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Tha Block Is Hot

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  1. IntroVer letra 1:47


    letra de Intro

    Lil' Wayne

    Ha ha

    Uhh, man fuck them bitches and them hoes

    And them niggas pussies, camel toes

    I got some money on me and the weed nice

    My shit won’t ever stop, suck my green light

    Bitch it’s Carter 4, murder’s all she wrote

    Now it’s fuck everybody like a Scorpio

    Still running shit, I’m on my cardio

    Boy I’m going in, like my water broke

    Suicide note, suicide doors

    I put in overtime, like a tied score

    Tinted windows bitch, that mean mind yours

    And the weed loud, like a lion’s roar

    Stare into the eyes, the eyes of forever

    Hear no evil, see no evil, Helen Keller

    No music on, rock it a-capella

    And I don’t need a watch, the time is now or never

    Tell my niggas love, I die behind this shit

    A nigga countin’ money, you niggas counterfeit

    Real nigga, nigga, proud of what I am

    Young money is an army, bitch I’m Uncle Sam

    Them hoes call me Tunechi, mama call me Tune

    I left the bullshit, in the waiting room

    Straight to the money, no short cuts

    Now watch me go retarded, yellow short bus

    We do drive-bys, we do walk-ups and bitch I be so high, I get starstruck

    Millz in this bitch he said fuck them hoes

    And the jewelry bright, like summer clothes

    And I keep some bud like Rudy Huxtable

    I’m bout to slam the beat, nigga, Dusty Rhodes

    I’m from Eagle street, I go Hercules

    I get on the beat, murder 1st degree

    YMCMB, we don’t give a fuck

    You faker than some titties, you get tittie fucked

    This the best-worst feeling and nigga if I die I die a death worth living

    This that textbook G shit

    I’ve been in that water but I’ve never been seasick


    Knock me I knock ya face off, life’s a crazy bitch, Grace Jones

    Mind of a genius, with a heart of stone


    C4, Mr. Carter’s home!

  2. Tha Block Is HotVer letra 4:12


    letra de Tha Block Is Hot

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Wha wha, wha wha, wha wha, wha wha, what

    Straight off the black gold, nuts in my hand, trustin no man
    Got my glock cocked, runnin this thing, ya understand
    We be steamin, blazin, nines pumped in caves and
    Hollygrove 17th, the hood where I was raised in
    Niggaz bustin heads and, runnin duckin Feds and
    rocks under they tongues and, ki's under they beds and
    do it for the real niggaz, twenty-four seven hustlers
    EHHH, until we shove a barrel down ya pipe suckers
    Ain't no love for them busta, no pimp for no coward
    No respect for no stunt, and no money without power
    We keepin niggaz hotter, EWWWW nasty and sour
    Pile up in the Eddie Bauer and BLAKA at every hour
    Some niggaz like that powder, fold it up what they drain
    Some like that weed or that dope and some shoot it up in they veins
    From the home of the game, jackin and crackin brains
    Broadcastin live from Tha Block it's Lil' Wayne

    [Chorus: B.G. and Juvenile, Lil' Wayne]

    [Juve:] Nigga you got that llello?
    [B.G.:] Well cook something nigga
    [Juve:] Nigga you let them K's go?
    [B.G.:] Well bust somethin nigga
    [Juve:] Are you duckin that law?
    [B.G.:] You better run from em nigga
    [Juve:] Are you playin with that raw?
    [B.G.:] Well won't you front somethin nigga
    [Wayne] Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha, ha-ha
    Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha, ha-ha
    Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha, ha-ha
    Tha Block is Hot, Tha Block is Hot ha..

    [Lil' Wayne]
    See where I'm from we keep our guns out
    Dodgin cops and burnin blocks, cause we be thugged out
    It's time to floss, two big bodies on Broad South
    and they got quarter staffs and birds that run the house
    It's all good in the hood hustlin like illegal
    Soon as you get it, hot SKIRT, like for them people
    Break up the block and hit the cut by the corner sto'
    End up in Miss Taylor backyard, be quiet, she on the porch
    This everyday, at the spot where niggaz murder on top, boy
    It's the spot where they got Fire Girls and Hot, Boys
    We don't know what be goin cause we so blunted from trees
    and we'll be round ya all day til it's "400 Degreez"
    And you see where niggaz go, nobody be on the pulpit
    They got a nigga that own the sto', he flippin out off that broad
    Betta stay in yo' car, and make sure, your door is locked
    Cause this ain't nuttin proper, cause Tha Block, is jusssst Hot


    [Lil' Wayne]
    See watch your step on my section, gotta walk like, talk like
    Where they shot out all the street lights
    So you can't see what nobody be like
    And we like, to dress in all black up in my residence
    Ain't got on no suits, cause we ain't tryin to be presidents
    And ever since the coke drought, niggaz been on a trip y'all
    So you better watch what y'all playin wit
    Cause a nigga will try to flip y'all
    They hit y'all, jam you up and put a gun to your jug
    Hahhhh, catch your breath, now shhhhh, catch a slug
    It's street smarts, plenty niggaz that keep spots
    When the heat starts, ain't nobody got sweethearts
    Callin weak shots, you could come try to cheap talk
    We cut your week short, them lil' boys don't give a damn
    Call out for that caper, won't hesitate to kill a man
    Run in his house and kidnap the nigga, him and his fam
    Tie em up put em in the vans, then put a gat in his drawers
    ... tch, one move blow his cactuses off


    [Lil' Wayne]
    WHOOT! Some people call me cause Tha Block is Hot
    Shk-a-BLAOW! Bust ya guns cause Tha Block is Hot
    Nigga shhhhh, cook it up, cause Tha Block is Hot
    Say look Daddy, just hook it up, cause Tha Block is Hot
    Nigga WHOOT! Some people call me cause Tha Block is Hot
    Shk-a-BLAOW! Bust ya guns cause Tha Block is Hot
    Nigga shhhhh, cook it up, cause Tha Block is Hot
    Say look Daddy, just hook it up, cause Tha Block is Hot
    Nigga my block hot, nigga my block burn
    My block on fire, nigga what about yours?
    Nigga my block hot, nigga my block burn
    My block on fire, nigga what about yours?
    The block is hot ha ha ha ha

  3. Loud PipesVer letra 5:14


    letra de Loud Pipes

    [Verse 1 - Mannie]
    Wha wha wha nigga nigga

    I put piss stains on private planes cuz its my jet nigga
    Money aint shit cuz my rottweilers drink moet
    Diamond baugette bracelets for my lovers
    Playa, i use cristal to lubricate rubbers
    Who got shit on his wrist that cost 3 nickel
    Who got the project on lock when that nigga slangin pickle
    Who got benz, a prowler, playboy, and a Vette
    Tell the truth--who fucked ya on the same night when we met?
    Now, who got baby mamas from the noila to new york
    Who got every bitch attention in this motherfucker when he talk
    Now who the fuck we talkin bout, look--yall dont know?
    I'll give you a hint: see that bitch you with?
    He fucked that hoe
    Now look here, yall aint seen my watch, its like harlem world video
    White diamonds, red rubies, blue baugettes, I dont know
    Shorty, when tha next time imma be up in your bed
    I love you? you love me?
    Well go head on and gimme some head

    [Chorus 2x - Juvenile]
    Loud pipes big rims
    Wodie thats our life
    When we pull up at the club
    Sorry thats our night
    I know a lot of haters out there sayin
    That thats not right
    But our diamonds are much bigger
    So thats our life

    [Verse 2 - Baby]
    I told four I need somethin
    With some hell of a ice
    Nigga came back with a hell of a price
    That aint nothin
    These hoes doin hella wrong
    Callin these niggaz on our cell phone
    Bitch ridin benz on 20 inch chrome
    Gimme the key, the car hoe, and the alarm
    For my prowler, my jag, my benz and my home
    Bitch you'll neva ride 20 inch chrome
    I love to shine, thats why the choppa is mine
    Hit my block in my benz hoe with stretch tires
    Bought a new car that I couldnt drive
    Ordered the tunes before a nigga could drive
    When I put the bose system right behind my eyes
    With the vc's and tv's so a nigga could shine
    With my ice bling bling like a 9 to 5
    And tell all my hoes they dont need no job

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Verse 3 - B.G.]
    I ride the best from a benz to a jag to a beamer to a lex
    Might fly first class on delta, helicopter or a jet
    I'm a stunter, I'm a reppa
    Geezy like to shine
    Drink Don, Moet, and Cris
    See thats the finest wine
    20 inches is the only thing i sit my shit on
    Dont bring ya bitch around me
    Cuz my dick she'll wanna sit on
    And I aint gonna tell her nothin different
    Thats ya issue
    But after she come back
    Your best out is not to kiss her
    Hoes sick sayin damn, look at Fresh pinky ring
    Look at BG watch
    That bitch blingalingaling
    I'm a ice wearer, trust me, you will neva
    See me sportin nothin that aint 20 g's or betta
    Me and Wayne take the left
    Juve and Baby take the right
    Its dark in the room, we hold up our watches and its light
    Cash Money millionaires livin a hell of a life
    Like my nigga weezay said, we surrounded by ice

    [Chorus (2x)]

    [Lil Wayne]
    whoa whoa whoa
    Now im shinin baby glossin
    Big tymin stuntin and flossin
    Lamborghini sittin on ??
    With two more in my garages
    Plus a blue and black ferrari
    With nintendo and atari
    Man I swear the car is awesome
    Vroom! sorry we lost em
    I'm back
    I pull up smellin like dime sacks and cognac
    I leave in the hummer,
    Hour lata I'm flyin back
    Whoosh, private jets about to land
    The women fall out when I let em touch my hand
    I get out the plane into a mercedes benz van
    TVs all ova with chrome 20 inch fans, damn
    Got damn
    Man I am
    L-I-L, weezy, off the heezy
    But still in all, ice floodin on my watch
    And in my grill and all
    Porch blocks front blocks
    Still in all, me and Slim in the Rover
    Beatrice brick holder, Cash Money young soulja

    [Chorus & talking til fade]

    Featuring: B.G., Big Tymers, Juvenile (2)
  4. Whatcha Wanna Do 3:50
  5. KishaVer letra 4:17


    letra de Kisha

    [Lil Wayne]
    Got a early call from Kisha
    Kisha wanted me to meet her
    She said she thought it was time to make the relationship get deeper
    Said cool then l'm gone be there
    What would be a good time to reach ya
    She said what about ten but l thought eleven would be sweeter
    Cuz she wanted me to see her
    Said l needed a teaser
    But shit who got the keys to my Beamer
    I rolled me up a blunt and got the Crystal out the freezer
    I hopped in the two seater
    Left Ne-Ne with Macita
    Vroooom speed up run faster than a cheetah
    Only thing on my mind is how l'm gone get all in this cheap slut
    Should I use a rubber cuz I heard she was a freak
    They say she keep it cleaned up
    But I don't want HIV
    Her name's on my beeper
    I called her on the Nokia
    And told her come pick me up
    As soon as I got in the house she got on her knees and grabbed my penis
    Ate it up like some peanuts
    I said oooohhhh Kisha
    This what I got to meet her
    She drunk it like a 2 liter
    She blow like a pro
    Oh no I got to keep her
    Told her l'd be back about eleven I'm gone creep her
    But don't go to sleep
    I got some more meat to feed ya

    Now I'm hot
    I wonder was up with Kisha tonight
    I'm gone give her a call
    See if it's alright
    For me to dip through
    She said it's all gravy
    First I got to get somebody to watch my baby
    Baby it's all good
    I'll be there in a minute
    She didn't know I knew Wayne was already hittin it
    Soon as I pull up I see my dog runnin out
    He saw me dippin in but he didn't know ???
    Soon as he pulled off
    I knocked on the door
    Sayin to myself look at this dog ass hoe
    Its cool what you do
    You know I like my shit sucked
    For you to swallow the cum and put ice on my nuts
    Caught my nut now I'm up
    I'm gone holla at ya Kittie
    I got studio tonight me and the H-Beezey
    I can't be late
    I'm gone see ya when I could
    Here's Juve on the hip
    Let 'em know it was all good

    Ooohh Oooh there she go
    On the way to the corner store
    Lil Turk let me know
    We done fucked the same bitch before
    Say lil mama where you headed
    She told me forget it
    Hop in the back seat of my car and she spread it
    Say baby slow down I don't wanna fuck ya first
    I want you to suck on my dick until my nuts will burst
    She was a fool with it
    She said she had a good teacher she went to school with it
    Cuz she knew what to do with it
    I didn't want the bitch to have my car smellin
    So I took her in the alley with some K Y Jelly
    Pull your shorts and your draws down to your knees
    Put the rubber on the dick handle that please
    I hit it she sucked it
    Hit it she sucked it and sucked it
    I got tired of the pussy and now I said fuck it
    Say boo I gotta ride
    My baby moma beepin me and she stay way on the other side
    I hit B.G. on the celly
    And told him that the bitch was all good and you have it not to telly

    Bitch hold on do I know she fucked three of my dogs
    I caught her walkin out the alley down by the mall
    She fucked Wayne, Juve, Turk I know she ain't got no walls
    But they told me she'd do a damn job on them bolls
    She provided the number later on gave her a call
    Told her what I was thinkin and she was down with it all
    Can't deny it she was a fool kept that dick standin tall
    What she'll do to a nigga she'll be against the law
    That's how Hot Boys play it when we finish we toss
    Baby when you finish Manny Fresh down the hall
    After this episode that hoe won't be able to walk
    After two or three steps that hoe might fall
    Now you know then Hot Boys sad ha
    Get in the bitch head
    End up doing somethin bad ha
    Kisha got did right yeah
    Fucked the whole Cash Money click all in one night yeah

    Featuring: Hot Boys
  6. High Beamin´Ver letra 4:09


    letra de High Beamin´

    Niggas be hatin
    'Cause BG got it
    Every top of the line car they got
    Look I ride it
    From the Hummer to the Rover
    To the drop jag
    B and C lex truck
    Nothin' my click ain't had
    Everybody head was fucked
    When they heard bout the deal
    Cash Money hotboys climbed for 30-mill
    Already was straight now we livin larger
    Already was ballin now we ballin harder
    ?? bitches can't take me
    Cause my wrist stay flossed out
    Niggas hate me cause all day i'm flossed out
    Ghetto made me
    My dog, Baby, saved me
    Niggas find out they hoe got fucked, ??
    That's how it go
    It ain't my fault I got mega cheese
    Walk that walk
    Talk that talk i'm BG
    Paperchaser to the fullest get my grind on
    Gotta do it cause I made that song Get Yo' Shine On

    [Chorus 3x]
    Me and my click be sizzlin hot steamin
    Bouncin' through diamonds high beamin'

    I'ma flosser baby, baller baby
    A fifteen year old shot caller baby
    And I'm racin through
    In the all black chrome
    A Mercedes Coupe
    Got yo' wife at my house
    And she naked too
    And all my niggas all around
    Sayin 'Shake it Boo, go ahead to what you do'
    It's Weezy dog and off the heezy dog
    And I'm surrounded by the ice
    It got me freezin' dog
    And it's plain and simple
    Won't change 'cause it's natural
    Lil' Wayne a pimp y'all
    Got the game from Beatris
    I'm tryin to see six numbers
    Pull up at the Grammy awards in six Hummers
    Leave the Grammy awards with six womens
    And make a stop at the gas station for six rubbers
    Put it together
    This is the life when you get full of the cheddar
    Don't try to end it or you would'nt get better, what

    [Chorus 4x]

    La, la, la, la
    Here I come star rapper
    I get the fast money
    Short, cute hot boy that rapper Cash Money
    Standin out the roof of my car
    And flash hundreds
    Take your girl to the mall
    Spend a G like that's nothin
    She lay on the floor
    Open up the spot
    Take off her draws
    Let me see the cunt
    Don't stop Lil' Weezy
    We's ain't nothin nice
    But gats in my Jesus Christ
    Nothin but ice
    When they see me at night
    Behind ?? I stay high
    Snatch yo' wife
    Run up in her with the K-Y
    But it's on man
    Ever since I was born Wayne
    Nigga get out of line
    I get dirty like John Wayne
    I'm bout stuntin', flossin'
    Whatever come wit it
    And I don't shoot guns
    Unless they have a drum wit it
    At first they wasn't wit it
    Thought that I was jokin
    Now I got 'em all payin attention like they owe it


    Featuring: B.G.
  7. Lights OffVer letra 4:06


    letra de Lights Off

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Cut the lights off nigga (Cut 'em off)
    You know what time it is (What)
    You know what time it is (What)
    Strap -Up (Gun Cocks)

    [Verse 1]
    Alot of niggas better move out
    Cause here I come with my click
    With the tools out
    All of a sudden all these cowards
    Startin to spook out
    It's warfare a buncha of niggas
    Bout to loose out
    It's time to load up them thangs
    Hit the spot run in his house
    And make 'em show up then thangs
    Take 'em in the room go in his pockets
    And then blow up his brain
    No matter the weather
    Rain, snow, sleet, or hail
    I'ma slang that metal
    So tell 'em niggas in yo' hood
    To get it together
    Cause i'm the tolas mario
    And we down for whatever
    Nerver underestimate or you goin under
    Y'all keep on playin with Lil Wayne
    But that lil' boy trouble
    And plus this shorty be ?? wodie
    Be storin' bundles M start wildin and
    Hit the block and let his toys rumble
    And it go ratter tatter
    It be ?? niggas scatter
    When the M-1 shatter
    And everybody on they block
    They get bout ten in they bladder

    [Chorus 2x]
    Tell 'em lights off
    Mask on
    Creep silent
    Your lifes gone
    We done left the block quiet

    [Verse 2]
    When it's time to ride
    It ain't no time to play
    It could be time to die
    At any time of the day
    And i'll be godammit
    If i let a nigga steel me
    It will not happen
    Ima fire about a hundred and fifty shots at 'em
    And got my glocks rabbin'
    Leave a nigga spot damaged
    That's how the beat made us
    I chief three blunts
    So I can get a head rush
    Then come around the corner
    And your whole day crush
    I'm sick and tired
    Niggas choosin test a boy
    They get hit and die
    Some of 'em scared of man slaughter
    So they stay inside
    And watch they partner get lit up
    And then they ask why
    That's cause you played wit' me
    They could'nt of known im'a guerilla
    Drama stayed with me
    Run in his home went to kill him
    Took his head with me
    You better get it right or keep it right
    Or lose your whole town
    Tell em' lights off
    It's about to go down

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Verse 3]
    Massacire all these streets block it off
    Lil' Wayne in yo' hood
    With something like a rocket dog
    And i'm after ya
    I don't pass beef
    I stop at all
    That boy got a head on his shoulders
    I knock it off
    I'm highly intoxicated mixing krystelle and vodka
    Somebody call the doctor
    Cause my chopper done went blocka, knocka
    Nigga out the way man
    I'm sorry but us guerillas we can't stay tamed, say it man
    Are you ready, ready
    Ready for warfare Wayne, Turk, Juvi, and BGeezy they all there
    We all flare, don't care, dog they all tear
    Give the guns to the one with the long hair
    And block burner
    It gets quiet they see the rims twenty four seventy
    (Breathes)they breathe heavlily
    Bullets they come steadily
    You better stay off the block
    Cause you might fall
    You better stay off the block
    Cause the lights off

    [Chorus 4x]

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Lights off
    Tell em' lights off
    La, la, la lights off
    Nigga lights off
    We done left the block quiet

  8. F*** Tha WorldVer letra 4:46


    letra de F*** Tha World

    Look, look, look

    A young nigga screaming fuck the world and let 'em die
    Behind tints, tryna' duck the world and smoking rie
    Got my bandanna 'round my head and pants to my feet
    And got my eyes fire red and glock on my seat
    I'm tryna' stay under intoxication
    'Cause I lost my father, and got a daughter, plus I'm on probation
    I'm drinking liquor like it's water, getting pissy drunk
    And staying away from them lil' broads that trying to give me some
    I keep a chopper in the trunk and my heat on my wasteline
    Ducking the law, 'cause I ain't tryna' do no FED time
    Sometimes I just wish I could be away
    But I gotta take care of Reginae and keep macita straight
    So I just maintain the struggle and I keep trying
    But how can I when my closest people keep dyin'
    I ain't lying that the law tryna' bust my clique
    But I scream fuck the world man, I'm too young for this

    [Hook 2x]
    Look, I don't curse, but in this verse man, fuck the world
    I lost my father to a gun and made a little girl
    And I'm still thuggin' wit' my niggas tryna' keep it real
    And I'm still doing for my mother and I'm payin' bills

    Give me a cigarette, my nerves bad
    The FEDs said they heard that I know where them birds at
    And my old lady say she saw me with anotha Brizzah
    And some a the boys shot up my block so now I gotta kill 'em
    And teachers keep tellin' my momma that I'm gettin' worse
    And now she tripping talking 'bout I need to be in church
    And my lil' girl whole family tryna' lie in court
    Tryna' put me, a child, on child support
    And my own family deny me of what I do 'cause I'm a 'thug and stuff'
    Plus, my niggas keep falling to them drugs and stuff
    That dope got these niggas melting away
    Man they got clowns right around me, killing they self everyday
    We keep fighting but they so strong
    I know it's hard but don't give up baby hold on
    Just keep ya fate, count blessings, and wodie keep ya trust
    And grab ya nuts and let 'em know that we don't give a fuck
    We don't give a fuck


    I mean the world just ain't gon' never change
    So I just keep my head up and my nuts, let 'em hang
    Dawg I swear it's very rough out here for the youngstas
    Like everybody against me 'cause I'm a young thug
    Dear Rabbit, why they have to kill Rabbit?
    But I'ma keep you alive, nigga, I'm Lil' Rabbit
    That's why this lil' nigga be bugging like it's no tomorrow
    I only can depend on macita and C-M-R
    I try my best to make it through the night and live today
    But I'm upset so I'm steady wipin' tears away
    And police got me under surveillance when and wherever
    Wrecking they brains, tryna' figure where I'm getting that cheddar
    I tell my family just leave me a-damn-lone
    I can handle all a my business, this lil' man grown
    But I try to forget about it and just stand strong
    But if everything was cool I wouldn't write this damn song
    Fuck the world

    [Hook 3x]

  9. Remember MeVer letra 3:53


    letra de Remember Me

    Say, Weezy (weezy)

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Can... they remember... me?
    Lil' Wee... zy

    Make 'em remember (Haaa!) ya, nigga
    Let these niggas know your (Look!) background, nigga (Look!)
    Let 'em (Look!) know your (Look!) background!
    Let 'em know how you've been for a while

    [Lil' Wayne]
    All I was taught was murder murder
    Kill drama, and nothin' less
    I strap tha Smith-Wess, and bust.. it in they chest
    I had ta hustle hustle hustle hustle
    Had ta struggle for success
    Hid grams in girls' breasts, stick bricks.. under they dress
    Them niggas there with me fooli'
    Me, I'm full of that dilly
    Hope when I catch them slippin'
    Him and they daddy's trippin'
    Shorty can hold it down
    Shorty be totin' rounds
    Smellin' like a pound on school grounds
    Shorty, wow
    Hair... all over my head
    Bandana 'round my brain
    Eyes bloodshot red
    Briches down to my legs
    Guns up in my trench
    When niggas playin', they get drenched
    My pockets is full of lead
    So, nigga, stay off tha ben
    I'm young with bad nerves
    Since I lost my partna, I've been troubled, hurt in this 'burb
    So I'on't even hesitate ta leave 'em on tha curb
    And wet dem niggas' shirt
    Nigga, get 'em full of birds
    Tell them niggas, Geezy!

    [Chorus, B.G.]
    Remember he? Tha little G, never die
    Took one to tha chest, but Weeze Wee never die
    Remember he? Tha little G, never die
    Have B.Geezy on his side, so Weezy Wee never die
    Lil' Weezy Wee... had ta steal, hustle, and jack
    Weezy Wee roll with K's, glocks, and MAC's
    Tha little G, he was raised keepin' it real
    That's my lil' nigga, I taught him to get it how he live, nigga

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Look, look
    That time I forgot tha bills
    Ain't been home in two weeks
    Macita lookin' for me
    Tha word all over tha streets
    Well, shiiit! I love my momma
    But all I got ta offer is drama, and many problems
    I lay back in tha cut
    These niggas out and I rob 'em, they ain't spin around here
    We all alone on my block like nobody live 'round here
    Tha lights got cut off at my house, and now I'm lookin' for a win-dow
    I can't see it, I'ma drop my pile on tha floor
    They got some niggas stuntin' in Benz, hey man, them boys ain't riders
    {gun cocks} Hand it over, partna, my feet done got tired (Break it off)
    Well, picture this, I gotta corner this ole nigga address
    He said he got that work, and needed me ta meet 'im there (Meet him there)
    Nigga, take your Roly down with somethin' shady, daddy (What?)
    Within a week he changed his mind, and... received tha package (What?)
    Oh well... back to tha drawin' board (Board)
    Cowards start hollerin' 'cause they know I'm comin' for it


    [Lil' Wayne]
    Lemme tell 'em
    You remember that there nigga use ta be thuggin' it out
    Blunt in his mouth, would stay passed up in a drought
    Run in your house, "Lay down! Nobody move!
    Tell that slut go get your stash, and empty your pockets, fool!"
    That's how it was... crime, struggle, drivin' for scrubs
    Lots of thugs... make niggas come ta answer them up
    Some niggas choose ta come back to me, ride around my set for me
    My lights off that thing 'cause I got that SKS with me
    !Okay! (!okay!)
    Listen, all you ballin' niggas betta !relocate! (!'locate!)
    'Cause, see, ya'll got it
    I gotta make my cheese !rotate! (!rotate!)
    Right now I'm doin' bad
    So just give me with whatever you have, my stomach hurt, I need a bag
    I'm street-livin'... week for week
    No-sleep livin'
    Look outside ya window in tha mornin', your jeep missin'
    My heat sizzlin'
    I'm ready ta sweep these niggas
    Geezy... make 'em remember Weezy, nigga!

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Look, remember that?

    Wuz up, (Are you rememberin', B.Geezy?)
    I remember you, nigga, we go way back ta True Story, (Now) nigga, ya heard

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Look, you don't remember me?

    I remember ya, nigga

    [Lil' Wayne]
    I was.. I was (You were doggin') a bad dog... (You were a lil' dog) Highly
    Grove 17, off top, nigga (Uh-huh)

    Featuring: B.G.
  10. Respect UsVer letra 5:01


    letra de Respect Us

    [Lil' Wayne]
    What what what
    What what what
    What what what
    Listen, listen
    When.. I come through.. bustin'
    Everybody on.. tha block be.. run-nin'
    Weezy Wayne, Hot Boy, I.. be.. thug-gin'
    Got.. them.. things.. ten up, keep.. hustlin'
    Catch me at tha shop, I will.. be.. there
    And my prices stay low, I keep.. it.. there
    And if you want it raw, I got.. it.. right.. here
    And if you want war, I am.. your.. nigh-tmare
    This is all I know, it's bang bang
    I hustle and slang slang
    My block.. I hang hang
    Who am I? Lil' Wayne, man
    I represent CMB
    My cell is ten in heat
    I usually get in beef
    Was taught that it's him or me
    I pop head-bustas quick
    I rock here for my brick
    I chop that, I'ma [?]
    My shop here [?]
    I always.. thug in black
    And always.. bustin' gats
    Your girly's.. fuckin' back
    Now how you... lovin' that

    [Chorus 2x, Juvenile]
    Hot Boy$, wardy.. respect.. us
    Represen-tin' Cash Money.. Records
    It's warfare, you betta.. vest.. up
    But if you ain't scared, they blow.. your.. set.. up

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Listen, listen
    I give it to 'em how they ask me
    Raw and nasty
    Tha AK, I pack it
    Believe I'm 'bout that action
    Slash a busta like a fraction
    I'm on that yolla
    Standin' on tha corner with one sleeve over my shoulder
    Ride on your block, I see a dozen of weak jerks
    Now it's time for your momma ta order a dozen of T-shirts
    For only half-a brick
    I'll blast tha fifty
    And I ain't gon' stop shootin' 'til I jam tha clip
    Yeah, I'm a small creeper, what
    But it's about ta get ugly
    Ya'll betta call people up
    I'm about ta start shovin' my sawed-off between your guts
    Wayne 'bout ta (cugghh-gghh-gghh) ball people up
    Ya'll betta duck
    When it get real, they hide from me
    But, all them bustas 'bout ta get killed, I'm tired of it
    Man, I'm thuggin' 'til tha day I.. I die, cousin
    Weezy Wee.. let 'em burn, bring tha fire truck in... (whoooo!)

    [Chorus 2x]

    Nigga, let it be known
    I'll come blow up your home
    Take a few blunts to tha dome
    And.. show up alone
    Just me and my.. flame-torch
    Wayne start.. danger
    Walked with my head down like a stranger, and banged ya
    Burnin' off that Hennesy
    Some-a ya'll be feminine
    Bounce in with a twitch
    Leave 'em crawlin' out a ditch
    God damn... son of a shhh!.. Don't speak
    I cocked that, and let it go, tssss!.. Give 'em heat
    Your cheese, I got.. ta.. get.. paid
    I'm goin' all out, no matter what.. it.. takes
    I.. was.. raised.. up on.. that.. paper
    Kill-for-the-scrill was.. in.. my.. nature
    Tote M1's and keep.. tha.. block.. hot
    Sell wrong colts to keep.. my.. glock.. hot
    Never add taxes to.. my.. price, man
    And if a boy play, I ride.. at.. night, man

    [Chorus 3x]

    Uh, uh, uh
    Say Lil' Weezy
    You did this one here, ya heard me
    They ain't gon' never get weared out from this one
    It's like they said, boy
    In tha year 2000, it's all about Wayne
    It's your chrome, man, run that thang
    17th ward to tha 3rd ward downtown
    Do that there
    Huh, huh, huh, huh

    Featuring: Juvenile (2)
  11. Drop It Like It´s Hot 5:23
    Featuring: B.G., Mannie Fresh
  12. Young PlayaVer letra 3:47


    letra de Young Playa

    [Lil Wayne]

    He he hee

    I'm a young playa nigga, (what)

    I get the game from the big tymers, nigga (what, what)

    Who else? (Speak on it) On the real nigga, on the real nigga

    Respect the game

    Cuz I got the game

    [Lil Wayne]

    Y'all know who I is

    Weezy coming thru in the bubble eye Benz

    See me front in back with the wood all around

    Plus I got that *boom boom* surround sound

    Don't hate on me boy if you do *pow* get down

    Come from under my shirt try to lift you off the ground

    But on the other hand, I'ma keep running man

    I got about a hundred coming up with three Hummers man

    We stuntas man

    I might stumble across a grand and give it to you wifey

    And watch how she *slurp* on my pipey like a Icee

    I might be in a Range that night

    I might be in a Lex watching the game tonight

    I got a hundred on Kobe, hope he playing it right

    But if I lose, its cool, that's some change lil shite

    That ain't nothing

    I ain't doing nothing if I, I ain't stunting

    Hold up, girl be quiet, Lil Wayne coming.


    Slow yo roll lil one

    You ain't glad its bought

    And Ms. Pat and gray head over there

    In the back card gambling

    At the bar dranking

    But go head, just be quiet with ‘em lil one

    [Lil Wayne]

    Broads I use ‘em

    Hatas I bluse ‘em

    My whole front grill is full of confusion

    Got dammit

    Weezy pull up in a Porsche, expanded (expanded)

    I was to the back, niggas couldn't stand it

    Soon as I left the scene, the women vanished

    I got it like that

    Got Rolex, blue shit hard to say watches

    Plus I bought all of my niggas Cartier watches

    Weezy and his clique leave with forty b-e-atches

    Million dolla man baby tear da beasy

    Catch me sippin on some Hen, maybe Covoursier

    Sammy, Mario, tody Taz, that's my posse

    And what

    You might see me dippin low in a Benz truck

    Tell yo girl hello

    I done did her, what you muggin me for

    Keep playin with me, I'll put a slug in yo do


    Now looky here, young blood

    Pull yo pants up on yo ass and put that piece of metal up in yo shirt

    Don't make me get up out this wheel chair and kick yo ass

    Now keep doing what you doing

    Go head

    Y'all know me, young playa, stomp with the big dogs

    Play with me boy I give you cancer like menthol

    Cough cough cough up

    Got a cat eye benz on brollas

    They call us

    Uptown shiners

    Original hot boy$ baby, big tymers

    I spit game

    Get in they head, they be like, “Quit Wayne!”

    Half hour later, I'm in they split man

    Hehehehe it be kicks man

    Let me get real

    I'll kill on the battlefield

    Steal for the scrill

    I will never leave my clique nigga, I'm to trill

    I'm a little peepsqueal

    But I'm a ape in that jungle

    And if you get it twisted,

    Nigga, I'm taking yo lover

    I mean I'm raping yo lover

    Leave her taste in my rubber

    I'm a playa nigga, I'm a playa

    Featuring: Big Tymers
  13. Enemy TurfVer letra 4:19


    letra de Enemy Turf

    When I say I don't give a fuck
    I mean that yeah
    When them niggas brains is getting bust
    I done seen that yeah
    If a shipment was coming in
    I need a lot of that wodie
    I need a sixty-forty nigga
    And no chargin' that wodie
    You done heard about Michael Jackson
    And shiggidy shit
    But you ain't never heard about me
    When I'm flissin a bitch
    Niggas shoulders gettin knocked
    Clean off of they head
    See that red dot comin from
    Me and my girlfriend
    Cause I wants mine
    I needs mine
    And I'm about to get mine
    At these times
    Look lil' daddy
    You ain't got to worry about none of these other niggas
    You needs to be worried about when Juvi comin to get ya
    Look, I make a phone call to the big dog
    Y'all bitches better handle y'all business before I hit y'all
    Even though a nigga rich and I rock ice
    I still bust a nigga head on the block aright
    [Chorus: x2]
    It's enemy turf that I'm on
    So I'ma play it how it go
    Cock the hollow points
    And tote my black calicoe
    My lil' brother Weezy
    (My big brother Juvi)
    (Four hit the blocks)
    (Strapped up with the Uzis)
    What, What, La
    Gun for gun
    Eye for eye
    Better move yo' wife and son
    Cause I ride or die
    Cash money Hot Boy
    Bless me when I'm gone
    But until then load up the chrome cause it's on
    I been bout it
    Put a four up in my lip and put my dirty up in the clip
    I drop the top and then I flip I hit his cock and make 'em flip
    And I be full of that trash
    I be the first one to jump out the jag bust at 'em fast
    Watch the bullets chop off the head
    And make 'em fall in the grass
    One move they all die
    Lil' Weezy small frie
    Gorilla when it's war time
    Y'all better learn
    When this nigga shoot it'll be all hell
    Well then let 'em burn
    Hold him for ransom hear him this morning
    Seven churn and I be damn if I let 'em go
    If I don't get my dough
    Then hell will be all blowin'
    'Till I R.I.P C-M-R I be
    I put it down for all my peeps
    Nigga, I'm H-B for real
    [Chorus: x2]
    All I know is the streets
    And how to strap up
    When it's time shoot it
    Cock yo' heaters
    Tie up yo' bags
    It's time to do it
    Blaze the blunt
    Shut off the lights
    And cut down the music
    Roll down the windows
    Turn the corner
    And let loose with the,
    If ya don't know now
    Then ya never will learn
    You ca play with Lil' Wayne
    And yo' block get burned
    You must love to go swimming
    Cause the water gets deeper
    See I bust you wide open
    And take 'ya daughter with me
    Here come the beat boy
    Shoot out the street lights
    Time to bring on the heat boy
    If you ain't really wit it
    Then you better get back
    I open yo' chest
    And make it look just like a wet cat
    This is a death trap
    I'm a guerrilla and I mean it
    Leave ya' head still in a beanin'
    Not on the cement
    Calicoe steamin'
    Red dot beamin'
    Dressed up suspicious
    Play with Lil Weezy you'll be dinner for the fishes
    [Chorus: x2]
    Enemy Turf
    Time to strap up

    Featuring: Juvenile (2)
  14. Not Like MeVer letra 4:03


    letra de Not Like Me

    Original roughnecks, hear [laughing]

    [Chorus 2x]
    Nobody burn them blocks like-a we
    Nobody bust them heads like-a we
    Nobody could outshine we
    Tha whole CMR, CMR family

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Look, it's little rhymecholy
    Legendary like Bob Marley
    17 ward superstar, feel me
    I tell ya, shorty million dollar, nigga
    Don't test, 'cause lil' shorty is a rider, nigga
    Got my click behind me.. every step of tha way
    Hit your wards, with tha pump, with your chest and your face
    I'm a bloodhound... I ain't lyin', I'm thugged out!
    I'm from uptown... and that ain't no Beverly Hills
    You wan' know what that be like? Well, curiousity kills
    Send chills up my trigga finger, blast tha dummy
    'Specially if it's a drought, I got ta have tha money
    Take tha hit, even if it's below tha average money
    Got to make it through tha week, and feed my family uppy
    I'm just a lil' thug, what
    Belt-buckle fall down to my cuffs, what
    And police don't even matter, they can suck what
    Tha price right if I catch ya slippin', nigga, what what.. what

    Nobody burn them blocks like-a we (nawww)
    Nobody bust them heads like-a we (hmmmm)
    Nobody could outshin we
    Tha whole CMR, CMR family ([Baby]What!) ([Pap.] For real!)

    ([Baby] What! What!)Nobody burn them blocks like-a we ([Pap.] nawww)
    Nobody bust them heads like-a we ([Baby] Say it, say it) ([Pap.] hmmmm)
    Nobody could outshine we
    Tha whole CMR, CMR family (For real!!)

    [Mannie Fresh]
    Eeh, what, what
    What, you got a [?], 'cause of tha threats that you sendin' me?
    Lil' boy, I got so much money, I know who killed Kennedy
    I hear you tellin' people 'bout tha people you done
    But look, everytime I brought me to ya, you all about fun
    What made you bring a knife to a gun fight... now that's not right!
    Why your bitch-ass even showed up tonight?
    Nigga, we use ta kick it like Tai Bo
    I don't know.. what made you go sideshow, turn jive whore
    Kickin', trifling, dirty, and low
    We use ta split chicken.. ride ta Texas and back
    I drive tha rental car while you drive tha Cadillac
    Shakin' like a pair of hot dice
    Doin' 55, duckin' feds, law enforcement, and police
    Niggas turn like fake gold.. sell they soul
    Treat'cha like Chicago in tha winter: ice cold!
    9-karat 44's, and Calicos
    Keep a clean nose
    And tight Teflon bullet-proof clothes

    Nobody burn them blocks like-a we ([B.G.] What? What?)
    Nobody bust (Stop!) them heads like-a we (What? What?)
    Nobody could (Stop!) outshine (Stop!) we (What?)
    Tha whole CMR (What?), CMR (What?) family (What?) ([Pap.] Uh-huhh!)

    Nobody burn them blocks (Stop!) like-a we (Stop!) ([Pap.] nawww)
    ([B.G.] What? What?)
    Nobody bust them heads (Stop!) like-a we (Stop!) ([Pap.] hmmmm)
    ([B.G.] What? What?)
    Nobody could (Stop!) outshine (Stop!) we (What?)
    Tha whole CMR (What?), CMR (Stop!) family (Stop!) ([Pap.] For real!!)

    Nigga outta line, get smoked
    I don't kidd, or joke
    Fuckin' with my B.G., off top I'm goin' broke
    I don't play with these niggas
    I get.. low down and dirty
    And have niggas' brains coverin' tha ground
    I'm tha number-one stunter, you don't want my trouble
    I'll have four niggas in your hood in my hummer
    I'm from back in tha game, but ain't a damn thing change

    Ya get a whole thing for ten, nigga, tha price tha same

    My money long, but it don't run with tha airport
    I just bought a Hotel Cash Money Resort
    Hos love my grill, hos love my crib

    These hos just love tha way that.. Baby live

    But I'm a thug-ass nigga, arms full of some taps
    Got a Cash Money Millionaires 'cross my back
    You don't want funk with me.. I don't think you do, nigga

    We'll put ten-a-piece on your whole crew


    [Chorus 4x]
    [fading out begins in 4th]

    Featuring: Big TymersMúsicos invitados: Papa Reu (Featuring [Uncredited])
  15. Come OnVer letra 3:35


    letra de Come On

    Where my niggas at it's play it raw time baby
    Load up the guns guerrilla war time baby
    Light up the blunts light up the block time dawg
    Choppers with drums ozzee's and glock time dawg
    Whoever he with they better stay cause they to nice
    And whoever and hit jump out the window and get it right
    Then we run in his house and hit the body and haul them out
    Then we empty the clip and let the Lord sort em out
    Bust it really, it ain't no stopping me cause I hang up to that ville
    And now I'm tying on my bandanna and I'm cocking back
    Jump out the Hummer and say lil shorty wear your stocking cap
    Dog we got automatics, two shooters, six shots, and 50 round drums
    Hit your daddy, you suki, you son, your wife and move your momma
    Cause I'm off the wall, off the hook, off the chain
    Got a sawd oil tec and I'm bout to knock off your brain
    Tell em'
    Come on, nigga Come on, time to do it nigga
    Nigga Come On, Nigga Come On Wodie!
    Come on, nigga Come on, time to do it nigga
    Nigga Come On, Nigga Come On Wodie!
    If drama come to me then it come
    For that I got two glocks and a k with a drum
    That's what I ride with not what I got got ducked off
    The mac, sweeper, the six shot, pump that sawd off
    I got the tillery when beef kick
    I got soldiers ready to march when that beef start
    I got niggas be in that zone on that heroin
    I got niggas ready to kill when shit get real
    I got niggas that play all out akirts of the field
    So get caught up in that place and your brain get spilled
    Oh it's a game but it's a game of life or death
    You lose and can't continue if you get dome checked
    You get blues it's all what duck gonna be next
    Come in that water and get wet
    Think you can fuck with me, you thoughts will get upset
    I don't shot to hit I shot to kill
    Believe me I don't shoot for fun when I shoot it's for real
    Come on nigga!
    Give me the guns, I'm ready to bust one nigga
    My nuts hung nigga, since I was young nigga
    I get dumb nigga, with the M-1 nigga
    I sip some nigga, and I flip some nigga
    A uptown stunter, what the hell you think
    Ready for war, but I ain't no captain of no got damn tank!
    And you can take that to vegillity boy
    I'm burning up, I'm on fire is you smelling boy
    Cause I be coming with the top down
    Letting them know how the chop sound
    100 rounds tore the whole entire block down
    Assault rifle with a drum and beam totter
    38 with a speed loader in my holster
    Mac ozze achine with a strap around my shoulder
    But if I pop my trunk I'm might just set off a damn explosure
    I'm off the wall, off the hook, off the chain
    Got a sawd oil tec and I'm bout to knock off your brain
    Tell em'
    [Chorus :x2]
    You ain't gotta hollar whodie, here I come nigga!
    You ain't gotta hollar wodie, here I come nigga!

    Featuring: B.G.
  16. Up To MeVer letra 4:31


    letra de Up To Me

    Look, where I go from here?
    Just lost my father last year
    But I still, remain to keep it real like dollar bills
    I drop tears, can't believe my daddy's gone
    Rabbit come home, why ya left us all alone?
    But I'm comin man
    Just wait at the gates, I'ma be runnin man
    Arms open, eyes wide, full a love
    You watched me come up from a scrub
    Now ya see ya son ridin everyday on dubs
    But I wish, I could share them times wit' you
    It got me pissed, this family and my momma, too
    But please brah, won't ya come back for Lil Wayne
    And see Cita, Mrs. Rose, Sheryl, Kemp and plus Sinetra
    Dawg, we really miss ya
    And it ain't all that cool livin off pictures
    Ah man, visit while I'm sleep, write a note or call me
    Can't believe you left me to be a small man
    But I know it wasn't meant to be
    That's why I suck up all the game that you sent to me

    [Hook 2x]
    It's up to you, Wayne, nigga, stay up and keep it real
    It's all on you, man, my nigga, I know how you feel
    Just be strong, 'cause everythang gon' be alright
    I know it's hard tryna make but it's gon' be alright

    Alright I know it, see I got a child
    I know I'm young, but when you left dawg, thangs got wild
    I know you probably sayin 'damn, you raisin children now?'
    But it's all gravy I'm with Baby makin millions now
    So I still smile
    I'm takin care ya wife bra
    Ain't nothin changed, if I still come home late at night she fuss
    But it's still the ol' same ol', same ol'
    Thangs go, up and down like rainbows, we maintain though
    So you know who payin the bills now, ah hah
    Still flossin, give my audience the chills, ah hah
    I got all my game from you, man I ain't gon' lie
    But I'm still thuggin nigga, playa you think I ain't gon' ride?
    But Slim and B done slowed me done and brought the talent out me
    Yeah Slim and B done showed me 'round, all a the Jags around me
    And I ain't goin' no where, that nigga stuck wit' me
    And make you and my people happy, man it's up to me


    I know you know I'm thinkin' 'bout ya, you be on my mind
    I know ya see me everytime watchin the boys shine
    And I know that ya see I put out my own CD
    And picture this, your little boy even on TV
    But I swear it's off the heezy, Weezy
    Say it's cool, you can believe me, I like how they treat me
    I'm doin' what ya say, don't let a nigga try me
    And I don't let a fine, pretty broad get by me
    Don't let nothin' pull me off track from my hobby
    Oh yeah, and I don't leave my room sloppy
    But the same thang make ya laugh, make ya cry
    And everybody that ya love it's like they have to die
    I pray to the Lord everyday and ask him why
    And ask him to bless your soul everytime I pass by
    I know he doin' it, and leavin all the love to me
    And I'ma prove it, and show ya daddy it's up to me

    [Hook 3x]

    I mean it's up to me man
    Just watch over me
    And it's gon' be all gravy man
    Leavin big, treatin me all good
    Everythang else be all good
    Rest in peace ya heard me
    I'll be there

  17. You Want WarVer letra 3:25


    letra de You Want War

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Aw aw
    Aw aw!
    Aw aw!!
    Peep me out, look!
    Head bustin', black fatigues
    So blunted, 400 degreez, it's sweet
    Nigga, respect me
    When you see tha left hand buggin', nigga, respect it
    But if you see tha left hand bustin', nigga, your disrespectin'
    Took one to tha chest, I never die, I'm tha same brotha
    Jump out and shoot K's, let 'em fly, I'm tha same brotha
    It's a must they recognize that I'm untamed, brotha
    Disconnect a boy like a damn change number
    Uhhh, hang up and try again
    I kill ya, wake ya up, and make you die again
    Spark it up, and make a nigga block fry again
    Go ta jail, and do life, not five ta ten
    Me, Lil' Mario, and Toolie, that's my man, fam
    My niggas don't give a Jean-Claude VanDamme
    About'chu, 'cause we don't play around
    Bring tha K around, spray tha town, take tha ground
    Take tha ground that you walk on
    Tap tha phones that you talk on
    Jam ya up and take your arms off
    I hit you twice with tha sawed-off
    And your nigga just watch your head fall off... fall off
    You think ya love me, I shoot anybody that look suspicious (what)
    I bust tha three-six until tha damn drum bust (what)
    I hit tha hood, (I hit tha hood) be up in all black, (be in all black)
    I run up in your house with a tommy gun, what
    I'm standin' there like all mine
    Run through your click like a weak defensive line
    Doggy fresh

    You want war, nigga, let's beef... beef
    We can do it how ya want, or take it to tha streets... streets
    I'll be dressed in camouflage, Ree's on my feet
    Through your air (through your air) leave ya burnin' like heat
    What ya.. know, I'm tha one from tha T.C.
    Chopper shooter, block bruiser, I'll bet any G (any G)
    On fire, nigga, label, that's a HB
    And if I can't kill you.. killin' your family (family)
    Think it's a game, 'rilla, test my nuts, you'll see
    How fast I send shots through your 6V (6V)
    Heads bust if ya really think it's CMB
    And I know you all know about Slim and B
    We get our ball on, nigga, drink Cristy
    Me and Buck get head from meekos in Tennessee
    Betta ask somebody, nigga, I been a G
    And the Baby still servin' niggas for ten a key... nigga

    [Lil' Wayne]
    Aw, aw, aw, look
    Call me big baller, Big Tymer, big pockets
    Call me big stunter, big stick, or big body
    Call me that lil' nigga with tha Role... fulla diamonds
    Call me tha number one Hot Boy on fire
    Fire, when you shoot outta town, then I'ma holler
    With a crate of Crystile, couple of blunts, and a condom
    Let him know if (let him know if) he down bad, that ain't my problem
    Ler him know if he come at me bad, then I'ma chop him
    Ch-uh.. chop him
    Put tha flame to him
    All of a sudden tha thing hits straight through him
    'Cause I'm tha same nigga, pimper boy, Lil' Wayne
    Thugged out, pants fall to my shoe strings
    But since I use ta be.. doin' tha best at thangs
    That mean I gotta wear a vest that day
    I really think them niggas jealous... of tha sparkle in my necklace
    He ain't ready.. he ain't ready

    Featuring: Turk (2)

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