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The Slim Shady LP


"The Slim Shady LP" es el primer álbum de la discografía de Eminem lanzado bajo el sello Interscope, en febrero de 1999. Se trata del segundo álbum del rapero y fue grabado en Ferndale, Michigan, contando con Dr. Dre en la producción, junto a los hermanos Mark y Jeff Bass y el propio Eminem. Esta supuso la primera colaboración entre Eminem y Dr. Dre, que se iría repitiendo en posteriores trabajos.

La conducción del álbum corresponde al alter ego de Eminem, Slim Shady, que nos presenta unas canciones con temática en general muy violenta y un abuso del lenguaje obsceno. El personaje había sido creado en 1997 en el "Slim Shady EP" y se trata de alguien ofensivo hasta el exceso y grosero como ninguno.

Las opiniones de los críticos profesionales fueron en general positivas por su estilo lírico y el álbum debutó en el segundo puesto de la lista estadounidense Billboard 200.

El primer sencillo oficial fue "My Name Is", con la que el rapero consiguió su primer premio Grammy, en la categoría de Mejor actuación de rap solo, en la edición de 2000.

En segundo sencillo, muy controvertido, fue el titulado "Guilty Conscience", en el que terminaba aconsejando a un hombre que matara a su esposa y a su amante con el que acababa de tener relaciones. En la misma canción Dr. Dre intenta evitarlo, tratando de compensar la mala conciencia de Slim Shady/Eminem.

"The Slim Shady LP" lanzó a Eminem al estrellato y le supuso comenzar una dilatada gira, pero también fue el nacimiento de un controvertido personaje, Eminem, que puede ser odiado o amado, pero que nunca deja indiferente.

Listado de canciones del álbum The Slim Shady LP

  1. Public Service AnnouncementVer letra 0:33


    letra de Public Service Announcement

    This is a public Service Announcement brought to you,
    in part, by Slim Shady

    The views and events expressed here are totally fucked,
    and are not necessarily the views of anyone.

    However, the events and suggestions that appear
    on this album are *not* to be taken lightly

    Children should not partake in the listening
    of this album with laces in their shoes.

    Slim Shady is not responsible for your actions.
    Upon purchasing this album,
    you have agreed not to try this at home.

    Anything else?

    Eminem: Yeah,Don't do drugs.

  2. My Name IsVer letra 4:28


    letra de My Name Is

    Hi! My name is (what?), my name is (who?)
    My name is (chicka, chicka) Slim Shady
    Hi! My name is (huh?), my name is (what?)
    My name is (chicka, chicka) Slim Shady
    Hi! My name is (what?), my name is (who?)
    My name is (chicka, chicka) Slim Shady
    Hi! My name is (huh?), my name is (what?)
    My name is (chicka, chicka) Slim Shady

    (Ahem! Excuse me!
    Can I have the attention of the class, for one second?)

    Hi, kids! Do you like violence? (yeah, yeah, yeah!)
    Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids?(uh-huh!)
    Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? (yeah, yeah!)
    Try 'cid and get fucked up worse than my life is? (huh?)
    My brain's dead weight, I'm tryin' to get my head straight
    But I can't figure out which Spice Girl I wanna impregnate.
    And Dr. Dre said, "Slim Shady, you're a basehead!" (Uh-uh!)
    "So why's your face red? Man you wasted!"
    Well, since age twelve I felt like I'm someone else
    'Cause I hung my original self form the top bunk with a belt
    Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee's tits off
    And smacked her so hard I knocked her clothes back to Kriss Kross (ahhh!!!)
    I smoke a fat pound of grass and fall on my ass
    Faster than a fat bitch who sat down too fast
    Come here slut! (Shady, wait a minute, that's my girl dog)
    I don't give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off


    My English teacher wanted to flunk me in junior high
    Thanks a lot, next semester I'll be 35
    I smacked him in his face with an eraser, chased him wit a stapler
    And stapled his nuts to a stack of papers (owww!!!)
    Walked in a strip club, had my jacket zipped up
    Flashed the bartender, then stuck my dick in the tip cup
    Extra-terrestrials, runnin' over pedestrians,
    In a space ship while they're screaming at me: "Let's just be friends!"
    Ninety-nine percent of my life I was lied to
    I just found out my mom does more dope than I do (damn)
    I told her I'd grow up to be a famous rapper
    Make a record about doin' drugs and name it after her (oh, thank you!)
    You know you blew up when the women rush your stands
    And try to touch your hands like some screamin Usher fans (ahhh!!!)
    This guy at White Castle asked me for my autograph
    (dude, can I get your autograph?)
    So I signed it "Dear Dave, thanks for the support, asshole!"


    Stop the tape! This kid needs to be locked away! (get him!)
    Dr. Dre don't just stand there, operate!!!
    I'm not ready to leave, it's too scary to die (fuck that)
    I'd rather be carried inside a cemetery and buried alive (huh yup)
    Am I comin' or goin'? I can barely decide
    I just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive? (Go ahead)
    All my life I was very deprived, I ain't had a woman in years
    And my palms are too hairy to hide (whoops!)
    Clothes ripped like the Incredible Hulk (riiiip!)
    I spit when I talk (haach-ptoo!), I fuck anything that walks (come here)
    When I was little I used to get so hungry I would throw fits
    How you gonna breast feed me Mum?! (waaah!)
    You ain't got no tits!! (waaah!)
    I lay awake and strap myself in bed,
    With a bulletproof vest on and shoot myself in the head (bang!)
    I'm steamin mad (grrr!)
    And by the way, when you see my dad (yeah?)
    Tell him that I slit his throat, in this dream I had


    Composición: Dr. DreMezclas: Dr. DreMúsicos invitados: Richard (Engineer [Mix])
  3. Guilty ConscienceVer letra 3:19


    letra de Guilty Conscience

    [sound of static]

    Meet Eddie, twenty-three years old.
    Fed up with life and the way things are going,
    He decides to rob a liquor store.
    ("I can't take this no more, I can't take it no more homes")
    But on his way in, he has a sudden change of heart.
    And suddenly, his conscience comes into play...
    ("Shit is mine, I gotta do this.. gotta do this")

    [Dr. Dre]
    Alright, stop! (Huh?)
    Now before you walk in the door of this liquor store
    And try to get money out the drawer
    You better think of the consequence (But who are you?)
    I'm your motherfuckin conscience

    That's nonsense!
    Go in and gaffle the money and run to one of your aunt's cribs
    And borrow a damn dress, and one of her blonde wigs
    Tell her you need a place to stay
    You'll be safe for days if you shave your legs with Renee's razor blade

    [Dr. Dre]
    Yeah but if it all goes through like it's supposed to
    The whole neighborhood knows you and they'll expose you
    Think about it before you walk in the door first
    Look at the store clerk, she's older than George Burns

    Fuck that! Do that shit! Shoot that bitch!
    Can you afford to blow this shit? Are you that rich?
    Why you give a fuck if she dies? Are you that bitch?
    Do you really think she gives a fuck if you have kids?

    [Dr. Dre]
    Man, don't do it, it's not worth it to risk it! (You're right!)
    Not over this shit (Stop!) Drop the biscuit (I will!)
    Don't even listen to Slim yo, he's bad for you
    (You know what Dre? I don't like your attitude..)

    [sound of static]

    ("It's alright c'mon, just come in here for a minute")
    ("Mmm, I don't know!")
    ("Look baby..")
    ("Yo, it's gonna be alright, right?")
    ("Well OK..")

    Meet Stan, twenty-one years old. ("Give me a kiss!")
    After meeting a young girl at a rave party,
    Things start getting hot and heavy in an upstairs bedroom.
    Once again, his conscience comes into play... ("Shit!")

    Now listen to me, while you're kissin her cheek
    And smearin her lipstick, I slipped this in her drink
    Now all you gotta do is nibble on this little bitch's earlobe..
    (Yo! This girl's only fifteen years old
    You shouldn't take advantage of her, that's not fair)
    Yo, look at her bush.. Does it got hair? (Uh huh!)
    Fuck this bitch right here on the spot bare
    Til she passes out and she forgot how she got there
    (Man, ain't you ever seen that one movie _Kids_?)
    No, but I seen the porno with Sundoobiest!
    (shit, you wanna get hauled off to jail?)
    Man fuck that, hit that shit raw dawg and bail..

    [sound of static]
    [pickup idling, radio playing]

    Meet Grady, a twenty-nine year old construction worker.
    After coming home from a hard day's work,
    He walks in the door of his trailer park home
    To find his wife in bed with another man.
    ("WHAT THE FUCK?!?!")

    [Dr. Dre]
    Alright calm down, relax, start breathin..

    Fuck that shit, you just caught this bitch cheatin
    While you at work she's with some dude tryin to get off?!
    Fuck slittin her throat, cut this bitch's head off!!!

    [Dr. Dre]
    Wait! What if there's an explanation for this shit?
    (What? She tripped? Fell? Landed on his dick?!)
    Alright Shady, maybe he's right Grady
    But think about the baby before you get all crazy

    Okay! Thought about it, still wanna stab her?
    Grab her by the throat, get your daughter and kidnap her?
    That's what I did, be smart, don't be a retard
    You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped dee barnes??!

    [Dr. Dre]
    What'chu say? (What's wrong? Didn't think I'd remember?)
    I'ma kill you motherfucker!

    Uhhh-aahh! Temper temper!
    Mr. Dre? Mr. N. W. A.?
    Mr. Ak comin' straight outta Compton y'all better make way?
    How in the fuck you gonna tell this man not to be violent?

    [Dr. Dre]
    Cause he don't need to go the same route that I went
    Been there, done that.. Aw fuck it...
    What am I sayin? Shoot em both Grady, where's your gun at?

    [gun fires, is cocked, and re-fired]

    Composición: Dr. DreMezclas: Dr. DreFeaturing: Dr. DreMúsicos invitados: Mark Avery (Engineer [Mix]), Richard (Voice [Narration])
  4. Brain DamageVer letra 3:46


    letra de Brain Damage

    [Doctor] Scalpel
    [Nurse] Here
    [Doctor] Sponge
    [Nurse] Here
    [Doctor] Wait.. He's convulsing, he's convulsing!
    [Nurse] Ah!
    [Doctor] We're gonna have to shock him!
    [Nurse] Oh my! Oh my God!
    [Doctor] We're gonna have to shock him!
    [Nurse] Oh my God!

    These are the results of a thousand electric volts
    A neck with bolts, "Nurse we're losin him, check the pulse!"
    A kid who refused to respect adults
    Wore spectacles with taped frames and a freckled nose
    A corny lookin white boy, scrawny and always ornery
    Cause I was always sick of brawny bullies pickin on me
    And I might snap, one day just like that
    I decided to strike back and flatten every tire on the bike rack
    (Whosssssh) My first day in junior high, this kid said,
    "It's you and I, three o'clock sharp this afternoon you die"
    I looked at my watch it was one twenty
    "I already gave you my lunch money what more do you want from me?!?"
    He said, "Don't try to run from me, you'll just make it worse..."
    My palms were sweaty, and I started to shake at first
    Something told me, "Try to fake a stomach ache it works"
    I screamed, "Owww! My appendix feels like they could burst!
    Teacher, teacher, quick I need a naked nurse! "
    [N] "What's the matter?"
    [E] "I don't know, my leg, it hurts!"
    [N] "Leg?!? I thought you said it was your tummy?!?"
    [E] "Oh, I mean it is, but I also got a bum knee!"
    [N] "Mr. Mathers, the fun and games are over.
    And just for that stunt, you're gonna get some extra homework. "
    [E] "But don't you wanna give me after school detention?"
    [N] "Nah, that bully wants to beat your ass and I'ma let him."

    [Chorus: repeat 2X]

    Brain damage, ever since the day I was born
    Drugs is what they used to say I was on
    They say I never knew which way I was goin
    But everywhere I go they keep playin my song

    Brain damage..
    Way before my baby daughter Hailey
    I was harassed daily by this fat kid named D'Angelo Bailey
    An eighth grader who acted obnoxious, cause his father boxes
    So everyday he'd shove me in the lockers
    One day he came in the bathroom while I was pissin
    And had me in the position to beat me into submission
    He banged my head against the urinal til he broke my nose,
    Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat
    I tried to plead and tell him, "We shouldn't beef"
    But he just wouldn't leave, he kept chokin me and I couldn't breathe
    He looked at me and said, "You gonna die honkey!"
    The principal walked in (What's going on in here?)
    And started helpin him stomp me
    I made them think they beat me to death
    Holdin my breath for like five minutes before they finally left
    Then I got up and ran to the janitor's storage booth
    Kicked the door hinge loose and ripped out the four inch screws
    Grabbed some sharp objects, brooms, and foreign tools
    "This is for every time you took my orange juice,
    Or stole my seat in the lunchroom and drank my chocolate milk.
    Every time you tipped my tray and it dropped and spilt.
    I'm gettin you back bully! Now once and for good. "
    I cocked the broomstick back and swung hard as I could
    And beat him over the head with it til I broke the wood
    Knocked him down, stood on his chest with one foot..
    .. Made it home, later that same day
    Started reading a comic, and suddenly everything became gray
    I couldn't even see what I was tryin to read
    I went deaf, and my left ear started to bleed
    My mother started screamin, "What are you on, drugs?!?
    Look at you, you're gettin blood all over my rug! " (Sorry!)
    She beat me over the head with the remote control
    Opened a hole, and my whole brain fell out of my skull
    I picked it up and screamed, "Look bitch, what have you done?!?"
    [M] "Oh my God, I'm sorry son"
    [E] "Shut up you cunt!" I said, "Fuck it!"
    Took it and stuck it back up in my head
    Then I sewed it shut and put a couple of screws in my neck


    Brain damage..
    It's brain damage..
    I got brain damage..
    It's brain damage..
    It's probably brain damage..
    It's brain damage..
    Brain damage..
    I got brain damage..

    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Mel-Man (Drum Programming), Alan Mason (Engineer [Mix])
  5. PaulVer letra 0:15


    letra de Paul

    Hey, what's going on, this is Paul Rosenberger, attorney of
    law. Listen, I listened to the rough copy of your album And
    uh, you know I've just got to be honest with you Can you tone
    it down a little bit? Because there's only so much I can
    explain. Give me a call.

    Músicos invitados: Paul Rosenberg (Performer)
  6. If I HadVer letra 4:05


    letra de If I Had

    Life.. by Marshall Mathers
    What is life?
    Life is like a big obstacle
    put in front of your optical to slow you down
    And everytime you think you gotten past it
    it's gonna come back around and tackle you to the damn ground
    What are friends?
    Friends are people that you think are your friends
    But they really your enemies, with secret indentities
    and disguises, to hide they true colors
    So just when you think you close enough to be brothers
    they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't lookin
    What is money?
    Money is what makes a man act funny
    Money is the root of all evil
    Money'll make them same friends come back around
    swearing that they was always down
    What is life?
    I'm tired of life
    I'm tired of backstabbing ass snakes with friendly grins
    I'm tired of committing so many sins
    Tired of always giving in when this bottle of Henny wins
    Tired of never having any ends
    Tired of having skinny friends hooked on crack and mini-thins
    I'm tired of this DJ playing YOUR shit when he spins
    Tired of not having a deal
    Tired of having to deal with the bullshit without grabbing thesteel
    Tired of drowning in my sorrow
    Tired of having to borrow a dollar for gas to start my MonteCarlo
    I'm tired of motherfuckers spraying shit and dartin off
    I'm tired of jobs startin off at five fifty an hour
    then this boss wanders why I'm smartin off
    I'm tired of being fired everytime I fart and cough
    Tired of having to work as a gas station clerk
    for this jerk breathing down my neck driving me bezerk
    I'm tired of using plastic silverware
    Tired of working in Building Square
    Tired of not dating Alana
    Tired of not being a millionaire

    But if I had a million dollars
    I'd buy a damn brewery, and turn the planet into alcoholics
    If I had a magic wand, I'd make the world suck my dick
    without a condom on, while I'm on the john
    If I had a million bucks
    it wouldn't be enough, because I'd still be out
    robbing armored trucks
    If I had one wish
    I would ask for a big enough ass for the whole world to kiss

    I'm tired of being white trash, broke and always poor
    Tired of taking pop bottles back to the party store
    I'm tired of not having a phone
    Tired of not having a home to have one in if I did have it on
    Tired of not driving a BM
    Tired of not working at GM, tired of wanting to be him
    Tired of not sleeping without a Tylenol PM
    Tired of not performing in a packed coliseum
    Tired of not being on tour
    Tired of fucking the same blonde whore after work
    in the back of a Contour
    I'm tired of faking knots with a stack of ones
    Having a lack of funds and resorting back to guns
    Tired of being stared at
    I'm tired of wearing the same damn Nike Air hat
    Tired of stepping in clubs wearing the same pair of Lugz
    Tired of people saying they're tired of hearing me rap aboutdrugs
    Tired of other rappers who ain't bringin half the skill as me
    saying they wasn't feeling me on "Nobody's As Ill As Me"
    I'm tired of radio stations telling fibs
    Tired of J-L-B saying "Where Hip-Hop Lives"

    But if I had a million dollars
    I'd buy a damn brewery, and turn the planet into alcoholics
    If I had a magic wand, I'd make the world suck my dick
    without a condom on, while I'm on the john
    If I had a million bucks
    it wouldn't be enough, because I'd still be out
    robbing armored trucks
    If I had one wish
    I would ask for a big enough ass for the whole world to kiss

    You know what I'm saying?
    I'm tired of all of this bullshit
    Telling me to be positive
    How'm I 'sposed to be positive when I don't see shit positive?
    Know what I'm sayin?
    I rap about shit around me, shit I see
    Know what I'm sayin? Right now I'm tired of everything
    Tired of all this player hating that's going on in my own city
    Can't get no airplay, you know what I'm sayin?
    But ey, it's cool though, you know what I'm sayin?
    Just fed up
    That's my word

    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: DJ Head (Drum Programming), Alan Mason (Engineer [Mix]), Kristie Abete (Vocals [Additional])
  7. '97 Bonnie & Clyde 5:16
    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: DJ Head (Drum Programming), Slim (10) (Engineer [Mix]), DJ Len Swann (Scratches)
  8. BitchVer letra 0:19


    letra de Bitch

    *Girl talking on phone*
    Justin? It's Zoe, um Kellie did not have me call you
    However I just listened to Eminem in her car
    It is the most dicusting thing I have ever heard
    In my entire life and I seriously want to call his
    Fucking agent and tell them how fucking discusting
    He is, it like makes me upset, I am now nausus and
    I cant eat lunch, goodbye

    Músicos invitados: Zoe Winkler (Performer)
  9. Role ModelVer letra 3:25


    letra de Role Model

    Ok, I'm going to attempt to drown myself.
    You can try this at home,
    you can be just like me.
    (Mic check 1, 2.... We recording?)

    [Verse 1]
    Im cancerous, and when I diss you wouldn't wanna answer this.
    And if ya responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus
    I'd strangle you to death, then choke you again (ack)
    Then broke your fucking legs til' your
    bones poke through your skin (AAWW)!
    You beef with me, Im-a even the score equally,
    take on Jerry Springer and beat your ass legally.
    I get you blunted off of funny home grown
    Cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono (OH NO!!)
    And If I said I never did drugs, that would mean I lie
    And get fucked more that the President does!
    Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert,
    I ripped his fucking tonsils out and fed her sherbert (bitch)
    My nerves hurt, lately Im on edge.
    Grabbed Vanilla Ice and ripped out his blonde dreads (fuck)
    Every girl I ever went out with was going lez'
    Follow me and do excactly like the song says;
    Smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people and drink,
    jump behind wheel like it was still legal.
    Im dumb enough to walk in a store and steal,
    so Im dumb enough to ask a for date with Lauryn Hill.
    Some people only see that Im white, ignoring skill,
    Cos' I stand out like a green hat with an orange bill.
    But I dont get pissed, ya'll dont even see through the mist.
    How the fuck can I be white, I dont even exist?
    I get a clean shave, bath, go to a rave, die from an overdose
    and dig myself up out of my grave.
    My middle finger won't go down, how do I wave?
    And this is how I'm supposed to teach kids how to behave!?

    [Chorus (Version 1)]
    Now follow me and do excactly what you see
    Dont you wanna grow up to be just like me?
    I slap women, and eat shrooms then O.D.
    Now dont you wanna grow up to be just like me !?

    [Verse 2]
    Me and Marcus Allen went over to see Nicole,
    when we heard a knock on the door (knock)
    Must´ve been Ron Gold'
    Jumped behind the door, put the orgy on hold.
    Killed 'em both and smeared blood on white Bronco (We did it!)
    My mind won'y work and my spine don't jerk.
    I slapped Garth Brooks out of his Rhinestone shirt.
    I'm not a player just an ill rhyme sayer.
    That'll spray an aerosol can up at the ozone layer (pssh)
    My rap style's warped, I'm runnin out the morgue
    witcha dead grandmother's corpse to throw it on your porch (scream)
    Jumped in a Chickenhawk cartoon with a cape on,
    and beat up Foghorn Leghorn with an acorn
    Im about as normal as Norman Baites, with deformative traits
    A premature birth that was four minutes late.
    Mother, are you there? I love you
    I never meant to hit you
    on the head with that shovel. (Evil laugh)
    Will someone please explain to my
    brains that I just severed a main vein
    with a chainsaw and Im in pain?
    I take a breather and sighed,
    Either I'm high, or I'm nuts
    Cause if you ain't tiltin this room, neither am I
    So when you see your mom with a thermometer shoved in her ass
    then it probably is obvious I got it on with her
    Cause when I drop this solo shit it's over with
    I bought Cage's tape, opened it, and dubbed over it.

    [Chorus (Version 2)]
    I came to a club drunk and with a fake ID
    Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me?
    I've been with 10 women who got HIV
    Now dont you wanna grow up to be just like me?
    I got genital warts and it burns when I pee
    Now dont you wanna grow up to be just like me!?
    I tie a rope around my penis and jump from a tree
    You probably wanna grow up the JUST LIKE ME?!

    Composición: Dr. Dre, Mel-ManMezclas: Dr. DreMúsicos invitados: Richard (Engineer [Mix])
  10. LoungeVer letra 0:46


    letra de Lounge

    I never meant to
    Give you mushrooms girl
    I never meant to
    Bring you to my world
    And now your sittin da corner crying and now it's my faultx2
    (Wooh! Yeah!)

    Músicos invitados: Jeff Bass (Music By [Background]), Eminem (Performer), Jeff Bass (Performer), Mark Bass (Performer)
  11. My FaultVer letra 4:01


    letra de My Fault

    [Eminem does the voices of all characters in the song]

    [G - Eminem as Susan (the girl)]
    [D - Eminem as Dave]
    [J - Eminem as John]

    [Chorus: repeat 2X]

    I never meant to give you mushrooms girl
    I never meant to bring you to my world
    Now you sitting in the corner crying
    And now it's my fault my fault

    I went to John's rave with Ron and Dave
    And met a new wave blonde babe with half of her head shaved
    A nurse aid who came to get laid and tied up
    With first aid tape and raped on the first date
    Susan -- an ex-heroin addict who just stoped usin. Was into bosse and
    Alternative music. Told me she was about to use it agzin. I said wiat first
    Try this hallucionagin, it's better than heroin and the the booze and the gin.
    Come here lets go in here. Who's in the den? (It's me and Kelly) my bad! Lets
    Try another room "I don't trust you" shut up s*** chew up this mushroom. This
    Will help you get in touch with your roots. We'll get bare-foot but naked and run
    In the woods. "oh hell might as well try 'em this party is so drag." Oh dag I
    Didn't mean for you to eat the whole bag! (huh)
    [1st repeat Em says "I'm sorry!" at the end]
    [2nd repeat same as original Chorus]

    "Yo Sue!"
    [G] Get away from me, I don't know you
    Oh shoot, she's tripping..
    [G] I need to go puke!! (Bleahh!)
    I wasn't tryin to turn this into somethin major
    I just wanted to make you appreciate nature.
    Susan stop crying I don't hate ya. The worlds not against you I'm sorry your
    Father raped ya. So what, you had your coochie in your dad's mouth. That's no
    Reason to start wiggin and spaz out.
    She said "Help me I think I'm having a seisure!"
    I said "I'm high too (bitch) Quit grabbin my T-shirt (let go!)
    Would you calm down you're startin to scare me.
    She said " I'm twenty-six years old and I'm not married. I don't have any
    Kids and I can't cook"
    I'm over here Sue, (hi) you're talkin to the plant, look!
    We need to get to a hospital 'fore it's too late
    Cause I never seen no-one eat as many shrooms as you ate.

    [1st repeat Em says "Whoops!" after first line and "It was an accident!" at the end]
    [2nd repeat same as original Chorus]
    Susan (wait!) Where you goin? You better be careful
    [G] Leave me alone dad, I'm sick of gettin my hair pulled
    I'm not your dad, quit tryin to swallow your tongue
    Want some gum? Put down the scissors, 'fore you do somethin dumb
    I'll be right back just chill baby please?
    I gotta go find Dave he's the one who gave me these.
    "John, where's Dave at before I bash you?"
    [J] He's in the bathroom; I think he's takin a crap dude!
    "Dave! Pull up your pants, we need an ambulance
    There's a girl upstairs talkin to plants
    Choppin her hair off, and there's only two days left
    Of Spring Break, how long do these things take to wear off? "
    [D] Well it depends on how many you had? I took three she ate the other
    Twenty-two caps Now she's upstairs cryin out her eyeballs, drinking lysol.
    "She's gonna die dude." I know and it's my fault!
    My god!
    [1st repeat Em says "I'm sorry!" after second line and "What do I do?" at the end]
    [2nd repeat same as original Chorus]
    My God, I'm so sorry!
    I'm so sorry! Susan please wake up!
    Please! Please wake up!! What are you doing?!
    You're not dead!! You're not dead!
    I know you're not dead!

    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Alan Mason (Engineer [Mix])
  12. Ken KaniffVer letra 1:16


    letra de Ken Kaniff

    Call this mother fucker
    (dial tone)
    Ohh fuck yeah
    Give em a piece of my mind....
    A piece of my ass
    (Thanks for waiting,
    This is -----
    May I help you?)
    Ohh thank you
    I need to make a collect call
    (What number?)
    The numbers _62-____
    (At the tone, please say your name.)
    Kennith Kaniff.... From Connecticut.
    Automated piece of shit
    Ring, ring
    Hey there cockboy.
    Who's this?
    This is Ken Kannif
    Ken Kannif from Connecticut, ya little bitch.
    From Connecticut?
    Yean you wanna get a...
    I don't know nobody in Connecticut.
    You wanna get a hotel room with me?
    A hotel room?
    Yeah, you want me to lick your ass, eminem!?
    Ha.. Yo, wh, who is this? Cage?
    Hey, pa ha..
    You want me ta fuckin melt in your mouth and not in your hand? Melt in
    Your ass, ya little cockboy.
    He k k k k, yo shut up you little bitch.
    Oh you think I'm lyin huh?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Músicos invitados: Jeff Bass (Music By [Background]), Aristotle (Performer), Eminem (Performer), Mark Bass (Performer)
  13. Cum On EverybodyVer letra 3:39


    letra de Cum On Everybody

    [Girl] Hmm-hmm-hmhmhmmhm.. ahhh, whooooo!! Shit
    [Em] Yo, mic check
    Testing one, two, um... twelve
    (whattup whattup whattup.. Outsidaz)
    [Em] This is my dance song (Outsidaz)
    Can you hear me?
    (Rah Digga, Pacewon, Young Zee)
    [Em] Aight, ay turn my headphones up
    (bust it bust it)

    My favoite color is red, like the blood shed
    from Kurt Cobain's head, when he shot himself dead
    Women all grabbin at my shishkabob
    Bought Lauryn Hill's tape so her kids could starve
    (I can't stand white people!)
    You thought I was livid, now I'm even more so
    Shit I got full blown AIDS and a sore throat
    I got a wardrobe with an orange robe {*wolf whistle*}
    I'm in the fourth row, signin autographs at your show
    (Yo can you sign this right here?)
    I just remembered that I'm absent minded
    Wait, I mean I've lost my mind, I can't find it
    I'm freestylin every verse that I spit
    cause I don't even remember the words to my shit (umm, one two)
    I told the doc I need a change in sickness
    and gave a girl herpes in exchange for syphilis
    Put my LP on your Christmas gift list
    You wanna get high, here bitch just sniff this

    Cum on everybody -- get down tonight (8X)

    Yo.. yo yo yo yo
    I tried suicide once and I'll try it again
    That's why I write songs where I die at the end
    Cause I don't give a fuck, like my middle finger was stuck
    and I was wavin it at everybody screamin, "I suck" (I SUCK!!!)
    I go on stage in front of a sellout crowd
    and yell out loud, "All y'all get the hell out now"
    Fuck rap, I'm givin it up y'all, I'm sorry
    (But Eminem this is your record release party!)
    I'm bored out of my gourd -- so I took a hammer
    and nailed my foot to the floorboard of my Ford
    Guess I'm just a sick sick bastard
    who's one sandwich short of a picnic basket (I ain't got itall)
    One Excederin tablet short of a full medicine cabinet
    I feel like my head has been shredded like lettuce and cabbage
    (ohhhhhhh) And if you ever see a video for this shit
    I'll probably be dressed up like a mummy with my wrists slit

    Cum on everybody -- get down tonight (8X)

    Got bitches on my jock out in East Detroit
    Cause they think that I'm a motherfuckin Beastie Boy {*wolfwhistle*}
    So I told em I was Mike D
    They was like, "Gee I don't know, he might be!"
    I told em, "Meet me at Kid Rock's next concert
    I'll be standin by the Loch Ness Monster (okay) peace out(bye!!)"
    Then I jetted to the weed house
    Smoked out til I started bustin freestyles
    Broke out then I dipped quick back to the crib, put on lipstick
    Crushed up the Tylenol and ate it with a dipstick (*slurping*}
    Made a couple of crank calls collect [*brrrrrrring, click*]
    "Ken Kaniff from Connecticut, can you accept?"
    I wanna make songs all the fellas dub
    And murder every rich rapper that I'm jealous of
    So just remember when I bomb your set
    Yo, I only cuss to make your mom upset

    Cum on everybody -- get down tonight (20X)

    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Alan Mason (Engineer [Mix]), Dina Rae (Vocals [Additional])
  14. Rock BottomVer letra 3:34


    letra de Rock Bottom

    Ah yeah, yo!
    This song is dedicated to all the happy people
    All the happy people who have real nice lives
    And who have no idea whats it like to be broke as fuck

    Verse One:

    I feel like I'm walking a tight rope, without a circus net
    I'm popping perkasets, I'm a nervous wreck
    I deserve respect; but I work a sweat for this worthless check
    Bout to burst this tech, at somebody to reverse this debt
    Minimum wage got my adrenaline caged
    Full of venom and rage
    Especially when I'm engaged
    And my daughter's down to her last diaper
    That's got my ass hyper
    I pray that god answers, maybe I'll ask nicer
    Watching ballers while they flossing in their pathfinders
    These overnight stars becoming autograph signers
    We'll all gone blow up and leave the past behind us
    Along with the small fry's and average half pinters
    While playa haters turn bitch like they have vaginas
    Cause we see them dollar signs and let the cash blind us
    Money will brainwash you and leave your ass mindless
    Snakes slither in the grass spineless

    Chorus: repeat 2X

    That's Rock Bottom
    When this life makes you mad enough to kill
    That's Rock Bottom
    When you want something bad enough you'll steal
    That's Rock Bottom
    When you feel you have had it up to here
    Cause you mad enough to scream but you sad enough to tear

    Verse Two:

    My life is full of empty promises
    And broken dreams
    I'm hoping things will look up
    But there ain't no job openings
    I feel discouraged hungry and malnourished
    Living in this house with no furnace, unfurnished
    And I'm sick of working dead end jobs with lame pay
    And I'm tired of being hired and fired the same day
    But fuck it, if you know the rules to the game play
    Cause when we die we know were all going the same way
    It's cool to be player, but it sucks to be the fan
    When all you need is bucks to be the man
    Plus a luxury sedan
    Too comfortable and roomy in a six
    They threw me in the mix
    With all these gloomy lunatics
    Walk around depressed
    And smoke a pound of ses a day
    And yesterday went by so quick it seems like it was just today
    My daughter wants to throw the ball but I'm too stressed toplay
    Live half my life and throw the rest away


    There's people that love me and people that hate me
    But it's the evil that made me this backstabbing, deceitful, andshady
    I want the money, the women, the fortune, and the fame
    That Means I'll end up burning in hell scorching in flames
    That means I'm stealing your checkbook and forging your name
    Lifetime bliss for eternal torture and pain
    Right now I feel like just hit the rock bottom
    I got problems now everybody on my blocks got 'em
    I'm screaming like those two cops when 2pac shot 'em
    Holding two glocks, I hope your doors got new locks on 'em
    My daughter's feet ain't got no shoes or sock's on 'em
    And them rings you wearing look like they got a few rocks on'em
    And while you flaunting them I could be taking them to shops topawn them
    I got a couple of rings and a brand new watch you want 'em?
    Cause I never went gold of one song
    I'm running up on someone's lawns with guns drawn


    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Dr. DreMúsicos invitados: Richard (Engineer [Mix])
  15. Just Don't Give A Fuck 4:02
    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Denaun Porter (Drum Programming), Aaron Lepley (Engineer [Mix]), Kid Rock (Scratches)
  16. SoapVer letra 0:34


    letra de Soap

    Skylar Montgomery?
    What do you want from me Roger?
    I know it was you all along messing around with my dear
    Wait a minute, you hold hold it right there. Me
    and that woman
    love each other.
    Love? What do you know of love?
    We were destined to be together. I met her on the
    Are you out to destroy me?
    No Roger. That's not what I want to do.
    I love her! And were going to be together.

    Músicos invitados: Jeff Bass (Music By [Background]), Jeff Bass (Performer), Royce Da 5'9 (Performer)
  17. As The World TurnsVer letra 4:25


    letra de As The World Turns

    [Chorus: Repeat 2X]

    I don't know why this world keep turning
    Round and Round
    But I wish it would stop, and let me off right now

    Yes man
    As the World Turns
    We all experience things in life
    Trials and Tribulations
    That we all must go through
    When someone wants to test us
    When someone tries our patience

    I hang with a bunch of hippies
    And wacky tobacco planters
    Who swallow lit roaches
    And light up like jack-o-lanterns
    Outsiders baby, and we suing the courts
    Cuz we're dope as fuck and only get a 2 in the source
    They never should've booted me out of reform school
    Deformed fool, takin a shit in a warm pool
    They threw me out the Ramada Inn
    I said it wasn't me, I got a twin (Oh my god it's you! Not again!)
    It all started when my mother took my bike away
    Cuz I murdered my guinea pig and stuck him in the microwave
    After that, It was straight to the 40 ouncers
    Slappin teachers, and jackin off in front of my counselors
    Class clown freshman, dressed like Les Nessman
    fuck the next lesson, I'll past the test guessin
    And all the other kids said Eminem's a dishead,
    He'll never last, the only class he'll pass is phys ed
    May be true, till I told this bitch in gym class
    That she was too fat to swim laps, she needed Slim Fast (Who Me?)
    Yeah bitch you so big you walked into big Tanny's and stepped on Jenny Craig
    She picked me up to snap me like a skinny twig
    Put me in the headlock, then I thought of my guinea pig
    I felt the evilness and started transformin (Rarrrr!)
    It began storming, I heard a bunch of cheering fans swarming
    Grabbed that bitch by her hair
    Drug her across the ground
    And took her up to the highest diving board and tossed her down
    Sorry coach, it's too late to tell me stop
    While I drop this bitch face down and watch her belly flop


    As the World Turns
    These are the days of our lives
    These are the things that we must go through
    Day by day

    We drive around in million dollar sports cars
    While little kids hide this tape from their parents like bad report cards
    Outsiders, and we suing the courts
    Cuz we dope as fuck and only get a 2 in The Source
    Hypercondriac, hanging out at the laundromat
    Where all the raunchy fat white trashy blondes be at
    Dressed like a sailor, standin by a pale of garbage
    Its almost dark and I'm still tryna nail a trailor park bitch
    I met a s*** and said "What up, it's nice to meet ya"
    I'd like to treat ya to a Faygo and a slice of pizza
    But I'm broke as fuck and I don't get paid till the first of next month
    But if you care to join me, I was bout to roll this next blunt
    But I aint got no weed, no phillies, or no papers
    Plus I'm a rapist and a repeated prison escapist
    So gimme all your money
    And don't try nothin funny
    Cuz you know your stinkin ass is too fat to try to outrun me
    I went to grab my gun
    That's when her ass put it on me
    Wit an uppercut and hit me with a basket of laundry
    I fell through the glass doors
    Started causin a scene
    Then slid across the floor and flew right into a washin machine
    Jumped up with a broken back
    Thank god I was smokin crack all day
    And doped up off coke and smack
    All I wanted to do was rape the bitch and snatch her purse
    Now I wanna kill her
    But so I gotta catch her first
    Ran through Rally's parkin lot and took a shortcut
    Saw the house she ran up in
    And shot her fuckin porch up
    Kicked the door down to murder this divorced s***
    Looked around the room
    That's when I seen the bedroom door shut
    I know you're in there bitch! I got my gun cocked!
    You might as well come out now
    She said "Come in, it's unlocked!"
    I walked in and all I smelled was Liz Claiborne
    And seen her spread across the bed naked watchin gay porn
    She said "Come her big boy, lets get acquainted"
    I turned around to run, twisted my ankle and sprained it
    She came at me at full speed, nothin could stop her
    I shot her five times and every bullet bounced off her
    I started to beg "No, please let go"
    But she swallowed my fuckin leg whole like an egg roll
    With one leg left, now I'm hoppin around crippled
    I grabbed my pocket knife and sliced off her right nipple
    Just trying to buy me some time, then I remembered this magic trick
    Den Den Den Den Den Den, Go go gadget dick!
    Whipped that shit out, and aint no doubt about it
    It hit the ground and caused an earthquake and power outage
    I shouted "Now bitch, lets see who gets the best!"
    Stuffed that shit in crooked and fucked that fat s*** to death (Ahh!! Ahhh!)
    Come here bitch!
    Come here!
    Take this motherfuckin dick!
    Bitch, come here!

    [Chorus to fade]

    And as we go along
    Throughout the days of our lives
    We all face small obstacles and challenges everyday
    That we must go through
    These are the things that surround us through our atmosphere
    Every day
    Every single day the world keeps turning

    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Aaron Lepley (Engineer [Mix])
  18. I'm Shady 3:31
    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Alan Mason (Engineer [Mix])
  19. Bad Meets EvilVer letra 4:13


    letra de Bad Meets Evil


    I reckon you ain't familiar with these here parts
    You know, there's a story behind that there saloon
    Twenty years ago, two outlaws took this whole town over
    Sheriffs couldn't stop em
    Quickest damn gun slingers I've ever seen
    Got murdered in cold blood
    That ol' saloon there was their lil' home away from home
    They say the ghosts of Bad and Evil still live in that tavern
    And on a quiet night
    You can still hear the footsteps of Slim Shady and Royce Da Five-Nine

    I don't speak, I float in the air wrapped in a sheet
    I'm not a real person, I'm a ghost trapped in a beat
    I translate when my voice is read through a sismograph
    And a noise is bred, picked up and transmitted through Royce's head (Aahhh)
    Trapped him in his room, possessed him and hoist his bed
    Till the evilness flows through his blood like poisonous lead
    Told him each one of his boys is dead
    I asked him to come to the dark side, he made a choice and said

    Who hard? Yo I done heard worse
    We can get in two cars and accelerate at each other
    To see which one'll swerve first
    Two blind bandits panic, whose mental capacity holds
    That of a globe on top of nine other planets
    Kissed the cheek of the devil
    Intelligence level is hell-ier than treble peakin on speakers in the ghetto
    Dismissal, I'm not a fair man, disgraced the race of a atheist
    Intercepting missles wit my bare hands like a patriot
    One track sliced without swords, I buried the Christ corpse
    In my past life when the Black Knight mounted the white horse
    And stay over-worked, it's like the Nazis in the nations
    Collaborating, attemptin to take over the earth

    Cuz this is what happens when Bad Meets Evil
    We hit the trees till we look like Vietnamese people
    He's Evil, and I'm Bad like Steve Segal
    Above the Law cuz I don't agree wit police either (shit, me neither)
    We ain't eager to be legal
    So please leave me wit the keys to your Jeep Eagle
    I breathe ether in three amounts
    When I stab myself in the knee with a diseased needle
    Releasin rage on anybody in squeezing range
    Cold enough to make the seasons change into freezing rain
    (He's insane) No I'm not, I just want to shoot up and I'm pissed off
    Cuz I can't find a decent vain

    The disaster wit dreds
    I'm Bad enough to commit suicide and survive long enough
    To kill my soul after I'm dead
    When in danger it's funny actually my flavor's similar to a waiter
    Cuz I serve any stranger wit money
    I spray a hundred, man until they joint chains
    While slippin bullets at point blank range like they was punches
    Piss on a flag and burn it, murder you then come to your funeral
    Serve this lobbyist, strangle your body then confirm you
    Whippin human ass, throwin blows crackin jaws
    Wit my fists wrapped in gause, dipped in glue and glass
    I'm blazin mc's, at the same time amazin mc's
    Somehow mc's ain't that eye-brow raisin to me
    >From all of angles of us, flash a mack loud enough to cast a avalanche
    And bust till volcanoes errupt

    *phone rings*
    Hello? (Billy) Aiyyo what's up (we're comin to get you)
    Stop, they know it's us!!

    I used to be a loudmouth, remember me? (uh-ah)
    I'm the one who burned your house down (oh)
    Well I'm out now (shit), and this time I'm comin back to blow your house up
    And I ain't gon leave you a window to jump out of
    Give me two fat tabs and three shrooms
    And you won't see me like fat people in steam rooms
    And when I go to hell and I'm gettin ready to leave
    I'ma put air in a bag and charge people to breathe

    [Royce + (Eminem)]
    Cuz this is what happens when Bad Meets Evil
    And we hit the trees till we look like Vietnamese people
    He's Evil, and I'm Bad like Steve Segal
    Against peaceful, see you in hell for the sequel
    (We'll be waitin) See you in hell
    Wall Street, Royce Da Five-Nine, Slim Shady
    See you in hell for the sequel (bye bye)
    Bad Meets Evil, what? (till next time)

    And so that's the story when Bad Meets Evil
    Two of the most wanted individuals in the county
    Made Jesse James and Billy the Kid look like law-abiding citizens
    It's too bad they had to go out the way they did
    Got shot in the back comin out of that ol' saloon
    But their spirits still live on till this day
    Shhh...[spits] wait, did y'all hear that?
    [Footsteps and windblowing]

    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark Bass, Ryan MontgomeryMezclas: Mr. B (3)Featuring: Royce Da 5'9Músicos invitados: Aaron Lepley (Engineer [Mix]), Jeff Bass (Vocals [Introduction])
  20. Still Don't Give A Fuck 4:12
    Composición: Jeff Bass, Mark BassMezclas: Mr. B (3)Músicos invitados: Aaron Lepley (Engineer [Mix])

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