Álbum Cookin' with Fats de Fats Domino - Canciones

Cookin' with Fats

Listado de canciones del álbum Cookin' with Fats

  1. My Girl Josephine
  2. Jambalaya
  3. Honey Chile
  4. One Night
  5. Little Mama
  6. Shu Rah
  7. Ain't That Just Like A Woman
  8. What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You
  9. Bo Weevil
  10. You Done Me Wrong
  11. What A Price
  12. Rose Mary
  13. When I See You
  14. So Long
  15. Three Nights A Week
  16. Sick And Tired
  17. Are You Going My Way
  18. What Will I Tell My Heart
  19. La La
  20. Ain't Gonna Do It

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