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Tha Carter II

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  1. Tha MobbVer letra 5:21


    letra de Tha Mobb

    Yeah... hard body (hard body)
    Carter carter carter yeah
    Let's go

    Cash Money Young Money motherfuck the other side
    They can fuck with us if they want I bring 'em homicide
    Word to my momma I'm gonna continue bombing
    'Til they getting out the game it's like coming out of a coma
    I'm trying... but I'm normal when this rap shit gets boring
    All I ask is that you pray for me (please)
    And the beat keep crying and I'm gonna keep beating her
    Fee I'm fucking her I'm deep in her sleep in her
    And what happens when the reaper come (huh?)
    I'm just hoping that he sends that elevator up
    I made enough I ain't make shit
    So while I'm here I'm gonna take that and take this (nigga!)
    Breakfast yes let's eat, wipe you mouth when you finished
    Then hunt for the lunch and dinner no beginner
    To the criminal activity fuck with them they rushing in
    Like Seminoles Indians no bow and arrows Harold
    Just leaners Cheena just choppers Robert
    Carter II tell me how is you gonna stop a riot
    I lock and seal it up the best I could feel it (yeah!)
    I'm in the lead I can pop a wheelie (got 'em!)
    Not for rookies late bloomers stay in the womb (GO!)
    I'm here motherfucker make room... BOOM!
    Young Tune the big kahuna
    It's my ocean baby you all niggas is tuna
    Better now than sooner junior
    Fly around you city try tryna take a number two on you
    I ain't going nowhere special I won't never leave
    Shit I'm already a legend if I ever leave
    Game get rid of me? Not little me
    Man I got 'em I'm gonna get 'em B (I got 'em B)
    I'm hungry like I didn't eat
    I want it like I didn't see a mill before seventeen
    What the fuck you niggas telling me?
    You pups can't keep up with the Pedigree
    Catch me where the weather be somewhere in the seventies
    Call myself settling palm trees Promethezine but what's new?
    Sometimes I can't cut through that rough loop
    Get fucked so many times 'til it's fuck you (fuck 'em!)
    So how you wanna do it baby we can get it
    All you gotta do is say it and I'm with it
    Money and murder you my nigga my jelly preserver
    I'm gonna ride baby 'til the judge give me a verdict yeah
    Hear me or heard me I get it and serve it
    'cause everytime I did it I hit it and hurt it yeah
    Now I kill it the mission accomplished
    The niggas abolished the bitches astonished
    Then they pay homage when did they find it but
    Now that they know it's a must I remind 'em so
    They don't forget it I underline it and
    I'm in the sky when the thunder's crying young'n
    I been through all that I done done what you saying
    I put it down when the other was playing
    When the jungle was open I rolled in with the riders
    Stole food from the bears and bought it back to the lions
    Quote unquote with the eighth I'm a gorilla but lighter
    With the eye of a tiger the heart of a fighter yeah
    Start 'em, ignite 'em I walk through fire
    Watch the flames start multiplying whoo! Yeah
    Alter a nigga nina talk to a nigga
    Take a chunk ouch body like a shark bit a nigga
    I'm awkward like Cartwright fuck with a nigga
    Shot ugly but my arch right come on dog bark bite
    Fork in the road I'm always going right
    Nowadays knowing life ain't no more road lights
    We can't see but we're gonna make it to the finish line
    It's right there the goal line right behind the scrimmage line
    Touchdown check the scoreboard gimme mines
    Semi 9 fit me fine hit a nigga twenty times
    Damn then one more to the face (BOW!) just
    So they close the casket like I pay to close the case
    I made straight mafia shit front line
    Top rank ready to die for my shit and the obvious shit
    If I talk about my robbery they probably get rich
    So fuck 'em I'm gonna let 'em sit
    And I ain't ducking 'cause I'm right here I'm just enough
    I don't care who at the top of the stairs I'm stepping up
    See you fucking up the money baby that ain't good business
    You starting to look like a witness and this is
    For the gangsters and the bitches the hustlers and the hoes
    Crossover whatever mainstream no
    'cause Wayne thinks silent Wayne'll never fold
    You heard it right here if the game was ever told
    Lift up you toes and look under a rug
    Trust me there's history under all that dust
    So deep down in the dirty there lies us (who?)
    Yeah Cash Money Records and I'm still up front
    Stunner pop a bottle baby peel us a blunt
    Lets eat and talk about all them niggas we cut
    What? You know what? Let's not fuck up our lunch
    That's real shit if you ever seen such

    The Mobb

    Composición: Sean Thomas (3)
  2. Fly InVer letra 2:23


    letra de Fly In

    So they ask me
    Young boy
    What you gonna do the second time around
    How you goin' come back
    I tried told them
    I come back like thirty two
    I jump back like thirty three (ugh)
    Hit me!
    That's nothin'
    This is Tha Carter Two people
    This is Tha Carter Two people (hey)
    They call me Mr. Carter I kissed the daughter
    Of the deads forehead I killed the father
    Spilled the heart of a mildew hater
    I will put them body on chill like glaciers
    Gracias I'm crazy yes it's obvious
    Going against me is atheist
    I got my angels on my shoulders and a quarter of that angel dust
    I ain't sniffin' I'm just pitchin' ya honor I ain't snitchin' ya honor
    Hate bitch niggas bitches with power
    Vacate when the kitchen get hotter
    I just sit on the counter open the cabinet close the cupboard
    Put that jar in the skillet drop a four in the bubbles
    I remember being young tryin' to hustle my dough
    Tryin' to tell the old junkies that my crack ain't soap
    Tryin' to tell you fool you chump that my mack ain't broke
    You ain't tryin' to see how far that black back lane go
    No, call me Pacman you ghosts is blue
    I got my red river rubies and my oceans blue
    Jewelry, usually I'm a hooligan for the money
    Yeah I'm eatin' but I got a tapeworm in my tummy oh
    Make harm in the bomb you in public
    Hit you with the straight arm no warning nothin'
    Look it's mornin' no yawnin' or nothin'
    I ain't sleepin' I'm up tryin' to take a nigga lunch
    You gon make a nigga break a nigga fronts
    Then shake a nigga shorts and we takin' what we want
    I'm so 5-0-4 you got to kill me here
    If you ever lookin' for me bitch I will be here
    Cash Money is an army Navy Seal me here
    Lot of niggas ran from it but I'll still be here
    No chrome on the continental I'm so fundamental
    Crack the phill' crack the roof and roll up the window
    And my hood love me they tell me bring it home
    That's why I holla Hollygrove on each and every song
    You leapin' at a dog a dog wit no bark
    Just a bite like an old shark
    And all you bitch niggas no paw
    I'm talkin' bout stunna
    He like keep ya door he got ya whole winters
    Sunshine's on the king and sets on the prince
    I met the Birdman and I been shinin' ever since like that (that, that, that)

  3. Money On My MindVer letra 4:32


    letra de Money On My Mind


    [Chorus 2X with variations]
    Money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money money on my mind
    So money is all I think of

    Steppin out the motherfuckin car they in awe
    I'm lookin like a star bitch when you see me make a wish
    Holla at ya motherfuckin boy J.R.
    Birdman my pa bitch ball bred born rich
    Dear Mr. Toilet I'm the shit
    Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thick
    I know but trip and that forty make a chip
    Out a potato head wimp and like ranch I dip
    And the hustle was all muscle just strength
    When it comes to that weight I don't struggle I just lift
    I got my hand on the game yeah I make a grip
    Hundred grand in my fist same on my wrist
    Get key money from a quarter blame it on my wrist
    I whip coke like hoes nigga I'm a pimp
    Lil nigga bout to rape the market
    If we talkin bout money baby now we talkin


    [Hook: during chorus]
    Fuck bitches [3X]
    Get money [3X]
    Get money fuck bitches
    Fuck bitches get money
    Fuck bitches get money

    Nigga get it in a slump if you know how
    In the heart of the summer we need a snow plow
    What you know bout that baby its yo time
    Coke transactions on the phone we call it blowjob
    Too fast for the feds too cocky for the cops
    Had to ditch my old bitch gettin sloppy wit the pots
    Hoppin off the boat meetin papi at the docks
    He tell me I'm gainin weight I tell him I'm gettin paid
    Money over bitches I'm yellin it to the grave
    Developed at a young age go after what pays
    These Gabana sunshades block the sunrays
    I drop a car note in the mall on the first day
    I gotta get it even if its in the worst way
    That cake like it's it's my birthday
    New Orleans my birthplace ya heard me
    Where moneys more important than the person

    [Chorus + Hook during chorus]

    Twistin up a blunt thinkin bout my next dollar
    I'm diggin in the game tryna get some money out her
    I'm so vain its a problem
    It ain't a stain on these Pradas I'm just bein modest
    Got me a goddess sure how to divide it
    She still down and she don't get none of the profit
    We around the city let the tints hide me
    Thats a cold muhfucker whoever inside it
    Forever symbolizing the grind it don't walk to you
    I make it run like horses do
    Giddy up baby if you got it then hit 'em up baby
    I know its crazy but I can't get enough baby
    I love it I fuckin love it
    I'm a self made millionaire fuck the public
    Ridin to myself cause I don't fuck with nothin
    Pistol on my lap on the way to the money

    [Chorus + Hook during chorus]

    Composición: Johnny Mollings, Lenny Mollings
  4. FiremanVer letra 4:24


    letra de Fireman

    I'm the Fireman
    Fire, Fa, Fireman
    I got that fire I'm hollering
    I got that fire come and try me and
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    Ain't nobody fuckin' with me man, Heatman
    Ski Mask spending next weeks cash, he fast
    And I don't even need a G pass I'm pass that
    I'm passin' 'em out now and you can't have that
    And my chain Toucan Sam that
    Tropical colors you can't match that
    Gotta be abstract
    You catch my gal legs open better smash that
    Don't be surprise if she ask where the cash at
    I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack
    My girls can't wear that why that's where my stash at
    I put my mack down that's where you lack at
    She need her candlelit and I'm a wax that
    I rekindle the flame
    She remember the name
    It's Weezy Baby January December the same
    Mama gimme that brain
    Mama gimme that gut
    Cause I'm the fireman
    You hear the firetruck
    I'm the fireman
    Fire, fa, fireman
    I got that fire I'm hollering
    I got that fire come and try me and
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    Fresh on campus it's the Birdman junior
    Money too long teachers put away ya rulers
    Raw tune not a cartoon
    No shirt, tattoos, and some war wounds (sexy)
    I'm hot but the car cool
    She wet that's a carpool
    Been in that water since a youngin' you just shark food
    Quick Draw McGraw I went to art school
    Yeah the lights is bright but I got a short fuse
    Don't snooze
    Been handlin' the game so long my thumbs bruised
    Ya new girlfriend is old news
    Yeen' got enough green and she so blue yeah
    Cash Money Records where dreams come true
    Everything is easy baby leave it up to Weezy Baby
    Put it in the pot let it steam let it brew
    Now watch it melt don't burn ya self
    I'm the fireman
    Fire, fa, fireman
    I got that fire I'm hollering
    I got that fire come and try me and
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    Ridin' by myself well really not really
    So heavy in the trunk make the car pop-a-wheelie
    Who? Weezy Baby or call me Young Baby
    My money 360, you only 180
    Half of the game too lazy
    Still sleepin' on me but I'm bout to wake 'em
    Yep! I'm bout to take em to New Orleans and bake 'em
    Yeah it's hot down here take a walk with Satan yeah
    Come on mama let The Carter make ya
    Toss ya like a fruit salad strawberry crape ya
    They ball when they can and I'm ballin' by nature
    Addicted to the game like Jordan and Peyton
    Y'all in a race and me I'm at the finish line
    Been running for too long it's time to gimme mine
    Straight down ya chimney in ya living room is I
    Weezy allergic to wintertime
    I'm the fireman
    Fire, fa, fireman
    I got that fire I'm hollering
    I got that fire come and try me and
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    You can spark it up and I'm a put you out
    I, I, I, got 'em
    I, I, I, got 'em
    aye aye B
    I got 'em
    Aye D I got 'em
    Aye slim I got 'em
    Don't worry
    I, I, I
    Don't worry
    I, I, I
    I'm a put you out

  5. Mo FireVer letra 3:24


    letra de Mo Fire

    Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya

    [Verse 1]
    Why did he plot, my fifty cup, my city hot I'm dodgin the city cop
    I play em' like pitty pat (shh)I'm kickin back (yeah)I'm gettin stacks, these bitches is really rats
    I fuck em and give em back (yeah) I really mack (yeah) how real is that, you love him, you really wack
    I hustle and bend my back
    My muscle is in tact
    My biceps and triceps is AYYYE YESSS

    Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya

    [Verse 2]
    I Come at You (shh), it's somethin new, the color is smurf blue, I'm puffin that purple, believe it if I talk it I walk it like Hershel
    I get it like it is on the commercial
    Verse 2,
    this is Verse 2, it is worse too, I'll mirk you, like I birth you
    you niggas small bubbles, I'll burst you, and spit you out and have your girlfriend slurp you
    my jewelry earth blue, some say its earth green, I'm like whateva my shit mean and obscene
    now I been seen on alotta different scene, that mean I got alotta different creme

    Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya

    [Verse 3]
    I raise mo fire to the man up higher, I lick a shot to let him know that im a rider (yeah) my dreads hang to let him know that I'm a lion, represent the
    jungle when the others just tryin, I represent my mother like baby stop cryin, I know my papa gone but guarantee to see her shinin (yeah), now you are
    lookin at New Orleans finest, now you are being blinded, by European diamond, and you were seein 2 or 3 times and, got your vision all fucked up, now you
    can't even find me, and I ain't even hidin naw, I'm right here baby, she wanna walk witcha, I'm like yea baby, party man with the shotty to his head
    rock-a-by his ass to sleep, rock it lay him down to bed
    I put you in my pocket, right next to the condoms homie, you ain't nuthin but a prop fish..

    Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya
    Mo Fi-ya, Mo Fi-ya Weezy.. Mo Fi- ya, I giver her, ....

    Composición: Ronald Ferebee Jr.Músicos invitados: Jose Rodriguez (7) (Engineer [Assistant])
  6. On Tha Block #1 (Skit) 0:39
  7. Best Rapper AliveVer letra 4:55


    letra de Best Rapper Alive

    Fuck with me?
    Thank you
    You know me man
    I got 'em boy
    Weezy baby
    C two
    Weezy baby
    You cant see me
    And I see you, Lawd
    I, I, I got 'em
    Bring the crowd and I'm loud and living color
    It is Weezy fuckin' baby got these rappers in my stomach (yummy)
    I'm takin' it I ain't askin' them for nothin'
    If you sell a million records we can battle for ya money
    I'd rather count a hundred thousand dollars on a Sunday
    Watch a football game and bet it all on one play
    Still stuntin' baby yes I'm still flossin'
    Latest car on the market with the top peeled off it
    Big wheels make it look a lil' bulky
    You look a lil' salty have ya-self a chill coffee
    Chill out, the girls is still out
    Even though I am a boss and got papers to fill out
    I'm busy I got people to reel in
    God I hope they snappin' at the end of my rod
    I hope I'm fishin' in the right pond
    And I hope you catch on to every line
    Who a I!
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh)
    Swagger right check, game tight
    And they goin', R-E-S-P-E-C-T me (who?)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh)
    Swagger right check, game tight
    And you should, be afraid, be very afraid
    The heart of New Orleans, thumpin' and beatin'
    Livin' and breathin', steallin' and feedin'
    Peelin' and leavin', killin' and greivin'
    Dearly departed, erased deleted
    No prints no plates, no face no trace
    Out of sight out of mind, no court no case
    Sell his chain, celebrate, block parties, second line,
    Zulu ball bar, S.S. fest, jazz fest, Mardi Gras
    Shotty bounce, body rock, now he dropped,
    No he got, family try, tell the feds, tell the cops
    Smell a rat, comin' back, to the house, to the spot
    Tap tap, knock knock, who is that? chicka pow!
    Trigger man, hoody man, tell the kids boogie man,
    "Pistol Pete", ammo-mammal, gun man, blum blam (ha ha)
    Damn semi you done fucked up
    Pussy ass niggas put ya nuts up
    Just call me!
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh)
    Swagger right check, game tight
    And they goin', R-E-S-P-E-C-T me (who?)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh)
    Swagger right check, game tight
    And you should, be afraid, be very afraid
    Fuck up with all these rookie M-C's?
    Whew! smell like a bunch of pussy to me (fuck em')
    Fuck em' good, fuck em' long, fuck em' hard, fuck who? fuck em' all (yea)
    Like that just like that, right back
    I'm on that money train and that mack will knock em' off track
    The Carter back, well protected from the warren Sapp
    The young heart attack, I spit that cardiac
    You cant see me baby boy you got that cataracts
    I'm right here, straight out ya hood just like an alley cat
    Since everyone's a king where the fuck ya palace at
    Me I got callus on my hand I can handle that
    Its no problem baby I so got em'
    Its just a victory lap baby I'm just joggin'
    Yeah, and I ain't even out of breath
    The motherfuckin best yet
    Sorry for cussin'
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh)
    Swagger right check, game tight
    And they goin', R-E-S-P-E-C-T me (who?)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh, yup)
    The best rapper alive (huh)
    Swagger right check, game tight
    And you should, be afraid, be very afraid, yeah
    (The best rapper alive)

    Composición: Derrick BakerMúsicos invitados: Big D. (Instruments [All]), Lil Hollywood (Recorded By), DJ Khaled (Scratches)
  8. Lock And LoadVer letra 4:47


    letra de Lock And Load

    [Lil' Wayne Intro]

    Yeah, vibe wit me sweetheart it aint hard,

    Ah fuck dem niggaz I aint worried bout dem

    This Cash Money baby ya no what im takin bout

    its the Carter II, Kurupt holla at dem niggaz (nigga)

    [Chorus (Kurupt)]

    We won, we won and then we shot that BB gun

    they lost, they lost we took they shit now its time to floss (Lock & Load) [2x]

    [Verse 1 (Lil'Wayne)]

    22 year old 17 war vet life in the fast lane little red corvette little red handkerchief hangin out the right side back pocket jeans fallin

    cover my Evisu sign

    yep we do shine and they gon hate but they hated G's is baby we wont break

    so we ride like four perrelli's so s-cary no security, no protectin, no conparin lokin heavy , Oceans 11 , aviators, both taker, so fakers, no players im

    hollygrove to the heart hollygrove from the start dont cross airheart boluvard or the war i come from 1-7 one shot never that blum, blum, blrrr, blrrr,

    pop, pop, clap, clap what the fuck hollygrove stand up nigga duck.

    [Chorus (Kurupt)]

    [Verse 2 (Lil' Wayne)]

    get em get em weezy hit em where you kill em easy sit em in the river leave em they find em tomorrow evenin sinkin im prolly drinkin that

    syrup thinkin I wont slip even tho im leanin like a broke hip. he aint know I got the nina with the full clip thats a sommersault, backspin full flip for

    ya. push this button ill flip out and hit sumthin miss nuthin im just bustin until the scene clean. twelve hundred for the jeans stop playin a hundred

    dollars for the glock in my pants who the man I am when I stand with it pointed right at your face knock your brains from the back of your neck for lack

    of respect I strap a jet black gat to the death tell my momma to bury me with that no bullshit my hood gettin kinda crazy where I be so rony's wit me

    cause he's the O.G.

    [Chorus (Kurupt)]

    [Verse 3 (Lil' Wayne)]

    Fresh out the backseat of the figgity Phantom the hater I make em madder when I wave at em like "what up" if it aint bout money I keep goin

    im tryin to get that green im tryin to mow my lawn.

    But fuck them boys I got the shoty on my armor

    If them boys run up I leave they bodies on the lawn

    and duck the fuck outta there cause baby its hotter there if this was a movie its time to roll the credits "CUT" its all over all of your brains are all over the

    mother fuckin block im a mother fuckin rock hard body Eagle street 17 shots night vision double clip hot steady beam glock pop, drop little man drop this is not for little bitches, you man or a fox im layin in the drop thinkin of more money, Cash Money, young money, take money, your money

    [Chorus (Kurupt)]

    [Lil' Wayne Outro]

    hahaha, yeah, lock & load, ya know, I thought they knew it was really real daddy, yeah, homeboy, my mother fuckin wristband was 300

    dollars no lie, Dolce & Gabbana, they should pay me for sayin that shit, so is my jeans they wasnt 300 but they Dolce too, yeah, we won mother fucker, we

    winnin over here, thats right, hey, somebody call gordon tell him pull up front open the doors suicide, lets ride out, you got money you know what the

    fuck im takin bout, if ya dont, keep thinkin, if you can do that, your losin streak is goin up, why?

    Cause we here, and I’ll fuck this up today, straight up

    Composición: D. WilliamsFeaturing: Kurupt
  9. Oh NoVer letra 3:12


    letra de Oh No

    Oh No, No, Oh No, No
    Oh No, No, Oh No, No, Oh No, No

    I play the bullshit from the backseat champ
    Yea I'm in the backseat still got the seat back
    Feet back stay from where the fake be at
    Niggas snitch for the shine where the patience at
    Nigga make his own brother face his back
    Give love and take it back
    Good grief man this world is quite heavy on my aching back
    Cops killing for crack you know the story snakes eat rats
    Face the facts you can't change him can't shoot it if you can't aim it
    Can't miss him if he kill you then you can't blame him
    That's just how the dice roll when you can't fade him
    Get too deep up in that water and they can't save ya
    Me I come out of that water like I was just bathing
    And watch my step on a wet pavement
    Yea I'm from the hood so I rep 'em where I can't take em
    Holly Grove Holly Grove was his last statement
    So nigga get that look off your face
    And recognize you got a crook in the place
    They call me W-E-E crooked letter Y I'm so high
    I skeet skeet in any nigga dime like she's mine
    Street sweeper in the back of the hatch make me pop the latch
    Leave you bloody with the cops to match
    Bullet holes in ya speakers from the chopper blast
    Like... Ha ha
    That's bullet holes in your sneakers got you hopping back
    It all stop when they hit you in ya top and back
    No cocking back silly motherfucker you ain't heard bout this
    The clip sink down to the dick
    That's a automatic shotty from a drum they call tommy
    Guaranteed to get you bitches from by me
    When I hit every piece of ya visible body he leakin'
    Mortimer is no longer leapin' he sleepin'
    While you pussy niggas is sleeping he thinking
    Deep in thought the boy ain't even winkin'
    Bob Marley got me stinking
    Stacking figures I'm standing firm life's a slinky
    Pipes is filled with crack cocaine
    And the dope go inside of the veins from where I came
    Though I bear a name only one call live with
    Coach they won't knock me off my pivot forget it
    I'm sicker with it
    Pick a city buy a condo find a fine hoe let some time go chill
    What you know about a bongo having her mind go
    Over a convo about dough
    Nothing! Man the four wheelers look so good on the sand
    Tee or tanktop pocket fan
    No pocket knife, no handgun in sight
    Just that rat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat BOOM!
    Ha ha tonight I might just boost my feature price
    Cause to each its own and the lights is bright
    And I'm feeling like Mike at a Tyson fight
    I'm from Cita house big momma's house
    She told me to shoot ya right after I knock ya out
    And he ain't getting up after them shots if you hit him in the right spot
    Hold up the beat might drop

    Oh No, No, Oh No, No

    Composición: Matlock (6), Ronald Ferebee Jr.
  10. Grown ManVer letra 4:06


    letra de Grown Man

    Dawg you gotta feel me on this one
    What it be like dawg, I'm on some some adope grown up type shit
    Look who I be around nigga, look who I been around nigga
    Geezy, Juve and Turk, be and Slim dawg pay attention dawg
    [Verse 1]
    Age is nothin but some digits nigga trust me on this
    Cas I think I speak for every one when I say life is a bitch
    I ride D L into the see L Gun right in my grip
    I slip a clip in every rip , cas hatas likely to trip
    Come home to my future wife and every night she'll flip
    She end up catchin rights to her lips behind diapers and shit
    But I like when we split drink henney without ice when I'm pissed
    Go to the club and start a fight thinkin I'm Tyson and shit
    But I'm a man so I'm here to handle my situtions correctly
    And i noI might be dumb but niggas gone definantly respect me
    But in the mean partner I'm fightin gun charges in court
    And in a couple of weeks our next tour about to start
    Its like i'm livin happy now
    except for the fact my daughter sayin I love you daddy now
    And that kinda juice me up and I smoke about 3 blunts
    and puff a cooler bust me up
    And say a prayer for everyday
    just so I get through the stuff but I be like
    (Chorus) - 2x
    Ahhhh man, it's complicated doin everythang on your own man
    being responsible for everybody and yo own man
    and when you feel like everythang is goin wrong man
    I'm gone stand cause I am a GROWN MAN
    [Verse 2]
    I try to keep my head up, but I die to keep my bread up
    And usually I'm fed up thinkin everythang's a set up
    But I get up this stick out my chest and clutch on my nuts
    And i get hit up with all kinda stress
    And put up wit the stuff trust me it's tough
    But I mantain to climb through it all
    And I still manage to be Lil Wayne therefore I shine and I ball
    And dawg I live for today and hope and pray that there's a tomorrow
    And I borrow confidence from out my heart when thangs get awfall
    And I'm walkin on the edge stuck without a solution
    and someway I still pick it out and shuffle to conclusion
    And I don't need nobody so keep yo advice and jus dom it
    Cas ya'll cats don't really no me ya'll jus no bout me
    So if my dawgs be on my side they keep me combile with spirit
    And plus I know my fathers watchin and my mother's the dearest
    And I ain't neva said they don't appreciate what I do
    But jus know if I wasn't a man I wouldn't make it through
    (Chorus) - 2x
    [Verse 3]
    Who would have known that this was somthin that didn't turn out so hectic
    But I chose my own life so I gradually accept it
    I'm influenced and effected by the way it became
    And I don't play with them at all so I don't say its a game
    And even though I grew up hard and I have gracefully change
    I'm always street so I'll forever be facin a change
    And I'll keep this thang brutained on the waist of my pants
    And I demand respect from all if not then I'm waisten a man
    And if I want it then I get and if I need it I have it
    Take care of my family first plus the liquor and weed is a habit
    And I'm so often I'm congratulated for the succeced at last
    But when they turn they back I just have Jesus leadin my path
    And I didn't ask for you to like me I don't care if you hate me
    But don't mistake me no otha man can neva make me or break me
    Now you faithfully inspired by the hood tell I'm gone
    And I dawg I do believe I'm grown
    so I'll be good on my own but I be like
    (Chorus) fading.......Believe Dat

    Composición: Curren$yFeaturing: Curren$y
  11. On Tha Block #2 (Skit) 0:26
  12. Hit Em UpVer letra 4:07


    letra de Hit Em Up

    I tried to talk to him
    Quit talkin', I'm a hang ya by your tongue, yea
    Any motormouth could get hung high
    We don't fuck wit' niggas like fungi
    We don't even hear ya
    Hollerin' bullshit nigga quit the diarrhea
    Pistol lie inside of the armrest, um yes
    Lay a nigga down in his own mess, don't mess
    Playa fuck around wit' the homeless, charmless
    You can leave out here armless, no homies
    Honest, you niggas is harmless
    I'm calm as a Don is supposed to (be)
    Costa Nostra, don't ever approach him
    Don't get close to him
    Shootouts and nothin' but rock n roll to him
    Leave your blood on the dash, call it rosewood
    'Nother murder, 'nother page out the notebook
    It ain't nothin' it don't make it if you no good
    I tried to talk to him, but then a nigga had to
    Hit 'em up,
    Hit 'em up
    I ain't even wanna hit 'em up really,
    I was try'na be calm
    But, uh, that chopper rocked,
    put his head in his arms
    And man,
    I tried to talk to him,
    I tried to talk to him
    Hit 'em up,
    Hit 'em up
    I ain't even wanna hit 'em up,
    fuck it make a nigga get loose
    He had too much talk, not enough proof
    I tried to talk to him,
    I tried to talk to him
    Hit 'em up,
    Hit 'em up
    I ain't even wanna hit 'em up hit 'em up
    I ain't even wanna hit 'em
    but I hit 'em up
    I tried to talk to him,
    I tried to talk to him
    Y'all take them shoes off your teeth
    Stop runnin' your mouth
    No shoes, no feet, I'll run in your mouth
    I'll come to your house, me and my goons
    Loadin' up bangers, ridin' under the moon
    Throwin' up fingers sayin' "My side rule"
    If a nigga disagree, that's when my side prove
    That Maybach coupe a cock-eyed fool
    And I'm "in it like Bennett" hoe, aren't I cool
    But if that thermostat switch and that needle move
    Then the attitude switch and the heat'll move
    I got that, Shakita banana, clip for the tool
    Meet a disaster, pity the fool, eat a catastrophe
    Swallow the truth, belch reality
    How does it taste, powder your face,
    you a bitch nigga
    All pussy, stop cummin' out your lips nigga
    I tried to talk him, but then a nigga had to
    Real talk boy, chill wit' the talk boy
    That Tommy Gun'll tear your neighborhood apart boy
    Yeah, leave your feelings in your heart boy
    Start with the wrong boy, it end wit' a song boy
    Wit' your friends, to carry you alone
    To a concrete mattress and a fluffy tombstone
    Fuck discussion, I ain't in to it boy
    I just get to it, let's do it, rip through a boy
    Big Uzi, tissue the boy
    I'm inside lookin' out, you just an intruder boy
    You need sutures on your smooches boy
    But, I tried to talk to him, but then a nigga had to

  13. Carter IIVer letra 2:24


    letra de Carter II

    So you made it, this far,
    We upstairs, I let you up here
    You special, Marley, don't shoot
    You know what this is?
    Still The Carter 2 people
    Still The Carter 2 people
    Yeah, you still in the carter 2 people
    Hey yeah,
    All I have in this world is a pistol and a promise
    A fist full of dollars, a list full of problems
    I'll address them like P.O. Boxes
    Yeah I'm from New Orleans, the Creole cockpit
    We so out of it, zero tolerance
    Gangster gumbo, I'll serve 'em a pot of it
    I'm wealthy, still fuckin' with that block shit
    Wet your ass up, head to feet till your sock a drip
    Don't slip, you might fall and bust your ass
    No snakes at the carter, tell the gardener to cut the grass
    I hear 'em but they talking under mass
    Stop throwing pebbles at a bulletproof glass
    That's Cash Money, honey pie
    We ain't runnin', we don't hide screamin' fuck the other side
    Don't get caught on it, this the dailiest grind
    I'll put your heart on it and walk on it
    The chalks only for the art homie
    How they trace ya after I erase ya
    Look around, we at war and you still in preparation
    I'm riding for them reparations, no patience
    Slow paper is better than no paper
    Fast money don't last too long, you gotta pace it
    You gotta know that paper
    If you got it from a caper, you gotta blow that paper
    Gotta know that photo-fobia, no Kodak moments
    Feds walls with my pictures on 'em
    Nah, I ain't even in the school yearbook
    I don't do too much posin', got a cool killer look
    Career crook, get your career took
    I'm back like a brassiere hook
    Bitch cheer, camouflage gear, the hunter's here
    Better play it by ear, you ain't nothing but a deer
    Around here and this here is The Carter
    Serve it while it's hot out the pot to your mama
    And Slim tell me ain't nobody hotter
    But get your boys some different sauce, I want the whole enchilada
    I got 'em by the collar, watch me drop 'em
    On the head at the bottom
    You ain't gotta shoot 'em cause I already shot 'em
    And I ain't gotta get 'em cause I already got 'em
    Get 'em

  14. Hustler MusikVer letra 5:04


    letra de Hustler Musik

    Hit me, right in the sternum this time t baby
    You already know, you already know, you already know
    This that hustler musik young Weezy got that motherfuckin' hustler musik
    So ride to it y'all, vibe to it y'all
    Goddamn, next they hit a nigga in his head with this one
    I'm a paint the city red wit this one
    I'm a head wit' this one
    See you fuckin' wit' the boys who tote toys way before Christmas.
    No assistance just that persistence with.
    That commitment if, I don't get it somebody gone die tonight
    I know my vibe is tight,
    And I deserve the thrown, and if the kid ain't right,
    Then let me die in this song, see I'll be ridin' (just)
    Ridin' alone wit' my daddy on my mind like you gotta be kiddin'
    How the hell you ain't here to see ya prince do his thing
    Sometimes I wanna drop a tear but no emotions from a king
    She'll be, so I be who I be that's me
    That's Weezy F. Baby and
    Please say the motherfuckin'
    So I be who I be, that's me that's Weezy F. Baby and please say the motherfuckin'
    Baby you gotta know that I'm just out here doin' what I gotta do
    For me and you and we eatin'
    So bitch why the fuck is you trippin'.
    I'm takin' these chances my head to the sky, my feet on the ground
    My fingers to the judge if the money don't move
    Then I won't budge, won't budge, no I won't budge no, na
    Money is the motivation
    Facin' the avenue, back touchin' the wall
    Got the weed, got the gun gotta run when I hear that bird call, dang
    Hop in that thang and merk off, swerve off
    You know me, they call me "Birdman Junior"
    Anybody murderer if Birdman sponsor it
    Phantom of the opera all black gwop tent, locked in
    I can let them shots out, you can't get no shots in
    Bulletproof, leave a nigga wit' a bullet roof
    Shoot ya in ya mouth, Leroy they call 'em bullet tooth
    I'm like what it do, what it do
    There's a full court pressure
    I'm just going for the two, if I'm open for the three
    I'm a take it in a second, even if there's one second and I'm a make it, it's nothin'
    I don't take it for granted, I don't take it for nothin'.
    I take it for what it is worth to the turf motherfucker (yea)

    I ain't never killed nobody I promise, I promise if you try me
    He gone have to rewind this track and make me go back
    That thing will go blat, that boy will lay flat so flat
    That act is what I perform amongst you haters
    Got Nina in my palm and I'm masturbatin'
    Black Peter Pan flies 'til I die, what you sayin'
    Bathing Ape, Yves Saint, Evisu, what I stay in
    Got me feelin' like Scarface like the Koheba
    Streets reply I look right in a four seater
    You know I be out here ridin' a four seater
    Top floor of the four seasons, four of them whores
    And they all know how to cook it up and look I got some
    But only one know how the bag, bitch bundle up
    See its a cold world so homey bundle up
    We ain't on this grind for nothin', so get ya hustle up.
    [Chorus: x2]
    Man, man this be that hustler musik
    Young Weezy got that motherfucking hustler musik, yo
    So ride to it yo, and vibe to it yo
    I'm asking y'all please please
    Young Weezy got that hustler musik
    Young Weezy got that motherfucking hustler musik
    Ride to it yo, vibe to it yo, vibe to it yo
    Its real shit man, its real talk man, its how do it
    How did it, how done it
    Its real shit man, its real talk boy, its how do it
    How did it, how done it, I ain't braggin', I ain't boastin'
    This the way it go I ain't braggin', I ain't boastin', this the way it is
    Better guard your kids, guard your face
    Guard your body we warn the place, we here
    Fuck bitches its young money nigga

    Músicos invitados: April DeVona (Engineer [Assistant])
  15. ReceiptVer letra 3:48


    letra de Receipt

    It's kinda hard sayin this shit to ya face
    So I do it over snares and bass
    Music take me away

    [Verse One]
    Young boy, I know you love me like you never loved
    You know you couldnt find a better thug
    And uh, you been peepin me since I was younger
    So young that you even called me your little brother
    But I'm all grown up now I got my own money
    I'm married and divorced and my daughter is a woman
    And guess what? my daughter want another
    Sister or a brother and you lookin like a mother
    I took you from a clubber to a lover
    And you took another bitch husband
    The other bitch wasnt doin shit for him
    She say she did too much, I say she did nothin
    She need to quit frontin
    I havent hid nothin and you love everything
    Cant hide ya feelings, can't let my pride conceal it
    You got Wayne, I charge it to the game
    And baby you can keep the change, but...

    [Chorus: Lil Wayne]
    I gotta hold on, hold on to my receipt
    To redeem your love, that's exactly what I need
    (It's kinda hard sayin this shit to ya face
    So I do it over snares and bass
    Music take me away) - [2X]

    [Verse Two]
    Destiny Child CD, song number three
    She cater to me till we fall asleep
    Then we wake up and we pick up where we started
    Then she make a nigga breakfast sprite, orange juice, and water
    And she on stage waitin for me after my show
    So no time for groupies, straight to the top flo'
    Fresh out the shower, a smile and a towel
    Then after an hour, she gon need another shower
    I'm at home or in the coupe or in the office
    Or the streets or in the booth, thinkin bout you
    And, most of the girls that come by are cute
    And they try to holla but they all on mute
    And, my old girls turn they face up at me
    And, they thrown they purses and they make up at me
    Cuz you got Wayne, I charge it to the game
    And baby you can keep the change but...

    [Chorus - 2X]

    [Verse 3]
    Come home smellin food on the stove
    She done cleaned the whole house
    Washed the dishes and the clothes
    And we out we do it just how we supposed
    Look good for the public leave the drama in the Rolls
    Royce, choice of car dat we move
    And she gets high sometimes 'cause I'm always doin' it
    You hear them hallways we always doin it
    Work cut, always feel like the first one
    Perfect, when a nigga stressed off dat work shit
    Take away all the pain, make it lesser than dirt
    That's why you got Wayne, I charge it to the game
    And baby you can keep the change but...

    [Chorus 2X]

    It's kinda hard sayin this shit to ya face
    So I do it over snares and bass
    Music take her away

    Composición: Gregory Green, Sean Thomas (3)Músicos invitados: Javier Valverde (Recorded By)
  16. ShooterVer letra 4:35


    letra de Shooter

    [Lil Wayne:]

    Yea, yea, yea

    Weezy baby y'all, don't get shot

    Rappin' fire, what you know about it

    I brought my homie along for the ride

    He strapped, he came here to come out the barrel

    [Robin Thicke:]

    I heard some shouts like "Down on the floor"

    Then even louder we got shooters, shooter

    I turn around, I was starin' at chrome

    Shotgun watches door, got security good

    Jumped right over counter

    Pointed gun at, wink, he tell her

    I'm your shooter, shooter, shooter

    My hands up, my hands up

    They want me with my hands up

    Oh, shooter


    [Lil Wayne:] (I think they want me to surrender, but no, I can't do it) [x2]

    [Lil Wayne:]

    So many doubt 'cause I come from the South

    But when I open up my mouth, all bullets come out

    Bang! Die bitch nigga die I hope you bleed a lake

    I'ma play x-ray, helpin' y'all see the fake

    I'm just tryin' to be the great, tryin' to get a piece of cake

    Take it offa your plate, eat it right in your face

    They got a whole lot to say but I don't listen

    Call me automatic Weezy bitch I keep spittin', pow

    [Robin Thicke & Lil Wayne:]

    With all these riches and, all these riches

    But ain't no loaners around

    They thinkin about shooters that-shooters that

    Guns-Girls-Ladies that-Gunners that

    Shoot shoot shoot shoot shooter

    Put my hands up

    They want me with my hands up

    They want me with my hands up

    Oh, shooter

    But I'm not

    I just cry mama, I think they, hey

    Me think they want me to surrender (shooter)

    [Lil Wayne:]

    And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient

    Stop bein' rapper racists, region haters

    Spectators, dictators, behind door dick takers

    It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us

    I want to throw up like chips in Vegas

    But this is Southern face it

    If we too simple then y'all don't get the basics

    [Robin Thicke:]

    Lady walks into a shotgun surprise

    Dropped to her knees saw her life before her eyes

    He said "Bitch is gonna get it", everybody gon regret it

    I'm your, shooter

    My hands up, my hands up

    They want me with my hands up

    Oh, shooter


    [Lil Wayne:] (Me won't surrender, me no pretender)

    [Lil Wayne:]

    Sock soakin' wet I been runnin' y'all

    I reload, every hundred yards I'm comin' forward

    Better know me, Lil Wayne just call me lord

    Hard, take pain like Tylenols, raw

    Way past par, for, I'm some shit you never saw

    I take you to the shootout baby win lose or draw

    And then they ask who when where how

    And, my reply was simply pow!

    Mama, I think they, hey, me think they want me to surrender

    (Shooter, my hands up, my hands up, they want me to surrender)


    No, me won't surrender, no, no

    I promise no surrender

    I got my burner

    And I'm your shooter

    Composición: Bobby B. Keyes, James Gass, R.Daniels, Robin Thicke
  17. Weezy BabyVer letra 4:19


    letra de Weezy Baby

    Yeah... ma gurl get in at 1:15 am
    The guitar's crying right now
    Just a couple things going on in my life, you know

    [Verse 1]
    Brim leaning, cup tilted, blunt flicking
    Get money, fuck bitches
    Young Weezy, young pimping, she love it
    I keep going, she keep cumin, what you know bout it
    So bout it...like Master P... but no coward
    No I am no Howard the duck duck
    Lead showers, black flowers
    Black dresses, two hours, closed casket
    Ma dough tactics is so crafty
    No laughter, I do that after I get the dough bastards
    I get the dough faster, what if I flowed faster
    Like... oh Nancy the flow's plastic, automatic, I'm
    More drastic, ain't no names compared to me
    Who are you, where are ya, I can't see, ya air to me
    Ya not there to me, I ain't fucking wit you bitch niggaz
    I'm fucking ya sis nigga, it's Weezy

    [Hook - Nikki]
    If you gon' call him Weezy
    Then you must say the baby
    If you don't say the baby
    Then just don't say it at all

    [Verse 2]
    I'm... slick as an old mac, I'm... sick as a prozac
    And... the Carter 1 was the... dick for you hoes trapped
    And... this is Tha Carter 2 and... this is the bozack
    Digging you hoes back, quick if I blow back
    Got it... gone Rabbit
    Fast ma daddy's Rabbit at home
    What up pa (what up), what up Pac (what up), what up Pun (what up)
    What up Big (what up), what up Solja
    As the streets get colder I get chillier
    What up Left Eye (what up), what up Aaliyah (what up)
    Teck 9 close by touch 'em up
    I shoot niggaz in the mouth boy pucker up
    Sweet sucker tash gee golly what the fuck
    Where the hell all these new pussy rappers come from
    I chew 'em up like bubble gum... yum yum
    Young Weezy so troublesome, what what

    [Hook - Nikki]
    If you gon' call him Weezy
    Then you must say the baby
    If you don't say the baby
    Then just don't say it at all

    [Verse 3]
    I ain't talking fast you just listening too slow
    I'm... getting them Benjamins
    Can serve like the Wimbledon
    If I'm in any predicament, nervous never that
    Got a gat to knock whoever back back, very flat
    Chest... caved in, mess on the pavement
    Splat... cherry wax, rrraaahhh... bury that
    Rats... scary cat, rrraaattt carry that
    Hollygrove trigga man guns in a knapsack
    Area code five zero four, I ain't Nino fucking Brown
    And... this is Tha Carter ho, this is a quarter stick
    This in ya garter ho, leave out the back and go straight to the corner store
    Return with the cake, come wit all ma dough
    And if not they find you in a lake in the morning ho
    Weezy Baby please say the baby
    If not, don't ya motherfucking say it at all, bitch

    [Hook - Nikki]
    If you gon' call him Weezy
    Then you must say the baby
    If you don't say the baby
    Then just don't say it at all

    Composición: DeezleFeaturing: Nikki (2)
  18. On Tha Block #3 (Skit) 0:14
  19. I´m A Dboy 4:00
    Composición: Bryan Williams (2)Featuring: Birdman (2)
  20. Feel MeVer letra 3:49


    letra de Feel Me

    So "Little Wayne," whats your motivation?
    Is that really a question?
    Do you really have that written down in your notepad?
    You should be ashamed of yourself
    You smell me girl
    I smell like money
    See, that's what they don't understand (Tell 'em a god damn thing)
    To me it was always get money or die
    I come up under Birdman the number one stunner
    You know what I mean I'm stunner junior that's all I know that's all I ever knew
    Get money or get nothing you know what I'm saying
    And I feel that way
    For real
    So hard I go I keep pushing
    The game so crazy I'm in it like deep pussy
    I got chips from trying to get the whole cookie
    Used to make a thousand dollars every time I played hookie
    Dwayne Carter absent keep looking
    I'm present on the block
    I'm a legend on the block
    Ice so bright like heaven on the watch
    Yea nigga I done dropped one eleven on the watch
    So watch and see what I do
    Breeze by you so fast got you sneezing
    They got the shivers man I got the fever
    I got to bring the hood back after Katrina
    Weezy F. Baby now the F is for Fema
    Sick nigga bitch I spit that Leukemia
    Yea no cure no help
    So me so good so hard so felt
    Feel me
    And that's just my point right there
    That's what I'm always trying to stress know what I'm saying
    If you don't understand me if you don't feel me then you ain't real
    In my eyes, and that's all that count to me, you know?
    So, is your music considered the voice of urban America
    Or America period?
    I mean, I would say the voice of the hood, cause that's who I speak for
    And myself, you know what I mean, my family that's who I represent
    My homies, my girl, my life you know
    C'mon, bang this shit nigga pump my shit
    You gotta bang that wimp and go and dump that bitch
    You gotta claim that strip and go and flood that bitch
    You gotta aim that shit and straight bust that shit
    Like motherfuck them niggas what they wan-do I'm ready
    Tevin Campbell, no homo, black Rambo
    Fucking with the boy baby that's a gamble
    If he won in Vegas leave him on the crap table
    I'm willing and I'm able to come run up in your stable
    Like nobody make a sound where the paper where the paper
    Gotta get it gotta have it
    Once I got it I'm a spend it
    Then its back to doing any damn thing just to get it
    The re-ups be like birthday parties
    No room to park the cars in the garages
    So outside the cribs all you see is arragis
    If I ain't say it right fuck it I ain't foreign
    Feel me
    And see
    That's where everybody get me wrong at
    You know what I mean
    I got that heat rock, for real

    Why do you think other rappers
    Lack the impact of your music?
    That's because they ain't got that heat rock like me
    You know what I mean
    They ain't spitting like me
    They spitting, but, know what I mean, they ain't got colds
    I got the flu over here man, for real
    I need relief, y'all help me
    I know y'all sick of me,
    'cause I'm tired of y'all for real
    And based on the bank, I'm doing much better than a lot of these niggas
    I'm tired of these niggas
    Yawning when I see them make me stretch and pull the burner
    I'm cocking back and passing
    They catch 'em in they sternum
    Ooh ooh that gone probably burn ya
    That gone probably learn ya
    To never ever ever, ever ever ever come around here no more
    Rich gangsters over here you gotta die with the broke bitch
    I'm the God I should ride with the Pope
    But the boy so hood I just ride with my hoe yeah
    Yeah, and tell 'em bout Hollygrove
    Tell 'em bout my last show
    Tell 'em bout my last hoe
    You know, just born to mack
    Call me Dione Sanders bring the corner back, yeah
    I'm in my prime niggas falling back
    That's right I'm coming baby yeah hard as crack
    Feel me
    And that's just what it is nigga
    If you don't like my shit then fuck you and your shit man straight up
    That's how I was taught that's how I was brought up
    And that's how I'm a go down man, for real
    Cash-Money Young-Money in your motherfucking throat bitch
    Swallow slow
    Weezy F. Baby this interview is over, go to the next song

  21. Get OverVer letra 4:43


    letra de Get Over

    Yea, real rap, real rap for ya, yeah
    Lighters up, lets get 'em
    Though, though I'm missing you
    I'll find a way to get through
    I know living without ya is impossible (yea)
    Gone I know you goin' live on (cry momma, ya momma)
    Cause you were my brother (my sister) and I love ya, and I miss ya
    Stay strong, be tough, that's what the preacher tell ya
    He never really felt ya, so he can't even help ya
    Need a shoulder to lean on, somebody to cry to
    It's like everything's gone, but I'm a survivor
    Standing on stage in front of thousands
    Don't amount to me not having my father
    That's real talk, I know a lot of y'all got 'em
    But you need 'em way more when you gotta go without 'em
    And I'm without 'em, but that's life y'all
    Sometimes you gotta learn to swim with no lifeguard
    I'm alright God, shit I'm still breathing
    But lose hurt like bullets, I'm about to start bleeding
    Throw me down some comfort, cause my heart need it
    Trying to cope wit' my chances a needle
    There's a dark road ahead, but I'm trying to take it easy
    Rest in peace Lil Beezy, my nigga
    (I miss my dog I can't believe that it's over
    But I'm a soldier, so I gotta over, can't stay sober,
    I'm just trying to get over)
    And now we,
    Smoke kush all day and pop painkillers
    Fuck who don't understand it, this what the game did us
    This what the streets showed us
    This how the block made us,
    The same block where they laid 'em
    I pray every time I cross the spot on the pavement, save me
    Lord will I be next for the taking? Take me
    I know I'm living like I know when I'm coming
    But I'm just living cause I know that it's coming
    And the end is coming, but I ain't running
    I and hiding and ducking, I'm in the middle of a war, I'm alive and love it
    I'm just speaking from the heart of the dieing public
    We still beating, we goin' rise above it
    Though it seem like they cheatin' and we loosing
    We survive if nothing, they could never take the stride from struggling
    I gotta ride
    And sometimes that ride get bloody
    But I just think about my buddy and go after that money, but uh
    Oh, we gotta get over, we gotta get over, we gotta get over
    It's almost over, and we gon' be alright
    (I gotta get over, I gotta get over, cause bitch I'm a soldier)
    Straight Patron out the bottle to the head now
    We getting red now, bitch my nigga dead now
    And all the things I never said, I gotta say it now
    I should of said it then, now I gotta talk to clouds
    Now I gotta walk around, brim down
    Just trying to find my way to the next day, escape
    Ya birthday could be ya death date
    So I'm living like it was just yesterday, let's pray
    Ten fingers together, can't bring 'em together
    It's murder murder, I don't think it get better
    So be a competitor or get out the weather
    Me? I got a umbrella and a Beretta
    I'm just trying to make sure my daughter future progressing
    And behind that, I'm shooting excessive, trust me
    The beautiful dead, we living wit the ugly
    I just tell my pops wait for me, I'm coming
    Though, though I'm missing you
    I'll find a way to get through
    I know living without ya is impossible (yea)
    Gone I know you goin' live on (cry momma, ya momma)
    Cause you were my brother (my sister) and I love ya, and I miss ya
    (I miss my dog I can't believe that it's over
    But I'm a soldier, so I gotta over, can't stay sober,
    I'm just tryin to get over)
    Though, though I'm missing you
    I'll find a way to get through
    I know living without ya is impossible (yea)
    Gone I know you goin' live on (cry momma, ya momma)
    Cause you were my brother (my sister) and I love ya, and I miss ya
    (I miss my dog I can't believe that it's over
    But I'm a soldier, so I gotta over
    Can't stay sober, I'm just trying to get over)
    They ask me why I wear shades at nighttime,
    Cause I don't wanna see nothing! Yea,
    Like I said,
    Life ain't nothing but a long extended road, keep driving
    I done passed up plenty people up on the side of road,
    No help, keep going
    Yea, lost a lot of passengers on the ride, kept going yep,
    Who knows when I'll run outta gas.

    Composición: Andre Lyon, Marcello ValenzanoFeaturing: Nikki (2)Músicos invitados: David Karmiol (Bass Guitar), Danielle Premone (Engineer [Assistant]), Cool & Dre (Instruments [All Other])
  22. Fly OutVer letra 2:25


    letra de Fly Out

    We here
    I said we here
    The back of Tha Carter
    The back of Tha Carter, two, oh
    Yea, this here is, the end of Tha Carter Two people
    Hey! Yea
    I got the game on ball and chain
    I threw the key in the drain
    I'm like the key in the drought
    I spent a G on these frames, though my vision is priceless
    Seeing through you niggas like a fucking psychic
    Hearing through the grapevine, niggas wanna hate mine
    Say my name and die in the daytime
    You catch my drift, man you better be Peyton
    Boy the heats on, they make a peace bond
    I'm in this bitch, throwing up the seventeenth sign
    Straight frowns, no daps, strapped three times
    That Tec-eleven, A-K forty seven, one Beretta, ready for whatever
    Tell them pussy niggas come together
    Happy better nigga, nigga super soaker wetter nigga
    Six feet under flowers, you ain't nothing but a petal nigga
    I'm just a little nigga, trying to be a civil nigga
    Thirty years old, shit that'll be a giving nigga
    Quit it Wayne, your Mom is listening
    But she ain't really trippin', 'cause the pots is pissed in
    Them niggas tripping, until the shots whistling'
    Hear them bullets sizzle, like a cobra at attention
    I gotta bitch, and quit calling women bitches
    As long as she don't worry 'bout the coke in the kitchen
    No preventing the grind, I gotta get it
    I'm admitted to the game, true playa, no quitting
    There you go shitting on a way a nigga thanking
    Only history I know is Benjamin Franklin
    This is the future ain't promised to no one
    I live everyday like this is the sure one
    Train in the tidal wave, this is the ocean
    Stand in the heat, 'til the mother fucking snow come
    And it feels so fucking good
    Throw my dope like a rope, let them tug and pull
    No hope for the hopeless, rats and roaches
    Running cross the porch, in the attic there's a fortune
    Come and get it, automatics in motion
    We banging for the bread nigga, even the molded
    I got my loaf, I got my toast
    Chaperon of the south, I got my coast, yea
    And until I die I'm the, the, the, the, the best rapper alive

    Músicos invitados: Danielle Premone (Engineer [Assistant])

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