I forgot about "peace"!

    PEEACE! I mean... "Piece" of pussy,

    "Piece" of land, "Piece" of property...

    It's just a mind game...

    Composición: Terence QuaitesFeaturing: Big Tymers, TQMúsicos invitados: Aaron Harris (Engineer [Assistant Mix Engineer])
  4. Big Tigger Live On The RadioVer letra 1:31


    letra de Big Tigger Live On The Radio

    [Big Tigger]
    A you lockdown to the south to W.B.I.T.C.H were the w stands for what!
    Hit us at 180-no bitch what happening
    [Big Tigger]
    Yea man check this shit out I went to the concert last night
    You know the after party and the niggas put on rashed's shit
    [Big Tigger]
    Roc master rashed?
    Yeah you know what I mean ain't nobody move nobody did shit
    But when they put Wayne's shit on everybody you know
    TVs fell down motherfucking helicopters come from the fucking sky twirling an shit
    Niggas throwing money every goddamn were but you know rashed mandat nigga
    You know put countryness in rapping he want ta save the whales
    Do something from the fucking earth
    [Big Tigger]
    Yeah he ain't bringing that heat like 500 degreez that's what we got right heh with Lil Wayne
    And cash money caller to get up out

    Composición: Big Tigger
  5. Gangsta And PimpsVer letra 4:41


    letra de Gangsta And Pimps

    [Mannie Fresh]
    Ladies and gentlemen
    This one goes out to that little kid that got fried Spam for lunch
    I feel for you, I'm with you, I'm with you brother
    And this one right here is for that ghetto girl with the bad perm
    That just burn baby, burn baby, burn
    Pop open a malt liquor
    Smoke something until your scalp gets killed

    [Hook x2]
    Gangstas and pimps
    Love lobsters and shrimps
    Kool-Aid and chicken
    Flashy things and women
    All I need
    Is Remy and weed
    Somebody not afraid
    To go some for my Escalade

    [Lil Wayne]
    I'm just pimping
    Baby you got a rule for me
    Put your mink on and slide in a cool for me
    Hey you gotta get high and go low for me
    It's Cash Money young money never know money
    It's 500 Degreez it's not fool
    But it and the dro got me so scummy
    And to drum hole a whole hundred
    Can I put a whole hundred in your whole tummy
    Hehe, man Weezy's a legend
    You can tell by the bottom of my sleeve when you see what's in a bezel
    And he be on a level that's so terrific
    I'm in this bitch hold your pictures
    And hold your bitches cuz she gon want a part of me
    Cuz she never see the roof of my car with me
    And you never see a tooth without a diamond on it
    This is game at its finest homie
    Peep it


    See I was born from a gangsta
    Pa gave me a whip
    Ran numbers with pimps and I laid down cents
    One of a kind Birdman I shine
    22's on it?
    The bitch ain't mine
    I taught her the game ma
    I gave it all to her
    Weezy Wee my son I give it all to him
    [Lil Wayne]
    The Birdman junior I'm the son of a stunna

    Mannie Fresh
    Jazze Phezzy this our summer
    500 Degreez got rich off the four
    Cadillac slant back cut side elbow
    Cadillac smoke dro just me and the ho
    Flash from hard times from that coke and dope
    Put cars in moms name just to duck white folks
    We eat lobster and shrimp
    Nigga park that Lambo
    I'm a V.I.P. nigga
    Pop bottles of Mo
    I pray that one day I'll open a better door


    [Lil Wayne]
    Ain't no mountain high enough
    To me for cuz I keep on buying fi-fi stuff
    And the Eastside where we pump
    It's my part of New Orleans
    Bleed for ya I'm the heart of New Orleans
    Hear you're fucking with a gangsta foe
    Hope you never close your eyes I'll bang your ho
    All she need is some guidance I'll tame your ho
    It's big pimping over here man yeah man
    If she looking for a daddy see the lil man
    Weezy baby, don't fool yourself you need me baby
    Easy baby, I'm just trying to keep my bread cheesy baby
    Slick when I spit shit right
    26-inch got a deep-dish ma
    Sweet as mami lips when I'm creeping by
    Baby gave me wings just to keep me fly
    Weezy I, hell yeah
    And I'm rolling with them

    [Hook x2]

    Featuring: Baby (2)
  6. LovelyVer letra 4:02


    letra de Lovely

    [Verse 1]
    I love myself
    I love what I am
    I love who I is
    I love Weezy
    Lil girl your man your damn kids love Weezy
    You gotta love the nigga just because other nigga
    And I don't love other niggaz
    But I love other niggaz bitches
    I love 20-inches on everything I sit in
    I love my nappy hair
    I love the shit I wear
    You gotta love the squad-ad girl
    If she ain't giving love to the whole squad-ad
    Get outta here
    You people love the shit I pop in your ear
    You gon love the shit I do to hip-hop this year
    You gonna love when I bring it back to the block this year
    I represent the Biggie and 'Pac era; you gotta love me
    That I know ma love me just cuz I got a lot of money
    But I love that girl too, but I love that girl too
    I let y'all know me and I would love to know you
    Now come on

    [Hook x2]
    Everything that I love in this world
    Has gotta be the greatest thing in this world if I love it
    Cuz, I love this, I love that, I love y'all because
    Everything in this world is just love

    [Verse 2]
    I know you probably love the bar, right
    You love to live that big dog life
    You love to live just like a young'n Weezy by here
    And I love to see you do so
    I love my Coupe blow on them deuce-o's
    I love a cute ho and you probably love her all right, girl
    He probably love you all your life I love you all night, girl
    I love an all white pearls
    Six with the two pipes barrel kit
    I love to get it cracking in your girl lips
    I love to sip from bill
    I love to go hard purp-pill
    You love that I'm a star and got that work still
    Don't get it fucked because I love to work still
    And you won't love how the hurt feel
    How getting mirked feel
    And I love how getting hurt feel
    I know you love I got some of it on your shirt ee-yew
    I need to treat you
    As a matter fact I love to cheat you
    Don't call me cool
    Hey, you love me and I love to love you

    [Hook x2]

    [Verse 3]
    I love fast cars
    I love fast broads
    I love fast money
    I love Cash Money
    I love a slow cigar
    I love a slow ménage
    What you love blower hard
    Let's get it cracking money
    I love to stack my money
    You will love to jack my money
    I love to clap-clap and black-black get back here honey
    I love act a plumb-ass when I had a tall glass
    And that bust your ass in one gulp
    I love to shit talk
    You love to hear me talking shit on this
    When Fresh dropping that nasty shit
    That old uptown get down CMB classic shit
    I like to ride around with a plastic fifth
    I love to melt ya
    I love them underground S-Q albums
    Haters love to get you twisted
    But I love the haters cuz haters just love twisted
    Them bitches love Weezy
    My bitch gon love me when I'm busy
    With T-Rez fleece suit is Jayo nothing busy
    Squad up

    [Hook x4]

  7. Gangsta S**tVer letra 3:40


    letra de Gangsta S**t

    [Lil Wayne talking]
    Uh-oh, uh-oh
    You know how we do it
    Weezy and Petey, baby
    This here is 500 Degreez
    Holla at 'em dogg

    [Petey Pablo]
    Cuz I know I ain't dreaming
    I swear to God it sound like Petey Pablo on that track with Lil Weezy
    Switching it up
    Fuck it put them things on the truck
    What's the name of y'all jeweler tell 'em freeze me up
    Hating me kinky licks talking so much
    Lemme give these sons of bitches a reason to keep it talking
    You want to
    You ain't built to squabble with us
    I come to your show with heat homes and run on your bus
    I drink your water up
    Cool off I'm leaving with something
    They leaving you something crop stolen
    An asshole heard it
    Hip on purpose
    Dre I did what you told me
    I been acting like I don't hear ya but that shit been working
    Keep me a burner
    Poison that I grab in the morning
    Cuz I know that that's what's gon hold me down on this earth
    A real nigga trill nigga pull out and get debated
    I keep waiting
    I hear your name in the papers

    [Hook][Lil Wayne & Petey Pablo]
    They call me young as Weezy
    I'm gon round up the whole uptown
    We gon burn this bitch down to the ground
    People understand that you're fucking with some motherfucking soldiers
    Crazy-ass Petey
    I'ma tell a nigga just like this
    If you want it boy you sure can get it
    You ain't heard
    It's Cash Money and that Carolina nigga

    [Lil Wayne]
    They call me gangsta gangsta
    Weezy, Weezy
    Lil Birdman junior
    Holla at ya nigga
    I fuck around and throw a bottle at you nigga
    I'ma big pimp I throw a model at you nigga
    Squad-ad squad up throw up the motto at you niggaz
    You can mind up I throw a hollow at you nigga
    And I'm so high
    No I'm too high
    But a little work on a few blocks
    And I put a few skirts on a few blocks
    If you dirt you feel the burst from my fuse box
    Oh lordy there nobody like me shortie
    I hold Cash Money myself it's me money
    Old cats wants to test come see shortie
    I got it all hot it in the pocket I'll pop it
    I riding in a 'Rarri where the top is in my pocket
    That's young Weezy baby


    [Lil Wayne]
    You see it's young Wayne
    Game is ashamed and they say he's a pain
    He is crazy deranged
    Put them blades on his thing
    Just like 80 to summer
    So, when the sun hit it look like Baby or something
    So, when I come through the ladies praise me or something
    Like, Weezy's the man
    If you be's where he be's then you leaves with a tan
    Cuz he's 500 Degreez
    I need a fan, whew
    Cool me off wipe me down
    Daddy is back in town
    With the back of my Caddy slanted down
    And the mack goes +black+ if you ask around
    Put some hash in that grass that you pass around
    Then I stash a pound by my ave with rounds
    I'm a gangsta until they put my casket down
    You can ask around
    And they tell you like me
    There ain't nobody like me
    It's Weezy baby


    [Lil Wayne talking]
    Aiiyo see this is right here is Young Weezy nigga
    Don't get it tangled and twisted
    I'm in the studio right now nigga
    With my boy
    My nigga Boo in this bitch
    My nigga hot boy album ya'know what I mean
    500 Degreez
    They all riding with ya boy
    They gotta feel me
    Birdman junior, number one stunna my partner
    You know the name, bitch

    Composición: Moses Barrett IIIFeaturing: Petey Pablo
  8. Big Tigger Live On The RadioVer letra 0:58


    letra de Big Tigger Live On The Radio

    [Big Tigger]
    A you lockdown to the south to W.B.I.T.C.H were the w stands for what!
    Hit us at 180-no bitch what happening
    [Big Tigger]
    Yea man check this shit out I went to the concert last night
    You know the after party and the niggas put on rashed's shit
    [Big Tigger]
    Roc master rashed?
    Yeah you know what I mean ain't nobody move nobody did shit
    But when they put Wayne's shit on everybody you know
    TVs fell down motherfucking helicopters come from the fucking sky twirling an shit
    Niggas throwing money every goddamn were but you know rashed mandat nigga
    You know put countryness in rapping he want ta save the whales
    Do something from the fucking earth
    [Big Tigger]
    Yeah he ain't bringing that heat like 500 degreez that's what we got right heh with Lil Wayne
    And cash money caller to get up out

    Composición: Big Tigger
  9. BloodlineVer letra 4:21


    letra de Bloodline

    The streets make the hustlas
    Hustlas make the world go round
    The world is made of keys, ounces and pounds
    The keys, ounces and pounds is made from hustlas
    See how shit come back round for ya
    Gotta cop it, chop it and cook it
    See how shit come back round for ya
    Gotta kick in the oven now watch it bubble
    And you can knock on my door
    But you can't knock the hustle
    But I- it's like a game of twenty-one and I got nineteen
    And my Jake but I put more 'd' on me
    Lil' Weezy Wee gon' eat that's how it is
    Got insurance on the floor man I'm that positive
    And I'm shaggy in the saggy lens
    Me an my squad in the paddy wagon tally Benz
    And you know I put the mags on that
    .45 mack with the flash on that
    Who want it
    Everybody sing along
    [Chorus: x2]
    Now I'm a ride 'cause I got riding in my bloodline
    And I'm a shine 'cause I got shining in my bloodline
    I get that dough 'cause I got hustle in my bloodline
    I bleed concrete
    And when I move, I move out with the raw
    I move out with the squad
    To his album we ride we so mob
    I throw lives and lowest to live
    For my loaf of bread the people's player
    I did what the culture said
    And I live by the coast of Nostre Cid
    Fuck around I'll knock your shoulder from your head
    Get it right I'm a soldier till I'm dead
    This kid is white with buttonholes inside that bled
    I'm pumping O's with lots of hay
    I'm so high and really I don't even know why
    And oh I just go buy a whole house
    And lay my mat down lay her back down
    But I never put my mack down
    You see the thug in me
    You know Weezy he the young son of Bubba-be
    Buy my basketball shorts with a thunder be
    If you want it then come to me
    I'm right here
    [Chorus: x2]
    I'm G'd up
    Only follow the code of the streets
    Live bad to die good
    Know how to move when hustling by the days with no food
    But just so I can eat
    And ain't it a bitch
    And if you see me getting fat I'm probably getting rich
    And you probably can see me for some crack before six
    And after that it's all bricks
    A fake and my palm is wrapped around this eight
    And my arm because the dirty south is straight Vietnam
    I skate with the bomb
    I'm asking you don't play with me at all
    Shots hit your ass and make three of y'all
    It'll take three of y'all to fill one of my shoe prints
    Cause I did and do shit that's better than new shit
    Fit for two clips
    The kid is a nuisance
    Aw man, he's inspired by his own gangsta music
    And the Blueprint
    Cruising through stoop with the ewe lit
    Like ooh shit this is more than weed, it's 500 Degreez
    [Chorus: x2]

  10. Where You AtVer letra 3:50


    letra de Where You At

    All my niggaz if you with me
    Where you at? (OH!)
    All my soldiers if you with me
    Where you at? (OH!)
    All my hustlaz if you with me
    Where you at? (OH!)
    Where you at? (OH!)
    Where you at? Say (OH!)
    Niggaz if you with me
    Let me hear you say (OH!)
    Soldiers if you with me
    Let me hear you say (OH!)
    Hustlaz if you with me
    Let me hear you say (OH!)
    Say, say (OH!)
    Say, say (OH!)

    Aye (OH!)
    I come and do my thang and hold down my SIDE
    Single Street man throw my set up HIGH
    Weezy Wee gang call them boys that SQUAD
    That Squad...SQUAD UP! YOU KNOW
    And WE get a lot of dough on the strength of ME
    Get a lot of 'dro for the strength of FEE
    Get a lot of blow
    But keep that on the D
    D what?...DL! YOU KNOW
    And OH you don't wanna fuck with a nigga
    'Cuz a nigga might fuck with the trigger
    Leave a nigga on the FLO'
    Truly I don't buck with you nigga
    Let my tooly talk talk to you nigga
    Bitch man is an itch to a rich man WHOA
    '20s on the six with the kicks sitting LOW
    Sticky in my swish man gasoline FLO'
    Fire spit man Weezy is about to BLOW
    YA KNOW!


    Aye (OH!)
    Pass the pine to the pimp old juice killer
    Catch your eye in one glimpse old school with the
    Ass up high the front dip drip BAM
    Mami like DAMN Lil' Wayne STOP PLAYING
    Baby I'm a baller I hustle with my father
    It's the Birdman and Birdman J.R.
    Flip them birds man eighteen grand just order
    Eighty-five for half and forty-five for quarter
    YEAH! Tity baby put it in the AIR
    I'm jumping out this atmoSPHERE
    And I'm jumping in your bitch if she at a PLAYER
    Jumping in the painted thing on that Dang-A-Dangs
    You see the arm when I pass nigga Bling-A-Ling
    You now I'm armed we can mash man it Aint-A-Thing
    You know I'm calm but I'm a gorilla Aint-A-Game
    I got a banana clip for all you Orang-A-Tangs


    Aye (OH!)
    It's young Weezy cant nothing see me DOG
    I get you done easy with one easy phone call
    And the sawed off make your arms fall off
    Like a short sleeved polo...wont bother me no more
    Ice like strobe light...look like I'm moving slo mo'
    Probaly look nice on low pro Yokahomas
    With '20 inch chromes poking out 'em
    Chrissy till the dome tote the ganja
    Redbone in the shower
    Hello! Pochahontas give a long stroke poke for hours
    Floating vagina oh I'ma holla
    So coke and the nanies I'm honest man
    Nothing big maybe ounces, grams
    But I know how to double...and sometimes it's scams
    But I know to hustle...and some glocks'll jam
    But I know how to bust'em...and some drops'll slam
    All alloy buttons that's all stunting
    That boy's something YEAH


  11. Worry MeVer letra 4:06


    letra de Worry Me

    You gotta walk like a (soldier)
    Talk like a (stunna)
    Move like a (player)
    And get it like a (hustler)
    You gotta walk like a (soldier)
    Talk like a (stunna)
    Move like a (player)
    And get it like a (hustler)
    Because I won't let y'all worry me
    I got something chrome that I carry with me
    It's Young Weezy Wee y'all ain't scaring me
    I'm the seventeen don till they bury me

    [Verse 1]
    Eh, it go whoa oh me oh my ay ay
    I'm H-O-T-B-O-Y ay ay
    I'm so fly I'm the Birdman Jaya
    Stunting in the gray uh
    Shortie play your player
    Slick clean hey ya
    Fifteen riding with me spray ya
    You don't want no drama with me play fa
    Keep low or it's murda she wrote pussy nigga
    I gotta keep it cooking cuz the streets still hot for a shooking
    Plus my late pops still looking
    Bust my tray quick if ya hate the pimp
    Think it's all big fish I don ate the shrimp
    Roll out with the hood cuz I'm so damn street
    I rep Hollygrove and Hollygrove rep me
    And that's how Weezy Wee be
    And y'all gon R-E-S-P-E-C-T me


    [Verse 2]
    I'm riding and I'm dolo on my way to the stizzo
    Knowing on my waist is the sizzo
    Wheezy so hot glock ten and a pistol
    Big rims with the tires thin as a pencil
    Mami want me cuz I got pimping potential
    I stick to my mental
    Don't make me stick my fifth to your temple
    Forget I'm getting rich for a cent
    Bitch I'm coming get you for my baby mama's rent I will flip you
    90 on the highway seeing what the whip do
    Cops get behind me they want see the whip too
    S-Q professor C-M-B alumni
    Everybody else fails except the young guy
    Don't worry bout Weezy for real nigga I done mine
    Got the biggest nuts up in here nigga I swung mine
    The streets taught me never to fear nigga I run mine
    I can't lose cuz I won mine
    Now run yourself


    [Verse 3]
    I got five drinks with me
    And there be four chunks of dro up in my lung pipe
    Three guns
    Two bitches
    And all I need is one knife
    And I bet you don't like
    C'mon we only get one life
    And if it's done right
    Freak a nigga might wife her
    You know S-Q galore low chop three striper
    I'm just trying to keep paper
    Please, don't be a hater cuz he'll take ya Weeze
    Don't be a major cuz he greater
    Cheese gon feed Nate
    Brother it's keys or emceeing
    And I'm a C-O-A cuz I can move yay
    Like you never thought hard or soft like a duck
    And y'all don't starve me
    That shit could be bad for your heartbeat
    Cash'll get you snatched in a heartbeat
    Mash in a mad dash in a Cadillac with the alligator dashboard
    Damn whore
    Yeah I know


  12. 500 DegreezVer letra 3:45


    letra de 500 Degreez

    [Lil Wayne talking]
    It's the real shit, yeah
    500 Degreez this time biotch
    Yes sir, you already know

    [Lil Wayne verse 1]
    You see me? I eat, sleep, shit, and talk snaps; so fuck rap
    Man I got weed, pills, pistols, all crack
    Bitch niggas where ya hearts at?
    Ya'll ain't stuntin' like us
    Bitch niggas where ya cars at?
    They like, "Wayne why the fuck you dressed in all black?"
    I'm about to bring CMR back
    And all the lames, we done lost that
    And all we got is Weezy, Weezy, and Lil' Weezy to fall back
    I'm about to lock it from the summer to the fall and back
    "Its Weezy baby!" The ballers back
    And the wheels on my car you got all of that
    Stop playing, I've been balling jack
    You don't want my glock spraying – I hit all them cats
    You don't want my stomach ache - I shit on them cats
    I get all them gats – Fresh and B it's all a rap!
    If I'm the only Hot Boy what do you call that?

    You don't want to fuck with Weezy
    You don't want to fuck with Weezy

    [Lil Wayne]
    Bitch what? I'll bust ya ass up
    Don't even go there round
    Niggas get your cash up
    We probably need to clash up
    And shit got me 'bout ass up
    They finding niggas in they shit with they ass up
    It ain't October 31st but we gone mask up – and guess what
    And I heard they got a nice chain
    And for the right price I'll bust the right brain
    And mommy hot cause pull up in that white thang
    Yo nigga might be fly but I still get trifling
    Riding through the city just me and my friend
    Friday night special, professional tight aim
    A gangsta is who you hearing
    Me in my building with 20 bricks in the ceiling
    I'm more real than, I got more scrill than
    Got more skill than them there
    I'm a Cash Money Millionaire

    You don't want to fuck with Weezy
    You don't want to fuck with Weezy
    Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy
    Hot, Hot, Hot Boy

    [Lil Wayne]
    Baby let me get the keys to the rover
    No, let me get the keys to the house in Eastover
    So I can throw a 500 Degreez platinum party
    Than the after party
    Me and my Squad stomping in this bitch
    Fuck a bachelor party
    Don't go to rapper parties – I'm no rapper man
    But when the homies come home we throw a monster jam
    And all my people tote chrome – we some monsters man
    We gone mob to the promise land
    I bought big – I'm a Tymer man
    Son of a Stunna – still a girl fuck with a hustler!
    Weezy keep it gutter for ya Baby Bubba
    Baby blue Mercedes Coupe – Got it bullet proof
    Make me shoot my 80 duke at your fucking roof
    You're fucking with a big dog, nigga fucking woof
    Mr. S-Fucking-Q – I'm the fucking truth
    Three stripes, baby nice, lot of ice fucking ooohf!
    That's 500 Degreez!

    You don't want to fuck with Weezy
    You don't want to fuck with Weezy
    Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy, Hot, Hot, Hot Boy
    Hot, Hot, Hot Boy
    Bitch get your mind right, Bitch get your mind right

  13. Go HardVer letra 3:30


    letra de Go Hard

    It's H-B Weezy Wee off the streets
    Stay deep 'Cedes Jeep big feet
    Gazer seats hold the bare floors
    I faithfully hold to pimp whores
    You ate with me and you gon get yours
    This eight with me that's bullets through doors
    Got haze in me now I'm so tall
    Come blaze with me 'cause Beaky got more
    And now or later I'm major player
    I ball right I need an agent player
    Hey ma you tight you need to page a player
    That's so tonight you can taste a player
    I got the burner on the waist if you flinching
    My shit turning on 28-inches
    My shit burning like 500 plus
    And this album's a three permer and a clutch
    24/7 (Yes, sir)
    I go hard (Go hard, go hard, go hard)
    Not here
    I claim squad game till no more Wayne remain
    Bang my thing till no more lane remain
    Use the left lane man cook up the cocaine
    Dudes a lil game and get her to do brain
    That boy Weezy is a bad mother-feezy
    Me and Young Jazze at the back of one tweezy
    I'm so breezy off the Velvie and the perk
    Now I'm getting head on the balcony on Bourbon
    Apple and Eagle is the street that I shop
    The Birdman my daddy and we fly south
    And we don't go to work man we get work out
    And the bricks may go as low as ten up in the drought
    Niggas is selling and you should be buying
    Niggas is telling and you should be dying
    Niggas is yelling Cash Money till they kill me
    C-M-B, I know you gotta feel me
    You know if I'm doing it I'm probably doing it for the block
    I'm out here bitch I got this here on lock
    Come out here bitch I bet this here gon pop
    I got ya slick this my year don't knock
    Speakers from the front to the rear gon rock
    Wood-grain handles to steer it's all hot
    I never drove factory and I don't own stock
    I drop that bitch on chrome chops, yeah

  14. Young´n BluesVer letra 4:32


    letra de Young´n Blues

    [Intro: Lil Wayne - talking]
    I met her when I was young and she was younger
    With a body like woman so her age meant nothing
    I had to get her number
    After how she made them daisy doots fit her all summer
    I'm wishing I could hit her all summer
    And all she ever wanted
    Was for young Weezy to love her
    But all I ever wanted was to cum easy and dump her
    But that didnt come easy
    'Cuz she ended up being my baby's mother
    and then I felt smothered but little did I know
    I'd never find the same girl inside another
    But I never thought that I'd be looking for her
    And I never thought that late at night
    When I'm in the mix...laying down with some chick
    That suddenly it'll click
    How this broad in my drawers dont know shit
    Bout what I did 'fore I was big
    When's there's a woman with my kid where I should be
    She screamed to me (What?)
    My love, my patience, my pain (OK)
    Nigga please

    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)

    [Verse One]
    I met her after the fame
    And she aint even like me but I got her after the game
    Mami was a nice piece, young Cali sweet thang
    Made her into wifey and then reality changed
    It was going good...I was happy again
    But then things got rapidly strange
    And it had to be Wayne
    She was still a virgin
    What more could I ask from a dame
    But I was a bastard...I asked for the pain
    Now my ass in the rain
    And she got a new life...the picture flipped
    And none of it includes Weez and all his bullshit (Shit)
    And I remember the Bahamas for the weekend
    We was freaking in the suite
    And she looked sweet enough to beat it up
    Till we began to sleep and I
    I'm dreaming 'bout the Victoria Secret lingerie
    Told me keep it..she aint want moms to see it
    And just think I once saw it on the girl's body
    Now all I'm seeing is nobody

    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)

    [Verse Two]
    You see I never really ran, but no gentleman
    All I know is big pimpin' ma'am
    I'm just tryna be Weezy
    And the perfect husband just might be too hard to find in me, Weezy
    Baby girl you gotta work with ya boy
    'Cuz all of that cursing it be hurting ya boy
    Look for the better not the worst in ya boy
    And maybe I can be ya boy...Ya know what I'm sayin'
    But see this here is not your everyday love tune
    It's the story of your everyday thug dude
    And in your mind you prolly thinkin we don't love you
    But on the real we just not used to what love do
    And please consider that
    We were taught to love money, ice, cars, and clothes
    Love pussy but you dont love them ho's
    Love ya niggaz love ya children
    Now if they got a bitch you could love that
    Holla back

    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    I got the young'n blues y'all (da-da-da-da-da)
    Young Weez'got the young'n blues y'all

  15. Believe ThatVer letra 4:12


    letra de Believe That

    [Chorus: Blaque (Mannie Fresh)]
    Push Impalas and Caprice's (Believe that daddy)
    Starch flat no creases (Believe that daddy)
    Got that work, you a D boy (Believe that daddy)
    You a H-O-T Boy (Believe that daddy)
    Do ya Bentley got them hoes (Believe that daddy)
    That's, that weed smell in yo clothes (Believe that daddy)
    Bet a hundred, shoot a hundred (Believe that daddy)
    It's my block, I run it (Believe that daddy)
    Got them 20's on ya ride (Believe that daddy)
    Got the gator inside (Believe that daddy)
    Fine bitch, bow-leg (Believe that daddy)
    And she go both ways (Believe that daddy)
    Slugged up in the front (Believe that daddy)
    Got a trunk full of bump (Believe that daddy)
    Got cribs, cars, bikes, dykes (Believe that daddy)
    Cause that's what hoes like (Believe that daddy)
    Now I do it for the ladies, do it for the ladies
    I do cause I want to push a cat-eye Mercedes
    I do it for my dudes, do it for my dudes
    All the niggas on the block that got that work to move
    [Lil' Wayne]
    It's Weezy baby, young and from the Dirty South
    Get up your dope, I'm putting birdies out
    Like thirty in my mouth, so I can say
    Fuck you bitch you still ain't got a dirty mouth
    The hood still ain't got over the drout
    So you should sleep on your roof, just to watch over ya house
    Nigga we tymin', the cost of my watch over ya house
    I'm a boss man, I watch over the South
    Jazze Pha, let's hop in the Lammy (Lamborghini)
    Stop by Sammy, chill in the hood, you good, you family
    My boys like to pull them blammies, and big pimp
    Mami suck dick 'til she pull your hammy, homey
    You know we only, keepin it gangsta
    Deep in the Range, 17 in the chamber
    All I need is my banger, nigga it's Weezy
    This shit is over somebody cue me
    [Lil' Wayne]
    You don't want to play wit me, I touch you man
    Lose ya man in a tussle, but y'all don't see me
    Y'all can't hear me, this a def jam, call me Russell, man
    I played on Martin, call me hustle, man
    And now y'all know I'm the yee-yo muscle, man
    But on the under, I got that wonder, to stop that thunder
    That rumble in the side of ya stomach, piled on water
    How do you want it, come through in a Coupe powder blue or
    High with water, how do you want it man
    Hey, I towed a lot of tullies dun, I den broke a lot of hoopties dun
    I den drove a lot of QP's from, here and there on the road
    For the nigga gotta move his son, and I show you how to do this son
    That's, that boy Weezy We, CMB, bitch, and ya stunned

    Composición: Phalon AlexanderFeaturing: Blaque (2), Mannie FreshMúsicos invitados: Cory Williams (Engineer [Assistant])
  16. Rob Nice Live On The Radio 1:13
    Composición: Rob Nice
  17. F*** YouVer letra 4:20


    letra de F*** You

    [Lil Wayne]
    Who that, Weezy Bitch
    Like Sigel, you fucking with the young don, people
    Plus I'm trying to make a son, he gon' be the sequel
    Motherfuckers better be peaceful, fo' sheezle
    I get sums in lumps, like measles
    My dough sick, on occasions I catch seizures
    I treat beef like burgers, just cheese you
    And for that cheddar, hungry niggas'll eat you
    We breeze through in the twelve with the judo eyes
    Bitches yell I wanna do those guys
    Ain't that cold, you know shit fucked up when you got banked at fo'
    I'm 19 and I got banked at O
    That's the Bentley ma, that ain't that Rolls
    But the price on that motherfucker ain't that low
    Guaranteed that I'll bang that fo'
    If your fucking with the dude
    Big shout from Cash Money Records, Fuck You
    [Chorus: x8]
    Fuck you, fuck you nigga, motherfucker you
    [Mannie Fresh]
    Chains, nines, guns that's us
    The slogan is "we will bust"
    The rules our this our size
    Cross it young nigga and you will die
    Pumps, ride guns, even 25's
    Cash Money got this, don't even try it
    Stay where you from, don't bring no static
    If not, then semi-automatic
    This is the payback, pussy bitch stay back
    Fuck you, yo' mama, yo' daddy and where you lay at
    What's beef, beef is when you fuck with us
    Guaranteed to lay yo' ass up under the bus
    There's no one quicker, than a hot boy nigga
    That'll get you with the knife, or pow with the trigger
    There's no one keaner, with the chrome Sarafina
    Murder ain't nothing but a misdemeanor
    [Chorus: x4]
    Fo' sho' nigga
    I'm gon' ride 'round my city and stunt my shit
    If a nigga don't like it they can suck my dick
    I got a Bentley, Jag, Rolls, Ferrari
    Lambo' with no top I'm gon' ride tomorrow
    Fuck a cutlass, regals, and rams V-12
    Gotta have something fast just to get out them jams
    Got a big ass crib with a flow lil' fuck
    Got a roof all glass and that bitch split up
    Got a house built look like a Mercedes booth
    Ferrari sofa set with the Lambo' wrench room
    Leskitted up kitchen set and Rolls Royce wall
    Jaguar floors and fuck all y'all
    BMW lights, projectors to watch fights
    Cadillac Benz, white fox for threads
    Chin cheddar for Chi tower, ain't that crazy
    I don't give a fuck homie, that's how I play it
    Refridge designed like a Lexus with legs
    In the fridge, it's quarters to replace the eggs
    From me, Fresh, and Weezy fuck what they say
    I'm Cash Money stunna nigga and that's how I play it
    [Chorus: x8]

    Featuring: Big TymersMúsicos invitados: Ismel (Engineer [Assistant])
  18. What Does Life Me To Me 1:25
    Composición: Terence QuaitesFeaturing: Big Tymers, TQ
  19. Get That DoughVer letra 3:38


    letra de Get That Dough

    Bitch, Bitch
    [Chorus: Baby (Cristale)]
    (Get that dough)
    Look wipe a bitch down, let's dribble on a hoe, see'mon
    (Get that dough)
    Let's pop a few bottles, smoke a lil dro
    (Get that dough)
    Look wipe a bitch down, let's dribble on a hoe, Wooo
    (Get that dough)
    Let's pop a few bottles, smoke a lil dro
    [Lil Wayne]
    I pull up slow, chrome flashing
    Lil daddy in a long Cabbi
    Big hat pimp strong daddy
    Got my hoes on my arm daddy
    Ain't that amazing, specially when I'm blazing that dro
    Earthly green, purple weed, purple V,
    With purple seats, murck the streets
    And I see ya in that Gucci skirt ya sweet
    But later on I want to hurt ya so holla back hoe
    I know ya will, get ya ass over here
    And take off my polar bear
    I'm the coldest player of most my age
    Quote my age, 19 but my money's much old
    And shorty got crazy paper
    Cash Money's my army, my navy paper
    Understand, Weezy is made of paper
    I got "Baby" paper
    Floss our bitch, or get tossed out
    Stunner time criss-crossed out
    Birdman the bad bitches bossed out
    So fly nigga we don't walk out
    Time to get Nina Rossed out
    I'ma let the heat speak, see I'm talked out
    What's the motherfucking talk bout
    Get you niggas chalked out
    Chi-town and Birdman show you what that fucking hawk bout
    You can shine like stunna (Papi it's all gravy)
    I bought the Rover for me and bought the Benz for my ladies
    See I, wipe ya down, I shine ya up
    And put the rims on the whip then diamond'd up
    It's the m-uh-m-uh-man, that I hustle for grams
    Me, Ta', and Cris' with a blunt in my hand
    See I come through shining, known big tymin
    Red Caddi truck, nigga I'm grinding
    I come Harley D, black bike all chrome
    Your queen is home, daddy tell 'em where they went from
    See I'ma slide on through, then I stash the loot
    Who washed the coupe, ma look I know what to do
    Got the suit you to wear some pumps on
    Matching the car, matching my bra, shit nigga pimping is hard
    I jock that, so wipe a nigga down
    Let's dribble on a hoe, bitch time to go
    The Caddi do me pop, the coupe is hot
    The groupies flock, and case me out my Gucci socks
    Yeah, we get that dough, Tatee' watch me drop these
    You got me, can I get the car keys
    See I wipe a bitch down, then dribble on a hoe
    And I touch her from her head, from her waist, to her toes
    Pop up in the Lexus with the mink on the floor
    Rocked out Nexus 2K bird hoe, Wooo!

    Composición: Phalon AlexanderFeaturing: Baby (2), Cristale, Tateeze
  20. Fo SheezyVer letra 3:44


    letra de Fo Sheezy

    You know they saying since the bar back on the 'dro, he lackin the flow
    And if that ever happen whoa I ain't rapping no more
    I'm good with a pina, daq and an o
    Gagging and choke like ho put the dick back in your throat
    Still packing fo sho
    Yeezy Weezy off of the heezy fo sheezy
    Cruise with the top off of the 'Ghini
    Bars got cheese I got cheddar linguine
    That's why I keep the federals scheming
    That's why I keep the platinum blinging
    Every diamond's like a nice size
    I help people with problems look at the bright side
    With nice ties on a rise so they sitting me high
    And the rims born in '79
    Weezy carry the nine glocks
    Slipping they goin' have to get six niggas name called carry a pine box
    Marry me ma, not
    But here's what you can do to me
    Give me good brains tutor me
    W-E-E-Z-why Wee
    [Chorus: x4]
    They call me Weezy Weezy fo sheezy
    Banana clip on the heater
    Banana whip on them sneakers
    Banana dick going deeper
    Got a good game honestly so respect the young'n
    Got your girl undercover like a detective woman
    I'm a mess blow a vest to onion and I'll test your stomach
    And the pistols right next to him cousin
    I'm a player having sex with dozens
    Sex with cousins hoes dissed with husbands
    My pants is down her dress is up
    Her head down and her neck is tough
    She suck till I say, "That's enough!"
    We fuck till her ass fractured up
    And when I nut no shower bitch pack your stuff
    Am I a mack or what
    Yep, Weezy macaroni with a bony model bitch
    Are you modeling ma
    She got her own whip so you following ma
    She said she like that squad shit
    So oh you swallowing ma
    She said she like that hot dick
    Well miss I got three bricks and two pills pop
    One blunt mami let's roll
    And understand, I know what my name is, right
    Bitch say it
    W-E-E-Z-why Wee
    [Chorus: x4]
    I'm so gangsta
    If she don't go down no thank you
    I got so many bitches so ain't ya
    Got so many pictures of Ben Franklin
    High top tennis on the car cover of the whole game cold
    Fuck it up with me niggas come from all angles
    Representing S-Q like the Star Spangled
    White tee-fish at Kango
    Low top Nikes plus my ho pop Nikes
    How exciting we riding in the third lane
    Said she like Juvy but prefer Wayne
    She can give me head
    Call her birdbrain on everything
    It's Young Weezy 'cause I be golly
    My neck more colorful then Nelly, Murph, Ky, Ali
    I'm so cold deep
    Low seats in the old drop blow reef
    Like no cops could fuck with this
    Swiftly no tops on the whippy
    Cash Money hot Bizzy Lil Wizzy get with me
    Now I'ma, I'ma ask you again
    You know my name right bitch
    Bitch say it
    [Chorus: x2]
    W-E-E-Z-why Wee
    Bitch holla!

  21. Fly Talkin´ Go Home 3:20

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